First Place Walker Trophy in The Escapists: The Walking Dead

  • First Place Walker


    Kill a Walker with a Trophy

    How to unlock First Place Walker

    The "Trophy" is a weapon that can only be found in the fifth and final level of the game, Alexandria. As such, this trophy can only be obtained in the same level. The Trophy weapon can only be found at a specific location and once picked up, no more will spawn. This location is in a building North East of the starting location inside a rucksack in the bedroom, along with the Rifle. Note: You can also sometimes randomly find the Trophy being sold by the Vendor between 00:00 and 05:00. The Vendor is located in the middle of the map towards the southern wall.

    The following pictures show the building in which you can find the trophy, as well as what the icon of the Trophy weapon looks like:

    Once you have found the Trophy, you then need to kill a zombie with it. Unfortunately the weapon is very weak and can be difficult to kill a zombie if use that weapon for the entire fight. It is a lot easier if you weaken the zombie first with another, stronger weapon and then switch to the Trophy weapon and get the killing blow once the zombies health is low. The trophy will unlock once you kill the zombie with the Trophy weapon. The following video gives a walkthrough on where to find the Trophy weapon and how to kill a zombie with it:

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