• Estimated trophy difficulty: 8.5/10 (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 42 (28, 9, 4, 1)
  • Online trophies: N/A
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 35-50 hours (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 3
  • Number of missable trophies: 1 (Blow Up the Playing Field)
  • Glitched trophies: Full House, Silent Kill
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes, but only for game completion
  • Do trophies stack?: Yes
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: N/A

Useful Links:
The Evil Within ~ Collectibles Guide (For a visual walkthrough on collecting every collectible in the game).
Trophy Guide Video Playlist (For a visual walkthrough on earning various trophies).
The Evil Within AKUMU Difficulty Walkthrough No Upgrades (For a visual walkthrough on AKUMU difficulty).

In The Evil Within, you play as Sebastian Castellanos who works as a highly decorated detective for the Krimson City Police Department alongside his partners Joseph Oda and Julie Kidman. You realize very early in the game that this isn't going to be just another day at the office as the story unfolds into a tale of horror and tragedy. The Evil Within has been called a spiritual successor to Resident Evil 4 with it's comparable gameplay, without weird controls, as well as a return to survival horror for Director Shinji Mikami, "The Father of Survival Horror."

As far as the platinum run goes, you're looking at a minimum of three playthroughs of the game, as well as a potentially short cleanup run in chapter select. A blind run of the game will take you between 10 to 16 hours to complete. You will also need to do a speed run of the game in 5 hours. The speed run is more intimidating than it actually is difficult. Most gamers have managed this trophy in a little over 4 hours without too much to complain about using New Game+ with upgraded characters. The hardest trophy of the game, and the trophy that will decide weather or not you're going to earn the platinum, is your Akumu run. The Akumu run is on the hardest difficulty and features a brutal one hit and you're dead penalty. I won't say that you won't rage your way through a part or five, but with a generous checkpoint system, Akumu is very doable.

This platinum does contain a few glitched trophies, but all of them can still be earned with work-around methods that are detailed in the trophy guide below. See Silent Kill, Full House, and Unstoppable Arsenal for more details about the glitched trophies.

Step One: Complete Survival Difficulty without upgrading (It Is What It Is) + collecting every collectibles.

In this step, you will start off with your first run on Survival Difficulty. I recommend using a collectibles guide during this run if you want to cut out an additional playthrough later, as well as familiarizing yourself with the miscellaneous chapter based trophies. Give yourself an opportunity to get used to each weapon, enemy, and chapter and consider this an initial practice for Akumu run. DO NOT spend green gel during this step as this will also help you cut out an additional fresh run. Keep chapter specific trophies in mind during chapters; 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, and 14. Details for each chapter specific trophy can be found in the guide below. You'll also want to keep the kill trophies in mind as well.

Upon completing Step 1, you will earn:
Weapon of Choice
Old Flame
Two on Two
What's In The Box?!
The First, Not the Last
Slither into Oblivion
One of the Many
First Step into Darkness
Master of Unlocking
...And the Corpses Mount
Krimson PD Fury
One Man Army
Another Day on the Job
Every Nook and Cranny
It Is What It Is

Step Two: Upgrades and Speed Run

In this step, you will be preparing for your speed run by obtaining every upgrade trophy. Once you complete your first run, you should have the higher difficulties unlocked, as well as several new powerful weapons and chapter select. Use chapter select to grind for Green Gel to finish fully upgrading Sebastian and unlocking all of the upgrade trophies. Green Gel farming methods can be found under the Hardbody trophy in the guide below. After you finish upgrading Sebastian, you're going to select that save file in the New Game+ menu and select Chapter 1 on Casual Difficulty to begin your speed run and earn The Quick and The Dead.

Upon completing Step 2, you will earn:
My Best Friend
The Power of Three
Why Can't I Hold All This Ammo?
Unstoppable Arsenal
The Quick and the Dead

Step Three: Clean Up.

In this step, you will be dedicating your time to finishing up any collectibles, killing, or miscellaneous trophies you may have missed by using chapter select to repeat any required chapters. Some of the misc trophies that were too difficult on your initial run should be very easy to earn now. For example, Bathed in Flames is a lot easier to obtain now that you have Sebastian fully upgraded with a rocket launcher. Once again, keep glitched trophies in mind while you're aiming for the different kill trophies.

Upon completing Step 3, you will earn:
Full House
Silent Kill
Burn, Baby, Burn!
Bloody Bar Brawl
Ammo Conservationist
Drop It Like It's Hot
À la Corvo
Home is Where the Hospice is
Everybody Gets One
I Don't Have Time for This!
Item Management
Not a Scratch on Her!
Entry Level Electrician
Knife Beats Chainsaw
Not Part of the Job Description
Bathed in Flames
Blow Up the Playing Field

Step Four: Complete the game once more on AKUMU difficulty.

In this final step, you will be dedicating your time to playing through the game on Akumu difficulty. Keep in mind that you must start your Akumu run on a fresh playthrough. You cannot choose Akumu in New Game+. This difficulty is a one hit death mode featuring more enemies and less ammo. While you no longer need the collectibles, I highly recommend getting as many locker keys as possible while you make your way through each chapter. For additional tips or other information, see You Asked for It in the trophy guide below.

Upon completing Step 4, you will earn:
Master of Horror
You Asked For It

Which will ultimately unlock:
Pure Evil
[PST Would Like To Thank Aeirou for this Roadmap]
The Assignment DLC:

  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 2/10
  • Offline trophies: 10 (7, 3)
  • Online trophies: N/A
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 3-6 Hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 2
  • Number of missable trophies: None, Chapter Select
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes, you must play on KURAYAMI
  • Do trophies stack?: PS4/PS3/Region Versions have separate lists.
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: N/A

Useful Links:
The Assignment is the first available downloadable content for The Evil Within. Unlike the main game where you followed the story through the eyes of Sebastian, the DLC puts you in control detective Juli "Kid" Kidman. The story of this DLC offers the back story of why Kidman was really with you and what connections she may have to to Project STEM. Unlike Sebastian, Kidman is unarmed for the majority of her story and the gameplay focuses more on stealth then you will have experienced in the main game. The Assignment is episodic in nature, meaning that while this DLC begins to tell the story of Juli Kidman, you'll have to wait for the next DLC to finish her story.

In terms of trophies, you're looking at about an afternoons worth of gameplay. The Assignment features nothing on par with AKUMU difficulty from the main game, and the miscellaneous trophies can easily be earned along your first or second trip through the story. The DLC does require two playthroughs minimum. This is unavoidable. You need to beat the game on Survival in order to unlock KURAYAMI mode. There aren't any trophies in the DLC that will keep you from regaining your 100% and there are also no glitched trophies. Please note that the trophy guide below does include spoilers to identify areas and locations for specific trophies. If you do not want to play with spoilers, considering obtaining any collectibles and miscellaneous trophies on your second playthrough.

Step One: Survival

For this step you'll be playing through The Assignment on Survival difficulty. There are no upgrades to worry about, unlike the main game, and a large portion of both chapters is heavily stealth based. You're going to focus on completing the four miscellaneous trophies while gathering the collectibles along the way. The DLC is very short and you should complete this step in about three hours.

In this step you will earn;

Prank Call
All You Need is Axe
Death Grip
A Piece of My Past
A Warning
A Different Beginning
Doctor's Notes
Not as it Seems

Step Two: KURAYAMI + Clean Up

For this step you'll play through the game on KURAYAMI difficulty. This difficulty's challenge is that you can only navigate your surroundings by using your flashlight. You'll also pick up any collectibles or miscellaneous trophies that you may have missed the first time around. See the trophy guide below for further tips and walkthroughs regarding each trophy.

In this step you will earn;

Not Afraid of the Dark
[PST Would Like To Thank Aeirou for this Roadmap]
The Executioner DLC:
  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 5/10 (Personal opinion)
  • Offline trophies: 10 (7, 3)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 5-6hrs (Personal opinion)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 2 but 3 are recommended.
  • Number of missable trophies: 4 – Nosy Parent , Krimson Chainsaw Massacre , Trapper and Keeper , Got to Destroy the Brain – Check the Note during Walkthrough Step 1
  • Glitched trophies: None
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No
  • Do trophies stack?: Yes; EU, NA, Korea, Asia & Japan have separate lists but check the note on stacks for more info.
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats available.
The Executioner is the third and final DLC for The Evil Within. It is set as a first-person game; the player takes control of a Keeper and faces many enemies and characters from the main game. As enemies are defeated, coins will be collected to purchase new weapons and upgrades for his arsenal of weapons. Your main objective is to find out exactly what happened to your lost daughter during all the testing Ruvik did on his subjects.

