• Estimated trophy difficulty: 2.5/10 (Personal estimate) (Estimated Difficulty)
  • Offline trophies: 33 (14, 13, 5, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 4-8 hours (Personal estimate) (Estimated Time)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1.5 with save manipulation + around 5 minutes of a new game
  • Number of missable trophies: Most of them
  • Glitched trophies: 0 but see the glitch notes section in the Introduction
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No
  • Do trophies stack?: The NA and EU versions have separate PS4 lists.  Vita has its own list as well, but all regions share that one (e.g. the game can be stacked 3 separate times)
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats available.
  • Additional peripherals required?: No

Ten year old Hans is tired of being poor. As such, he has decided to venture out into the world searching for riches to support both him and his mother. One evening, he is accosted by a crow and a mysterious creature known as the kobold. He is taken to the castle of Count Lucanor, with the promise of fortune and glory if he can pass the Count's trials and guess the kobold's name. What follows is a fun but flawed pixellated horror adventure game.

Glitch Notes

The game can be a bit unstable, especially on the Vita (see notes below). After some experimentation, I've come across the three worst offenders, so you can avoid them:

  • Playing online. There is zero reason for this game to be played while connected to the internet, and I'm pretty sure doing so actually slows the game down.
  • Entering/exiting an area too quickly. Whenever you reach a door/exit, wait for a second or two before entering/exiting. This includes crawlspaces.
  • Endings – during any of the endings where you leave the castle, don't go too far from Spittle the dog, especially when you're exiting to a new screen. Walk a bit, then let him catch up. Exiting an area without Spittle near you is almost a guaranteed crash.

That being said, always backup your saves! The PS4 version, when it crashes, will often corrupt your save files (oddly, that never happened to me with the Vita version, as borked as it is).

Important Vita Notes

The current Vita version of the game (1.00) is thoroughly borked, but the is still obtainable if you are willing to work around it. Both versions of the game can and will crash from time to time but for the Vita version, this can lock you out of the game completely, forcing a reinstall. After a lot of experimentation, I have figured out that the reason is because the Vita version cannot handle double-digit save files. This means you can only save your game six times (the game will automatically add some autosaves at certain points in the game, which counts towards the total of nine saves the Vita can handle). I have personally spoken with the porting company about this issue and my findings but haven't received a response about any sort of upcoming patch.

You will want to break your saves down to four in the main castle (i.e. the bulk of the game) and two in the depths (once when you get there, and to make endings cleanup a bit quicker). Alternately, since the depths is fairly short (the puzzle room is kind of a pain but quite doable if you've been hanging on to your healing items), you can delegate five saves to the main castle and just one for the depths (a few of the endings will provide you with an autosave to start from so this isn't so bad).

As such, here's my breakdown recommendation:

  • Play through until reaching the castle garden for the first time (will add two saves)
  • Make a save in the garden when you reach it (1 save made – 3 saves total)
  • Clear the floor trap, crate, maze, and prison rooms
  • Save in the garden (2 saves made – 4 saves total)
  • Clear the fire, pillar, library, cage and chest rooms. The chest and cage rooms are easy, as is the fire room once you get the timing down. The library is easy if you enter via the grating outside of the library instead of head-on through the door. You're likely to have the most trouble with the pillar room. If you can, try to clear everything without saving. Otherwise, clear the easy rooms and either save or clear one of the tricky rooms and save after that. (3/4 saves made – 4/5 saves total) – NOTE: Grotesque party requires you to make another save to unlock all three trophies, if you don't want to go through all the lead-up to the request again. I recommend backing up your save files after making Save 3/4, unlocking the three trophies tied to Grotesque party, then downloading your saves back to your Vita.
  • Open the treasure chest in the garden (Lucrezia's toy), show the contents to Giulia and talk to her about them, then go guess the kobold's name. Continue playing (you're in no danger of dying) until you reach the depths (NOTE: Sometimes the cutscene that plays during you going to the depths doesn't play; instead, there will be a black screen with nothing happening. Just stick with it, because the game thinks it's playing the cutscene when it's not but you will still emerge in the depths just fine after 2-3 minutes). Make your way to the upper right corner of the depths, talk to the man and make a save (4/5 saves made – 7/8 saves total).
  • Make a save after talking to the man after watering the plant (though only if you didn't make an extra save in the castle, as about half of the endings will add another save to the total automatically).
  • Endings Order: Go for Ending: The kobold's trick and Ending: The pact with the kobold first before the others. This is because the other endings require you going outside, which will make an autosave. You don't want to risk a game-locking crash when you're this close to the end!

