Chipping Connoisseur Trophy in The Golf Club 2

  • Chipping Connoisseur


    Land 25 balls within 5ft of the pin in one session of chipping practice.

    How to unlock Chipping Connoisseur

    Keep in mind that this is in one session, so don't leave until you get the trophy as your progress won't be saved.

    When you go into training, you can choose from driving, chipping or putting practice. To get this one, just go to the chipping practice. There's no way to tell how close your chip came, since the trophy description is in feet and the distance meter is in yards. Whatever, 5 feet is 1.6 yards, so if it says anything other than 1 or 0 you know you didn't make it.

    Also, I don't have a clue how you'd get better at chipping in this game, there's no swing meter and very little instruction in-game. Fortunately, there's only about 30 different shots that the game gives you in the practice mode, and 2 or 3 of them will get you close enough with the default shot and a full swing. So either figure out how to fine-tune the shot, or just be persistent and wait till the easy chips come around. It took me about 15 minutes with just brute force.  Repeat 25 times and you're done!

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