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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 4/10 (Platinum Difficulty Poll)
  • Offline trophies: 30 (17, 7, 5, 1)
  • Online trophies: 1trophy_gold.png
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 20 to 40 hours, due to glitches. (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 3 + Chapter Select (4 recommended)
  • Number of missable trophies: None as there is chapter select. However, some trophies may require to play more than one chapter to make different decisions.
  • Glitched trophies: Yes, 2: Like that movie with the ship trophy_bronze.png (v1.18 broke this mode, infinite loading screen after the chapter Storm) and Learning to work together trophy_gold.png (it appears to crash and break the game). See both descriptions for work-around methods.
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No, you can play the game on the easiest option, making QTEs slower.


Welcome to Supermassive Games new title, after the well-acclaimed Until Dawn. Man of Medan is the first installment of a new Horror saga: The Dark Pctures Anthology. Like Until Dawn, in Man of Medan you will follow the story of five friends. The game will put you in front of many choices and depending on your's, you will decide the fate of each of them and how the story will go on. 

A big difference from Until Dawn is that there is an Online feature that will permit you to play the game with a friend and, yes, this is needed for the platinum.

To get the platinum on this game, you need to play it at least 3 times, but since this is a "movie-like" game, I suggest to do a Blind run first, playing it normal without focusing on trophies (more information in the walkthrough). Every playthrough will be saved in a different savefile, so at the end of your playthroughs, you can choose the one with the right decisions to get the trophies you're missing. 

Note on patch 1.18, PS5 version and Curator's Cut: Supermassive Games recently added a big patch making the game available also for PS5. The PS5 version shares the same trophy list but i'm not sure if they're stackable. The big problem about the new patch, is that now the PS4 version tends to glitch on "Movie Night", after the Storm chapter, making the game impossible to plat. Supermassive Games and Bandai Namco are working on this issue and for now, the only way to get the platinum is by playing it on V1.0. To downgrade the game to 1.00, just follow this guide. Another big issue of this game, is that if you downgrade the game in V1.00, the downgrade will erase all your collectibles. This happens also if you played it in v1.0 and do the upgrade in v1.18.
There is also another feature called "Curator's Cut", that you can download for free from PSN. This is, basically, another "point of view" of the same story: you will play every chapter differently from the original story, making some of the trophies easier or shorter. You need to play this version of the game because some collectibles can be only found in Curator's Cut. Check the "Trophy Guide" for more info.


Note: Before 1.18 patch, this game was easy to plat, because you could choose your own way to play it. Now, because of the glitch, you have to organize your way. This walkthrough is written for those who started the game in V1.18 like me, so we must proceed carefully because of the collectibles. If you started the journey with the v1.00, you should be able to play the steps as you prefer, just remember to NOT UPDATE the game until you've got all the collectibles.

Step 0 (Optional): Play the game solo on Theatrical cut:

As I said before, this game is "story-oriented" and I suggest to play it blind on your first run. This will add hours and playthrough on your experience, but in my opinion this is the best way to start the experience. Use this step to start collecting secrets by exploring every corner of the game and take the decisions you like and prefer. You will get some trophies on your way and if you're lucky, maybe you can get the hardest or the longest without even trying. Also, try to win the battle against the Fighting Dummy at the start of the game and break the window during the chapter Intrusion. If you want a quick platinum or already got it on PS4 or PS5, just fell free to skip this step.

At the end of this step, you will earn:

Going it alone trophy_gold.png 
Karate Master trophy_bronze.png 
Break 'em during the thunder trophy_bronze.png 

Step 1: Solo Story (on Curator's Cut if you played step 0), All Heads Playthrough, Only men survived:

Once you finished the game once and get the ending based on your decisions, it is time to start the "trophy-related" playthroughs. Start another run choosing "Curator's Cut" option and be sure to make ONLY HEAD (brain) decisions. See Consider all the permutations trophy_bronze.png for more informations about it. In this mode, you will play the game under different characters and you will get access to new collectibles and unlock some trophies. Explore the new scenarios and reach the ending.

Important: to full take advantage of this mode, just be sure to make the following choices: Do not take any weapon with Fliss or Brad or if you get them, don't kill the hallucinations with Fliss or Brad during QTEs and be sure to avoid their attacks. Let Brad and Fliss go down the hole after the radio event and take the rebreather when you have the option. Once you finish the game, reload chapter Junior and make different choices, so you can calm him down (see It's all gone changing on me trophy_bronze.png). Reload chapter Junior again to make all woman die (see Right there with ya, boys trophy_silver.png).

