• Estimated trophy difficulty: 2/10
  • Offline trophies: 24 (10, 6, 7, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 5+ hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 0, you can teleport back to previous areas
  • Glitched trophies: 1 - Cephalopod slayer
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No difficulty select
  • Do trophies stack?: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats



The Deadly Tower of Monsters is a top down shooter that follows the story of three actors. The game is actually the footage for the film and the director comments on all sorts of elements in the game. It is rather amusing and is a different type of game in regards to its story. Gameplay wise, it plays like any other top down shooter and introduces several different upgradeable weapons. At $14.99 on the PSN store, it is quite overpriced for what you are getting, but the platinum is fairly easy, if that is what you are looking for.

Basic Information

Only certain characters can do certain things. Each character has a special move that will help you progress further in the story. Below I have outlined each character's special ability just in case you happen to get stuck when you are ascending the Tower. You will have to progress to a certain point in the Tower to unlock these abilities, the characters do not start with them.

Dick Starspeed: Landmines (used to get past the "rock" cubes)
Scarlet Nova: Run ability (used to get past the conveyor belts)
Robot: Vortex ability (slows down time so you can get past the spinning fans)


STEP 1: Beat the game. In this step you will want to just play through the game normally and have a good time. You can attempt some of the combat related trophies and shoot any targets you may find, just make a note of the ones you have taken out. Alternatively, you can follow the guide below for all the targets so you do not have to backtrack and worry about missing any. This also holds true for the hoops too. I recommend getting acquainted with the trophies beforehand because it is easier to do some trophies during the first playthrough as opposed to teleporting back to areas. 

You will earn these trophies during this step: 

 Bug off 
 King of the tower 
 ...to make an omelet
 Fell for it 
 Bad Science 
 Cephalopod slayer -
 Dramatic rescuer 

I recommend unlocking these trophies during this step as well, if you do not they will be the trophies you need to unlock during Step 3:

 Show me your moves 
 With guns blazing 
 Good shot 
 As in games! 
 Collateral damage
 Bigger sticks 
 Even better shot 
 Super Hoopster
 Explosive efficiency 

STEP 2: Miscellaneous trophies. This step is for the weird collectible trophies. By this I mean the collectible trophies that you will most likely not get during your playthrough because they are in weird places that you would never think to look.

During this step you will unlock:

 Missing scenes 
 Watch out 
 Little island 
 Reach t' captain 

STEP 3: Clean up. This step is for cleaning up any trophies you may have missed in step 1, mostly the ones that you will not get naturally that I recommended you try to get during the first playthrough. 

During this step you will unlock:

 Laundry list

[PST Would Like to Thank beachhead1738 for this Roadmap]

The Deadly Tower of Monsters Trophy Guide

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24 trophies ( 10  )

  • Complete all other missions

    Your standard platinum, you have obtained every other trophy. Congratulations!

  • Kill a large dinosaur with a dagger

    This trophy can only be attempted after you have obtained the Space Shiv weapon. Once you have it, keep playing until you reach the dinosaur pen area, the "Broken Mechameleon" checkpoint. Now equip the Space Shiv and play through this area until you reach the big dinosaurs, the ones with the long necks. Attack one with the Space Shiv and keep stabbing it until it dies. Once it dies, the trophy will unlock.

    If you want to speed up your acquisition of this trophy, you can also teleport back down to the first checkpoint. There is a big dinosaur on the path, that you will have killed before. Do note that you cannot do this method after you beat the game as the dinosaurs do not spawn.

  • Fly through 20 hoops



    Please see Super Hoopster for trophy information.

  • Find 6 missing film reels


    There are six missing film reels scattered across the tower. They are in very peculiar locations and the only one you will probably get through your playthrough is the one on the moon. All the other ones are in weird places that you may not have ever thought of looking. Below I have listed the locations of all six missing film reels. Be sure to use your jetpack when landing at these locations because you will die instantly if you do not!

