Rotten Luck Trophy in The Escapists: The Walking Dead

  • Rotten Luck


    Get 3 Stars on The Attack on Meriwether (Survival)

    How to unlock Rotten Luck

    Minimum score requirement: 11,000/Wave 26

    The Attack on Meriwether is the third and likely the toughest level in the survival DLC. You play as Tyreese and have the support from two NPCs from the TV Show, Maggie and Hershel. As with the second level, the easiest and quickest way to obtain the Minigun is purchasing it from one of the Vendors. However, unlike the previous two levels, there are only two Vendors in this level, not four. In order to get three stars you will need to reach approximately Wave 26, which will net you around 11,000 points. It is not clear as to what the cut-off is for each star rating. Your score is displayed at the top of the screen, and the wave number is displayed in the top right corner of the screen. For general tips on gameplay and additional information regarding the Survival DLC, please refer to my Gameplay Tips and Information post here: LINK.

    As soon as the level starts, you will want to complete the follow steps:

    • Find yourself a melee weapon. Start by searching the three desks inside the room you wake up in but there is also a Rucksack outside this room on the right hand side, though try and find a baseball bat, sword or machete as these are half decent weapons to use in the beginning of the level. You should find some brass, a handgun and some ammunition in the same Rucksack. Give whatever weapons you don't need to your allies.
    • Craft Heavy Armour for yourself. Heavy Armour can be crafted with the following recipe, Duct Tape + Metal Sheet. Press to access your crafting menu. All required items can be found by searching desks and rucksacks throughout the level, as well as bought from the vendors. This step isn’t essential at the start of the level but it pays to keep an eye out for the items you need from the beginning.
    • Look for a Chisel and some Pliers. You will need these items to craft the Explosive Minigun a little bit later.

    Once you have completed the above steps you will want to make your way to the two Vendors to see if they are selling a Minigun, as well as find the Purple and Cyan keys. Both vendors are located in the Northern area of the level. From your starting location, head east until you hit the outer walls and then continue north and follow the wall all the way around and continue west. Continue you past the first Vendor you see to the South as we are going to pick up two very useful items first. The first is a Shotgun, which is located in a Rucksack just passed the first Vendor and to the south near a metal fence. Swap it with your handgun and pick up as much ammunition as possible.

    With the shotgun in hand, continue West until you come to a small building with a Rucksack inside. Search it and pick up the Pickaxe as this will help you gain access to the Purple key and the first Vendor. Continue west until you find the building with the Vendor inside. On the left hand side is a weak wall that can be knocked down with the pickaxe. Inside will be the vendor and the Purple key. See the following screenshot for their locations:

    At this point you will want to make sure the Vendor is selling the Minigun. If not, restart the level and follow the same steps. If it is in stock, you will now want to save up 85 coin to purchase it. This will require you to reach approximately Wave 5. On Wave 3 a Legendary Enemy will spawn and he can be very difficult to kill without the Explosive Minigun. This is where your Shotgun will come in handy. Once the enemies in this wave are dead, purchase the Minigun and craft the Explosive Minigun (Minigun + Chisel + Pliers).

    With the Explosive Minigun in your arsenal, you now want to locate the Cyan key as this will give you access to the ammunition room, which will almost give you enough ammunition to last until Wave 26. From the starting location, head west and then into the building to the north. Continue through this building until you get to the Purple locked door. This will lead into a car garage/workshop area. The Cyan key is located in the desk in the Southeast corner of the room (see the following screenshot):

    Now that you have the both the Purple and Cyan keys you can access all areas of the level, including the ammunition room. This room is located Northeast of the starting location, behind the Cyan locked doors. Inside will be numerous 'Ammunition' chests and 'Gun Cabinets' that can be searched for ammunition. Once the ammunition reserves are exhausted, you can find more in the numerous Rucksacks around the level. You can also purchase more from the two Vendors.

    The following video is a walkthrough of the second level, The Attack on Meriwether. It illustrates the above listed steps on how to set yourself up and earn three stars:

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  • There's a glitch that if you die on wave 7 you get the trophy. I hear it doesn't always work, but during my first attempt I got to wave 7, died with a highscore of 3162 and got it. Yay for positive glitches!
  • I managed to lose the minigun somehow and died on wave 10 or 11 with a score of 5000 and still got the trophy.

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