At the end of this step, you will earn:

It's all gone changing on me trophy_bronze.png 
Aye, aye captain trophy_bronze.png 
Remember who's signing the checks trophy_bronze.png 
Consider all the permutations trophy_bronze.png 
Right there with ya, boys trophy_silver.png 

Step 2: Shared Story (you can mix this step with step 1, playing both in the same time):

Time for the only online trophy of this game. Go for "Shared Story" under "Play Together > Shared Story" and invite your partner to the lobby (or just accept the invite from the host. Click here to search for a partner.). All the trophies can be earned in this step, so feel free to play it as you like with your partner.
Try to use this step to get some of the trickiest collectibles, in order to speed up the process of getting all of them. Follow this video with your partner in order to coordinate:

(Note: Shared Story seems to crash quite often. Sometimes, the crash will break the game, forcing both of you to start the story from the start. The best way to face this problem is to have a back-up of the save file, so if it will crash, you will have the back-up)

At the end of this chapter, you will get:

Learning to work together trophy_gold.png 

Step 3: Collectibles, Only woman survived, no one survived, everyone survived and cleanup:
This is where things starts to be a bit confusing. I found a good guide written by Last-_-Judgment that can help you navigate this. You must collect all white and black paintings and all the secrets scattered through the chapters. Some of them require some pre-requisites to be found, so try to remember if you had any of them in your first 2 or 3 playthroughs and start from the chapter needed for the pre-requisites. See Secrets! Lies! Conspiracies, man! trophy_gold.png for more informations.

Try to combine this step with Girls' night out trophy_silver.png, since you will need Conrad in the ship for all the collectibles and for that trophy. Also, be sure to always get the two collectibles needed for the name on the ship during Distress Signal (even if you already have the trophy) in order to have access to a quick way for Not a sole survivor trophy_gold.pngSee trophy descriptions for better info. You can also get That's something, I suppose trophy_gold.pngduring chapter reloading, make sure to save everyone and get the distributor cap. Just remember to reload a save where Julia decompressed during the chapter Uninvited guests.

Once you have all collectibles and all death related trophies, see what trophies you are missing and follow the related trophy description to see where and how to get them.

Important: DO NOT OVERWRITE THE SAVE! Once you go for the chapter needed, CHOOSE A NEW SAVE FILE! You will never know what can happen next and where you need to start again. If you overwrite the save, you will erase all the other chapters. This will avoid you playing many unnecessary hours.

Note: Collectibles #47 glitched on me in Curator's Cut, so take it in Theatrical cut.

At the end of this step, you will get: 

For a dollar he told me his secrets trophy_bronze.png 
Quite a lot of deaths that night trophy_silver.png 
Possible futures trophy_silver.png 
Ghost ships are just a myth, right? trophy_gold.png 
Secrets! Lies! Conspiracies, man! trophy_gold.png 
Secrets! Lies! Conspiracies, man! trophy_gold.png 
Girls' night out trophy_silver.png 
Not a sole survivor trophy_gold.png 
You got a better way? trophy_silver.png 
As long as you're quick trophy_bronze.png 
Big man on campus trophy_bronze.png 
If you're selling, I'm buying trophy_bronze.png 
A pint of frosty amber liquid trophy_bronze.png 
Can't catch him with this old junker trophy_bronze.png 
The name of this vessel trophy_bronze.png 
Medium bro trophy_silver.png 
That's something, I suppose trophy_gold.png 

Step 4: Movie Night on Theatrical cut, All Heart Playthrough and Lovebirds:

Once you have all collectibles, you're ready to downgrade your game and go for "Movie Night" under "Play Together > Movie Night". Make sure to make ONLY HEART decisions. See Go with your gut trophy_bronze.png for more information. Movie Night is essentially an offline 2-player game where you will share your controller. Both players can choose one character and when it is that character's turn, the player will get the controller.

You can just skip all the exploring parts and go all the way to the ending.

