• Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10 (poll)
  • Offline trophies: 30 (12, 12, 5, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 10-12 hours (poll)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 2
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No, you can play on Normal. No need for hardcore mode.
  • Do trophies stack?: PS4 and Vita have separate lists.
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: N/A

The Deer God is a pixelated 3D adventure. You start the game as a baby deer. You were previously a hunter, and you've been turned into a deer so that you're able to understand their perspective. You’ll be tasked with making sure to find food, procreation, puzzles, karma, helping out your fellow animals and some bits of religion/philosophy. It’s a beautifully simple game that I highly recommend.

A couple of things to note before you buy or start the game. It’s glitchy in the sense that sometimes you fall through the floor, sometimes the puzzles just don’t work right and sometimes you can’t progress because of wonky mechanics. Simply quit to the XMB or run back a few frames and return. It will reset the scene.

The game doesn’t give you much of a tutorial. You’re kind of thrown into the fire to figure things out on your own. The most important thing throughout the whole game is to find food. You can eat the apples out of trees, berry bushes, pineapple looking things in the jungle section. If you aren’t sure if you can eat it just press on the d-pad and see if you munch it up. There aren’t any “bad” foods so anything edible is good to go.

I have linked to a few videos HERE to help you out.

Game Mechanics/Tips:

On your game screen in the upper left hand corner is your health bar, etc. The red is your actual health. It will decrease if you're attacked or if you're starving. Your green bar is your food bar. If it depletes your health bar (red) will begin to go down. The blue bar is your stamina. When you jump, dash or stomp it will deplete. Be mindful of it when you're battling bosses.

In the in-game menu (press ) you'll have all of your items, skills, powers etc. Your antlers will grow as you grow. If you're a baby, you only have access to two powers. As you become an adult, you'll gain access to achieving all 10 powers. You want to remain an adult as long as possible, and you do so by keeping fed, and by having deer heads on hand. If you die and have deer heads on hand, you'll respawn as an adult. If you don't have extra deer heads, you'll still respawn but you'll be a baby and you'll be limited in what you can do and will have to remain alive 9 days straight before you're an adult again.

Important items (and really the only three items I used):

Clovers - use these to get more items from bushes and breakables. Use them mostly on bushes and you'll almost always get more clovers.

Large turnip - refills your food bar. Low on food? Can't find any? Eat one of these babies.

Snake Venom - increases your damage output. Save these for bosses. Makes quick work of them.

Step 1: Elder God Playthrough:

In your first playthrough, you’re going to focus on finishing the story, getting your light karma bar at 100%, surviving to 50 days and running for a collected 50,000 meters. You’re going to accomplish nearly all of the trophies in this playthrough. The game is COMPLETELY RANDOMIZED. That means that what you encounter (besides specific story events) will happen randomly. I cannot tell you exactly where the optional bosses are short of explaining what areas (caves, forest etc) they’re found in. On some playthroughs I encounter those boss locations on my first visit to those areas and in other playthroughs I ran for hours before finding them. What that means is, as you’re running you may come to a forest area but that doesn’t mean it’s the correct one to spawn that boss, item or enemy. This is the only difficult thing about the game.

When you finish the story and choose to remain an elder you may continue on getting whatever you need. This playthrough is simply endless. Note that by the time I finished the story I still had a ton of mop-up trophies to do. The story in the game can be completed in approximately an hour. Finding and grinding is what makes it longer. Just remember to always run right and eventually the game will spawn what you need.

By the end of this step, you will have earned:

  • All Grown Up
  • Blessed Soul
  • Choose Elder
  • Cow Tipper
  • Deer Boss
  • Eagle Eye
  • Egg Collector
  • Falconer
  • Family Man
  • Farmer Joe
  • Foodie
  • Fox Fire
  • Hungry Jack
  • Jack of all Trades
  • Long John Silver
  • 1 Upper
  • Powers that be
  • Put em on Ice
  • Statuesque
  • Stinky Feet
  • Survivalist
  • Tortoise Master
  • Train Rider
  • Treasure Hunter

Step 2: Human Playthrough:

On your second playthrough, you’ll focus on being a jerk. Killing the good animals, killing deer, raising your karma level to dark at 100%, becoming reincarnated three times as sweet animals you’ve killed and finally, returning to being a human. Once you return to human your playthrough ends.

