Golden Path Trophy in The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes

  • Golden Path


    Five characters survived the finale

    How to unlock Golden Path

    The five characters in question are Eric, Rachel, Nick, Salim and Jason. There are a few scenarios that must be avoided in order to get everyone to the finale alive:
    • When Eric is trying to save Rachel on the edge of the cliff, make sure to cut the rope, especially if Jason and Nick are saving Merwin
    • When you find Clarice, make sure to either leave her behind at the rope, or one of the early opportunities to ditch her once she begins to change.
    • Follow the steps for The Thing trophy_bronze.png to ensure that Rachel survives and isn't trapped in a cocoon.
    Beyond that, it should just be a matter of completing every QTE successfully. Things can get pretty bad when Nick goes to plant the dynamite, but each situation can be resolved without any mandatory deaths. Once you complete the standoff during the eclipse, the trophy will unlock.

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