At the end of this step, you will earn:

Brother thing, you know trophy_bronze.png 
Yes! Yes, I’ll marry you! trophy_bronze.png 
Lovebirds trophy_silver.png 
Like that movie with the ship trophy_bronze.png 
Go with your gut trophy_bronze.png 
Total Shocker! trophy_platinum.png 

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan Trophy Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed trophies
Show secret trophies

31 trophies ( 17  16  )

  • Collect all Trophies

    Get all the other trophies for this horror trophy_platinum.png
  • Finished the Shared Story

    Shared Story can be found under "Play Together > Shared Story". You can be either the host or the guest, you will get the trophy in both cases. In Shared Story, you and your partner will switch between Theatrical and Curator's Cuts but you will not be advised which cut you will be playing. 

    There will be a save file for this mode but only the host will have it. 

    Finish the game, get whatever ending you want and you will get this trophy done. 

    Note: Shared Story seems to crash quite often. Sometimes the crash will break the game, forcing both of you to start the story from the start. The best way to face this problem is to have a back-up of the save file, so if it will crash, you will have the back-up
  • Finished Movie Night

    Movie Night can be found under "Play Together > Movie Night"

    Movie Night is like Shared Story but in real life. The idea of this mode is that you play with a partner and both of you choose 3 characters. Everytime there is a character change, the other player will take the controller, taking the decisions he prefers. This will mix up things and decisions, making the game more enjoyable.

    You can play this mode alone, there is no need of a second controller or another real person. Play this mode until the end to get this trophy.

    Note: As I said in the walkthrough, after the v1.18 update, this mode is bugged: After the chapter "Storm", you will find yourself stuck in an infinite loading screen. The only way to play it until the end is to downgrade the game to v1.0. Follow this guide for an easy downgrade.
  • Beat the Training Dummy

    This could be your first trophy in the game if you are quick enough. To get this trophy, you must complete all QTEs during the fight with the Training Dummy in the Chinese Market, at the start of the game. 

    There will be 2 kind of QTEs: for the first one, you must hit the dummy in the moving spot using ls.png and r2.png once the trigger becomes red. For the second QTE, just press the button you see on the monitor as quick as you can to avoid being hit.

    If you struggle with it, this is the route:

    Round 1: Only hit
    1. Top-Left
    2. Bottom-Left
    Round 2: Only hit
    1. Top-Right
    2. Top-Left
    Round 3: Avoid attacks
    1. circle.png
    2. square.png
    3. circle.png
    Round 4: Mixed
    1. Top-Left
    2. Bottom-Right
    3. circle.png
    4. Bottom-Right
    5. circle.png
    6. Bottom-Left
    7. square.png
    8. circle.png
    9. Top-Left
    If you do all this QTEs correctly, you will get the trophy.

  • Completed 10 QTEs in succession

    You can get this trophy by just simply playing the game and being quick with the QTEs. Since you need many playthroughs, this one will come naturally. You can play the game with the lower difficulty, so the QTEs will be slower and you will be advise when a QTE is going to start. However, if you didn't manage to get it at the end of your journey, try to play the Glamour Girl chapter, as there are more than 10 QTEs in a row. You can play it as either Conrad (Theatrical Cut if he didn't escape with the boat) or Fliss (Curator's Cut):

    As Conrad:
    1. circle.png
    2. square.png
    3. square.png
    4. circle.png
    5. square.png
    6. square.png
    7. circle.png
    8. square.png
    9. "Run"
    10. triangle.png
    11. triangle.png
    12. circle.png
    13. To Save Him - Don't Jump
    As Fliss:
    1. circle.png
    2. triangle.png
    3. triangle.png
    4. circle.png
    5. square.png
    6. triangle.png
    7. triangle.png
    8. cross.png
    9. square.png
    10. triangle.png
    11. circle.png
    12. To Save Him - REASSURING "Conrad, it's OK"
  • Found all of the black framed Pictures

  • Found all of the white framed Pictures

  • Completed the Solo Story

    As the title say, just finish the game in solo story. Select "Play Alone > Solo Story" and just play your game until the end.
  • Only the women survived!

    As the description says, to get this trophy you must make the decisions that will kill all men and at the end take the distributor cap. You can combine this trophy and Not a sole survivor trophy_gold.png with your collectibles run, but be sure to get these two only after you get Secrets! Lies! Conspiracies, man! trophy_gold.png 

    Conrad must be in the group and not escape in the Intrusion chapter. Also, be sure that Julia decompressed in chapter Uninvited Guests.