    1. The "Temple’s Altar" checkpoint. This can be attempted after gaining control of the robot. As the robot jump down to the ledge that has the gold cog behind a conveyor belt. Jump off of this ledge and land on the platform that has a big spinning fan in the middle of it. Use the robot’s Vortex ability to slow the fan down and slip through. The reel is here.

    2. The "Giant Fan" checkpoint. From the checkpoint head south and stop at the ledge that has the flamethrowers. Drop down from here and land on the first circular platform. Move across the platform to find a silver cog and the reel.

    3. The "Enter the Space Station" checkpoint. You will have to be the robot with chain lightning to get this. Follow the main path until you see a door with an arrow pointing towards it. Do not go inside, instead drop down off this ledge and land on the ledge below. Use chain lightning to open up the doors so you can grab the reel.

    4. The "Just a Random Place" checkpoint. Move down to the character swap station and then look off that ledge. You will see a gold cog on a platform, the reel is here too. Drop off and land on the platform.

    5. Right by "The Moon" checkpoint. You can reach the moon by using the red planet ring and jumping on a UFO.

    6. The "Laser Tram Station B" checkpoint. Head to the area that you fight the Bertha snail at. Now jump off that platform and look for a tiny red island in the water below, that is where you will have to land. It is a long fall, but it is not a hard island to land on.

    Check out the video below if you are more a visual person, it shows the location of all the film reels.


  • Conquer the Nukular ant hive

    For this trophy, you will have to save Dick as the robot co-pilot. When venturing through Nukular Ant island, you will come to a circular elevated platform that serves as an arena for the boss here. The boss is a flying Nukular Ant that can be killed in any number of ways. The boss also has his lackeys attacking alongside of him, so be prepared to kill them as well. Be sure to upgrade your weapons before fighting him as it definitely helps with the fight. I recommend using the Super Antenna because it has a chance to stun the enemy upon impact, which means you can beat them while they are stunned.

  • Guide 10 enemies into flaming turrets

    After the first upgrade station, the "Temple Entrance" checkpoint, there is a flamethrower that follows your character and there are bats and white apes in the area. The bats are easy cannon fodder so kills will add up quickly. You do not need to attempt this trophy here, there are several areas in the game that have flaming turrets. As long as you reach 10 over the course of the game, the trophy will unlock. There is also an in-game counter, so you do not need to keep track of how many enemies you have killed this way.

  • Parry 20 enemy attacks

    This trophy will probably come naturally. If you want to boost it, I recommend fighting the white apes from the beginning of the game because they are easier to counter as their attacks are pretty basic. Basically, you will have to press right before an attack hits you. If you are successful, your character will deflect the attack and take no damage. This counts as a parry and will be added to the in-game counter for this trophy. Once you have parried 20 enemy attacks, the trophy will unlock. You can keep parrying attacks from one enemy if you wish, you do not need to do this against 20 different enemies. So find one white ape and boost it with him.

  • Defeat the Mega-Gorilla

    The Mega-Gorilla is a boss you will have to fight at "Gorilla’s Lava Playground". He will follow you as you platform up to his Playground, destroying platforms as he goes. Once you have reached the top, you will have to fight him. Mega-Gorilla will use his hands to attack you and will spawn white apes to attack you as well. To beat him, you have to attack his hands so that he falls off the side of the tower. Alternate between attacking his hands and the enemies he spawns and be mindful of his attack patterns. The most basic attack he has is when he slams his hand down and creates a shockwave upon impact. This will be marked by a red target circle, so do not stand in it or close to it, the shockwave has quite the range. The second attack pattern is when he is damaged a bit. He will pound his hands rapidly across the battle stage, these attacks are also marked with red target circles. Do not stand in the circles! This attack can be helpful to you because it can kill his spawns. Eventually, you will knock him off the side and follow him down to the bottom of the tower, shooting him as you go. The impact kills him and you will gain the trophy upon landing. It’s important to note that you do not see the damage he has taken when you hurt him, unlike every other enemy, so you will just have to keep attacking him until he falls.