I've also made a basic map to help you navigate:

Step 1: Play through the game until you make your first game save

Start a new game and play through. Try to get the beginning miscellaneous trophies out of the way while doing so. There are a few specific actions you will want to take on the way in order to allow you to unlock some trophies later in the game. In order, they are:

  1. Give the old woman your cane.
  2. Feed an apple to the donkey. Keep the other apple in your inventory; do not eat it.
  3. Give the merchant your coins.
  4. Give your cheese to the goatherd.

You should be entering the garden (save room) with one gold coin. Use it to save your game, then close the game and back up your save.

By the end of this step, you will have unlocked:

The explorer
Bread is the staff of life
Who is that person?
Animal friend
Outdoor picnic
Bloody home
Save soul

Step 2: A Weird Name + miscellaneous trophies, until you reach the depths

After exploring your first green key room (I recommend making it the one from Another way, as it will give you some extra coins provided you opened the treasure chest there), you'll see a cutscene with the kobold, and from that point on, enemies will start appearing in corridors. You can hide under tables or behind curtains to avoid them (also in grates, providing you got the crowbar from the goatherd [which he will give you when you talk to him in the garden, provided you gave him your cheese at the beginning of the game]).

This is where you'll want to play through the rest of the game, until you reach the depths of the castle (i.e. after the cutscenes after you guess the kobold's name).

By the end of this step, you will have unlocked:

Another way
Golden donkeycorn
A red light
Ham day
Let her be dead
Grotesque party
Animal trap
Burning Man
An interesting clue
Lucrezia's toy
A weird name

Again, I recommend backing up your saves once you save in the depths.

Step 3: The depths + endings + miscellaneous endgame trophies

After solving the kobold's name, you will soon find yourself in the depths of the castle. There is only one puzzle room you need to deal with here, so this section is very short. That being said, the last time you will be able to save your game is after watering the plant so be aware of that for endings cleanup (the game will make an autosave if leave the castle, which will shorten the playtime needed to unlock Poor but happy, but otherwise it's useless).

The endings can be broken into "needs the butterfly" and "doesn't need the butterfly". Plan your ending cleanup accordingly (for ones that don't, just go straight to the vine and interact with it twice to move the story along).

By the end of this step, you will have earned:

Needs the Butterfly
Crown jewel
I don't believe a thing
Could it have all been just a dream?
Now you are rich
From apprentice to master
Ending: A prosperous future
Ending: Wealth without answers

Doesn't Need the Butterfly
Shit happens
Ending: Poor but happy
Ending: The pact with the kobold
Ending: The kobold's trick

Step 4: Hide and Seek

Load up the first save you made in the garden and follow the steps listed under Hide and Seek. If the game crashes and deletes your save file and you decide to just start a new game for this, then feel free to skip the steps you took in Step 1 – they're not necessary for this trophy.

By the end of this step, you will have earned:

Hide and Seek

Step 5: New Game

Start a new game. Your one job here is to make a beeline for the cemetery. Just ignore everyone on the way (you will still be forced to get Spittle's bone for him). Interact with the gravestone at the top of the graveyard to unlock this trophy and your .

By the end of this step, you will have earned:

A known tomb

...and finally: The Count Lucanor ! Congratulations!

PST Would Like To Thank themindisacity for this Roadmap]

The Count Lucanor Trophy Guide

Printable Guide
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33 trophies ( 13  14  )

  • You are the new count.

    Unlock all the other trophies to get this one.

  • Find some stale bread before night falls.

    At the beginning of the game, as soon as you gain control of Hans, go back into the house and interact with the table. You will pick up some stale bread and unlock this trophy.

  • Find the chest hidden near your house.

    When you gain control of Hans outside of his house, give Spittle the dog his bone. Now walk up until you reach the well, then walk right past the fence. Once you clear the fence, start walking down and to the left until you reach the bottom left corner of the area. Open the treasure chest (it's a candle) for this trophy.

  • Find the castle's wall at day.