    If you followed the walkthrough, you probably will not have the chance to get this one in a fast way, because Conrad will have escaped with the boat in the All Head playthrough, unless in your blind playthrough you have him inside the ship or dead during the escape.

    If Conrad escaped with the boat, just follow this roadmap to get this ending easily (If Julia didn't decompress, restart from Uninvited Guest and make sure she will decompress before going ahead). This roadmap is valid for Theatrical Cut only
    • Restart from Intrusion and be sure that Conrad will not escape with the boat and die. Also be sure that Brad will remain hidden
    • During chapter Finding Friends, be sure that Brad will take the gas mask
    • During chapter Ritual, be sure that Fliss takes a deep breath and meet Brad (or make sure to get the Knife with Fliss and kill Brad during the hallucination).
    • If you haven't found the knife, during chapter Pressure be sure that Brad will go down the hole and don't save him when the water starts to fill the room.
    • During the chapter Junior, let Alex be shot by Junior.
    • During the chapter Olson, get the distributor cap and survive the fight with Olson.
    If you don't want to follow this roadmap, fell free to check That's something, I suppose trophy_gold.png for more info on how killing characters or save them, both in Curator's or Theatrical Cuts. There are many combinations to get this trophy, so feel free to explore and share them in the forum.
  • Only the men survived!

    You can get this easily after the Curator's Cut run with All Heads. Once you reach the chapter Junior, you can make the 2 women die and let the men survive. 

    If you followed the walkthrough indications, you should have: Fliss and Brad in chapter Junior and Alex and Julia in chapter Matters of the Heart:
    • Reload chapter Junior
    • select the option "There was some mist" in the first option
    • "say nothing" in the second option
    • Junior will kill Fliss
    • During the chapter Matters of the heart, just reach the point in which you have to push the door with Julia.
    • Either fail the QTE or chose whatever dialogue options you want (i did all 3 heads), as is it more likely that Alex will kill Julia
    If for any chance you're not able to get this following this method, see That's something, I suppose trophy_gold.png for more info.
  • To get this trophy, you need to find all the secrets in the game. Secrets and Pictures are the 2 kind of collectibles scattered around the game:
    • Secrets: Notes or special objetcs that will explain what's going on on the ship. You need some of them to trigger some dialogues and to understand better what's happening.
    • Pictures: Like Unitl Dawn, they will give you some visions of the future.
    Some of them are easy to find, some of them require different decisions or pre-requisites before having access to some areas.

    The nature of this game makes the collectible hunting quite confusing, expecially if you have to deal with the v1.18 glitches that will prevent you from a full helpful playthrough. However, some basic principles can be listed here, making things easier:
    • You need 2 different completed save files: 1 for Curator's Cut and 1 for Theatrical Cut. If you followed the walkthrough, you should have both of them
    • in order to have access to all the collectibles and chapters:
      • all 5 characters MUST BE in the ship (this means that Conrad can't escape or die from the Duke of Milan during Intrusion chapter)
      • 4 of them must be alive until chapter Distress Signal 
    You need all three things in BOTH VERSIONS. If you followed the roadmap, you will have the Curator's Cut save file without Conrad and a random Theatrical Cut save file (it depends on your personal playthrough).

    Load both saves and try to reach the ship with Brad hidden and Conrad in the group. Now, it is time to follow Last-_-Judgment's guide and navigate through chapters changing decisions. Be careful:
    • DO NOT OVERWRITE the original save files each time! Instead, choose a new save file and go from there.
    • Open the "Secrets" and "Pictures" options and go for the collectibles you need. This means you will have to navigate again through most chapters
    Note on Secret #47 and Secret #20:
    • Secret #47 glitched on me on Curator's Cut, so collect it in Theatrical Cut
    • Secret #20 is the only secret outside the ship that needs some pre-requisites in chapter Wreck. See the guide for more info.
  • No-one survived!

    To get this trophy, you must kill everyone. You can follow That's something, I suppose trophy_gold.png to check how and where to kill each character. 

    You can combine this trophy with Girls' night out trophy_silver.png and your collectibles run, just make sure you always get the collectibles needed to reveal the name of the ship. Once you reach the radio on Distress signal chapter, be sure to reveal the name of the ship, reactivate the power and fail to get the distributor cap.

    At the end of the credits, you should see the final scene, where soldiers will arrive and kill the survivors.
  • Everybody survived!