The DLC itself is simple, you have a hammer and you hit people with it but the isn't too difficult overall. You are looking at a few hours of gameplay to 100% the entire thing with only 1 hard section.


The Asia and Korean versions of the game on PS3, don't have any of the DLCs so if you want to play them, you will need a PS4 copy of the game from one of the following regions: EU, NA, Korea, Asia or Japan.
Step 1: Play through the story while collecting all the Daughter Diaries and completing as many of the Torments as possible. During this step, you should also enter the execution chambers to earn the specific weapon & environmental trophies. Some of these trophies are missable, however they carry over to New Game+ and it takes less than an hour to finish the story so it's not a big deal if something get missed.
  • Nosy Parent – Missable
  • Krimson Chainsaw Massacre – Missable
  • Trapper and Keeper – Missable
  • Got to Destroy the Brain – Missable
  • Home Invasion
  • The Craftsman's Tools

Step 2: Play through the story on New Game+ so you have all your Torments and memory tokens. You should focus on collecting memory tokens and completing the final execution chamber
  • Cruel and Unusual
  • You Had This Coming

Step 3: Play through once more on New game+ so you get to keep all your items and weapons upgraded. You should try to focus on getting through the DLC without ever taking damage and finish upgrading your gear if you need
  • I Might Close Early
  • I've Got Box of Steel
Gair – Gaming ~ For his collectibles video
Harry94_ ~ For his video for You Had This Coming
[PST Would Like To Thank Rawanz for this Roadmap]

The Evil Within Trophy Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed trophies
Show secret trophies

72 trophies ( 18  49  13  )

  • Unlocked all trophies for The Evil Within.

    "A true 'survival horror' game is one in which the player confronts and overcomes fear..." - Shinji Mikami

    Congratulations on overcoming your fear and earning the platinum for The Evil Within!
  • Complete the game on Casual difficulty.

    See Another Day on the Job.
  • Complete the game on Survival difficulty.

    Earning this trophy will also earn you First Step into Darkness, as well as unlock Nightmare and Akumu modes. The trophy will unlock upon reaching the clear screen for Chapter 15: An Evil Within, after the credits.
  • Complete the game on Nightmare difficulty.

    Nightmare difficulty can be unlocked by completing either Casual or Survival difficulty.

    In this mode; enemies are more plentiful, ammo is more scarce, enemies are faster and more aware, and you take more damage. The trophy for Nightmare will unlock upon reaching the clear screen for Chapter 15: An Evil Within, after the credits.

    While you can clear Nightmare as a separate playthrough, it is recommended that you go straight for Akumu. See You Asked For It for details.
  • Collect every collectable in the game.

    I recommend using Harry94_'s Collectibles Guide, as a walkthrough companion during your collectible playthrough. This walkthrough contains the locations for all Keys, Newspapers, Audio Tapes, Map Fragments, Missing Persons Posters, Personal Documents, and Notes needed to obtain this trophy as well as Master of Unlocking.
  • Open up all the lockers in the save room.

    There are 45 lockers in the game, and you need to find 45 keys to open them all. However, you can find an additional 2 keys in a random locker if you happen to miss any of the ones in the story. Lockers have useful items in them such as green gel and ammo. The keys can be found in Madonna statues, they look like so:

    Image above shows what a Madonna statue looks like.
    You open lockers in the save room, to get here, you must use the mirrors which can be found in each of the chapters. You will know when one is nearby as you can hear music.

    To view every locker location, refer to Every Nook and Cranny for more details, or refer to Harry94_'s Collectibles Guide.
  • Fully upgrade all of Sebastian's attributes.

    In order to upgrade items in The Evil Within, you must acquire an item called Green Gel. Green Gel is scattered in various locations around each chapter, dropped from some enemies, or obtained while opening lockers in the safe room. When you have enough Green Gel to purchase an upgrade, you can go to the restraint chair in the caged room just past the nurse and her save game chart. Sit in the chair to access and view your purchasable upgrades for each category: Attributes, Weapons, Stock, and Bolts. Note that Bolts is not required for any of the trophies and should not be purchased if you only want to get the trophies out of the way. However, upgrading Bolts alongside the other upgrades can definitely help in your New Game+ run for The Quick and the Dead.

    Green Gel Jars as they appear in the environment.

    Green Gel as it appears when it's dropped from an enemy.
    The chart I provided below shows how much Green Gel is required for each upgrade needed for this trophy. The trophy will unlock when you have purchased the final required upgrade.

    Farming Green Gel

    In order to earn all of the upgrade trophies, without the exploit mentioned in Unstoppable Arsenal, you will need a total of 952,300 Green Gel. There are a few methods you can use in order to make this a little faster than playing through the game two times.

    The first method you can use is to replay Chapter 3: Claws of the Horde via Chapter Select*, quickly killing the Sadist on Casual difficulty for a quick and painless 10,000 Green Gel. This method takes about 5-10 minutes depending on skill.

    Additional Note* (New Game+ Only) - After killing the Sadist, a crow will spawn in the window of the small room at the top of the barn. Killing this crow activates a short cutscene that spawns in five more crows. Killing these crows within a time limit of about two minutes total will give you a reward of 100,000 experience in New Game+. Finish the level to save your progress and reload Chapter 3: Claws of the Horde with your new saved game to farm this method. Using this method, you can max out all of Sebastian's upgrades in under an hour. (PS3/4 Video Incoming)
    The second method is to replay Chapter 15: An Evil Within via Chapter Select*. While this method takes a little longer, you kill a Sadist as well as 2 Keepers for a total of 30,000 Green Gel on top of any other pick ups you get during the mission. Assuming you're skipping cutscenes and can make it through without dying, this is a 13-15 minute run.

    Of these two methods, I went with the Chapter 3: Claws of the Horde method because there is less story to skip and it felt faster to me. 10,000 is the minimum amount you can get with that method just for killing the the Sadist. There is also a large Green Gel container in the top of the Barn as well as another one in the watchtower that contains the Flash Agony Bolt. This will bring you to 14,000 Green Gel in about 7 minutes the more comfortable you get with the mission.

    *Chapter Select is unlocked by beating the game for the first time. While in the main menu, you click on New Game+ and pick any save you want. You're essentially picking which Sebastian you would like to use in New Game+. After you pick a save, you can pick any chapter you wish to start on.
  • Completely upgrade one weapon.

    See Unstoppable Arsenal.
  • Completely upgrade three weapons.

    See Unstoppable Arsenal.
  • Completely upgrade all weapons.

    In order to upgrade items in The Evil Within, you must acquire an item called Green Gel. Green Gel is scattered in various locations around each chapter, dropped of some enemies, or obtained while opening lockers in the safe room. When you have enough Green Gel to purchase an upgrade, you can go to the restraint chair in the caged room just past the nurse and her save game chart. Sit in the chair to access and view your purchasable upgrades for each category: Attributes, Weapons, Stock, and Bolts. Note that Bolts is not required for any of the trophies and should not be purchased if you only want to get the trophies out of the way. However, upgrading Bolts alongside the other upgrades can definitely help in your New Game+ run for The Quick and the Dead.

    The chart I provided below shows how much Green Gel is required for each upgrade needed for this trophy. The trophy will unlock when you have purchased the final required upgrade.

    As of patch 1.02: This exploit no longer works. You can play the game without the patch to use the exploit.
    *Exploit Notice: There is currently an exploit for earning this trophy early. Once you earn 19,000 Green Gel, you can save your game and upgrade the Agony Crossbow until it is fully upgraded. After it is upgraded, push Start and reload the save you just created. Repeatedly upgrade the Agony Crossbow to max 5 times total and you should unlock all weapon related trophies. This could definitely save you some time grinding Green Gel for all of your upgrades. This exploit is only confirmed to work on Playstation 4, and may only work if you have no other weapons fully upgraded. Also note that the weapon does not have to be the Agony Crossbow and that the Agony Crossbow is just the cheapest weapon to fully upgrade for the purposes of this exploit.
  • Upgrade all options in the Stock menu.