    Once you leave Hans' house, follow the linear path until you come across a boulder with a crow on it. At that point, leave the path and start walking up. On the next screen, a cutscene will play and this trophy will unlock. There's also a treasure chest with a candle on this screen.

  • They love apples.

    While on the main path leading to the castle, you will come across a donkey tied to a tree. Walk past it and up and you should see a broken fence you can enter. Do so, pick up both of the apples and give one to the donkey but don't eat the other one as you will need it later.

    In addition to unlocking this trophy, this is also a set up for Golden Donkeycorn and Shit happens (for which you will need the other apple, plus another one you will find in the castle).

  • Drink a little bit of wine.

    When following the main path to the castle, you will come across a goatherd. Talk to him, then give him your cheese. Doing this will setup several of the ending trophies.

  • Visit the cemetery at day.

    This cannot be unlocked during the same game as Outdoor picnic. Do this trophy in a brand new game. When following the main path to the castle, you will come across a goatherd. Just ignore him and keep following the path until you reach the cemetery. Examine the top-most gravestone to unlock this trophy.

  • Visit your home at night.

    After unlocking Outdoor picnic, you will awaken in the cemetery at night time. Pick up the candle next to you and backtrack back to Hans' house (you will have to backtrack most of the way anyway, for story reasons) but be careful as there are some enemies on the path and you have no way to fight. To continue the story after unlocking this trophy, go to the castle via the route described in Who is that person?.

    If you take damage from the enemies, then do not heal. If you took one hit, you will be fine but if you took more than one hit then consider reloading the graveyard save after unlocking this trophy and not taking this detour – you will want to keep all your healing items on you for a later points in the game.

  • The crow will be your best friend.

    When you first enter the castle and talk to the kobold, keep walking forward until you reach a fountain. After the cutscene, equip your final coin (you did remember to give the others to the merchant, right? If not, you will probably want to start a new game, because you've just been locked out of later trophies) and throw it into the fountain. In addition to being the first point where you've actually been able to save your game (outside of the game saving for you in the graveyard), you will also unlock this trophy.

    Note that every time you want to save your game, it will cost you one coin. There's no autosave and in the Vita version, you can only save six times.

  • Find J.F.'s most important note.

    Once you have the green key, exit the garden from the left exit and enter the green key door. Walk left until you find Giulia (speaking with her will give you some more candles). Continue walking left of her and follow the path (avoid the red patches or you will take damage) until it splits, then walk left. You will soon come across a wooden plank. Take it.

    Take the wooden plank to the blue key room with all the floor spikes (left of the kobold letter guessing room). In the top left of this room is a hole in the floor; use the plank with it and you can cross and open the chest. Doing so will give you two gold coins, an important note (it will be in your inventory) and this trophy.

  • Enter the fire room from a secondary door.

    Once you've explored all the blue key doors, you will meet Giulia. Once you've spoken with her, go back to the fountain/save room and speak with the old woman. She will give you a green key. Once you have it, go back to the blue key room with all the crates – on the right side of the room will be a green key door. Enter that door to unlock this trophy (for the record, this is the same room as the green key room that Giulia was next to). The chest you will find here has gold coins, thus it's in your interest to go for it but watch the fire spawning patterns so you don't take damage.

  • Use the snake ring at the best place.

    In order to be able to unlock this trophy, you will need to give your cane to the old woman at the beginning of the game. After meeting Giulia for the first time, go back to the fountain room and talk to the old woman. She will give you the green key (and the snake ring, provided you gave her the cane). Do not equip the snake ring yet.

    Keep playing through the game until you get the red key from the goatherd in the garden. Once you do, use the left exit and go left to the red key door (the chest room). Place a candle in front of the door (so you're not in the dark), equip the snake ring, then enter the red key door. Walk forward a bit into the room. Once Hans finishes talking, the trophy will unlock.

  • Feed him with apples.

    After exploring all three blue key rooms and meeting Giulia for the first time, go back into the castle corridors until you find the donkey (he won't be there if you didn't feed him in the beginning of the game). When you find him, make sure you place another candle next to him to keep him around for a later trophy. Feed him the other apple in your inventory to unlock this trophy (he will also poop out some gold coins so pick them up!).

    Doing this will also help setup the Shit happens trophy.

    There will be a point in the game where the donkeycorn will disappear (the entrance area below it will have several candles in it). This is normal so don't worry when this happens, provided you've fed him the apple prior to him disappearing (I think it happens when you enter the library for the first time).