    Like Until Dawn, Man of Medan challenges you to get various endings:
    If you followed the walkthrough, you should have Right there with ya, boys trophy_silver.png ready and hopefully with the correct decisions, You could have one of the other endings during your blind run, your Shared Story run or during the collectibles hunt. If you don't, now is the time to do some chapter selecting again. 

    There are 10 chapters in which characters could die, depending on your decisions and the version of the game you're playing. I will list all the options here, so you can mix and match them depending on what you need: (thanks to Last-_-Judgment for this good walkthrough of death options)
    • Uninvited Guests
      • Theatrical Cut: Julia can die if you don't decide to decompress after returning from the dive (she'll die right at the end of the game and not instantly). If Julia didn't decompress you can still save her in the next chapter by drinking the water instead of the beer. 
      • Curator's Cut: You can't control Julia, so everything depends on the relationships: if it's good, she will decompress, if it's bad, she will ignore Alex.
    • Intrusion
      • Theatrical Cut: Conrad can die if you decide to escape via speedboat and fail the end of the QTE sequence. Anything leading up to the final button in the sequence won't kill Conrad, only failing the final button (20fec0.png) will kill him. 
    • Ritual:
      • Both Versions: Fliss or Brad can die depending on what happened in this chapter and Finding Friends. In the ballroom area, Fliss and Brad will meet up with each other. If you want to save them both then be sure to not pick up any weapons in either chapter. If you want them to recognise each other, then Fliss will need to get fresh air from the backstage door and Brad needs to find the gas mask. If one of the two characters hallucinates and picks up a weapon, then you'll need to do a QTE to save the character not hallucinating. If both Brad and Fliss both have weapons and are hallucinating, to save both of them, you will need to successfully avoid the other character's attack AND fail to attack them back. 
    • Pressure
      • Both Versions: This chapter can only occur if Fliss and Brad recognised each other in the chapter Ritual. One of them may die, depending on who goes down the metal grating. Once someone has jumped down, the room below starts filling with water and there will be a short scene with a QTE decision or a dialogue option, depending on the character you are controlling. Whatever happens, you need to focus on smash hinge to save both of them. Choose the other option to kill the character inside the metal grating.
    • Glamor Girl:
      • Theatrical Cut: Conrad, Fliss and Brad can die here. During the chapter, you will come to an area where Conrad has to jump three times, if he fails twice on the last jump, he will fall to his death. After these jumps, you'll come to a room where you can "Run" or "Hide". "Hide" will result in a KEEP CALM sequence which if you fail, will cause Conrad to also fall to his death. "Run" will lead to a short QTE of Conrad climbing a ladder which if you fail the QTEs here can also lead to death. At the end of the QTE you'll be at the highest point of the ship and you'll be given a decision. You need to "Confront" the hallucination to live. There is also a situation where if Conrad has the knife from the chapter Caskets he can stab his pursuer (Fliss, Brad) and kill them.
      • Curator's Cut: Fliss will be controlled here (it will be Brad if Fliss died previously) and you'll be chasing a hallucinating Conrad. If you fail any of the QTE's, you will fall to your death and similarly if Conrad has the knife, then you can be killed if you fail the QTE where he tries to stab you. To save Conrad from jumping at the top of the ship you need to be REASSURING. 
    • Revenge:
      • Both Versions: There is a large chase sequence here where Olson is following Alex and Julia. Alex and Julia will always make it to the last QTE. What makes this a death scenario is if Conrad is alive. Towards the end of the chase sequence after opening the door, Conrad will stop Julia and Alex in their tracks, leading Olson to grabbing one of them. This may or may not have a QTE based on the version you are playing which you need to successfully pass. This entire death scenario can only occur if you have 4 or more characters alive still - one being Conrad.
    • Junior: In this chapter, you will control 2 characters, depending on your choice in Distress Signal they can be anyone, except Conrad. One of them can die, depending on the choices. You'll inevitably come to an encounter with Junior holding you at gunpoint. The fate of your two characters here depend on what you say.
      • Theatrical Cut: To save both of your characters you must first be CURIOUS, WORRIED, then DESPERATE. Any other decision, will lead to the death of one of the two.
      • Curator's Cut: during the dialogue with Junior, you'll need to be RESPECTFUL then REASSURING. If you choose anything different from these dialogue choices, Junior will shoot the non-controllable character but if you keep deciding to 'Say Nothing' it will result in the controlled character being shot by Junior. 
    • Matters of the heart: This death scenario all depends on the circumstances of the chapter Distress Signal (Alex must be alive for this chapter along with 3 other characters. Also, Alex and one other character need to stay above ground with the radio).
      • Theatrical Cut: You'll be playing as Alex. Once you conclude what happens to the distributor cap, Alex sees a hallucination of a rat coming through his stomach. You can choose if he stabs himself or attack the hallucination. Don't do either to keep both characters alive. 
      • Curator's Cut:  You'll be playing as the partnering character where you take a detour after Alex collapses the only way forward. You'll continue through the level to eventually have to force a door open to continue. This door will cause the elevator to drop in the next room. It's suggested to wait in this room as long as possible before force opening the door as Alex needs enough time to retrieve the distributor cap. You'll meet back up with Alex who is hallucinating. There is a couple of dialogue combinations that work here to save both characters but the simplest way is to just SAY NOTHING twice then be DESPERATE.
    • Olson: This death scenario all depends on the circumstances of the chapter Distress Signal (Alex either must be dead before this chapter, or have gone down the hole. Also this scenario will occur automatically if there is only 3 characters alive at this point).
      • Theatrical Cut: you'll come to a cutscene where Olson will attempt to break open a door bursting with water. Most of the QTE sequence doesn't actually matter, while the second QTE (ce9173.png) determines if you retrieve the distributor cap or not. Then when the dialogue option comes up, be COMMANDING and then complete the final two QTEs when you are directly below the mechanical door ( ce9173.png577deb.png). Failing any of these last two commands will result in your controlled character's death
      • Curator's Cut:  You will reach this room by breaking open a door yourself underwater. Once you choose between "Go for cap" or "Go for door", be sure to choose "Go for cap" as this will preserve the cap and you will automatically have the chance to save the other character straight afterwards. You need to pull the lever as soon as Olson starts strangling the other character. You will automatically warn that character, and he'll push Olson off him to save himself.
    • The End:
      • There are many possible outcomes of this game which are determined by certain factors. The first being whether or not the distributor cap was destroyed in Matters of the Heart or Olson. If the distributor cap was destroyed, then the only way to save the remaining characters is if Conrad escaped on the speedboat in the chapter Intrusion. Otherwise they'll either be stranded on that ship or they will be executed by the military if they were contacted successfully in Distress Signal/Depths. If the distributor cap was preserved, then you have saved the remaining characters left on the boat. And referencing an earlier scenario, if Julia did not decompress properly she will die here too.

