You Have Selected "No.” Trophy in The Golf Club 2

  • You Have Selected "No.”


    Show Lee how it's done.

    How to unlock You Have Selected "No.”

    Despite the cryptic description, this is actually a pretty easy trophy and is some kind of reference to the Simpsons.

    Go into putting practice in the training module and spin the camera around until you're facing the parking lot by the clubhouse.  The trophy is for hitting one of the cars in the lot.  The easiest way to do this is to switch to your 3 wood and aim just over the fence.  Hit a very fast backswing (like .5 seconds or something) and quickly follow through and your ball should go just over the fence and into the lot.  If you want to see it done, it's at 15:31 in the video below:

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  • Epic Simpsons reference.

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