By the end of this step, you will have earned:

  • Choose Human
  • Psychopath
  • Reincarnationist
  • Serial Killer

Step 3: Clean up:

All you should have left is Goodie Two Shoes, not killing any animals for 15 days. See the trophy description for an easy workaround to pop this one.

  • Goodie Two Shoes
  • Completionist

[PST would like to thank tuffmuff for this Roadmap]

The Deer God Trophy Guide

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30 trophies ( 12  12  )

  • Finish the game with all trophies


  • Become an adult

    You’ll need to stay alive for 9 days straight to become an adult. Make sure to focus on your green bar. That bar indicates you need to eat. Make sure to eat as often as possible and whenever you come across food. This will come quite naturally as you play the game. If you die and haven’t collected a deer head you will be reborn as a baby and have to start over. See 1 Upper for info on collecting deer heads.

  • Get full light karma bar

    When you press , you’ll come to a menu that shows your powers, items and karma bar. If you’re only killing animals that try to kill you, you’ll fill up your light (blue) karma bar. This will take quite some time to fill up but so long as you kill as many aggressive animals as possible it will pop well before you finish your first playthrough. A great place to go kill crazy is in the cave areas. There are tons of snakes, spiders and bats that are easily killed and there’s always plenty of mushrooms to keep your health up.

  • Finished the game and became an Elder

    When you complete the game it will ask whether you’d like to continue on as an Elder deer or return to a human. Stay on as a deer to mop up trophies on your first run.

  • Finished the game and became a human

    Simply choose to become human when you finish the game. It will end your playthrough and erase your save.

  • Kill 10 cows

    Cows are few and far between. They randomly show up in forest type areas where there’s plentiful grass. What you want to watch out for is a background scene with a barn. When you see this barn there are always cows in the distance and sometimes they're in the frame to kill.

    You can farm these two different ways. You can quit the game to the XMB, reload and continue and hope another cow spawns or you can run a frame or two to the left or right and then return. I got lucky and found two frames back to back that had a barn so I was able to run between the two and get kills.

  • Beat all bosses

    There are five bosses you need to defeat in the game. Two are part of the story and will come through normal progression. They are the turtle and eagle.

    The other three (frog, snake and beaver) are all optional bosses and randomly show up in certain locations.

    All of the bosses are very easy to beat in this game especially if you have some items to assist you. Snake venom doubles your damage output. If you have snake venom on hand you’ll simply have to activate it and any attack you do against the bosses is going to be super powerful. I never used anything other than the snake venom and fireball power to defeat any of the bosses. Also the optional bosses locations are COMPLETELY RANDOM. Make sure that you destroy any structure that looks breakable. You'll usually need to "break into" their lair. Regardless I’ll provide a video and some tips.

    This may need to be done in a single playthrough. See THIS video for possible tips for pushing the boss spawn rate in your favor.

    Here is a video of all boss locations and below text tips for defeating each boss:

    Video Courtesy of Mr Krabs

    Turtle (story):
    Your razor hoof (stomp) ability is the way to go. Jump with and press without touching the directional buttons and you’ll stomp downwards. As seen in the video you can also exploit the environments so if you can get the boss to walk into spikes it will take damage. HOWEVER it's reported that you must inflict the FINAL BLOW. If the environment kills the boss it will negate the trophy.

    Eagle (story):
    The eagle will auto grab you as part of the story and throw you into her nest with three hungry babies. They kill you fast, so don’t just hang out in there with them. You can hover on the edge of the nest to the right and either throw fireballs into the nest or stomp them. Once the babies are dead, the mother will begin to swoop down and attack. Wait for her to swoop down and jump over her. As you jump over her, press to stomp. With snake venom activated it only takes a few stomps to kill her.