    In order to upgrade items in The Evil Within, you must acquire an item called Green Gel. Green Gel is scattered in various locations around each chapter, dropped of some enemies, or obtained while opening lockers in the safe room. When you have enough Green Gel to purchase an upgrade, you can go to the restraint chair in the caged room just past the nurse and her save game chart. Sit in the chair to access and view your purchasable upgrades for each category: Attributes, Weapons, Stock, and Bolts. Note that Bolts is not required for any of the trophies and should not be purchased if you only want to get the trophies out of the way. However, upgrading Bolts alongside the other upgrades can definitely help in your New Game+ run for The Quick and the Dead.

    The chart I provided below shows how much Green Gel is required for each upgrade needed for this trophy. The trophy will unlock when you have purchased the final required upgrade.
  • Use a secret explosive weapon to kill 10 enemies. (Agony Bolt effects negate results)

    Potentially Missable: You only get this weapon after a fresh new game clear. You will never receive ammo refills for this weapon throughout the game, or for additional clears. You must get your 10 kills with your initial ammo after receiving the weapon.

    After you clear the game for the first time, beginning a new game+ will grant you a rocket launcher. Use this rocket launcher to kill 10 enemies to earn the trophy.

    A good place to do this is in the second burning room of chapter 6 because the group of enemies in this room actually respawn indefinitely. It's important to note that switching to the rocket launcher forces you to kneel. You will not be able to move as long as you have the rocket launcher selected. It's also important to note that although the rocket damage is high, it only effects a very small area. Be sure to be as direct with your hits as possible when using the rocket launcher.
  • Kill 5 enemies with each type of Agony Bolt.

    *Glitched - Some players are having difficulty unlocking this trophy. The counters for killing an enemy will each type of bolt seem to be giving some people trouble. If you have the DLC "Fighting Chance Pack" then you may use these additional bolt types to count towards this trophy. If you do not have the DLC, then be sure you are killing each enemy with each type of bolt by the methods detailed below.
    • Explosive Bolt - This bolt operates like a proximity mind and will explode when an enemy goes near it.
    • Shock Bolt - This bolt damages and stuns enemies for upwards of 4 seconds depending on upgrades.
    • Freeze Bolt - Enemies within range are frozen and can either be melee killed or shot to death.
    • Flash Bolt - Enemies within range are blinded and remain in one place for a short duration. Enemies that are blinded can be killed by any means so long as the enemy is still affected by blind at the time of his death. I suggest avoiding stealth kills for this bolt however, because it appears as though the stealth kill counter is faulty for other trophies.
    • Harpoon Bolt - This bolt is your standard projectile. It fires like a heavy duty arrow and can stick smaller enemies to other objects.

    (DLC) Fighting Chance Pack:
    • Incendiary Bolt - This bolt lights enemies on fire, doing damage over time.
    • Poison Bolt - This bolt infects enemies with damage over time.

    A good place to do this is in the second burning room of chapter 6 because the group of enemies in this room actually respawn indefinitely.
  • Kill 5 enemies in a row with a sneak kill without being discovered.

    Glitched Trophy: Several players are having trouble getting this trophy to unlock. The counter for the trophy is rather buggy and sometimes requires more kills before the trophy will actually unlock. If getting more kills still wont unlock the trophy for you, then delete your profile data and reload the game. Attempt to fulfill the trophy requirements again.

    This trophy is fairly self explanatory and the earliest it can be done is in the beginning of Chapter 2: Remnants. You will come up to a shack in the beginning of the level where a tutorial message will tell you how to perform a stealth kill. (PS3: Hold R2 to crouch walk and press X behind an unaware enemy) After the tutorial kill, assuming you were successful, simply perform 4 more stealth kills on enemies in the upcoming village without being detected. Hitting the enemies with bottles counts as being discovered, and throwing bottles to alert enemies to a certain area can negate the trophy. If you are having difficulty with being spotted during your stealth kills, you can drop your difficulty down to Casual. In Casual mode, an eye icon appears at the top center of the screen to note if an enemy is about to see you or if you've been spotted.

    Alternatively, you may reload your checkpoint near an enemy you can easily stealth kill and repeatedly stealth kill him to earn the trophy. The trophy should unlock after your 5th consecutive stealth kill.
  • Kill 5 enemies with a torch.

    Torches are sometimes found in the environment or can be obtained by killing enemies wielding torches. A torch as a weapon is a one hit kill for most enemies that are hit by it, excluding bosses. This trophy should come naturally, assuming you are picking up and using the torches as you see them. You will encounter your first torch in Chapter 2: Remnants.
  • Kill 30 enemies.

    See One Man Army.
  • Kill 200 enemies.

    See One Man Army.
  • Kill 400 enemies.

    This trophy is cumulative, and kill count persists across saves and through death. Simply kill 400 enemies and the trophy will unlock shortly afterwards. If you happen to die throughout the game and you have to restart a segment, enemies killed on the previous attempt will still count towards this trophy. This trophy should come naturally as you aim for the platinum.
  • Kill 25 enemies with melee attacks.

    This trophy is cumulative across all saves and kill count persists through death.

    Melee attacks are fairly weak attacks that are hard to kill most enemies with. This trophy is most easily earned by using the Brass Knuckles rewarded from completing AKUMU difficulty. Simply kill 25 enemies and the trophy will unlock shortly afterwards.
  • Sneak Kill an enemy after hitting them with a bottle.

    This trophy can be slightly misleading. You don't have to hit an enemy with a bottle when he is unaware of you to get a stealth kill. In fact, it may be easier to hit an enemy with a bottle when he is coming towards you.

    Crouch throw a bottle at the head of one of the regular zombie enemies to stun him momentarily. Note that it must hit him in the head to stun him. Run towards him quickly, crouch, and hit X to perform a stealth kill while the zombie is still stunned from the bottle. Throwing bottles when crouched keeps you out of the long animation that Sebastian does when you throw while standing upright, and crouch throwing is more accurate. Note that the stealth kill can be performed from the front or back of the enemy.
  • Kill 3 living enemies with one drop of a match.

    This trophy can be a little tricky to earn during regular play.

    You can lure a group of enemies near a body and quickly light the body on fire to cause a chain reaction to the three living enemies. You can also catch enemies in similar situations using puddles of oil found throughout the game.

    If you are struggling to earn this trophy, you can use a Flash Agony Bolt on a group of enemies near oil or a body and then drop a match to kill the group. The trophy will unlock shortly after the enemies are dead.
  • Finish the game with a clear time of under 5:00:00.

    I recommend that you play the game on the lowest difficulty setting of a New Game+ game mode. Starting on New Game+ after completing Survival Difficulty will give you a Rocket Launcher and a Machine Gun. This will make boss fights a lot quicker throughout your speed run, not to mention having upgraded weapons and sprint. Attempt to run each chapter through once and then reload your save at the beginning of that chapter until you are satisfied with your overall time.

    • Avoid enemies that don't need to be killed.
    • Group up enemies for explosive kills.
    • Do not visit the save room unless the story forces you to.
    • Upgrade sprint as soon as possible, followed by your weapons of choice, if not done so already.
    • Save grenades for situations in which you are forced to kill a large group of enemies to progress.

    *Note - Pausing the game does not increase the playtime in your run. Dying, watching cutscenes, or reloading a checkpoint does count towards your time. Whenever you want to backtrack, always choose to Load Game.
  • Finish the game without upgrading any skills with green gel.

    This trophy excludes the first upgrade you must take in Chapter 2: Remnants in order to progress. This is the only upgrade you are allowed to take.

    The trophy will unlock during the clear screen of Chapter 15: An Evil Within, after the credits.
  • Finish the game on 悪夢(AKUMU) mode.

    Akumu mode is unlocked by beating the game on Survival mode.

    Akumu mode is the Nightmare setting with one hit kills meaning death to you. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to earn this trophy. You must complete this on a fresh playthrough of the game.

