• Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10 (6/10 without creative mode) (poll)
  • Offline trophies: 33 (18, 11, 4)
  • Online trophies: 5 (4, 1)
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 20-30 (50-80 without creative mode) (poll)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 2 (4 recommended)
  • Number of missable trophies: 2 ( Vegan, Bad Father)
  • Glitched trophies: some (see note below)
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: no, most trophies can be earned in peaceful/creative mode

Welcome to The Forest! One of the best survival horror games on PS4. If you ever watched the movie The Descent, you know what to expect in the cave systems of The Forest. Thankfully this game is not entirely dark and nerve-wrecking: The island is full of beautiful dense vegetation and peaceful animals. Unlike other open world crafting games The Forest actually has an interesting story and even gives you some hints on what to do next. If the normal mode is too stressing for you, there also is a peaceful mode without enemies.

The game basically offers three modes: normal, peaceful and creative. In peaceful mode there are no enemies, but you still have to deal with hunger, thirst and limited stamina. Finishing the game for the first time unlocks creative mode. This mode allows you to play the game without enemies, hunger and thirst - plus invincibility and unlimited stamina. As there are only 3 trophies that are related to enemies ( Choppy Chop, Major Cannibalism, Splatter), most of the trophies can be done in peaceful and creative mode. You can use these modes to explore the island at your own pace and play around with the crafting and building mechanics. Approaching all trophies in normal mode will be quite challenging and lengthy.

In the current version of the game (1.15) there are some collectible trophies that have to be completed in a single session. Reloading your save game might reset the counter and void your progress. Some other collectible trophies may on the other hand unlock before the requirements are met. It's hard to say whether these known glitches are still present in the current version or have been patched already. Just be aware that the few positive glitches may not be present in a later version of the game.

Another trophy that one could call glitched is Trophy Hunter. Getting a goose head is not a trivial task: When you kill a goose on the water, the body sinks to the ground and can not be accessed to cut off the head. If a goose is killed near the water the button prompt to skin the goose is replaced by the prompt to drink water and becomes inaccessible.

If you want to play safe, approach the following trophies in a single session:

Choppy Chop
Green Thumb
Major Cannibalism
Don't Save The Forest
You are a fun guy

The required amount of time to platinum this game heavily depends on whether you use creative mode and know what you are doing. If you play in normal mode and try to find out everything by yourself, you could easily spend 80 hours or even more to get the platinum. There are some areas in the game that are not accessible unless you bring a certain item with you. Not knowing this minimal set of required items means you have return to where you came from and find the required item first - more or less by accident. The speedrun section of this guide contains a brief outline of the required tasks to finish the game.

There are two trophies that exclude each other: Vegan (don't kill or eat animals) and Trophy Hunter (kill all animal types and display heads). In theory you could do a vegan playthrough, save your game, finish it, reload and do the other trophy. However, a vegan playthrough can easily be voided by accident (see trophy details). I recommend to just enjoy the game without worrying about accidentally killing an animal and doing a separate vegan speedrun afterwards. If you rush trough the game in creative mode you can finish it in under 20-30 minutes.

Before you start: There are two quite lengthy trophy requirements: Walking 50,000 steps and not finding your son for 100 days. When you got most of the trophies you will probably not have spent more than 20 days and 20,000 steps. You can either just continue playing (100 days = 40 hours) or use creative mode to get these trophies 'away from controller' to reduce your actual play time (see trophy details).

The following steps can be combined to a single playthrough in normal mode that will take about 50-80 hours. Using peaceful and creative mode can drastically reduce this to 20-30 hours, but will also take most of the tension out of the game. However, if you are more into crafting, building and exploration, not having enemies in the game might still be a good idea.

Step 1: Peaceful mode: Get used to the game and finish it (1-10 h)

The following trophies can only be done in the last area of the game. Getting to the point where you can do them requires all the things I listed in the speedrun section. Therefore, you should do them in this run or in the speedrun to save time.

Daily Grind
Make it Rain
Big Spender
Survive The Forest

Step 2: Creative mode: Remaining trophies and grinding (10-20 h)

You will probably have earned some of the following trophies already. Remember that walking 50,000 steps and spending 100 days on the island should be done after all collectible trophies as they require a lot of walking anyway.