    Frog (optional):
    His entrance is in the snow mountain area. There will be a cave entrance and he's located there. It is randomized so you'll need to stumble across it. It's easiest to defeat him if you stand on the ledge to the right and shoot fireballs at him. Hailstorm also works well. Again, using snake venom greatly increases your damage output.

    Beaver (optional):
    The Beaver's entrance is also into the caves. You'll come across a breakable rock that can be stomped to get into. Again, it's randomized. Don't let the spikes deal the final blow to him. Just jump to avoid his attacks and stomp on him. Alternatively, you can stand on the top ledge to the right and throw fireballs down onto him.

    Snake (optional):
    His entrance can be found via a small mausoleum structure in the cemetery/swamp area. Use the spikes on the ceiling to stun the snake. To get them to drop, simply jump up. Avoid his attacks because they drain your life fast. When he's stunned, stomp him or shoot fireballs at him. Again, using snake venom greatly increases your damage output.

  • Kill the eagle


    The eagle is the final boss you must defeat. See Deer Boss for tips on defeating the eagle.

  • Collect 25 eggs

    This will come with natural progression. Make sure to use a clover whenever you’re about to destroy a bush. They almost always give more clovers and also more of the of the other items as well. This will come most likely before you end your first playthough and if not, can easily be farmed after you become an elder deer.

  • Hatch 3 falcons

    Falcon eggs will drop from destroying bushes and other breakable items and defeating bosses. You can hatch the eggs to assist you in killing enemies. Once you do this three times, the trophy will pop.

  • Raise 5 babies

    You will easily come across dozens of lighter colored deer. When you do (and so long as you aren't a baby deer yourself) you'll see a heart appear above her head. When it fills up a baby will be born. Do this 5 times to unlock this trophy.

  • Find 10 turnips

    Turnips are items dropped from killing bosses or destroying bushes, barrels etc. Simply collect 10 and this will pop.

  • Eat 25 mushrooms

    Mushrooms are located in the caves section and there are PLENTY of them. This trophy popped for me the second time I encountered that area very early in the game. I think I counted around 20 mushrooms in one cave area.

  • Kill 5 foxes with fire

    You'll need the fireball power for this trophy. To get the fireball power, you'll need to encounter the statue puzzle in the caves area. See Powers That Be for more information on obtaining powers.

    Once you receive the fireball power, you'll need to activate it by placing it in your quick menu. Press to get your quick menu. Go up to your power tree and fireball is the first item on the bottom left. Choose it with and place it in the quick menu at the bottom labeled 1-6. Press to get back into the game and with or choose the slot you placed fireball in. Shoot it with

    Now simply shoot 5 foxes with it. The red foxes in the forest and white foxes in the snowy mountains both count.

  • Don't kill any creatures for 15 days

    I recommend doing this trophy first or last. Start up a new game and soon as you're born, a new day will begin. Quit to the menu, continue the game and when you begin again it will be a day forward. Repeat this 15 times for an easy peezy (but boring) trophy.

    You could do this legit. However, animals routinely kill themselves by falling into pits etc and the game will count those against you. You can choose a frame or two with relatively no other animals but where food is spawning and run back and forth between the two to minimize animals encountered or animals killing themselves. The hardest part is not starving to death.

  • Eat 100 plants in one game

    You will eat WELL over 100 plants in the game. This will pop early on as you need to constantly eat to keep going. Press to grab food.

  • Use 3 items at the same time

    You receive items from breaking bushes and other destructible and defeating bosses. Simply activate three of these items at once to pop this trophy. Some of the items (like eggs) don't remain activated. So you'll need three items like the clover, honey comb and snake venom that appear in the upper left corner of your screen in order to pop this one.

  • Run for 50,000 meters

    This will come naturally on your first playthrough and well after you finish the story. I hit 50,000 meters traveled on day 85.

  • Find 10 deer heads

    Deer heads appear as rotating deer skulls in the game. They are obtained by finding them randomly in the environments, from destroying bushes etc and from bosses. Bosses will usually drop a few of them.

