Fate Worse Than Death Trophy in The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope

  • Fate Worse Than Death


    Andrew was saved from himself

    How to unlock Fate Worse Than Death

    This should unlock as part of your Heart playthrough, depending on the choices you make. The following needs to happen for this trophy to unlock:

    1. When you interact with Vince at the church, things need to end on good terms with him. If you can avoid it, don't shoot your gun, and then either let him into the church, or convince him to go get help.
    2. At the ruined house, when you go back in time, don't blame Mary for what's been happening to the town.

    Everyone else needs to be dead, either by their own monsters prior to reaching the house, or in the house. This is accomplished by choosing the more selfish options whenever characters are trapped by their own monsters (as in, the opposite choice of whatever unlocks each character's "saved" trophies).

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  • You can't be doing good with Vince on a heart only playthrough.
  • I did that trophy by saving all of them, but condemning Mary. Since my playmate didn't take gun , Andrew didn't kill himself.
    Worth to mention that I was nice to Vince in the church, letting him to ask for help.

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