  • Catch Eisbein.

    After you explore all the blue key rooms, you will find Giulia in the corridors. Talk to her and she will give you a bunch of candles. Just to the left is one of the entrances to the fountain/save room. Eisbein should be there, eating corn in front of the old woman from the beginning of the game.

    Continue through the game, collecting the letters from the green and blue key rooms. Get the red key from the goatherd and clear the red key room with all the pillars in it, then you will find a note stating that Eisbein has stolen the letter.

    In the southern red key room (the library), you will find a ladder. Pick it up. Go back to the garden and buy corn from the merchant (if you've been exploring at all, you should have more than enough coins for it). Talk to Eisbein with the cornfeed equipped – he will ask you to kill his mother (see Grotesque party) but then talking to him again will give Hans the idea to trap Eisbein. Now go to the blue key room to the right of the garden (the one with the chest surrounded by bars).

    Use the ladder with the broken ladder in the back of the room. Climb the ladder and throw the switch. Grab the letter (optional for this trophy, but required to finish the game) and use the corn on the rug (Hans will mention that it's a good spot for the corn – if he doesn't, you didn't talk to Eisbein enough). Go back to the garden and talk to Eisbein again to get him into the cage room. Return to the cage room, climb the ladder and throw the switch again. Talk to him while he's caged and he will give you the letter, then the trophy will pop.

    Doing this is setup for some later in-game trophies (most notably Lucrezia's toy and From apprentice to master).

  • Kill the old woman and Eisbein.

    During your exploration of the red key doors, you will learn that Eisbein has stolen one of the letters from the chests. Go back to the garden and speak to him, then he will tell you that he'll give you the letter if you kill his mother. Make a save before doing the next part.

    Speak with the goatherd and he'll tell you to pick someone to sacrifice:

    • For Ham day, choose the white (right) goat next to the goatherd
    • For Let her be dead, choose the brown (left) goat next to the goatherd
    • For Grotesque party, choose both goats

    Once you have chosen which goat(s) to sacrifice, exit the garden and enter it again. The respective trophy will pop. Reload your save and go for one of the other two trophies. When you have unlocked all three, reload your save a final time so that no one is dead – you need everyone alive for other trophies.

  • Choose a goat.

    See Grotesque party.

  • Choose a goat.

    See Grotesque party.

  • Guess the kobold's name without using the letters.

    This is a sort of speedrun trophy. Make sure you followed the instructions in Step 1 of the Roadmap and gave your items to the people at the beginning of the game. When you get to the castle, do not collect any letters (the one you get automatically from the merchant is fine). Instead, follow these steps in order:

    1. Enter the floor trap blue key room. Loot the room for food/coins.
    2. Enter the open grating near the kobold room North of the garden. Pick up the mirror (you can open the treasure chest here too if you'd like).
    3. Enter the crate blue key room. When you get to the switch, move the crates so that you can access the coin chest on the left side of the room
    4. Talk to Giulia. Do not enter the blue room (the one with the large cage) next to her yet, because it will advance the timer.
    5. Get the green key from the old lady in the garden
    6. Enter the green key door in the crate room and get the coins from the chest
    7. Enter the green key door to the fire trap room (the one Giulia was standing near) and open the coin chest.
    8. Give you r remaining apple to the donkey (south of the garden). Pick up the two coins he poops out.
    9. At this point, you should have 10 coins in your inventory. Go to the garden and buy the gold key
    10. Climb up the stairs in the top right of the corridor area
    11. Enter the first door (don't light the brazier outside of the room) and talk to the mirror
    12. Give the mirror in your inventory to the mirror
    13. Loot the room for a gold coin
    14. Feel free to loot the other rooms on this floor if you want, but it's not necessary
    15. Go back downstairs and enter the blue room on the right that you passed up before – this will advance the clock (you will know this happened because the kobold will show up and say that the hallways will now have patrols in them)
    16. Use your coin to save your game so you don't have to do all the above stuff over again
    17. Collect any letter you wish (you can even get the red key from the goatherd if you'd like, once he shows up). When it's collected, go back to the garden and check the clock on the north wall. This should take 3-4 letters to happen. Every time you collect a letter, the clock will advance. You want the clock to read 3:30. When that happens, the two figurines should be facing each other and the right window should be lit
    18. Make a save once the clock is in the correct position. You only get one shot at the next bit and the timing is a bit tight.
    19. At the correct time, go back upstairs (notice that the brazier is now lit) and enter the room
    20. The kobold will be in the room. You only have a few seconds – run forward and hide behind the curtains. He will sing a little song and reveal his name, then the trophy will unlock.
  • Open the garden chest.