5 Star Hotel
Boy Scout
Commercial Fisherman
Demolition Expert
Gabe Fan
Green Thumb
Longest Wall
Bad Father
Bite me!
Don't Save The Forest
Good Father
Step Master
You are a fun guy
You should be looking for Timmy
Get Closure
Trophy Hunter

Step 3: Normal mode: Enemy related trophies (1 h)

Build a minimal base (shelter, drying racks) and get a good weapon early. You can get the katana within the first 5 minutes of the game from the Dead Cave (cave 1). Use the easternmost entrance near the cannibal village, climb up the rope and keep left until you reach the end of the corridor. If you sneak the enemies will not bother you (see this video tutorial).

Choppy Chop
Major Cannibalism

Step 4: Speedrun for Vegan trophy (20-30 min)

A speedrun can be useful to unlock creative mode or to get the Vegan trophy. Similar to the previous step using creative mode makes speedrunning a lot easier and faster: You don't have to fight, eat, drink, rest and you can just jump down ropes and ledges. If you are not using creative mode you should take some meds, snacks and soda with you. Some ledges on your way through the caves are designed to require the climbing axe, but you can also just 'spam jump' up without the climbing axe (or build a small platform in creative mode).

Warning 1: When you climb down into a cave you can press (X) to jump down the rope and save some time. However, do not jump too early, because the game loads the cave while you are entering it. If you jump before the cave is loaded or jump towards the walls you get stuck between the surface and the cave. Try to jump to the surface or reload your last save.

Warning 2: There are faster methods to speedrun this game, but they heavily rely on wall clipping. If you are not a professional speedrunner and do not know the game inside out it will probably be faster to just follow the steps below.

Recommended steps to speedrun the game

1) collect booze and cloth from suitcases near the plane to craft molotov cocktails
2) craft a spear and collect as many sticks as possible
3) go to cave 5, get the rebreather and go through cave 5
4) from goose lake, walk towards the beach, enter cave 6 and get the key card
5a) from cave 6 go north to cave 7 and make your way to the sinkhole (normal/peaceful)
5b) in creative mode you can just jump down the sinkhole after cave 6
6) dive into the water and enter the last cave where you will need the key card
7) use molotov cocktals and spears 'at the end'


Step 5: Co-op trophies (5-25 min)

This step unlocks the remaining multiplayer trophies. The trophy that requires you to sleep with another player can not be done right after you start a new game: You have to wait until evening before you can start sleeping (about 24 minutes). After that, these trophies should be done in 5 minutes.

Hint: Please note that you need to be the host to unlock Medic in the current version (1.15).

Be Extremely Nice
Be Nice
Camp Out

[PST would like to thank SuperMatze64 for this Roadmap]

The Forest Trophy Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed trophies
Show secret trophies

38 trophies ( 11  22  5  )

  • Unlock all trophies

    Congratulations, you have now chopped enough trees and cannibals to write a book about it.

  • Sleep with another player (group sleep)

    (Online Co-Op)

    When you start a new multiplayer game, you have to wait until the evening before you can sleep. To unlock this trophy, two or more players must sleep in the same shelter, tent, or on the yacht.

  • In a Single Player game, kill a bunny

    Rabbits are quite fast, but can be killed with a spear or with the bow from the distance. If you are in creative mode, just build a few rabbit traps. This is also an easy way to get rabbit skin without having to play catch with them.

  • Make and wear stealth armour

    There are two types of armor in the game - stealth armor and bone armor. Stealth armor doesn't require many resources (1 Lizard Skin, 15 Leaf) and can be used to decrease your visibility. Keep in mind that this type of armor does not give you as much protection against enemies as the bone armor.

  • Share a food or drink item in MP

    (Online Co-Op)

    Go to the kitchen and pick up the metal tin tray before you leave the plane. Food and drink items can be found in and around the plane when you start the game. Open your inventory, combine the metal tin tray with such an item, equip the tray with (L2) and hand it to another player.