    Recommended upgrades:
    • Sprint- to adjust for the faster enemies and being able to make a getaway safely. Note that you do not need to max this out. In fact, it costs too much to focus on. Take 2 or 3 ranks in this and no more.
    • Handgun: Critical Damage - The revolver is next to useless as you progress through the game, but every bullet counts and with critical damage you stand a chance to kill enemies earlier and without wasting a lot of your ammo. Do not upgrade damage on the Revolver. You are not using this weapon to spray and pray. The Revolver is best used to pull off a few quick headshots or exploding spike traps near enemies.
    • Shotgun: Critical Damage - The shotgun is like the Revolver, but stronger and meant for stunning groups. The base damage is decent enough for whatever you need in the game, so I would just focus on critical chance.
    • Rifle: Damage - The Rifle is a very solid gun and you don't want to use it fighting off regular zombies unless you absolutely have to. It does not need critical chance at all because the headshots all come from damage on it's own.
    • Rifle: Rate of Fire - This is not super important, but upgrading it could save you during fights between shots. This makes the "reload" animation between shots faster. 1 or 2 points in this and you'll be better off.
    • Agony Crossbow: - You don't need range, damage, or aim speed. You'll just want to upgrade Flash and Shock Bolts.
    • Spend green gel on:
      Rifle, Grenade, Revolver, Shotgun, Bolt, Grenade Stock. All of these are important to upgrade, but it's important you upgrade clip size and stock size for whatever gun you choose to. If you focus on one or the other, you'll find yourself spending more green gel then you have to.
    • Do not spend green gel on:
      Syringe Stock, Syringe Potency, Overall Health level, Melee Damage, or weapon upgrades other than those mentioned above. The upgrades that are not mentioned may help you in some instances, but they're not worth wasting green gel on when you can spend it optimizing a weapon's strengths versus it's weaknesses.
    • It's tempting to take the trap parts from the spike traps, but in most cases it's better to leave the traps up to shoot as enemies run by them. This saves you more than it hurts you by not collecting the trap parts. The same can be said for wire traps in some areas.
    • Save all your keys until after you receive the Magnum. Save your game, use a key and try to obtain Magnum Ammo, Rifle Ammo, or Bolts you may be low on. Prioritize Magnum ammo until it's full though. Save your game when you get magnum ammo, reload your save when you don't.
    • Be mindful of your ammo. Don't overuse any singular gun. Don't shoot enemies that can be avoided, and Don't waste bullets on misc trophy encounters.
    • Save your grenades for enemy encounters where you're trapped in a confined space with an enemy. For example, the burning house in chapter 6 or "damsel in distress" room in chapter 11.
    • Save Magnum and Rifle ammo for bosses or problems enemies. A problem enemy is a sniper, dynamite tosser, or an enemy that must be killed in order to end an encounter.
    • RUN, RUN, RUN. If it doesn't need to die, don't kill it. If you're in a bad position to be overwhelmed, find a new position. Look for areas where you can exploit enemy movement. Narrow door ways, rooms with one entrance, or roof tops that the enemies can't climb are all good examples of areas you should be looking for when you have to fight enemies.
    • Although timing is key, sometimes crouching before an enemy hits you will actually dodge the hit. Don't be afraid to crouch if you're about to be melee'd to death. It could save your life.
  • Have they lost their minds? Better get past them without a fight. (Ch.2)

    This trophy is earned by making it through Chapter 2: Remnants without killing any of the zombies after the Conolly encounter. This means from the stealth tutorial onward, you can't kill any enemies. This is easier to do in new game+ when you have flash agony bolts available to you for the instance where you have to open up the gate inside the small town.
  • His engine roars, but my knife is strong enough to take him out. (Ch.3)

    During Chapter 3: Claws of the Horde, you will have to fight the chainsaw wielding Sadist in order to progress. You can earn this trophy on your first run or New Game+, however it may be easier on New Game+ by using chapter select.

    The easiest method for knifing the sadist is to shoot him with three explosive agony bolts and then a flash agony bolt. Once he is blinded, move behind him and crouch to perform a stealth kill. You will unlock the trophy shortly after he dies.
  • That vision in the hospice... why here? Why now? (Ch. 4)

    In the beginning of Chapter 4: The Patient, you will be following Doctor Jimenez through a small Hospice area. One of the buildings he goes into will lead you to his brother, Valerio Jimenez. Valerio is obviously not having a good day and has already been turned. When the mini cutscene concludes, you'll have to kill Valerio in order to activate a vision. The trophy will unlock during or after you watch the vision of Valerio's agonizing transformation.

    Refer to the video below for further assistance.
  • The water's rising, but we'll get out of this without a scratch. (Ch. 5)

    While going through Chapter 5: Inner Recesses, you will come across Julie "Kid" Kidman who is stuck in an elaborate water tank trap. After a mini cutscene showing the situation, you and Joseph will be ambushed by a series of the undead. In order to earn this trophy, Joseph is not allowed to take damage at all. While this trophy can be a little annoying, it is very doable.

    The first wave tends to be the hardest because you aren't in a position that gives you a good angle on Joseph. Use your Agony Crossbow to stun, kill, or slow enemies with shock, freeze, or flash bolts while you make your way to the ground floor with Joseph and Kid. After you get through this first wave, all of the following waves are arguably easier. Shoot the dynamite carriers in the legs after they light their dynamite. Kill the enemies coming from the top floor with any weapon of your choosing. I used the rifle, personally. Kill the large enemies with explosives or shotgun and then you should be done. The trophy will unlock during the cutscene where Kid is let out of her trap.
  • Who wouldn't reach out for a man clinging for his life? (Ch. 6)

    This trophy takes place in Chapter 6: Losing Grip of Ourselves. After the burning house you will come to a save point that gets destroyed if you progress any further in the area. I recommend moving towards the right side of the area first and making your way around to the left side of the area by way of the large wooden plank bridge in the center of the area. You want Joseph on this plank bridge fighting the enemies as they come. The objective of this trophy is to allow Joseph to be knocked off the bridge to a point where he is hanging on for dear life. Quickly kill the remaining enemies and interact with Joseph to pull him back up. After you've successfully saved Joseph, the trophy will unlock.

    Refer to the video below for further assistance.
  • It won't stay dead! Better only fight when I have to. (Ch. 7)

    Towards the end of Chapter 7: The Keeper, You will be trapped in a room filled with poison and The Keeper, AKA Safe Head. You will encounter him a total of four times, but for the purposes of this trophy you can only kill him two of those times. This trophy is actually the best way to deal with this area weather you need this trophy or you've already earned it.

    For the first phase of the fight, you will be trapped in a small room with the Keeper. For this phase, you must kill the keeper in order to progress. Use your rifle, shotgun, or explosive agony bolts on the Keeper's belly in order to take him out quickly. Aiming for his head does little to no damage. When he finally dies, head for the door that opened in the room and head start for the valve.

    Turning this valve will mark your second encounter with the keeper. Turn the valve quickly while the Keeper appears in the corner. When you finish turning the valve, run around him and through the door he spawned next to that way you can lock him out. While you're in this room, you can make a right and head around the corner to the next valve. Turn this valve off to activate a mini cutscene in which the Keeper will spawn in next to you. Kill him the same way you did before. There's ammo around the room if you need it.

    Run back through the door you locked the keeper out of a moment before and head to your left. A cutscene will trigger and the Keeper will destroy the next valve you're meant to turn. If you're in the room with that valve, make a right at the valve and go down the hallway to find the replacement valve. Turn around and shoot the Keeper with Freeze Agony Bolts to buy yourself a little time and replace the valve the Keeper broke. Quickly start turning the valve. You may have time to finish turning the valve completely, but if you don't then lead the keeper away from the valve and freeze bolt him again. Turn the valve the rest of the way and run down the new open passage.

    Once you escape this area and the scene with the Keeper and the spike ceiling finishes, the trophy will unlock as you finish the chapter.

    Refer to the video below for further assistance.
  • This cave echoes like crazy. Better put the gun away and keep quiet. (Ch. 8)

    This trophy is earned in Chapter 8: A Planted Seed Will Grow. In order to obtain this trophy, you must make it through the entire chapter without firing a single shot. This limits your offensive options to melee and matches and whatever grenades you may have. The hardest part of this chapter is the very beginning because you need to get through the gate in the small room with enemies that want to eat you. You'll need to get their attention and move slowly back to the starting room while being sure you still have their attention. Once all the enemies are in the starting area, or at least fairly far away from the gate you need to open, you can progress with the chapter. The rest of the chapter is fairly straight forward. The trophy will unlock on the chapter clear screen.

    Refer to the video below for further assistance.
  • Enough running! I'll burn her to the ground right here! (Ch. 10)

    During Chapter 10: A Craftmen's Tools, you will enter into a chase sequence with Laura which will end when you reach the elevator at the end of the area. In order to obtain this trophy, you must kill Laura before you get on the elevator.