Secret trophies

  • Opened the window without making noise

    During the chapter Intrusion, you will reach a point where you have to break a window without making noise. To do this, you must break it exactly when the lightning strikes.

    Wait until Conrad says "Six" and then press r2.png at the same time. 
  • Unlocked Alex's Aggressive Trait

    You can get this trophy on the chapter Caskets. Progress through this chapter until you eventually come to a very large kitchen. Exploring the kitchen, you will find a knife on a counter. Examine it and then chose the option "CONFIDENT: we might need this".
  • Unlocked Fliss's Arrogant Trait

    This trophy can be earned between chapters Intrusion and Pressure. You can get this easily during the Curator's cut run with All Heads, with some decisions to be done.
    • If there are two Head decisions, try to get the ones that make Fliss take decisions as a captain
    • When Fliss is inside the Ballroom, if you get the knife don't hit the enemy during the QTE.
    • When Brad finds an enemy, if you get the big key don't hit him during the QTE.
    • After the radio event, let Fliss go down the hole. 
  • Unlocked Brad's Envious Trait

    Cannot be earned in Curator's Cut.

    This trophy can be easily earned during the chapter The Duke. 
    You can pair this with Go with your gut trophy_bronze.png, as those decisions are all "Heart" options.

    Chapter: The Duke 
    • Right at the beginning of this chapter Alex and Brad will have a conversation with some dialogue decisions to make.
    • Brad is RESENTFUL of Alex "I had to work"
    • Brad is ACCUSATORY "I was invited"
  • Unlocked Julia's Spoilt Trait

    Cannot be earned in Theatrical Cut.

    This trophy can be earned between chapters The Duke and Trapped.

    You can get this trophy almost automatically when doing the Curator's cut All Head run. The brain decisions will take you straight to this trophy without trying it. Just to be sure, if you have more than one brain decision, to choose the one that will go against Julia.
  • Unlocked Conrad's Humorous Trait

    Cannot be earned in Curator's Cut.