  • Max out 3 projectile weapons

    There are a slew of different projectile weapons that you can upgrade in this game. Below I have listed the three that I upgraded as this seems to be the cheapest way, resource wise, to get the trophy. You only need to upgrade the projectile weapons once to max them out, which is nice. Do not upgrade every ranged weapon! Stick to three so you can get the trophy, anything over that will delve into your cogs for the Bigger sticks trophy. Do note that you can only upgrade your weapons at the yellow weapon upgrade stations.

    1. Raygun to Rayvolver
    4,800 gold
    5 blue cogs
    2 silver cogs
    1 gold cog

    2. Machine Raygun to Assault Rifle
    4,900 gold
    4 blue cogs
    4 silver cogs
    1 gold cog

    3. Laser Gun to Hyperbeam Gun
    5,100 gold
    4 blue cogs
    3 silver cogs
    1 gold cog

    In total, my upgrade path will cost you 14,800 gold, 13 blue cogs, 9 silver cogs, and 3 gold cogs. You can upgrade whatever weapons you want, but do note that I only found 11 gold cogs in my playthrough so be wary of that if you are just relying on this guide’s gold cog locations. It would be wise to only upgrade 3 guns as you will need the extra cogs for Bigger sticks.

    If you need help find gold cogs, please refer to the Bigger sticks trophy where I have outlined where I found gold cogs.

    Alternatively, you can get this trophy and Bigger Sticks at the same time by transferring your save file to a USB drive. Here are the steps:

    1. Get the gold and cogs referenced above
    2. Transfer this save file onto a USB drive
    3. Pop the With guns blazing trophy
    4. Restart the PS4 and load the previous save on the USB drive
    5. Pop the Bigger Sticks trophy
    6. Keep this file or reload again and upgrade whatever you would like

  • Destroy 10 target boards



    Please see Even better shot for trophy information.

  • Remove 5 apes with watches from the set

    Like film reels, there will be apes scattered throughout the tower that wear watches. These apes look like the friendly apes from the beginning, but when you get close enough a health bar will appear around them. That means they are the apes that are wearing watches. You will have to remove them by hitting them with a melee weapon. Below I have included the locations of all five apes.

    1. The "Ape Island South" checkpoint. Move towards the area where you save Dick from the Mega-Gorilla. You will see an ape in a cage before entering that area. This is the one that needs to be killed.

    2. The "Top of Snake Tower" checkpoint. You will want to be Scarlet for this one. From here drop down and hover to the left with your jetpack. You should land on the area that has the conveyor belt tube. The ape is beyond this conveyor belt, so use Scarlet’s run ability to reach the ape.

    3. The "Broken Mechameleon" checkpoint. Move south from the checkpoint to find this ape causally standing out there.

    4. The "Enter the Space Station" checkpoint. Move to the ledge in front of the conveyor belt tube and then jump off. Drift to the left and land on the platform that Dick’s ship crash landed on. It’s the platform that has the orange and yellow lights in the middle.

    5. Again, the "Enter the Space Station" checkpoint. Move to the ledge in front of the conveyor belt tube and then jump off. Drift to the left and keep falling towards south ape island. You are trying to land in the brown square below, that’s where the ape is.

    Check out the video below if you are more of a visual person, it shows the location of all the apes.


  • Kill 10 enemies by jumping on them

    The "Nukular Ant Island" checkpoint. The easiest and fastest way to get this is by jumping on the Nukular Ants. One jump on them will kill them. Kill 10 of them and the trophy is yours. You can jump on any enemy, they just will not die in one hit; that is why I recommend this method.

  • Destroy all the mutant dinosaur eggs

    After defeating the Mechameleon, you will arrive at a dinosaur pen, the "Broken Mechameleon" checkpoint. As you venture in further, you will come across an area designated with a egg nest on the minimap. This is where all eight eggs are. Simply run around the area looking for the eggs and killing the dinosaurs as you go. None of them are in weird or hard to reach spots. You just hit them with a melee weapon to destroy them. Once all eight eggs are destroyed, the trophy will pop. There is also an in-game counter for this trophy if you have lost track of how many you have destroyed. As you need to destroy all the eggs to progress further anyway this trophy is essentially un-missable.