  • In a Single Player game, kill a bird with an arrow

    Birds tend to land on your hunting shelter and on rocks near you if you stand still for a moment. When you hit a bird there will be some feathers flying around. Try to catch these feathers to craft new arrows.

  • Sleep on yacht

    The yacht is located on the south coast of the island and can be seen from a distance. To unlock this trophy swim to the yacht, go down the stairs and sleep in the bed. If there is no button prompt for sleeping, wait or come back at a later time. Also don't forget to grab all items you can find on the yacht.

  • Use the compass

    If you start playing The Forest, it's easy to get lost on the island. The compass and the map will help you navigating on the island and inside caves. You can find both items in the Hanging Cave (cave 2) on the body of a dead person. Use the cave entrance near the big cannibal village.

  • Plant all 3 seed types

    Seeds are collected while eating and gathering certain plants. To plant your collected seeds you need to build a garden (2+ logs) at first. For this trophy to unlock you need to gather all three seed types and plant them in your garden. If you don't find all three types nearby just go for the other collectible trophies and collect the remaining seeds along the way.

    Required seed types:

    - Aloe Seeds
    - Blueberry Seeds
    - Coneflower Seeds

  • In a Single Player game, destroy 6 or more trees with 1 explosive

    Dynamite can by found in the village near the Dead Cave (cave 1) and in many caves. Just find a densely wooded area, light up a stick of dynamite and throw it towards the trees. Be aware that falling trees can damage buildings and kill animals. The dynamite sticks in the village mentioned above will respawn when you reload your game.

  • Catch a fish with a spear

    Fish can easily by caught with a spear. Just walk towards a pond, aim for a fish and throw a spear. Fish can by dried on a rack or cooked on a fire. It's recommended to build your base near a pond so that you have food and water nearby.

  • Chop up 50 bodies

    When you get the previous trophy, just continue to kill and chop enemies. Depending on your combat skills you can ambush patrolling cannibals or raid a whole village. If you use the katana dodging to the side and then hitting is an effective strategy. Playing save will take much longer than going full berserk.

    Glitch note: This trophy was reported to unlock too early in version 1.15. In my own game there were only 10-12 cannibals required in total. If you don't forget to chop off the heads while doing Major Cannibalism you only need 4-6 more cannibals.

  • Revive 10 co-op players

    (Online Co-Op)

    You can revive another player, who is about to die. This trophy can be boosted by hurting the other player with a weapon until he goes down. Players can not be revived when they die to sharks or drowning. Repeat that process 10 times and the trophy should be yours.

    Glitch note: In the current version (1.15) this trophy requires you to be the host of the game.

  • Share a weapon in MP

    (Online Co-Op)

    Go to the kitchen and pick up the metal tin tray before you leave the plane. Craft a simple weapon like the spear (2 Stick) and give it to another player. You do this by opening your inventory, combining the metal tin tray with the crafted weapon, equipping the tray and handing it to another player.

  • Finish Game

    The last part of the game gives you more insight on what might have happened on the island. Take your time to explore all the hints and be aware that there are two possible endings. To finish the game and to unlock creative mode you must use the touchscreen and not choose the other option.

    There are some trophies that can only be earned at the beginning of the last area of the game. Therefore you should save your game at one of the tents you come across before using the key card. This way you can easily repeat the last part to get missed trophies of that area or choose the alternate ending.

    Please note that you do need weapons in peaceful and creative mode, too. To be prepared for the end of the game, you should take some molotov cocktails, spears or fire arrows with you. If 'the situation where you will need some weapons' gets out of hand remember that the door you came through stays open and can be used to back out of 'this situation'.

  • Craft 10 medicine items

    There are four different health items you can craft: Health mix, health mix+, energy mix and energy mix+. To unlock this trophy you need to craft 5 health mix and 5 health mix+ items in a single session and have them in your inventory at the same time. I recommend to collect all ingredients first and craft all 10 items in one go. The required items are: 10 Aloe, 10 Marigold and 5 Cone-flower.

  • In a Single Player game, repair a hunting shelter

    Hunting shelters (7 Stick, 6 Rock, 7 Log) can be used to sleep and to save your game. If any of your structures gets damaged, you can repair it with a repair tool (2 Stick, 1 Rock, 2 Cloth, 10 Sap). Just hit your shelter with an axe and repair it afterwards. Everything you need for this trophy can be found or gathered around your starting point.

