Third Time's a Charm? Trophy in The House In Fata Morgana

  • Third Time's a Charm?


    Finished Reincarnation.

    How to unlock Third Time's a Charm?

    See my Platinum Walkthrough [LINK] for a complete Guide on how to get all Endings in the game.

    Reincarnation will be the third and final playthrough you'll need to do for the Platinum. As it says above, there are no dialogue choices to make in the Reincarnation story so if you're not reading along, feel free to spam the Skip Scene button until you reach the very end.

    If you're following this Guide and/or the Walkthrough, this should be the last story you do, which will also trigger the trophies for completing the Art Gallery and Concert Hall (Windows to the Past and Melodies for the Future respectively).

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