Weapon Expert Trophy in The Escapists: The Walking Dead

  • Weapon Expert


    Obtain at least one type of the following weapons; melee, pistol, rifle, machine gun and shotgun.

    How to unlock Weapon Expert

    There are five types of weapons in which you can acquire in the game. These include melee, pistol, rifle, machine gun and shotgun. Some are far more common than others, especially melee weapons, whilst others are not as readily available. In addition to this, some weapons can only be found in specific levels so you will need to watch out for them as you play through the game. In order to unlock the trophy you only need to pick up one of each of the five types of weapons. You don't need to kill any zombies with them. Below is a description of each type of weapon and where they can be found:

    • Melee: Found from the very beginning of the game, you will likely find one very early on in the game by searching through desks in each of the survivors rooms. Examples of melee weapons include a crowbar, sword, hammer and baseball bat.
    • Pistol: Another common weapon found in all levels of the game. You can easily find one in the Greene Family Farm by searching desks and looting rucksacks, especially outside the safe area of the farm where the zombies are located.
    • Rifle: Can only be found in the fifth level of the game, Alexandria. The weapons are not very common and you might need to search around for them in the various buildings of the level. I found one in the building directly east of building in which you eat your meals, inside a rucksack.
    • Machine Gun: Can only be found in fourth level of the game, Woodbury. You will unlikely find one by searching desks, will need to obtain one from one of the guards patrolling the level. Most guards will be equipped with a pistol but some will have a machine gun which you can distinguish between as they are holding it in two hands. Build up your strength and wear some armour, now knock out one of the guards then search him to get his gun.
    • Shotgun: This weapon first starts to appear in level three, Meriweather Correctional Facility. It is commonly found by searching desks outside that of your fellow survivors rooms. Like the pistol, you shouldn’t have much trouble finding this weapon.

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