  • Find the castaway ape

    This can be attempted after you have reached the checkpoint "Enter the Spacestation". Jump off the side that has the checkpoint radar and fall towards the right. There is a little red island down in the water that the ape is on, you will see it in the lower right hand side of the screen as you fall. You will have to land on this island to earn this trophy.

    Check out the video below if you need a visual reference of the area and island I am talking about.


  • Kill 3 enemies with parried projectiles

    This is basically the same as parrying enemy attacks, but this time you will have to deflect the projectile back to kill the enemy. The easiest enemy to do this on is the white ape archers. They fire bows that shoot a red laser like projectile and are found during Part 1 of the game. Stand still and wait for one to fire at you. Once they have released the shot, wait for it to get close to your character and then press . If you have done it correctly, the shot will be fired back at the enemy. The white ape archers will die from one successful projectile parry. There is also an in-game counter for this trophy so you will know how many more enemies you have to kill this way. Once you have reached three enemies killed with parried projectiles, the trophy will unlock.

  • Defeat the Mechameleon

    The Mechameleon is a lot like the Mega-Gorilla. The Mechameleon will follow you as you platform up the side of the tower. Unlike the Mega-Gorilla, the Mechameleon will not destroy the platforms, he just wants to kill you. Eventually, you will get to a small floating platform that you will have to fight him on. The Mechameleon can only be damaged when it opens its mouth and reveals a cyan orb. You will have to survive his attacks for him to open his mouth, so skillfully do so. His most basic attack is using a saw blade to sweep across the battle stage. Simply jump and jetpack over this attack. His second attack is using his tail to shoot explosive projectiles at you. Jump and use the jetpack to avoid their shockwave. He will then open his mouth and you can finally attack him! Be careful as inside his mouth houses another weapon that can shoot you while you are damaging him. Like Mega-Gorilla, Mechameleon will summon some enemies to help fight you. Do not worry about them as Mechameleon’s saw blade attack will more often than not kill them. It’s important to note that you do not see the damage he has taken when you hurt him, unlike every other enemy, so you will just have to keep attacking him until he falls. Once he falls, your character will jump off and follow him to the bottom of the tower, shooting him in his cyan orb weak points. Mechameleon will die upon impact with the ground and you will unlock the trophy.

  • Max out 3 melee weapons

    This trophy is like the With guns blazing trophy, except you need to max out three melee weapons. Do not evenly upgrade the melee weapons! Stick to just three otherwise you will run out of cogs which could in effect make this trophy unobtainable. There are quite a few options to choose from when upgrading your weapons and I have laid out my cheap upgrade path below. Each melee weapon will have to be upgraded twice to reach max level. Do note that you can only upgrade your weapons at the yellow weapon upgrade stations.

    See With guns blazing description for a save file workaround to get these trophies at the same time.

    1. Space baton to Super Space Baton
    1,100 gold
    2 blue cogs
    1 silver cogs

    Super Space Baton to Ultra Space Baton
    2,800 gold
    2 blue cogs
    3 silver cogs
    1 gold cog

    2. Tuning Fork to Antenna
    1,300 gold
    2 silver cogs

    Antenna to Super Antenna
    2,900 gold
    3 blue cogs
    2 silver cogs
    1 gold cog

    3. Space Shiv to Psyonic Dagger
    1,200 gold
    3 blue cogs
    1 silver cog

    Psyonic Dagger to Crystal Shard
    3,000 gold
    4 silver cogs
    1 gold cog

    In total, my upgrade path will cost you 12,300 gold, 10 blue cogs, 13 silver cogs, and 3 gold cogs. You can upgrade whatever weapons you want, but do note that I only found 11 gold cogs in my playthrough so be wary of that if you are just relying on this guide’s gold cog locations.

    Below I have listed, by movie parts, the locations of the gold cogs I found.

    PART 1

    1. After getting the ability to lay landmines, blow up the two rock cubes and stand on the two buttons. The platform will lower so you can reach the cog.