    The important thing to note is that you need to have 10 AT ONE TIME (banked) for this to pop. If you have 9 collected, use one, then collect a 10th, you still need to collect one more for the trophy.

  • Acquire all powers

    Powers are acquired from completing puzzles you encounter. They appear randomly and in different orders, so be patient and continue going right until you find them all. This will probably not be completed until after you've finished the main story. There are 10 total you need to find and complete. If you press to go to your menu you'll see antlers (tree) that shows all your powers. You need to fill all the spots. The puzzles themselves are very simple but glitchy. If one isn't working for you, go a frame or two to the left or right and then return OR quit to the XMB and continue to try it again.

    The 10 powers are (timestamps for video solutions):

    • Light (0:00)
    • Growth (1:02)
    • Teleport (1:49)
    • Divine Antler (2:27)
    • Fireball (3:43)
    • Tame (4:27)
    • Ice (5:10)
    • Hail Storm (5:51)
    • Fire Shield (6:45)
    • Lightning Strike (7:34)

    See the below video for all solutions to the puzzles:

    Video Courtesy of The Hidden Levels

  • Kill 10 deer

    Do this on your second playthrough. Kill 10 deer (you won't be able to kill the females you make babies with). Deer are plentiful and this will come early in that playthrough.

  • Freeze 5 hunters

    You'll need the ice power for this trophy. To get the ice power you'll need to encounter the statue puzzle that unlocks it. These are random. See Powers That Be for more information on obtaining powers.

    Once you receive the ice power you'll need to activate it by placing it in your quick menu. Press to get your quick menu. Go up to your power tree and choose the ice power. Choose it with and place it in the quick menu at the bottom labeled 1-6. Press to get back into the game and with or choose the slot you placed the ice power in. Shoot it with

    Now simply shoot 5 hunters with it. Both the hunters with guns and hunters the spears work. You don't need to kill them, just freeze them.

  • Become 3 different animals

    With your dark (red) karma bar full (see Serial Killer) you'll need to die with no lives (no deer heads).

    Once you've died you'll be reincarnated as one of the innocent animals you've killed (rabbit etc) Do this three times and you'll get this trophy. Just keep dying and reincarnating as things other than deer.

  • Get full dark karma bar

    To fill your dark karma bar kill all the sweet innocent animals you find. Kill deer, rabbits, storks, little beavers. Anything that doesn't attack you, kill it. This bar fills up a lot faster than the good karma bar. You'll turn red and evil when you're getting close. It'll pop once that bar is full.

  • Collect all relics


    You will receive relics from story-related quests. In order to progress, you need to make sure you're also interacting with the elder deer you encounter as they give you special abilities that are required to help progress the story. They aren't directly-relic related, but you won't get some of the relic quests until you speak with elders. All of that is covered in the story walkthrough below.

    This trophy will pop when you take the last relic you receive from beating the eagle to an alter. Once you place that relic, the trophy will pop and your playthrough will come to the screen where you choose whether to become an elder deer or a human.

    You'll receive relics from the following sources:

    • The old man who's lost his monocles
    • The woman/family who needs witchhazel
    • The priest who needs new worshippers
    • The ghost man looking for his wife
    • Defeating the Turtle Boss
    • The witch and her sister
    • The diver that needs his ship released
    • Defeating the Eagle

    Below is a story walkthrough:

    This will be a quick and abbreviated walkthrough. The basic rule of thumb is...interact with everything you encounter. To talk to the elder deers or friendly humans you encounter press

    You'll first come across an elder deer that you need to speak with to receive the double jump ability.

    Your next encounter will be with a man who has lost his monocles. You'll need to progress to the right until you come across his house. Enter the house, he'll tell you the monocles are in some bushes. Right outside of the house destroy the bushes that will drop the monocles. Return them to him and he'll give you your first relic.

    Your next encounter will be with another elder deer. He'll ask you double jump over a waterfall looking area. It's impossible to miss. Simply keep right and you'll come across him again and he'll award you with the dash ability.