    This trophy can be earned between chapters Intrusion and Trapped

    Chapter Intrusion:
    • DO NOT escape on the speedboat with Conrad
    Chapter Trapped
    • Conrad is CONFIDENT "I think it's a ship"
  • Chose all of the Heart decisions

    To get this trophy, just choose all the HEART options, during dialogues or during QTEs (for example, running or waiting). Heart options are the ones with the heart in the background. When you see it, use rs.png to move the arrow on the decision you want to do. If there are no heart options, just move the arrow where it says "Say nothing", or if you are in a QTE, just let the timer go out.
    You don't need to have all the dialogue, so feel free to skip some of them. 

    This trophy can be paired with Like that movie with the ship trophy_bronze.png, but since that trophy is bugged, you can get this only at the end and with the downgrade.
  • Chose all of the Head decisions

    To get this trophy, just choose all the HEAD options during dialogues or during QTEs (for example, running or waiting). Head options are the ones with a brain in the background. When you see it, use rs.png to move the arrow on the decision you want to do. If there are no Head options, just move the arrow where it says "Say nothing", or if you are in a QTE, just let the timer go out.

    You don't need to have all the dialogue, so feel free to skip some of them. Also, following All Heads will help you getting other miscellanous trophies. If you're following the walkthrough, you will find all throphies that can be easily earned by following this route. 
  • Julia accepted Alex's proposal

  • Conrad successfully flirted with Fliss

  • Conrad successfully escaped on the speedboat

    Cannot be earned in Theatrical Cut.

    This trophy can be earned during the chapter Intrusion. You can get this trophy almost automatically when doing the Curator's Cut All Head run.
    You need to succesfully break the window (if done correctly, you will also earn Break 'em during the thunder trophy_bronze.png, but you may fail it and still break the window and reach the boat). Now you will need to get on the speedboat and escape. 
    You will have two chances for this one, as you can choose the Knife during the second QTE. The easiest and quicker route is:
    • Keep Calm Sequence
    • Escape (ignore the knife)
    • square.png
    • circle.png
    • circle.png
    • triangle.png
    If you get the knife, you can still get this trophy, just chose to escape as soon as you have the opportunity.
  • Revealed the name of the ship

    This trophy can be earned between chapters Danny and Distress Signal. You need to pick up certain secrets on the same playthrough, that will unlock dialogue options needed for this trophy. Unfortunately, you need to get all of them in the SAME PLAYTHROUGH. If you miss one of them, you need to replay the game from the Danny Chapter.

    Chapter: Danny
    • Playing as Fliss, pick up Secret 41: Medan Hat - This can be found just after a cutscene with the pirate (Danny) escorting Fliss. Pick up the hat he knocked off for the secret.
    Chapter: Distress Signal
    • Playing as Alex, pick up Secret 42: Ship's Logbook - After leaving the deck by climbing up a ledge, continue the linear path until you come to a door that Alex can push open. You'll be inside the captain's cabin. The book is to Alex's left as you enter, turn the page for the secret.
    • Playing as Alex, attempt to use the radio in the next room from the captain's cabin. Choose INSTRUCTIVE "Our coordinates are..." as a dialog option and after that, you will be able to select another option with the name of the ship.
  • Calmed Junior down

    This trophy can be earned between chapters Depths and Junior. You can get this easily after the Curator's Cut run with All Heads. Depending on your choice, you have two ways to do it:
    • Followed the walkthrough and got the rebreather in chapter Depths
      • Reload chapter Junior
      • whenever you have the dialogue option, chose the Heart option.
      • Press 20fec0.png when the QTE appears to put the rebreather on Junior
    • Didn't take the rebreather in the chapter Depths
      • Reload chapter Depths
      • Take the rebreather
      • You will face two Keep Calm sequences. You may fail the first one but MUST succeed the second one
      • Chose Run (you can also chose Hide, but you must succeed the third Keep Calm sequence)
      • Once you reach junior, whenever you have the dialogue option, chose the Heart option.
      • Press 20fec0.png when the QTE appears to put the rebreather on Junior.
  • Maxed Alex and Julia's Relationship

    Cannot be earned in Curator's Cut.