    Towards the end of the chase sequence, you're going to enter into a furnace room that contains two shootable valves and three dead zombies. First you'll want to burn the bodies so that Laura can't teleport or respawn from these bodies. If you can manage to lure Laura under the fire traps when you shoot off the valves, that will do a lot of damage to her. If not, however, then you'll have to unload your strongest weapons into Laura after you burn the bodies. It is a lot easier to kill Laura in New Game+ after you've obtained the rocket launcher. The trophy will unlock once you've killed Laura and stepped onto the elevator.

    Refer to the video below for further assistance.
  • I'm not taking any chances, this bus can't take much more damage. (Ch. 12)

    During Chapter 12: The Ride, you will step on the bus with a blood pack for Joseph and you'll end up having to drive the bus through the destroyed city highway. In order to unlock this trophy, you must get through this driving sequence without hitting a single enemy. You may hit cars or guard rails, but you cannot hit any enemies. The trophy will unlock after you've finished the segment successfully and you've completed the chapter.

    Refer to the video below for further assistance.
  • I should get this whole generator panel running just in case. (Ch. 14)

    Towards the end of Chapter 14: Ulterior Motives, you will come up to an electric panel that is missing some fuses. You will have two of the missing fuses in your inventory just from following the story. The third fuse is located on the path to the right of the electric panel on the left wall. Position these fuses as shown in the picture and video below. The trophy will unlock shortly after placing the final fuse.

    Electric panel puzzle solution.
    Refer to the video below for further assistance.

Secret trophies

  • Defeat the Sadist within the village.

    Story related, and cannot be missed.
    Towards the end of Chapter 3: Claws of the Horde, you will have to escape the village area past a horde of zombies and a chainsaw goon known as the Sadist. The Sadist himself is located in the barn behind some boards and barbwire. You can shoot the boards or throw a grenade over them to free the Sadist.

    We recommend shooting your explosive traps on the ground in front of the boards before freeing the Sadist. Doing so will ensure the Sadist activates all three at once, stunning him from having taken too much damage at once. At this point he is hurt enough to finish off with a couple shots with the rifle or the shotgun.

    If you are aiming for Knife Beats Chainsaw as well, then you can use the Flash Agony Bolt after the explosions to blind and stealth kill the Sadist. See Knife Beats Chainsaw for more details.
  • Finish off a shrieking beast.

    Story related, and cannot be missed.
    In Chapter 5: Inner Recesses, You will reach an incinerator room where the door you came into will disappear. Moving to the center of this room begins the boss fight with Laura. Note that weapon damage is not effective against Laura and that if she catches you she will one hit kill you.

    Lead Laura to a barrel and blow it up to make her disappear and then run into the small room on the right of where you came into with the burning grated floor and the ladder on your left. Watch the bodies of the dead zombies as you stand here. If either of them start glowing red, run to it and drop a match on the body. Laura will spawn here and instantly burn. After you drop the match, climb the ladder immediately and activate the lever you find above. This will make three hits on Laura with fire and you need upwards of five to kill her, depending on difficulty settings. Run down the pathway to your left of the lever and set yourself up near another body or a barrel. Burn Laura to make her disappear and then repeat the body tactic you used originally, only use the left room this time. At this point Laura should be dead. If not, run down the path to your right and position yourself near another body.

    This method is set up to minimize the amount of your own supplies you'll use during this fight.
  • Take out both guardians before the church.

    Story related, and cannot be missed.
    Near the start of Chapter 6: Losing Grip on Ourselves, you will enter into a graveyard near a church with Joseph watching your back. While in the graveyard, you will encounter two giants that look near identical that come out one at a time. These giants wield a large club that can be dangerous given the narrow space of the area. However, these giants die very quickly and have a low amount of health. If you are struggling, you can run by the giants into a slightly large area just behind them. This area contains a large grave stone that you may crouch under and move through like a small tunnel. Simply shoot the giant until he gets a little too close and then go through the tunnel to the other side of the gravestone and shoot from that side. Rinse and repeat until both giants are dead.
  • Escape the Keeper beneath the catacombs.

    Story related, and cannot be missed.
    Chapter 7: The Keeper.

    The Keeper is the Safe Head monster you've probably seen on the advertisements of the game. He's pretty fast and will probably kill you if he gets too close. However, he has a fairly low damage threshold.

    No matter what difficulty you're playing on, it is wise to follow the requirements for the I Don't Have Time for This! trophy. Regardless, you will encounter the Keeper a total of four times while you're moving through the end of this chapter. The easiest way to kill him is one frost agony bolt and 2 explosive bolts, but you may use any type of ammo safely after he's frozen.

    If you do intend to go for the I Don't Have Time for This! trophy, the do not use all your frost agony bolts before the final valve phase as this will make the trophy a lot harder than it needs to be.
  • End a monstrosity in the underground garage.

    Story related, and cannot be missed.
    Chapter 10: The Craftman's Tools

    The parking garage boss is one that gives people a lot of trouble who are playing blind, however, he is very easy to kill. The pillar you spawn behind will be your best friend for this entire fight. As you spawn in, peak around the corner and shoot the boss's eye that is searching for you at the end of a long tentacle. This will down the boss momentarily. Throw a grenade, shoot your shotgun, or fire an explosive agony bolt at the boss while he is downed and then move behind the pillar to hide again. When the boss gets back up, he will search for you but he wont know exactly where you are. When his tentacle eye comes back out, shoot it again and damage the boss again while he is down. Repeat this process until you reach the phase of the fight in which the boss starts glowing purple.

    At this point in the fight, it is a lot easier if you shoot the boss with a freeze agony bolt, and then carefully shoot his exposed eye with your rifle. Depending on how you upgraded your rifle and the difficulty you're playing on, this process could take two to three turns. After you hit his eye enough, the boss will die and you'll unlock the trophy.
  • Outrun a gigantic threat in the city.

    Story related, and cannot be missed.
    During Chapter 12: The Ride you will encounter a mutated spider boss while you're riding on the bus. There are two encounters with this boss and a small segment where you must fight off a few waves of enemies. This boss's attacks are easily avoided and you'll want to save your more powerful ammo types if you can. Hit the boss with a few explosive bolts. Avoid his leg by moving forward or backward on the bus aisle, or occasionally ducking into stealth crouch if his leg sets up for a sweep attack. Switch to your handgun or your shotgun to deal with the three worms he spawns from his sacks and then go back to damaging the boss. The worm enemies do drop ammo, so handgun is my first weapon choice on these little guys.

    When the boss backs off, you can save your ammo. He wont catch up to the bus again until after you fight the next set of enemy waves. The bus will come to a full stop and a series of zombies will attack you from above. It is important to conserve ammo here because very few enemies will actually make it on the bus to drop ammo for you. Focus on taking on the snipers, dynamite/molotov throwers. The more molotovs you let by, the less room you'll have to move around and avoid damage. Let Joseph worry about the other enemies unless they get on the bus.

    Once the waves are done, you'll be on the move again. Deal with the boss the same way you did before. This trophy will unlock when the boss is dead.
  • Remove an invisible enemy from the equation.

    Story related, and cannot be missed.
    Towards the end of Chapter 14: Ulterior Motives, you will find yourself pulled into a fight with a squid enemy that has been stalking you throughout the chapter. This boss is fairly weak and easy to avoid. Use shock or freeze agony bolt to momentarily stun the boss and shoot him with the rifle or explosive agony bolts. Be careful when he is able to move again because he likes to shoot out a large poison cloud and disappear or charge you.

    If he disappears he will be nearly invisible somewhere in the room and will indefinitely spawn three little worms to hunt you down and explode on you. Shoot or dodge these worms to receive ammo drops and track them back to their source to find where the boss is hiding. Unload on him with any weapon of your choosing. Repeat this game of hide and seek until the boss is dead. The trophy will unlock after the boss is dead.

    *Note, at about 50% health the boss will begin to use a full body charge attack that is quite fast and a full frontal tentacle slap attack. Just beware of getting too close.
  • Defeat the ultimate evil within.

    Story related, and cannot be missed.
    This is the final story trophy and it is earned when you finish Chapter 15: An Evil Within.

    This chapter is fairly straight forward and you'll encounter a lot of the mechanics that you've grown accustomed to over the course of the game. The final boss encounter is one of the easiest fights in the game and it's riddled with checkpoints, so don't worry about restarting everything if you fail.