  • Collect all cassette tapes!

    The 5 cassette tapes are scattered all around the island. You can find one on the yacht (#1) and another one lying on a grave at the beach near the yacht (#5). The other 3 cassettes can be found while exploring the cave system (#2 in cave 4, #3 in cave 10 and #4 in cave 2). Use this custom map to find their exact locations.

  • Eat an entire family

    This trophy can be done together with the following trophy. Kill 6 enemies, chop off their arms and legs, make them edible and eat all 12 arms and 12 legs. You can carry one person plus 2 arms and 2 legs at a time. The easiest way is to put all gathered limbs onto a drying rack and wait until they get darker. Using a fireplace bears the risk of burning the meat.

    Glitch note: There were some cases where this trophy had to be done in a single session.

  • Be in a game when 6 or more fish are killed with a stick of dynamite

    In most ponds there are less than 6 fish at a time. Before wasting a stick of dynamite you should check the number of fish first. There are also caves with small ponds in which there are more than 6 fishes (try cave 5).

  • Place a blueprint for a super long wall

    This trophy only works with custom walls. For the trophy to unlock just set the starting point of the blueprint and start walking. When you set the end point of the blueprint and the trophy does not unlock, your wall was not 'super long' enough. When the trophy has popped just reload your last save or manually remove all blueprint parts.

  • Killed downed enemy with rock

    Hitting an enemy can knock him down. A downed enemy can then be killed with a rock. You should assign hotkeys to your weapon and to a rock so that you can easily switch between them. Recommended weapons for this trophy are the modern axe or the crafted club.

  • Cut down 1000 trees

    You can cut down trees using a axe, the chainsaw or explosives. Cutting down 1000 trees one after the other takes several hours. The fastest way to cut down many trees is to unlock creative mode and use explosive trip wire traps. Each trip wire can bring down multiple trees and can be used to build a chain of explosive trip wires. As you can not die in creative mode, you can simply run into the trip wire and start the detonation. This should not take much longer than 1 hour.

    Glitch note: Be warned that this trophy has to be done in a single session. Exiting or reloading your game will reset the counter to 0!

  • Collect all robot pieces

    The 6 robot pieces can be found in the caves. The complete robot consists of body, head, 2 arms and 2 legs. In the current version of the game there is no difference between the left and right arm (and leg). The fact that the robot pieces respawn after reloading the game can be used to your advantage: Just save and reload after finding the first arm and you can collect the same arm again.

    You can the required pieces in these caves:

    - Head: Hanging Cave (cave 2)
    - Body: Dead Cave (cave 1)
    - Arm 1: Wet Cave (cave 3)
    - Arm 2: Chasm Cave (cave 7)
    - Leg 1: Submerged Cave (cave 5)
    - Leg 2: Chasm Cave (cave 7)

  • Kill shark in Single Player

    A good place to find a shark is the bay with the dead sharks and the yacht. Build a small raft, take some spears and sticks with you and try to find a shark. If you're brave, you can jump into the water and lure a shark towards your raft. If the shark is near you, throw a spear and the trophy is yours. As long as you are on the raft the shark can not hurt you.

  • Eat all mushroom types

    There are 6 different kinds of mushrooms. Some are edible, some are poisonous. To unlock this trophy you must eat one of each kind in a single session. The safest way to do this is to craft a pouch (2 rabbit skins), collect all 6 different mushrooms with the pouch and eat one after the other. I was able to find all mushroom types (except Liberty Cap) in the northwest area.

    Mushroom types:

    - Amanita
    - Chanterelle
    - Deer
    - Jack
    - Liberty Cap
    - Puff

  • Survive 100 days without finding your son

    The game can be finished in one in-game day and getting most other trophies can be done in less than 20 days. If you finished the game too early, you can just reload your last save and continue playing. One day in The Forest equals 24 minutes in real life - so 100 days are about 40 hours. You can reduce this time by sleeping at a shelter. The easiest way to let time pass is using creative mode: Just stand there and leave your PS4 on until you reach 100 days. If the trophy does not pop on day 100, just wait some more days and this trophy is yours.