    2. After blowing up the two rock cubes blocking the main path, you will travel past a big fist that is punching a path. Move past and drop down to the lower ledge. There is a teleporter there, but the gold cog is here too. Use your jetpack to glide above the conveyor to reach this cog. You will have to let the jetpack fall a little to get past the last log that is blocking the way. Alternatively, you can come back as Scarlet after she has learned her Dash ability.

    3. After getting the King of the tower trophy, there will be a lava pit with a gold cog platform in it. Simply fly to the platform using the elevated block and then fly out to the left side.

    PART 3

    4. At the "Enter the Space Station" checkpoint. All you have to do is switch to Scarlet and use her Dash ability twice to get past the conveyor belt. It’s at the end of the conveyor belt, southwest of the radar dish.

    5. Check out the Reach t' captain trophy for a description of this location, there is a gold cog on his boat.

    6. This is by the "Space Cargo Elevator". Go directly ahead and go onto the red and gold platform. Hover across to fight the Replicator boss, you will get the Bad Science trophy if you defeat it. The gold cog is just sitting in this location.


    7. The "North Temple Platform" checkpoint. You will have to play as the Robot and you can only do this after he has obtained the ability Chain Lightning. Once you have this ability, jump down the two ledges and land by the lava. Now take a right from here and venture into this area, the gold cog is behind a fence that will go down by using the electricity.

    8. Refer to missing reel #1 in the Missing scenes trophy description, there is also a gold cog there.

    9. Refer to missing reel #4 in the Missing scenes trophy description, there is also a gold cog there.

    10. Refer to missing reel #6 in the Missing scenes trophy description, there is also a gold cog there.

    11. Refer to the Watch out trophy description, ape #5’s location, there is also a gold cog there.

  • Destroy 25 target boards


    There are 25 target boards hidden throughout the tower. These targets can only be hit by using the aim down ability. Use this ability by getting close to a ledge and then pressing . Your character will look over the ledge and you can control where your character shoots by using the right stick. Use to shoot. These are the basics, you will learn about them in the game. Below I have listed, by movie parts, the locations of all 25 target boards.

    PART 1

    1. After finding Dick’s co-pilot robot's head, you will see this below on some rocks by the water.

    2. This one is some time after reaching the "Acrophobic Ape" checkpoint. You will reach a second elevator and be alerted the enemies are attacking from below. When looking down, you will see the target off to the right.

    3. After going up the third elevator, you will see five black poles by a ledge. Position yourself between the fourth and fifth and look down, the target is down below.

    4. After exiting the engine room, follow the path to the south. There will be some blocks in the way. Look down on the ledge from the right side of the small path. The target is below on a rock formation.

    5. After beating Nukular Island, teleport back up to the "Giant Fan" checkpoint and move past the fan on the right by using the robot’s vortex ability. Cross the small bridge and then look down below, the target is off to the left.

    6. Just after the last one. You will get trapped and have to fight two enemies that spawn more enemies. Take care of them by any means necessary. Now ascend using the elevator and look down from the ledge that the elevator stops on. The target is below.

    7. This one is at the top of Snake Pillar. You will move up the pillar on a snake platform. Once you are at the top, look below by the checkpoint radar and you will see the target on the left.

    PART 2

    8. This is after the "Palm Tree Corner" checkpoint. Follow the main path on the right and you will get notified that enemies are coming from below. Kill the enemy and then look off to the right to find the target on a pillar.

    9. This is right before the checkpoint "Just A Random Place". It is on the bridge leading to the checkpoint.

    10. After fighting against the new vacuum enemies, you will see a health pick up. The target is below this ledge. The Good Shot trophy should unlock after this target is destroyed if you have been following this guide.

    11. This is after the "Top of the Ferris Wheel" checkpoint. You will come across a weapon swapping station. From here, look down below and you will see the target.

    12. This is by the "Below the Arch" checkpoint. Step on the blue pulsing platform and look down. The target is really far off to the left and your health and energy will be in the way, but you should be able to make it out.

