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    Rated as "SPECIAL AGENT" in Final Result.

    How to unlock SPECIAL AGENT

    This is the mother of the House of the Dead 3 trophies. To get a Special Agent ranking you need to play the game from beginning to end (Free Play Survivor) getting an overall SS Rank. To get the SS rank you need to have 4 S Ranks and 2 A Ranks between the 6 chapters (Chapter 0 to 5). Here are some tips:

    #1 - Accuracy counts, try not to miss or go for shots when you are moving too much
    #2 - Go for headshot, they give more points and kill faster and you might get Twin Shot bonuses.
    #3 - TIME MATTERS, seconds can mean everything, try to complete the level as fast as you can
    #4 - Shoot zombies when they are down, it helps you move quicker and you get points doing so
    #5 - Score matters to some degree, I was going for all hidden score items I could.
    #6 - Always be shooting bosses (except Fool) because it adds to your score even if you deal no damage.
    #7 - Avoid getting hit, this greatly reduces your score.
    #8 - USE ALL 4 TRIGGERS ON THE DUALSHOCK 3. Hitting L1, R1, L2 and R2 at the same time will make you shoot 4 shells at once. This is critical to beating the bosses without getting hit.

    Those tips in mind, to get the S rank you will need to make sure you don't fail the rescue sequences in that chapter, get a lot of headshots, have good accuracy, complete the level as quick as you can and avoid getting hit (you can take hits but it will significantly decrease your chance to get S ranks. You can pretty much avoid hits until Curien, where you can take a few hits and still get the S rank).

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  • This is super easy on a regular DS3 if you play the game on lowest difficulty, remember nearly all the enemy spawns (although I've been playing this game since it was brand new at arcades, so I suppose it's easier said than done), utilize at least two of the "shoot" buttons at the same time, and understand the boss patterns (takes some practice, but you can easily defeat them all without taking a hit). I can imagine most people having problems with The Fool. Regarding him, it only takes a few tips; -When he's climbing across the cage towards you, aim slightly above the green target. Every shot should land a heavy-damage hit -Mash shells into him when he's idle, adds a lot to your score and grinds down on his health to avoid time-wasting cycles -Trickiest part: When he leaps at you fro
  • -Trickiest part: When he leaps at you from across the room, wait about half a second before firing at the targeted paw. Hitting it too soon will do no damage, thus wasting shells. There's no time to reload, so you have to get it done in one set of 6 shells. I took a few hits in some stages, and still managed to achieve S ranks. No continues were used, though. Good luck!
  • Its an easy one - i get SS rank on Very Easy and Easy modes, all you need is a bit practice, thats all)

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