Let Me Have a Go! Trophy in The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes

  • Let Me Have a Go!


    Three characters used the UV wand to attack the creatures

    How to unlock Let Me Have a Go!

    The following steps must occur for this trophy to unlock (make sure you keep the relationship between Eric and Nick positive throughout your playthrough):
    • Complete the steps required for Illuminating Evidence trophy_bronze.png , to ensure that Eric uses the wand. He'll also use the wand shortly after the autopsy, so between the two instances, that's Eric covered.
    • During the big battle with every character and the monsters in the catacombs, have Nick choose to use his crucifix against Balathu or Kurum, which will lead to Eric being attacked. Next, have Salim rescue Rachel when he has the option of attacking one of two monsters. Finally, have Rachel save Eric instead of running away.
    • At the end of the game, if their relationship is strong enough, Eric will give the UV wand to Nick when he goes to set the dynamite on the cocoons. During the first heartbeat QTE, fail on purpose, and choose to retreat. Successfully complete the next QTE, but fail the one after that, and Nick will use the UV wand, hopefully for the trophy.

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  • This trophy is glitched on PS4/PS5. Didn't pop for many ppl.
  • Found it easier to have a positive relationship between Nick and Eric during the curator's cut. Now I'm struggling to have Eric perform the autopsy -_-
  • it is not glitched
    a dead body doesnt count i think
    so in the Bloodbath chapter give the stake from the body to Nick not to Jason
    so that Eric can kill Joey with the uv light later in the game,
    if jason has the stake he will kill Joey and it will not work

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