SERVER HAS NOW BEEN CLOSED, Online and thus the Platinum are now considered Unobtainable

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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 4/10 (Platinum Difficulty Poll)
  • Offline trophies: 22 (10, 5, 7, 1trophy_platinum.png)
  • Online trophies: Technically only 4:  Team Player trophy_bronze.png, Golf Buddy trophy_bronze.png, I'll Take That… trophy_bronze.png, and Participation Medal trophy_bronze.png.  However, you should use the user-generated courses whenever possible to make almost every other trophy much easier. SERVER HAS NOW BEEN CLOSED, Online and thus the Platinum are now considered Unobtainable
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 50 hours with multiple accounts, 300+ without (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: 1 round must be completed with Tour Clubs, 1 season of career mode must be completed on hard difficulty.
Welcome to The Golf Club 2, the second in HB Studios' Golf Club series. Of the three (Golf Club 1, 2 and 2019), this is by far the least played version. The biggest reason for this was the Millionaire trophy, which required somewhere around 1,000 hours of game play. I've worked this down to about 35 hours solo, less with a partner, so this game should be doable in a reasonable time now. The other problem was that there is very little information available, so I've attempted to combine everything into one place and write a comprehensive trophy guide. This is my first guide, so thanks for reading and I hope it helps!

Disclaimer - Because most of this walkthrough involves user generated courses, there are some things like challenges, handicap scores and AI behavior that are constantly changing. While I will do my best to keep this guide up to date, beware and be advised that even if you do exactly the same thing I've done in the guide, you may get slightly different results.


Believe it or not, you can platinum this game and only play 1 actual round of golf! I know that sounds crazy, but there are user generated courses that are made for just about every trophy, and most of them only require you to to make 5 inch putts for every hole.

At the moment, playing "Nine Holes in One" 5 times will give you a handicap of +11.4. I suggest you do this before playing any other courses, as playing any handicap rated courses (there's a little "HCP" icon in the top right of the course thumbnail) will affect your handicap. This should get you:

Scratch Golfer trophy_bronze.png 
Plus Ten trophy_gold.png 

The next thing you want to do is sort out your plans for the Millionaire trophy.  If you try to do this solo without using alternate accounts, you're in for a long battle. Each round will give you something like $50-100 for completing it, depending on the difficulty. Each course has 0-15 challenges which are worth $50-$150 each, but they are not repeatable. So, you can get about $1,500 per course if you complete all the challenges, but you can only do each course once, meaning you'll need to find and play about 700 courses. Yikes!

Fortunately, I've combined hints from other parts of the internet and worked out a method using alts to get this by yourself in 35 hours or so. The video guide is here, or check the Millionaire description.

This might get you a few trophies, but for sure you'll have:

Millionaire trophy_silver.png 

Once you have the million, you can spend some money to level up your offline society. Level it all the way up to 10 then set up a 10 event season on Hard difficulty. I was able to search for "250" and found 3 single hole courses that had over 1,500 plays. If you cycle these three for your season, you should be able to win every event and ultimately the season. DISCLAIMER - This is one of the modules that can get weird sometimes, as the AI doesn't stop at 1 stroke per hole. They can score zero or even negative strokes on a hole and finish a 9 hole course in 7 shots! If you start getting this behavior, set up another season and try it with a different course. If successful, this will net you:

Inaugural Season trophy_bronze.png 
Career Pro trophy_silver.png 
Career Veteran trophy_gold.png 
Season Champion trophy_gold.png 
Event Champion trophy_silver.png 


Some of these you may get along the way, but all of them are pretty straighforward with the right setup.  I've put the rest of the trophies into groups:

Ferret trophy_bronze.png 
Golden Ferret trophy_gold.png 
Ace trophy_gold.png 

Tour Par trophy_bronze.png 

These have to be done on offical courses, I used Little Brook Manor for the Ace and Tour Par, and Faxon Park for the Ferrets.  

I'll Take That… trophy_bronze.png 
Golf Buddy trophy_bronze.png 
Team Player trophy_bronze.png 
Participation Medal trophy_bronze.png 

These are done in the online societies and involve friends (or alts).

