Until Death Do Us Part Trophy in The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes

  • Until Death Do Us Part


    Rachel became infected and killed Eric, or Eric killed her

    How to unlock Until Death Do Us Part

    The following steps must occur to unlock this trophy:
    • Both Eric and Rachel need to survive until they reach the star chamber near the end of the game. For Eric this means cutting the rope when you're tethered to Rachel and about to fall off the cliff (if Jason and Nick don't save Merwin, they'll save you before you fall either way), and during the confrontation with Salim, things need to be de-escalated to avoid Eric being shot. There is also a risk of Eric being killed by Balathur when everyone gets split up after the big battle, complete the QTE to save him as Nick.
    • During the big battle with every character, Salim will have the option to attack either the monster leaping at him, or the monster attacking Rachel. Choose the first option, ensuring that Rachel is infected.
    • Finally, Jason and Salim need to inspect the corpse covered in yellow goo while exploring the city.
    • Once you reach the star chamber, a sequence will play out where Rachel will be overcome by the parasite. Deliberately fail the QTE with the knife, and then beg Jason not to shoot her. Salim will suggest putting her in the cocoon; refuse this idea, and Rachel will escape.
    • During the final escape, Rachel will reemerge and attack Jason. Successfully complete all of the QTEs, and Rachel will be knocked off the cliff (by Nick, but that doesn't matter for the trophy).

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