Unfinished Business Trophy in The Escapists: The Walking Dead

  • Unfinished Business


    Allow Michonne to deal with the Governor then successfully escape Woodbury.

    How to unlock Unfinished Business

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    In order to unlock this trophy you need to complete level four, Woodbury. Although Woodbury seems like a complicated level due to its size and the number of zombies, it is quite easy to escape from. In addition to the zombies, there are also numerous guards that patrol the level and some are equipped with powerful guns. There is no daily routine in this level so you are free to do whatever you like for the entire duration of the day.

    As per usual, spend the first few days increasing your strength and finding/crafting a strong weapon and some armour. You will need to fight a lot of zombies in the level, as well as armoured guards so be sure you are ready for a lot of fights. The objectives required to complete the level are as follows:

    • Your first objective will be to rescue Michonne who is being held captive in a cell at the northern end of the level. Her location is shown by an arrow on the screen. The easiest way to free her is to break through the wall behind her with a Crowbar. You can easily reach this location by heading around the perimeter of the level in either a clockwise or anticlockwise direction from your starting location. Once she is free, bring her back to the safe location and press to make her stop following you.
    • Your next objective is to obtain the Purple Key which you will need to rescue Glenn. The Purple Key can be found in the building East of Michonne's location where you will need to break down the wall at the northern side of the building just to the left of the Purple door, this is easiest done with a Crowbar. Head South and into the small room with a desk and a zombie. The key is found in the desk. The following image depicts this location.

    • Once you have the Purple Key, your next objective is to free rescue Glenn who is being held captive in a cell on the eastern side of the level. From the starting area of the level, exit through the gate on the eastern side and keep heading east. You will come to Glenn's cell which is blocked by a Purple door and a Yellow door. Use the Purple Key you recently obtained to get through the purple door, then break down the wall next to the Yellow door with a Crowbar to get into Glenn's cell. Once you rescue him, take him back to the safe area where Michonne is located.
    • Now it is time to escape but first you need to deal with the Governor. Make Glenn and Michonne follow you by pressing on them. Now make your way to the Governors location which will be displayed on the map. Once you get there, Michonne will deal with him and now you will need to escape. You can escape through the metal fence on the eastern side of the level by cutting it with pliers. Once you are through the level will be complete and the trophy will unlock. The following image depicts the location of the metal fence in which you need to escape through.

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  • There is a known issue where the game can crash at day 3. I asked support about it and they said there were no other workarounds then completing it before day 3.

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