  • Pass 50,000 steps

    To make your steps actually count, you need the pedometer first. You can find the pedometer in the Chasm Cave (cave 7) at a corpse. Going for all the collectibles and other trophies that require a lot of walking will take less than 20,000 steps. An easy method to get the remaining steps is using rubber bands and letting your character run circles inside a fenced area.

  • Play through entire game without killing or eating animals

    As noted above this trophy is trickier than you might think: Falling trees can kill animals and some animals have a suicidal tendency that makes them jump right in front of you while you are cutting down a tree. I recommend to do this trophy as a separate speedrun to be on the safe side. If you do not get the trophy just repeat the speedrun and hope for the best. This should not take more than 30 minutes (see speedrun).

  • Craft all items

    The current version of the game does not require you to craft the head bomb. This means that you can do this trophy in creative mode where you do not have to mess around with hunger and enemies. However, no enemies means no limbs you can get bones from. All 9 required bones must be gathered from skull bag effigies. There are at least 10 of these effigies on the island and each contains one leg that can be burnt to get a bone.

    This trophy requires you to craft the following items (version 1.15):

    - Arrows (1 Stick, 5 Feathers)
    - Berry Pouch (2 Rabbit Fur)
    - Bomb (1 Booze, 1 Circuit Board, 1 Coins, 1 Watch, 1 Tape)
    - Bone Armor (6 Bones, 3 Cloth)
    - Crafted Axe (1 Stick, 1 Rock, 1 Rope)
    - Crafted Bow (1 Stick, 1 Cloth, 1 Rope)
    - Crafted Club (1 Stick, 1 Skull)
    - Energy Mix (1 Chicory, 1 Coneflower)
    - Energy Mix+ (1 Chicory, 1 Coneflower, 1 Aloe)
    - Fire Arrows (5 Arrows, 1 Cloth, 1 Booze)
    - Health Mix (1 Aloe, 1 Marigold)
    - Health Mix+ (1 Aloe, 1 Marigold, 1 Coneflower)
    - Molotov (1 Cloth, 1 Booze)
    - Poison Arrows (5 Arrows, 1 Amanita or Jack Mushroom)
    - Quiver (3 Rabbit Fur, 1 Rope)
    - Rabbit Fur Boots (3 Rabbit Fur, 2 Rope)
    - Repair Tool (2 Sticks, 1 Rock, 2 Cloth, 10 Sap)
    - Rock Bag (1 Boar Skin, 3 Ropes, 1 Cloth)
    - Rope (7 Cloth)
    - Slingshot (1 Stick, 1 Cloth, 1 Tape)
    - Small Rock Bag (1 Rabbit Fur, 1 Rope)
    - Snowshoes (5 Sticks, 2 Ropes)
    - Spear Bag (2 Boar Skins, 2 Deer Skins, 2 Cloth, 3 Ropes)
    - Stealth Armor (1 Lizard Skin, 15 Leaves)
    - Stick Bag (1 Rabbit Fur, 2 Ropes, 3 Cloth)
    - Sticky Bomb (1 Bomb, 1 Sap)
    - Upgraded Rock (1 Rock, 1 Cloth)
    - Upgraded Spear (1 Weak Spear, 2 Cloth, 3 Bones)
    - Upgraded Stick (1 Stick, 1 Cloth)
    - Waterskin (2 Deer Skin, 1 Rope)
    - Weak Spear (2 Sticks)

    The following items are not required in the current version:

    - Blue Paint (2 Blueberries, 1 Sap)
    - Orange Paint (2 Marigold, 1 Sap)
    - Flintlock Pistol (8 parts hidden under rock mounds all over the island)
    - Warmsuit (1 Raccoon Skin, 4 Boar Skin, 6 Deer Skin, 1 Rabbit Fur, 2 Cloth, 2 Ropes)
    - Head Bomb (1 Bomb, 1 Head)
    - Timmy's Robot (6 parts scattered all over the cave system)

  • Explore all caves

    When you find the entrance of a new cave, a new entry like 'Explore hanging cave' is added to your to-do list. When a cave is fully explored the corresponding entry gets crossed through. This allows you to keep track of your progress. To unlock this trophy you need 10 crossed through entries on your to-do list.