Bucket o' Balls trophy_bronze.png 
Chipping Connoisseur trophy_bronze.png 

Putt-Putt… and Putt, and Putt… trophy_bronze.png 
You Have Selected "No.” trophy_bronze.png 

These are in the different areas of the training module, and the rest:

Amateur Golfer trophy_bronze.png 
Playing Favorites trophy_bronze.png 
Super Ace trophy_gold.png 
Dressed to the Nines trophy_silver.png 
Back of My Hand trophy_silver.png 
Challenge Hunter trophy_gold.png 

These can be set up and worked on individually.  Once that's all complete, you'll get:

Club VIP trophy_platinum.png !

If you'd prefer a video guide, I did a speed plat of this recently and aside from slight differences in order, this can totally be used for a regular run.

Millionaire Prep

Other Prep

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The Golf Club 2 Trophy Guide

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27 trophies ( 14  1  )

  • Earn all other trophies in The Golf Club 2 to unlock this platinum trophy.

    SERVER HAS NOW BEEN CLOSED, Online and thus the Platinum are now considered Unobtainable

    Just like any platinum, collect the rest and this trophy_platinum.png will be yours!
  • Finish an 18-hole round of golf.

    Any 18 hole round will do, it doesn't have to be an official course. For a quick way to get this, look for the course "18 in 1." The trophy should pop at the end of the round.
  • Beat a friend’s course record on any course.

    UNOBTAINABLE Due to Server Closure

    The trophy description is pretty accurate, you need to have someone on your friends list that has this game and beat their best score on any course. If you want to try the boosting thread it's here.

    I suggest just doing this with an alt, though. Just add your alt as a friend, pick any course (even one hole courses work for this) and play it badly as your alt. Then log in on your main account and do a little better.

    The trophy should pop at the end of the round.
  • Hole the ball from off the green on an official course.

    See Golden Ferret trophy_gold.png for more details.
  • Play against an active rival or an active friend.

    UNOBTAINABLE Due to Server Closure

    I could link the boosting thread for this, but there have only been 7 replies in 5 years so I don't think you'd get much luck. There are 2 other ways you can get this, though.

    Find someone currently playing and add them as a rival - This is hit or miss, and mostly miss, but any time you're about to start a round, just go to "Add Player" in the starting screen and search for a rival.  If anyone is currently playing that course, you can add them. Even if they quit immediately, your trophy will still pop when you finish your round.

    Use an alternate account and play consecutively - The game is very generous with the "active" term, thankfully. I think it's at least 10 minutes or something. Anyway, log in as an alt and play a few holes on a course, then quit around hole 3. Log in as your main and pick the same course, and go to "Add Player" in the starting screen. Your partial round should be up there to select, so add it and play the same course, and the trophy should pop when the round is complete. One hole courses count for this as well. 

    You could also combine this with I'll Take That… trophy_bronze.png by finishing the round as your alt, then beating that score with your main account.
  • Favorite 10 courses.

    Another easy one, each course offers you the opportunity either in the "Course Details" screen or at the summary screen after the round to favorite the course.  Do this with 10 different courses and this trophy will pop immediately.
  • Ace


    Score a hole-in-one on an official course.

    This one is one of the top 3 hardest trophies in the game, mostly because it has to be done on an official course.  I suggest the following:

    Little Brook Manor, Standard Clubs, Red Tees, Pin Position 2, 6 iron, PUNCH SHOT.

    You'll have to play the first hole over and over, but there's no par 3 on the first hole of any official courses so this is the best I could find.  Aim a little right (put the left edge of the reticle on the flag) and hit it with full power (watch the club since there's no swing meter).  The punch shot should negate any wind, so as long as you're missing equally on the left and right, you should get a hole in one relatively quickly.  An example of this is at 1:09 in the following video if you want to see what it looks like:
  • Hole the ball directly from a bunker on an official course.

    Another difficult one, again because it has to be done on an official course.  This stacks with Ferret trophy_bronze.png as well, since a bunker is off the green.

    You might get this naturally if you play official courses, but if you finish everything else and want a repeatable method, I went to Faxon Park and aimed my second shot for the sand trap to the front right of the green. Then use a chip shot (the 16 yd one worked best for me) and aim a little right of the hole.  Make sure you hit it hard enough to go past the hole.  If you get it in, then great!  If not, swing the camera around to the right until you're aiming at the bunker again, switch to your chipper and put it right back in the bunker.  This will give you 3 or 4 chances to hit the same chip before the game mercy rules you on to the next hole.  If you keep missing, just restart the round and repeat until it goes in.