    Next you'll come across a family in the desert area. The woman will explain she needs witch hazel. You may or may not already have it. If you have it, give it to her. If you don't just continue to the right until you find some in bushes etc and eventually you'll loop back around to her. DON'T GO BACK TO THE LEFT. Just continue right and she'll appear again. Once you give her the witch hazel she'll give you the relic.

    After that you'll come to a church in a cemetery/swamp area. Inside, a priest will ask you to find him worshippers. Right outside of the church and to the right is a couple. Stand in with them for 3 seconds or so and then go back to the church. They should follow you. Take them inside and the priest will give you another relic.

    Your next quest will come when you reach a river boat in the swamp area. Go inside and you'll find a ghost. He'll ask you to find his wife. Leave and go right. Eventually you will find a woman. Speak with her, get the photo and then head right. When you come to the boat again go inside and speak with the ghost. He'll open the area to the right where the relic is. Grab it and leave.

    The next encounter is with the 3rd elder deer. He'll give you the razor hoof ability (stomp). Short after this ability is given you'll come to your first story boss, the turtle. He'll be inside the cave you encounter shortly after being given this ability. Stomp him to death, GRAB THE RELIC HE DROPS and move along.

    The next elder deer you encounter will ask you to take care of a witch. She's in the next cave area and towards the top. You'll need to pay attention to the openings in the ceiling and jump up there when you find it to encounter her house. Go inside and she's going to attempt to curse you. Just jump over her curse attempts, they are easy to time. If she hits you leave the house and go back inside. She will get tired eventually and then drop the key to her sisters house. Go right once again until you reach the next house and go inside. This witch will ask you to take care of the skunks outside. There are four you need to kill. Their stink will kill you fast so use the fireball power if you have it to take them out. If you don't stomp them and run away. Rinse and repeat until they're all dead. Go back inside and she'll award you with another relic.

    The next area with a quest is at a large lake. You'll need to swim down and find a diver. Make sure you come back up frequently for air. For this underwater quest you need to push the block with deer head all the way to the left as far as it will go so that the fish will eat away at the plants above the block you need to crush. Then use the stomp ability to break the rock and it will free the ship. Once this is done the diver will give you a relic.

    You'll next encounter another elder that asks you to free some deer from the mountain. Head right and you'll eventually come across two deer located under some frozen rocks. Break the rocks to the right so the deer are able to escape and follow you. You only need one to follow you to the elder deer to complete the quest. If you come across only ONE deer under frozen rocks, the sidequest is glitched. Continue right until you come across it again and it has two deer. When you complete this, the elder will tell you that you are one with the deer or something lol Continue right...

    You'll get grabbed by an eagle and this start the last boss fight and last quest. See Deer Boss for tips on beating the eagle. Once you beat him he'll give you the last relic and you'll need to place it in the later (the large statue with deer on it) and the trophy will pop and end the playthrough.

  • Collect 10 skunk cabbages

    Skunk cabbages are items dropped from killing bosses or destroying bushes, barrels etc. Simply collect 10 and this will pop.

  • Survive for 50 days

    This will come naturally through your playthrough. You don’t have to worry about dying. As long as you continue playing until the 50 day mark this will pop. You’ll need to run 50,000 meters in the game which will take you much longer than 50 days so this will come as you work towards the other. Your second playthrough will likely be much faster so it’s best to do this the first time around.

  • Ride a tortoise through spikes

    Tortoise eggs will drop from destroying bushes and other breakable items and defeating bosses. Find an area with spikes on the ground and hatch the egg on top of it. Then jump onto the tortoise to pop this trophy.

  • Ride a train

    The train spawns in the desert section. You’ll know it’s coming because you’ll run along the tracks. Make sure to jump on top of it before it runs you over, as it will kill you in one shot.

  • Find 10 treasure boxes

    Treasure boxes are large gold boxes with pink deer heads. They appear randomly and you’ll encounter well over 10 across your playthroughs. Simply dash into them to break them open.

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