    PART 3

    13. After hearing a scientist’s story about clones and replication, you will leave his lab and a small cutscene will play showing a path opening up. Jump down and kill the large henchman here. Now go to the ledge where he spawned and look down, the target is pretty far down on the left hand side.

    14. From the "Bottom of the Staircase" checkpoint, take a left and aim down from this ledge. The target is below.

    15. From the last target, keep moving left until you go past the green weapon swap station. Use this ledge and look down, the target is on the wall.

    16. This one is past the "Tractor Beam" checkpoint. Jump onto the red planet ring and follow it until it loops around where the green weapon swap machine is. You will be above it now. Move to the outside of the planet ring and get ready to shoot. The target is on a metal ledge across from the green weapon swap machine. You are going to have to shoot quickly and accurately because you will be moving the whole time.

    17. This is by the "Station Storage Area" checkpoint. Once you leave the tube that transported you up to this area, move straight ahead and look down. The target is the middle of this pillar.

    18. This is by the "Station Cargo Elevator". Once you exit the tube that transports you up to this area, head directly ahead and past the elevator in the middle. Now look down from the ledge on the right hand side, it is the ledge that the green weapon swap machine is by.

    19. This is at the "Admist the Satellites" checkpoint.If you look off the ledge that the checkpoint is on, you will see this target farther down, it is below the next target.

    20. This is at the "Admist the Satellites" checkpoint as well. This one is off to the left and is above the previous target.

    PART 4

    21. This is by the checkpoint "Enter the Gravorian’s World". You will stand on an orange disc that will transport you up the tower. While on this disc, you will see the target on the pillar you are circling around.

    22. Some time after the "Laser Tramway Station A" checkpoint. You will eventually get on another orange disc that flies. This time, the target will be fairly early on in the flight. It is hard to miss as it is lying on a platform.

    23. This target is by the "Just Got Scissors" checkpoint, you can see it off in the distance from the checkpoint. Get on the orange disc and jump off when you see the first spinning UFO on the right. Go to the ledge and take the shot.

    24. This target is by the "Just Got Scissors" checkpoint as well. Instead of jumping on the spinning UFO to the right, like you did for #23, jump onto the spinning UFO to the left. The target is on a platform farther to the left.

    25. This target is at the "Spiral to Platforms" checkpoint. Maneuver over to the platform holding the yellow weapon upgrade station. Now look off to the left side. The target is farther off to the left, your health and energy bars will be obscuring the view but the shot is still possible.

    Alternatively, you can use the video below to get this trophy. It shows the location of all of the target boards that I have outlined above.


  • Fly through 50 hoops



    Hoops are optional tasks that you can attempt when you see them. Basically, you will jump off the tower and fly through a chain of hoops. After you have succeeded, you can teleport back onto the tower using . There are numerous hoops scattered around the tower and I have listed below 57 hoop locations by movie parts. I may have missed some here and there, but you only need 50 for the trophy. The number in parenthesis is the number of hoops found at that location.

    PART 1

    1. (3) After exiting the engine room and fighting off the hordes of monsters, look below from the ledge on the bottom of the area. Jump off to get these three hoops.

    2. (4) Past the ledge that has a fist punching it. Drop down onto the lower ledge and then look down. The four hoops will be floating above the water.

    3. (5) Once you reach the "Giant Fan checkpoint", go back on the lower path with the flamethrowers and look down. There are five floating hoops here.

    4. (3) After riding the snake platform to the top of Snake Pillar, move to the bottom of the platform and look down. There are three hoops for you to snag here.

    5. (3) These are at "Gorilla’s Lava Playground". On the side with the radar, move towards the ledge and you will see these three hoops off to the right.

    6. (5) After using the elevator at the "Gorilla’s Lava Playground", you will move up a log platform. At the end of the platform, you will see one ring hovering off to the right. The rest are right underneath it. Use the jetpack to propel yourself far enough to reach the rings. Hoopster unlocks here if you are following this guide.

    PART 2

    7. (6) After fighting some mini saucers, travel to the bridge on the right. Look down from the ledge on the top side of the platform, the six hoops are below. You will have to maneuver a little to get them all in one jump.