    Before you start exploring other caves you should go into the Hanging Cave (cave 2) and get the map. Exploring in the sense of this trophy means completing your map. In some large rooms you actually have to walk to the end of the room to make it count as explored. Some caves require you to use all entrances before the cave is fully explored.

    List of caves to explore:

    - Dead Cave (cave 1)
    - Hanging Cave (cave 2)
    - Wet Cave (cave 3)
    - Hanging Cave (continue exploring) (cave 4)
    - Submerged Cave (cave 5)
    - Lawyer Cave (cave 6)
    - Chasm Cave (cave 7)
    - Sinkhole Cave (cave 8)
    - Ledge Cave (cave 9)
    - Waterfall Cave (cave 10)

  • Kill all animal types and display heads

    There are 11 animals you can get a head from:

    - Boar
    - Crocodile
    - Deer
    - Goose
    - Lizard
    - Rabbit
    - Raccoon
    - Seagull
    - Shark
    - Squirrel
    - Tortoise

    To obtain an animal head just skin the animal or hit its neck with a weapon. You can then pick up the head and mount it onto a trophy holder. The trophy holder itself can be built using a single stick. There are two animals that require a different approach: Shark heads can only be obtained from dead sharks lying at the beach and geese heads are a challenge on their own.

    The easiest way to obtain a goose head is to shoot at the geese with the bow or pistol just after they left the geese lake. If you do not shoot too early, the body will drop onto the land and you can easily obtain the head. Two things can make this a lot easier: Build a shelter and save, so that you can reload your game and try again without waiting too long. If you have trouble with aiming, build a raised stand that brings you closer to the flying geese.

    Some animals can only be found in certain areas. Raccoons only live in the northern part and may only be found at night. The north west is also a good place to find deer, boar and squirrels. When you head to the north you can find crocodiles and tortoises near the land-bridge. Seagulls only land at the shore and are more common in the morning hours. It's also easy to confuse tortoises and sea turtles. Tortoises can be found near ponds or near the river inland and not near the sea.

    Glitch note: If you are playing on normal mode and can not find some animals, use the following glitch: Not only animal heads count towards this trophy, but also different mutant heads (Mutant Baby, Cowman, Virginia and Armsy). This glitch still works in version 1.15.

  • Find all missing passengers

    There are 43 passengers to find on the island. When you start a new game, go to the kitchen in the back of the plane and pick up the passenger list. Whenever you find a passenger his name gets crossed through on the list. On the surface of the island there are only two places where you can find passengers: Near the Dead Cave (cave 1) and around the main cannibal village (south east). All other passengers can be found naturally by fully exploring the caves.


Secret trophies

  • Build a gazebo in a Single Player game

    Building a gazebo in your normal playthrough is probably a dumb idea: You need a lot of resources (60 Stick, 30 Log) and it apparently has no further purpose. Doing this in creative mode only takes a few seconds. If you do this in normal or peaceful mode, try to place the gazebo near the ground: Placing it at a higher level will require more logs.

  • Buy a soda and candy from vending machine

    In the final area of the game you will come across some vending machines in a cafeteria. Use each of them to fill up your health with soda and snacks and get this easy trophy. If you are aware of this trophy, you can not really miss it.

  • Drink from coffee machine

    In the final area of the game there will be a cafeteria with different vending machines and a coffee machine. Just walk up to the coffee machine and interact with it. It's near the vending machines from the previous trophy and can not really be missed.

  • In a Single Player game, set off the sprinklers

    In the final area of the game there are a few hallways and rooms with sprinklers on the ceiling. Use a fire arrow, flare, molotov cocktail or lighted weapon to set off the sprinklers. If you still have to finish the game, better save the molotov cocktails for the 'final part'.

  • Drink water from cooler that has the lawyer head in it

    After the cafeteria you will come across some offices. Many of these offices have a water dispenser in it, but only one of them has a head in it. Just walk to each water dispenser you see and you will easily find the one with the head.

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