    The first phase is a running phase. Just avoid the tentacles as the boss tries to grab at you. This phase is very quick and leads right into phase two. In phase two, you will be in the back of a flatbed truck with a turret in the back. You will be aiming at the bosses tentacles as they glow with a red circle. Just use the turret to shoot at the tentacles. Phase three you will be stationary firing rockets at the boss as he makes his way towards you. Note that the rockets are not infinite and they fire a little slow. You need to aim at the boss's chest and then his head when indicated by the red circle.

    Finally, you will enter a very quick and easily failed scene where the boss will try to eat you. You have literally one shot to aim at Ruvik's head inside the boss's mouth before you are eaten and killed. Once you get your headshot, the boss fight will be done and you'll be a few short scenes away from this trophy and the trophies for beating the game on your chosen difficulty.

DLC: The Assignment

10 trophies

  • Lure an enemy with a phone call and lock them in a room. (Ch. 1)

    In Chapter 1: "An Oath", after you go through the vent avoiding one of your first enemies you'll come out into a hallway across from a hand scanner pad. Use the hand scanner pad to unlock the door and turn the light green. There's no need to enter this room. Move down the hallway to your left towards the room next to it. Be careful not to attract the attention of the enemy patrol down the corridor to your left in front of the next room. Enter the room and on the desk to your left use the phone. This phone will call the phone in the room you opened a moment ago and the enemy will be drawn to the noise of the ringing phone. Wait for the enemy to enter the room and quickly move down the hallway and activate the hand scanner again. When the light turns red, the door will lock, trapping the enemy and unlocking the trophy.

    There is another opportunity to earn this trophy later in the chapter after you see Leslie and reach the first save point. Just after this room you'll enter into a room with two enemies. The phone is on the desk to the left of the box nearest you when you enter the room. Throw a bottle to the back left corner of this room and then use the phone to call the cell phone in the room in the back left corner. After the enemy goes into the room to investigate the noise, hit the switch next to the door to trap him inside. Once the door is locked, the trophy will unlock.

    For additional assistance refer to the following video;
  • Use a single trap to kill two or more enemies in The Assignment. (Ch. 2)

    In Chapter 2: "Crossing Paths" you will have to gather three fuses to open various doors in the sewers to progress in the story. After picking up the third valve and heading back the way you came, Ruvik will manipulate the room and turn the door you came from into a wall. The locked door you couldn't open on your way to the fuse will be open and a haunted will be coming through it at any second. You also may have noticed the circles on the floor near the crates in this room. When you stand on the circles, or more importantly when enemies do, the trap will begin to prime by making a noise similar to a jet starting up. What you're going to do is run towards the door the haunted comes out of and kick it open. Move forward into the room until you get the attention of the two haunted in the room and run back out towards the trap. Run across the trap and stand just outside of it. The haunted enemies will come for you and run across the trap, activating it. If it kills at least two of them then the trophy will unlock. If not, allow the remaining enemy to kill you and try again.

    Alternatively, there is also a trap in the room that the haunted comes in from that you can use to kill two enemies with if you'd prefer. You will have to run past all enemies towards the back right of the room to group them up. Run around the large set of crates and back towards the trap. Stand on the edge of the trap so that the enemies will stop on top of and activate it. If the trap kills at least two enemies, the trophy will unlock.

    The final opportunity for you to enter this trophy will be in the graveyard after hearing that the bell lures away the Haunted enemies. In the same spot you earned Death Grip, you can lure this same group of enemies to the wooden board trap to the right side of this small area. If two or more Haunted fall in the pit, the trophy will unlock.

    For additional assistance refer to the following video;
  • Survive the duel without using any electronic devices in the environment. (Ch. 2)

    In Chapter 2: "Crossing Paths" you'll get to a event when you are forced to fight the maniac version of Joseph. During this fight you will have to stealth attack Joseph in the back three times in order to end the fight. For the trophy, simply finish this encounter without interacting with electronic devices or noise makers. You start with one axe given to you in the cutscene. From your starting position, the second axe is stuck in the mattress of the bed on your far left. The third axe, from your starting position, is immediately behind you in the room stuck in the podium. Use all three on Joseph to finish the fight and unlock the trophy.

    For additional assistance refer to the following video;
  • Get a Cadaver to grab and kill a Haunted. (Ch. 2)

    In Chapter 2: "Crossing Paths" you will get to a church graveyard area just after hearing the bell call away two haunted. When you enter this area, there will be three enemies devouring a corpse nearby. Take cover behind the broken wall nearby and call them towards you. Run around the opposite end of wall past the corpse they were eating and turn right through the archway. Slow down here because there is a cadaver patrolling the area. Crouch walk past the Cadaver with the Haunted following you and the Cadaver will latch on to the haunted and explode. The trophy will unlock shortly afterwards.

    For additional assistance refer to the following video;
  • Collect all Research Documents in The Assignment.

    Throughout both chapters of The Assignment, you will encounter and collect seven documents that tell the research story of Project STEM. These collectibles look like manila folders with cassette tapes resting on top of them. Collect every tape in order to unlock the trophy.

    Link to collectible guide here: The Evil Within - The Assignment - Collectible Guide
  • Collect all Personnel Files in The Assignment.

    The personnel files in this DLC are collectibles related the Kidman's back story and the company she works for outside of the Krimson City Police Department. This files look like manila folders with the star logo on the cover of them and there are only three to be found in this DLC.

    Link to collectible guide here: The Evil Within - The Assignment - Collectible Guide
  • Complete the hidden letter in The Assignment.

    There are 8 letter scraps throughout The Assignment that are locked away in the safe of the gatekeepers. You must find these 8 safes and solve their puzzles in order to obtain each letter scrap. Once you have them all you must go into the pause menu, then into your archives, and assemble the letter scraps into it's full form. The trophy will unlock once you have done so.

    Link to collectible guide here: The Evil Within - The Assignment - Collectible Guide
  • Clear The Assignment in KURAYAMI Mode.

    Kurayami, appropriately meaning "darkness" in Japanese is a mode in which the game is shrouded in overwhelming darkness. The only way to see is by using your flashlight and other light sources in the environment. This is far less difficult to beat than AKUMU mode from the main game because a large portion of the DLC is done is stealth and hits are not automatic deaths. Kurayami can not be played as a first playthrough and must be unlocked by beating the DLC on survival difficulty.

    Kurayami Mechanics
    • No light aside from your flashlight and enemy sources
    • No detection indicator when or if an enemy nearby reacts to you or other sources.
    • Enemies do not react to your flashlight at all, so feel free to use it at will.
    • While some enemies react to sight, all enemies react to sound so move slowly because Kidman is mostly unarmed.
    • If you happen to take damage, standing still for a period of time will heal you back up to full health.
    • You are much less likely to be detected when you are in cover. You can't use cover until the tutorial indicator, but you enter cover by pushing .

Secret trophies

  • Clear Chapter 1, "An Oath."

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    The trophy will unlock in the Chapter End screen, also allowing you the opportunity to save before starting the next chapter.
  • Clear Chapter 2, "Crossing Paths."

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    The trophy will unlock in the Chapter End screen, also allowing you the opportunity to save and use New Game+ to begin KURAYAMI mode.

DLC: The Consequence

10 trophies


Secret trophies

DLC: The Executioner

10 trophies

  • Collect all Daughter's Diaries in The Executioner.


    There are 14 Daughter Diaries total found in The Executioner DLC. They are found pretty close to each other so if you are not using a guide, be sure to use to use the memory scanner so you can find them as it makes them light up for a brief moment. If you missed one you can collect it in New Game+. Since you need to play through the game at least 2 times, I wouldn't worry too much about it. Just remember to pick up whichever collectible you may have missed. Starting a normal New Game will reset all collectibles so make sure to hit New Game+.