    8. (5) After ascending the platform with the Emperor statue you will reach the "Below the Arch" checkpoint. Go up the first two flights of stairs and look down, the five hoops are farther below.

    9. (3) Go up the next flight of stairs and look below. There are three more hoops out here.

    PART 3

    10. (5) This is past the "Enter the Space Station" checkpoint. You will come across an area with two spawns of henchmen. Kill the 6 of them and then move down to the first triangular platform. Look down from here and you will see the five hoops below. Jump off and fall through them.

    11. (3) This is by the "Tractor Beam" checkpoint. Go up the stairs and jump onto the red planet ring. Follow it until you see a ring on the screen, you will have to backtrack a little to make a jump that will be able to reach them. It is not that difficult of a jump to make however.

    12. (5) This is by the "Bolted Saucer" checkpoint. Jump on the rotating satellite and let it rotate into a vertical position, the blue reflectors should be pointing up and down. Now jump off the satellite on the left side. The hoops are close to the red space rings here. Super Hoopster will unlock here if you have followed this guide from beginning to end.

    PART 4

    13. (7) After fighting a horde of enemies which concludes with the narrator talking about how the big snail looks like his aunt Bertha, travel to the lower section that has a yellow orb lamp. Look below, all seven hoops are easily seen; jump off and fly through them.

  • Kill 3 enemies with one landmine

    This is a pretty basic combat trophy and can be earned in numerous areas. I recommend Nukular Ant island or the dinosaur pen area. Play as Dick so you can place landmines. Place a landmine with and then wait for a horde of three enemies to step on it. You do not need to press anything to detonate it, the enemies will blow up if they walk on it. Once you have killed three enemies with a single landmine, the trophy will pop.

  • Reach the captain of the ghost pirate ship

    This can be attempted after you have reached the checkpoint "Enter the Space Station". Jump off of the ledge that has the radar dish and fall straight down. Eventually you will see a light blue ghostly looking ship below you. Land on this ship to get the trophy.

    Below is a video showing the location I am talking about.


  • Destroy Dr. Schopenstein's replicator

    The replicator is located near the "Station Cargo Elevator" checkpoint. Head straight across from the checkpoint to find a ledge that cuts off. Fly across to fight the replicator. The replicator creates enemies for you to fight and is not much of a problem at all. There will be several enemies fighting alongside of it, so take them all out! Utilize whatever fighting style you prefer to take this mini boss down. You can miss this mini boss altogether if you use the elevator before exploring around the area. If that is the case, you can always just teleport back here to find him in the way I described above.

  • Defeat the gigantic mutant octopus


    Save before starting this fight, because dying or falling off the platform will cause the stairs up to it to stop working. If you do get glitched, your only option is to restore an earlier save.

    The gigantic mutant octopus is actually pretty easy compared to the last bosses. All you really have to do is shoot the eight red power rings on it's tentacles on several levels. Therefore, I recommend using the Machine Raygun for this fight. The octopus has some pretty simple attacks. He will swing his tentacles at you which can easily be dodged by hovering over them. He will also shoot blasts out of his mouth which can be avoided by running or rolling away from them. His final move is when he slams his tentacles down and creates a shockwave across the ground. Either roll out of the way or hover over the shockwave. Once you get to the top of the arena you are fighting him in, you will have to blow up some mines that are positioned by his tentacles. Use the aim down ability to shoot all four mines. This will knock him off the tower and kill him. The trophy will then pop. As always, there will be a couple of enemies fighting alongside the octopus, kill them first so they do not mess up your shots on the power rings.

  • Rescue Dick from the Mega-Gorilla

    This is the first trophy you will earn in the game. Eventually Dick will be kidnapped by the Mega-Gorilla and Scarlet will come to the rescue. All you have to do is fight a few waves of enemies and then Mega-Gorilla will give Dick back. Utilize Scarlet’s poking stick and ray gun to kill the enemies. Once you have defeated all the enemies and Mega-Gorilla gives Dick back, the trophy will pop.

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