Considered Opinion Trophy in The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope

  • Considered Opinion


    Chose all of the Head decisions

    How to unlock Considered Opinion

    This is much easier to track and much harder to screw up than it was in Man of Medan. You can now track whether you've made Head or Heart choices in the pause menu, so as long as it says you've only made Head choices by the end of the game, you should unlock the trophy. You can differentiate a Head choice by the icon of a brain behind the dialogue or action choice. If at any point the pause menu no longer says that you've only made certain types of decisions, you can go to chapter select and it will tell you which chapter had head and heart choices, so you can replay from there.

    If you're ever given the option of choosing between two Heart options and no Head options, you're free to choose whatever you want. The game specifies in the pause menu that you've made only Head options when possible, so that's all that matters. Thanks to ThaMighty for confirming this.

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  • This is getting more and more frustrating. After the last chapter glitched on my heart run I started my brain run and now I'm stuck on crossing claiming I picked both heart and brain options. The text saying I've picked only brain options disappears right at the start of the chapter before making any decisions and at the end it shows the heart and brain icons in the scene select. I can't with this game not letting me do either of these trophies...
  • The trophy only pops after the credits roll and the trailer for the third game plays. You're 100% allowed to take heart decisions when there's no brain choice. Be patient and wait til the end.

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