    Below you will find a written list of all the collectibles found throughout this DLC:
    • 1. Mobius Directive 01. - As soon as you have control of your character in front of you on the wall in a folder.
    • 2. Daughter's Diary 1. - When you enter the mansion your quest will change to find your daughter. Ahead of you is a ghost image where you will find a diary at her feet as she disappears.
    • 3. Daughter's Diary 2. - From the diary above turn to your left when you will see the door with blood on it and sound that comes from within, open the door to find the diary on the sink countertop.
    • 4. Daughter's Diary 3. - Exit the door you just went through and back into the main party of the mansion and you will see the stairs leading up to a set of doors. Go inside and use your memory scanner on the statue straight ahead to locate the third diary piece in her hand. It can only be seen by using the memory scanner.
    • 5. Mobius Directive 02. - This will begin you next mission objective after finding the the diary page by using your memory scanner. Go back downstairs and on a pillar the collectible will be lit up.
    • 6. Daughter's Diary 4. - After picking up the previous Mobius Directive you will watch the webbing come off a door allowing you to enter a door that was once closed as you came into the mansion. Enter the door and use your memory scanner on the portrait of the skull next to the candle for your diary piece.
    • 7. Transcript, Subject CB-212. - Entering the room CB-212 you will walk around the shelves to the wall with the transcript hanging on it.
    • 8. Mobius Directive 03. - Defeating the Sadist will bring you back to the mansion unlocking the chainsaw. The Mobius will be on the right pillar.
    • 9. Daughter's Diary 5. - Once you learn to rip your head off and teleport, you will move to the opposite side of the debris. Use your memory scanner on the piano where there dairy will be.
    • 10. Transcript, Subject CB-207. - Open the door of CB-207 where the piano is placed. On the wall directly in front of you is the transcript.
    • 11. Mobius Directive 04. - After defeating Zhen you will once again return to the mansion and have to locate the Mobius Directive which will be placed on the left pillar.
    • 12. Daughter's Diary 7. - Unlocking the door to the large library upstairs you will continue down the hallway coming to the ghost of your daughter. In that hallway is a bathroom to the right. Inside at the bathtub is the diary which you can find by activating your memory scanner.
    • 13. Daughter's Diary 6. - Exit the bathroom and turn right towards the way you haven't been to yet. Enter the door straight ahead of you and use the memory scanner at the bed. You will see 2 corpses on the ground with the dairy.
    • 14. Archive Record, Subject CB-204. - Go back to the hallway and open the door the ghost went into to find the collectible on the wall.
    • 15. Daughter's Diary 8. - After defeating Joseph you will be back in the mansion, this time your daughter opens up the passage way of the long hallway which you will take into a portal. Once you make it back into the hallway just run straight and you'll come to the diary on the ground.
    • 16. Mobius Directive 05. - Continue your path and you will drop down into a pool of blood and eventually into an open area with a save room. If you continue past the save door you will see the Mobius Directive on the wall.
    • 17. Daughter's Diary 9. - Turnaround from where you collected your last collectible and enter the door with the save point which is the blue one where the music plays from. Use the memory scanner once inside to gather the diary
    • 18. Daughter's Diary 10. - Enter the door you unlocked once you picked up the Mobius Directive and turn left into the first doorway. Use your memory scanner and you will find another diary on top of a stack of corpses.
    • 19. Daughter's Diary 11. - Shortly ahead, you will need to pull a level to move some spinning spikes in order to progress where your daughter will leave behind a diary on the ground in front of you. Go around the spikes and hit the next lever on the wall to stop the spikes or just avoid them to collect the diary.
    • 20. Transcript, Subject CB-205. - From the last diary just move ahead and through the door where the Transcript will be place on the wall as the previous ones were
    • 21. Mobius Directive 06. - Defeating the RPG Sadist will lead you back to the save room area where the Mobius Directive will be to your right as you gain control of the Executioner once again.
    • 22. Daughter's Diary 12. - Enter the door the Mobius file just unlocked and as you enter the door use the memory scanner to find the diary in front of you in the small room.
    • 23. Transcript, Subject CB-210. - From the room you entered to find the previous diary you must teleport through a caged fence and kill an enemy that goes invisible as it spots you. As the enemy dies the door will unlock to where you will find the transcript.
    • 24. Mobius Directive 07. - As always after defeating the mini-boss you will be taken back over to the save room area. Go straight where the passageway opened and this will be found on the door straight ahead.
    • 25. Daughter's Diary 13. - Continue on the linear path and you will have a brief image of your daughter. Once again which she will disappear and leave the diary behind on the ground.
    • 26. Daughter's Diary 14. - Standing where you collected the last diary, open the doors and inside on a desk is the diary.
    • 27. Mobius Directive 08. - Continue on and teleport through another caged fence to where your mission will be to follow your daughter. You end up watching a brief scene of the Executioner picking her up which leads you through another door where this Directive will be.
    • 28. Final Research Report. - Will be earned once you complete the DLC.
    For a video walkthrough for all the collectibles refer to the following video by Gair - Gaming:
  • Complete all Torments.

    Torments are small tasks you need to complete and can be found in the pause > Archive menu. They are all very simple to do and doesn’t take much effort. Only 2 of them can be troublesome. #12 and #18 can be tricky. For #12 there is only 1 place it can be done which it during the boss fight against Amalgam Alpha in the garage. #18 can only be completed on your New Game+ run, as the chamber isn’t available otherwise.

    Torment 1 - Execute a standing enemy. Hit an enemy with your hammer till he gets stunned. A prompt with or will appear above the head. Hit square when it appears and you will execute him.

    Torment 2 -Execute a prone enemy. Similar to #1, you will need to hit the enemy till he falls down and then follow up by hitting .

    Torment 3 - Execute an enemy caught by a barbed wire trap. When you have a barbed wire, all you need to do is throw it down, lure the enemy into it and walk up to him and hit to execute him.

    Torment 4 - Impale an enemy on wall spikes. You will need to stagger an enemy like previously but this time you will want to hit to grab the enemy and throw them into the wall spike. You can find a wall spike during the first boss fight or inside the 2nd execution chamber.

    Torment 5 - Dismember an enemy with the chainsaw. You will need to purchase the chainsaw first and then simply kill an enemy with it by holding down .

    Torment 6 - Blow up an enemy with a stick of Dynamite. You will need to purchase the Dynamite first, then simply throw it at an enemy and let him blow up.

    Torment 7 - Blow up an enemy caught by a barbed wire trap with dynamite. You will need a stick of Dynamite and the Barbed Wire Trap for this. Place down the trap, then throw the dynamite at the enemy and let him blow up.

    Torment 8 - Incinerate an enemy with a Molotov Cocktail. You will need to buy a Molotov Cocktail first, then just throw it at an enemy and let him burn to death.

    Torment 9 - Incinarate an enemy caught by a barbed wire trap with a Molotov Cocktail. Similar to Torment #7, you just need to throw down a trap, then throw a Molotov cocktail at the enemy.

    Torment 10 - Blow up an enemy with the Rocket Laucher. You will need to purchase the Rocket Launcher after unlocking it by defeating the boss The Sadist and simply shoot an enemy with it.

    Torment 11 - Slay an enemy with a turret. You can find turrets during the boss fight against Zhen. There are 3 turrets total around the fountain. Just pick one and shoot an enemy with it.

    Torment 12 - Blow up an enemy with a flung car. This can be a tricky one. This can only be done during the boss fight against Amalgam Alpha in the garage. She has the ability to fling cars at you. You will need to stand a bit behind a car and wait for her to fling it at you. You will then need to hit to fling it back but the catch is, you need to hit a normal enemy with it. You need to place yourself in a direction so you have the boss and a regular enemy on 1 side of the car and you on the other.

    Torment 13 - Kill an enemy with a rotating blade trap. You can find a rotating blade during the 2nd execution chamber. Stagger the enemy and hit to grab it and throw it into the rotating blade.

    Torment 14 - Blow up an enemy an exploding haunted. Exploding haunted have red orbs on their body. You just need stagger one, grab it with and throw it. It will cause it to explode. You can do this together with Torment #15.

    Torment 15 - Blow up more than 1 enemy with an exploding haunted. Check #14.

    Torment 16 - Dismember an enemy with the sword. Once you have completed the DLC start New Game+ and buy it from the stop and just chop up the first enemy you see with it.

    Torment 17 - Execute an enemy with the sword. Similar to #1, just stagger the enemy and hit to execute the enemy with the sword.

    Torment 18 - Clear the hidden final execution chamber. This fight is make it or break it for the 100% of this DLC. The Chamber is found near the end of your New Game+ at the final save point. It will be on the opposite side of the save mirror.

    I recommend having everything fully upgraded before doing this. The number of enemies and bosses being thrown at you can make it near impossible to beat without them. For the most part you can just run in, attack once and back away for the first 3 bosses. Joseph and Sebastian is a whole different level of difficulty.