    You can get this trophy during Movie Night All Hearts playthrough in Theatrical cutsince all hearts options should make the bond of the two strong. If there are more than one heart option, just choose the option that can make the bounds between Alex and Julia strong, so never blame her or make her mad or angry. You can also unlock Yes! Yes, I’ll marry you! trophy_bronze.png during the process. 

    If you are not able to get this on the playthrough, I will list the correct answer to give to Julia or Alex in Theatrical Cut:

    Chapter: The Duke
    • Brad is SENTIMENTAL with Alex "Go with your gut"
    Chapter: Uninvited Guests
    • Julia is ASTOUNDED by Alex "We almost died!"
    • Julia is LOVING with Alex "Yes" - Also unlocks   Yes! Yes, I’ll marry you! trophy_bronze.png  
    • Julia is CAUTIOUS with Alex "Damn yeah, okay"
    • Julia is RELUCTANT with Alex "This is taking too long..."
    Chapter: Ghost Story
    • Julia is CHEERFUL with Alex "It does have a nice ring to it"
    • Julia is SENTIMENTAL with Alex "Let's plan it together"
    • Julia is REASSURING with Alex "Of course"
    • Julia is ADORING to Alex "I love you"
    Chapter: Caskets
    • Open the kitchen cupboard - Alex is TRUTHFUL with Julia "Come look"
    • Alex is WORRIED about Julia "It's probably just rats"
    • Alex is SUPPORTIVE to Julia "It is crappy"
    • Open bottom-left casket - Alex is SHOCKED "Is this even human?"
    (Thanks to Last-_-Judgment)
  • Maxed Conrad and Fliss's Relationship

    You can get this trophy between chapters Wreck and Uninvited Guests on Curator's Cut. You can get this also in Theatrical Cut, but the Curator's Cut is faster and with less chapters to play.

    Chapter Wreck:
    • Conrad is SUPPORTIVE to Fliss "Listen to Fliss"
    • Talk to Fliss - Conrad is EMPATHETIC with Fliss "Julia can be intense"
    • Conrad is PLAYFUL with Fliss "Oh, I've got experience"
    • Conrad is PLAYFUL with Fliss "Even hotter when you're angry"
    • After re-breather is fixed - Conrad is CHEERY with Fliss "How's it going?"
    •  Conrad is OPTIMISTIC about Fliss "Just you and me"
    Chapter Uninvited Guests
    • Fliss is RELAXED with Conrad "Sure, why not"
    • Fliss is SELF-ASSURED to Conrad "Don't ask a lady about her money"
    • Fliss is IMPRESSED with Conrad "It would be my pleasure"
    • Speak to Brad, then Conrad again - Fliss is RELAXED with Conrad "Taking advantage of your relaxation time?"
    • Fliss is PLAYFUL with Conrad "Too bad charm isn't among them..."
    • Fliss is ROMANTIC with Conrad "I have to keep track of the dive, but" - (A pint of frosty amber liquid trophy_bronze.png liquid)
    • When the speedboat approaches - Fliss is UNEASY with Conrad "That's not the coastguard..."
    • Fliss is WORRIED "This feels... off"
    • Fliss is WORRIED "We've got divers in the water!"
    • Fliss is AMUSED by Conrad "Wasting your money?"
    • After the problem with the barbecue, say "it's my problem"
    (Thanks to Last-_-Judgment)
  • Maxed Brad and Alex's Relationship

    Cannot be earned in Curator's Cut.

    This trophy can be earned between the chapters The Duke and Distress Signal. Once you have the options, try to be always good with Brad and Alex. Both brothers must stay alive until chapter Distress Signal

    Chapter The Duke:
    • Brad SAYS NOTHING to Alex
    • Brad SAYS NOTHING to Alex
    • Brad is EMPATHETIC with Alex "Must be tough"
    • Brad is SENTIMENTAL with Alex "Go with your gut"
    • Brad is APPREHENSIVE with Conrad "I get sea sick"
    • Brad is SERIOUS with Conrad "I'll throw up"
    Chapter Wreck:
    • As Alex, go inside the cabin and speak to Brad
    • Alex is IMPRESSED with Brad "Wasn't sure we would"
    •  Alex is ENTHUSIASTIC with Brad "Get you something cool"
    • Alex is COMPASSIONATE with Brad "Go through it all together"
    Chapter Distress Signal 
    •  Alex is ENCOURAGING to Brad "If you're sure you're up for it"
    (Thanks to Last-_-Judgment)

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