    An example of this is at 31:32 in this video:

  • Score a hole-in-one from 250+ yards.

    Since this does NOT have to be on an official course, you can find plenty of holes designed by users to get this.  Just search for "250" and you'll see at least 3 pages of courses to choose from.  Hit it in the general direction of the pin and eventually it will roll in for an ace.
  • Hit 25 Perfect-tempo shots in one session of driving practice.

    Keep in mind that this is in one session, so don't leave until you get the trophy as your progress won't be saved.

    When you go into training, you can choose from driving, chipping or putting practice. To get this one, just go to the driving range.  In the bottom right after every swing, you'll get a tempo score for both backswing and downswing.  If both of them say "perfect," then the shot counted for this trophy.  Repeat 25 times and you're done!
  • Land 25 balls within 5ft of the pin in one session of chipping practice.

    Keep in mind that this is in one session, so don't leave until you get the trophy as your progress won't be saved.

    When you go into training, you can choose from driving, chipping or putting practice. To get this one, just go to the chipping practice. There's no way to tell how close your chip came, since the trophy description is in feet and the distance meter is in yards. Whatever, 5 feet is 1.6 yards, so if it says anything other than 1 or 0 you know you didn't make it.

    Also, I don't have a clue how you'd get better at chipping in this game, there's no swing meter and very little instruction in-game. Fortunately, there's only about 30 different shots that the game gives you in the practice mode, and 2 or 3 of them will get you close enough with the default shot and a full swing. So either figure out how to fine-tune the shot, or just be persistent and wait till the easy chips come around. It took me about 15 minutes with just brute force.  Repeat 25 times and you're done!
  • Sink 25 Putts in one session of putting practice.

    Keep in mind that this is in one session, so don't leave until you get the trophy as your progress won't be saved.

    When you go into training, you can choose from driving, chipping or putting practice. To get this one, just go to the putting practice.  You don't even have to be good, if you miss it will just start the next shot from where you were, so you can 3 putt and it will count once it gets in the hole. Repeat 25 times and you're done!
  • Unlock a total of 99 pieces of clothing, club parts, and emblems.

    Another easy one, though I suggest you get Millionaire trophy_silver.png before spending any money on anything.  Once you don't need your money any more, just hit the "Options" button from the main menu and go to "Edit Golfer and Equipment."  From here, you can buy hats, pants, shoes, gloves, jewelery and a whole bunch of cosmetic items. If you keep to $250 and below, you can buy 99 items for about $20,000, so spend that money!
  • Complete a Season in Career Mode.

    See Season Champion trophy_gold.png for more details.
  • Reach Level 5 in Career Mode.

    See Season Champion trophy_gold.png for more details.
  • Reach Level 10 In Career Mode.

    See Season Champion trophy_gold.png for more details.
  • Rank 1st in Points in a 10-event or greater Season in Career Mode on Hard Difficulty or higher.

    This one is not particularly difficult if you set it up right, but can be a little buggy.

    First, you'll need to set up a 10 event or greater season.  I suggest you get Millionaire trophy_silver.png before spending any money on anything, then once you don't need your money any more go to "Career Mode" and the last option should be "Level Up Society." Doing this 9 times will cost you 18,600 coins and you'll get both Career Protrophy_silver.png and Career Veterantrophy_gold.pngalong the way.

    Next, create a new season and populate it with 10 events. You can use 1 hole courses for this, but beware that not all courses will guarantee wins. Read the bug warning in the description below. I have had the most success by searching for "250." There are 3 courses that come up that are single hole courses and have more than 1,500 plays. Once you  Cycle these, choose 3 courses for an easy and fast victory. Once you choose "Begin Season" on the first event page, you'll be prompted for difficulty, and you'll want to select "Hard." Complete the season and you'll get this trophy. You'll also earn Event Championtrophy_silver.png and Inaugural Seasontrophy_bronze.png on the way.

    BUG WARNING:  This isn't so much a bug as a warning about the way the AI is programmed during career mode.  The game basically takes the average shots and subtracts a set number depending on the difficulty.  It tends to get less wonky the more data it has to work with, which is why you want to play courses that have been played many times for this. If you choose courses that have, say 15 plays, you run the risk of the other golfers shooting zero, or even negative numbers, on certain holes. I have used the easy putt courses for career mode before and finished a round with a score of 9, only to be in last place! If you don't want to waste a bunch of time setting up a season only to lose to the cheating AI, you can test certain courses in shorter seasons first. The method above with the "250" courses has worked pretty consistently for me, though.
  • Place 1st in a Career Event with Hard difficulty or higher.