    The game throws wave after wave of enemies at you, including 3 bosses: Sadist, Zhen and RPG Sadist followed by a rough fight against Joseph and Sebastian. If you get hit by anything the enemies can drop medkits, however they are not guaranteed to drop so make sure to play as carefully as possible.

    Sadist: Just like in the story, you just smack him around. If he starts to counter your attacks with his chainsaw move close to him without attacking and when he is starting to attack you back dash and move back in to attack him once or twice. You can repeat this till he dies. Do be aware of the enemies around you.

    Zhen: Just like in the story, you need to hit him and back away. The biggest difference here compared to in the story is there will be no mounted weapons around so you need to rely purely on your own damage. If you are having trouble with him, you can throw a piece of dynamite down near him. During so should put him into a stagger stage where you can attack him freely for a bit or even perform a devastation execution move on him. Rinse and repeat till he dies.

    RPG Sadist: This can be tricky. During this boss the normal Sadist also appears, so you have to deal with one boss chasing you down with the chainsaw, while the other is shooting rockets at you. Your main goal is to take down the RPG Sadist as fast as possible without wasting your own rockets. Dealing with 2 Sadist with chainsaws are better then one shooting rockets at you. The best thing to do is as soon as he spawns, stay close to him and whack him on the head as much as possible. You can even throw down a Barbed Wire Trap if you would like to keep him from moving for a bit. After both of the Sadists are dead the enemies should de-spawn but it happens from time to time that one or two enemies stay alive, so be quick to kill them before the final 2 bosses spawn.

    Sebastian & Joseph: This is the hardest fight in the DLC. Sebastian can kill you in 2 hits with his gun, which he likes to spam. Joseph uses his pistol as well but doesn't do nearly as much damage. He also throws Molotov’s so be careful of them. The biggest tip for the fight against the two, would be use the cars as cover and bait them into shooting you then charge in hit them once and run back and hide. If you have rockets for your RPG you can shoot near them, at the ground to hit them. Do not spam it because cause if you hit one of them with the rocket, they fall to the ground and will not take damage by getting hit again by the RPG so space the rockets out a bit. As soon as both are dead, you have cleared the chamber and you should get the trophy!

    Below you can see a video of my run inside the chamber. Even if it becomes messy, do not panic. Just be calm and use the cars to your advantage!
  • Purchase all items in the Shop.

    There are a total of 12 items in the DLC which are all needed for the trophy. You can buy them by spending Memory tokens (coins) at the safe near every save point.

    Most of the weapons are unlocked just by progressing through the story. Only 2 weapons require something slightly different which would be the Golden Hammer and the Infinite Ammo. You can upgrade the weapons but it is not required. You are required to buy at least one of everything though. However, upgrading weapons will help you further on especially with your no damage run for the I've Got Box of Steel trophy. A list of all weapons and items can be found below:

    Unlocked during the Campaign. Costs 120 tokens to upgrade.

    Unlocked after defeating Sebastian within the Portal Realm. Costs 520 tokens to upgrade.

    Unlocked during the Campaign. Costs 370 tokens to upgrade.

    Unlocked by completing the Campaign at least once and by finishing all Torments. Costs 200 tokens to upgrade.

    Unlocked after defeating Sebastian within the Portal Realm. Costs 250 tokens to upgrade.

    Unlocked during the Campaign. Costs 80 tokens to upgrade.

    Starting weapon. Costs 230 tokens to upgrade.

    Unlocked during the Campaign. Costs 440 tokens to upgrade.

    Unlocked during the Campaign. Costs 120 tokens to upgrade.

    Unlocked during the Campaign. Costs 210 tokens to upgrade.

    Unlocked during the Campaign. Costs 210 tokens to upgrade.

    Unlocked during the Campaign. Costs 210 tokens to upgrade.
    To fully upgrade you will need a whole 2960 memory tokens. Again, it is not required but will help you with I've Got Box of Steel trophy run later.

    If you need to farm memory tokens I would suggest doing the Final Execution Chamber which is available near the end of your New Game+ run right next to the final save point. You can keep going in, kill everything you can, die and keep the coins but can rinse and repeat until you have capped out everything you want.
  • Kill 10 basic Haunted with the chainsaw.


    You must first defeat the Sadist boss which will unlock the Chainsaw. Now you must go to any shop and purchase the chainsaw with your memory tokens which cost 30. Shops can normally be found near a save point and looks like a safe-box on the wall. To switch your weapons, use the D-Pad and the chainsaw will be one click to the right. As you approach the normal enemies you just hold down the button until they have been sawed in half. It helps if you upgrade the chainsaw damage and the fuel as it makes it easier and last longer.

    You could get this through normal gameplay without really trying but if you're in a hurry you can always enter an execution chamber since the normal enemies always appear and you should be able to unlock this trophy by going into just a single chamber.
  • Kill 10 basic Haunted with environmental traps in The Executioner.


    Kill 10 normal enemies with environmental traps like the wall spikes or the rotating spikes. This can be done as soon as you fight against the first boss the Sadist. You can die and repeat the wall killing until you have unlocked the trophy. Chances are you will unlock this just by playing through the game though. To kill an enemy with the traps will want to stagger them until the or appears over their head. Grab hold of them by pressing one time and then find the trap you want to kill them in and press again to throw them.

    The second execution chamber is a great location to earn this trophy since you can also unlock the Torment for killing an enemy with the rotating spikes.
  • Use Executions on 20 basic Haunted.


    To perform an execution, you must first injure a basic Haunted, which is a normal enemy, until they are staggered then grab them or execution icon appear over their head. You can execute them with while they are standing or laying on the ground with the hammer. After doing 20 executions the trophy will pop. It can be missed since the game only forces you to execute the very first enemy you encounter.
  • Clear the first and second floors of the manor house in The Executioner.

    Story Related, can't be missed

    The manor is where the DLC takes place. All you need to do is follow the story which will make you clear the first floor and the 2nd floor of the mansion. You will have to find the Mobius Directive to move on with the story. After you have defeated the 3 bosses: The Sadist, Zhen and Joseph you will be back in the mansion main hall and you will see your daughter in front of you. Follow her ghost straight ahead and drop down into the hole. The trophy will unlock once you drop down.
  • Clear the basement of the manor house in The Executioner.

    Just like the Home Invasion trophy, you will need to go through some mini-quests leading you from a Mobius Directive to some bosses. The first boss you will encounter will be the RPG Sadist. Defeating him will lead you to the garage and eventually to the keepers cage where your daughter lays passed out waiting to be saved. Once the keeper has been killed you will watch a cutscene and the credits. The trophy will pop during the credits.
  • Clear The Executioner without taking any damage.

    This is exactly as the trophy says. You need to play through the entire DLC without taking a single hit of damage. I suggest doing this on a 3rd playthrough in New Game++ so you have all weapons upgraded which will make it easier. You can do this with infinite ammo on and just spam the RPG from afar to make it even easier. Do not play any execution chambers as that could risk you taking damage for no reason. If you do end up getting hit you can pause the game and hit load a previous save file or auto-save.

Secret trophies

  • Get payback on the cop who took down your predecessor.

    This boss fight will only appear in New Game+.

    It's located on the second floor behind a locked door which opens after you beat all the bosses in the area and the bloodstream downstairs opens your progress route. The game will show a scene of the location as well. Head upstairs and into the right or left door just as long as you go into the same hallway where you saw your daughter. In that hallway, close to the library and restroom is a portal that you can enter to battle Sebastian.

    You will fight Sebastian in the same area you fought Joseph. The fight can be beaten easy with the use of the RPG which should kill him in just 2 hits. If you don’t have Infinite Ammo or even any rockets, you can throw down some Wire Traps and trap him so you can move in and hit him a few times before hiding again. You can even throw some dynamite his way, which makes him stagger so you can hit him a few times. You can use the glass cage in the middle of the arena to hide behind and even make him move around it. Do be careful since he can shoot arrow traps onto objects and into the ground. As soon as Sebastian has been killed the trophy will unlock.

    Beating Sebastian will also unlock a new weapon the Golden Hammer which you will need for the I might close early trophy. See the following video for the location of the fight, alongside with the fight itself:
    You can also achieve the trophy by doing the Final Execution Chamber. Please refer to Torment #18 in the Cruel and Unusual walkthrough.

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