    See Season Champion trophy_gold.png for more details.
  • Complete all 15 Course Challenges on any course.

    See Challenge Hunter trophy_gold.png for more details.
  • Complete a total of 250 Course Challenges.

    You'll find out about course challenges pretty early into the game.  Not only are they fairly easy to achieve, they are the single largest source of income. In fact, if you are trying to solo Millionaire trophy_silver.png without alts, you'll get this trophy well before you're halfway there.

    Course challenges are auto generated based on the number of times a course has been played.  After 50 plays, the game generates 3 challenges, then 2 more are generated for each 50 plays up to 15 (350 plays). They vary from "drive the ball at least ____  yards on hole ___" to "complete a round under par with tour clubs." Challenges are only generated for 9 and 18 hole courses I think, so the 1 hole courses won't help you with this. Also very important to note is that once you've completed a challenge for a certain course, you can not repeat that challenge, so you'll have to find different courses until you reach 250.

    There is a beneficial glitch in this, I'm not 100% sure how it works but you can see it in action pretty easily. Play the "Nine Holes in One" with tour clubs and make all the putts. You'll get Back of My Hand trophy_silver.png  when you complete the round.  However, if you go into the course challenge screen for the course, you'll see that at least one of the challenges has not been completed.  I'm not sure what causes this.  What I DO know is that at the end of my speed plat I was keeping track of challenges and when I got the trophy my count was only at 223.  I'm not perfect at math, but I'm sure some of these were counting even though I hadn't completed them.

    Anyway, here are a few easy courses to choose:  18 Aces, 18 in 1, 9 in 1, 9 Holes in One, Money10x4 (yes, there are 4 separate ones), Money1, Money9 and Money8 will get you to about 150 in less than 30 minutes. Using the "More by Designer" option at the end of the round will let you find more courses like this and probably get you closer to 200.  Beyond that, I would just play courses that suit you until you reach 250.  Pay special attention to Crazy 7's or Putt Putt courses if you want an experience like no other. The community is pretty funny at designing these things and it's a nice change of pace from a regular round. Or, play "regular" courses as well, it's your experience :)
  • Earn a Handicap Index of scratch (zero) or better.

    See Plus Ten trophy_gold.png for more details.
  • Earn a Handicap Index of +10 or better.

    In the roadmap I suggested doing this before you do anything else. Setting and maintaining a handicap in golf is a little tricky and certainly requires more math skills than I possess. What I do know is that it's based on 1) How well you play relative to the average for that course, and 2) It's a rolling average, so when you add new scores you're constantly dropping old ones.

    What this means is that your handicap will vary wildly depending on the courses you choose to play and the skill with which you play them. It also means that even if you score the exact same as I did on a course, your handicap may come out different because the course average is constantly evolving. The more variables you factor into this, the harder it may be to get your handicap in the correct spot.

    The best advice I can give you is to play "Nine Holes in One" five times in a row as soon as you turn on the game. I've tested this 3 times now and my handicap came out at either +11.4 or +11.5. If you somehow missed this, try playing that course like 20 times in a row and see if you can erase your old scores to get above +10.  

    One other note: not all courses contribute to your handicap. If you look at the thumbnail for each course, you should see a black circle that says "HCP" in the top right corner. If this is here, playing it will contribute to your handicap.  This usually coincides with a lot of plays, so courses that have only been played a few times will not contribute to your handicap.
  • Earn a Net Worth of 1,000,000.

    Servers have been closed - Online components of the below guide are no longer available, but the trophy itself is still possible through single-player/offline means.

    Well we've arrived at the Big Kahuna, the platinum breaker, the beast from the east.  It's the Millionaire trophy! The first person to earn this spent almost 2 years grinding courses, and as of this writing I think only 30 or so people have it on PSNProfiles. If you want to do this alone through normal game play, be prepared for a very, very long grind. 

    An 18 hole round of golf will earn you about 100 coins and take at least 15 minutes.  A 9 hole round of golf will earn you about 50 coins. Even worse, it's scaled to either on-course time or number of shots, so those user-generated 9 hole putting courses will only give you 1 or 2 coins! Challenges are an option, you can get about 1,500 if you get them all in a round, but they don't repeat so you can only do them once per course. There aren't even close to enough easy courses to get a million on challenges alone, so everything is stacked against you.

    You can try begging someone who has earned the money to help you out, but I've never been successful with that.  You can try teaming up with other people, but even that has its risks and problems. Fortunately, I've worked out a method that will get this trophy in about 35 hours, can be done solo, and only requires about 67 alternate accounts :)

    I made a video of this which I'll embed below, but basically you want to:

    1) Create 67 PSN ID's, and an Online Society on your main account. I know people have talked about this violating Sony's TOS, but all of the conversations I've seen are referring to getting regional games by using false information. As long as you're not falsifying your information, there's nothing I see in the TOS that limits the number of accounts one person can have. I'm no lawyer though, so do this at your own risk.

    2) Set up an ID on your PS4, load the game, and play the following courses: 18 Aces, 18 in 1, 9 in 1, 9 Holes in One, Money10x4 (yes, there are 4 separate ones), Money1, Money9 and Money8. That should get you about $15,000 in your account.

    3) Join your main's online society and donate all the money. This is pretty self explanatory, just make sure you keep the society private so others don't join. Or, to avoid having to request membership and change accounts each time, you could set a high membership fee and keep it public. You want to avoid randoms joining your society, as they could potentially play your tournaments and take your money.  I don't think there's a way to kick them out, so be careful of this. Once you've donated all of your money, leave the society, close the game and delete your alt from your PS4.

    4) Repeat steps 1-3 66 more times. Each cycle will take you about 30 minutes, including the time it takes to set up and confirm your PSN account. 67 of these cycles comes to 33.5 hours. You can reduce this time by teaming up with another player as well: that's only about 17 hours for 2 people, or less than 10 for 4!

    If you want to see this in action, go here:
  • Score Par or better on an official course using a Tour set of clubs.

    If you play according to my roadmap, this trophy will be the only actual round of golf you have to play in the whole game. The description is self explanatory, you can set your club type by pressing "Options" from the main screen and go to "Edit Golfer and Equipment." As for the "Official Course," there's a tab in the main course selection screen. Any of those will work, but I suggest Little Brook Manor as it's the easiest.

    Tour Clubs correspond to the hard difficulty in this game, you'll get more distance but any error in your swing will result in higher penalties (ie. poor shots). Since the game doesn't really give you any feedback aside from a straightness indicator and back/down tempo, it's hard to see what you're doing wrong and correct it.

    The only other help I can give you is to remember that this game reports your club length in "carry," not in final distance. So make sure you leave room for the ball to roll out and you'll at least avoid air mailing the green on every approach. Fortunately Little Brook Manor is fairly forgiving so a few tries should net you a score under par.
  • Represent a Society in an Official Society event.

    UNOBTAINABLE Due to Server Closure

    You can set this up yourself, use one alternate account or team up with someone else.

    The description is a little bit vague: to get this trophy you have to represent your PRIMARY online society in a DIFFERENT society's event. You can join up to 5 societies, so pick one that has no entry fees and is public and join it.  Then on the third tab over (Administration), the first option should be "Set as Primary Society." This completes the first part. If you need to do this on your own, then just create your own society and make an event. Since your primary society is the first one you joined, you should get this as soon as the round is complete.
  • Compete in, and view the results of a Society Event against at least four other members.

    UNOBTAINABLE Due to Server Closure

    Again, the odds of finding a live tournament are pretty slim at this point, so I'd suggest either using alts or teaming up with someone for this.

    If you're intent on trying this without boosting, try to join online societies with the most participants.  You can sort by number of members, and you can see when their last tournament was before you join.

    If you want to boost this, just set up 4 alts and your main and have them join an online society that you created. Set up an event and log in to each account and play the event. After the event ends, go back in with your main and the trophy should pop as soon as you see the results screen.

Secret trophies

  • Show Lee how it's done.

    Despite the cryptic description, this is actually a pretty easy trophy and is some kind of reference to the Simpsons.

    Go into putting practice in the training module and spin the camera around until you're facing the parking lot by the clubhouse.  The trophy is for hitting one of the cars in the lot.  The easiest way to do this is to switch to your 3 wood and aim just over the fence.  Hit a very fast backswing (like .5 seconds or something) and quickly follow through and your ball should go just over the fence and into the lot.  If you want to see it done, it's at 15:31 in the video below:

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