    On the first floor of the castle (the green/blue/red key doors), there are a total of ten letters you need to collect – 8 from the rooms, 1 from Eisbein (via Animal trap) and 1 from the merchant. Once you have all ten in your inventory, go back to the entrance (south of the garden) and talk to Giulia (the kobold may show up and tell you to follow him. Don't do it yet). She will give you a slip of paper. Take the paper to the garden, equip it and use it on the plaque in front of the fountain.

    Go back to Giulia and there will be a cutscene where she tells you about a book in the library. Go to the library (red key door, in the south corridors). Be careful – there are several enemies in this room. Bypass the first set of shelves and go to the middle part of the room. Go to the leftmost bookshelves and check the very left bookshelf to get a book. Take it to Giulia, who will give you a code. Now take the code and use it on the treasure chest in the garden. Open the chest to get this trophy. Make sure to take the treasure back to Giulia and talk to her about it.

    This is set up for a few trophies later, so I recommend making a save once you've shown Giulia the contents of the chest.

  • Guess the kobold's name using the letters.

    In order to guess the kobold's name using the letters, you need to collect all ten letters on the first floor. Once you've done so, go to the kobold's room (north of the garden) and push the letter blocks into place. Once you've done so, press the red button (I've listed h is name at the end of this entry, if you don't want to figure it out yourself).

    Some room-specific tips/information:

    • Prison – First lever configuration: up / up / down / up (enter right cell). Second lever configuration: up / down / up / up (enter middle cell).
    • Chest Room – Letter is in the top left chest (if you're wearing the ring, it's in the shadows). There's also three gold coins in the top right chest. Also, raid the bookshelves against the back wall for an apple (save it for Shit happens) and bread.
    • Maze Room – Walk left (talk to Giulia for candles if she's there) and follow the linear path until you reach an intersection. Walk left for the board (An interesting clue), then go right / up. Put a candle down here (there's two wall spikes here, for reference). Go right / down / right (long stretch) / up to an intersection. Go right and hit the switch. Go back to that candle you put down. From the candle, go up, then left and follow the path. At the intersection, go right. Ignore the next intersection and keep going right. When you come to the point where you can't go right anymore, start walking down (you will see the switch you threw) and follow the path until you get to the chest. There's a lever you can throw right of the chest that will create a bridge that will take you right to the exit door so you don't need to backtrack.
    • Fire Room – Don't attempt it until you have a bucket full of water (bucket is in the prison, water in the garden). When you get to the three-column fire traps, walk up the middle path, as it's the only one that ends on a safe spot. When you get to the chest area, take the left path; the timing seems to be better. Use the bucket of water in the well above the chest. In the left corner of the chest area, you can push the barrel onto one of the gratings for an easier exit (it takes you north of the garden). There's a chest of cheese in the top right of the fire room and a chest of bread in the top left of the crawlspace area. Just ignore the mirror that's in there, as it's not needed for this run of the game.
    • Library – Get to the chest area either via the main door (the ladder is there too) or the grating just outside of the library. When you get to the area with the Red Camerlengo (he will kill you instantly if he catches you, so heads up), wait until he's away from you, then run up to the top right corner of the area. It's important to place a candle on your way so that you can see the chest. Push the crates to the right and hang around in the small crawlspace. When the Red Camerlengo opens the chest, interact with the clock and quickly go back through the crawlspace. The Red Camerlengo will walk towards the clock, leaving the chest open for you to grab the letter. I recommend then going to the top left area to exit, but you can also hide under the table near the chest and exit through the library (there's just more enemies).
    • Pillar Room – Everything is invisible. Upon entering, hug the wall and work your way right (you will probably come across one of the invisible braziers early on – light it if so). Hug the right wall until you come across the first switch – this will show the enemy that's walking around. Now stay near the top wall (you don't have to hug it) until you come across the other two switches – one will reveal all the traps and the other will show the braziers. Light all six braziers and the chest will appear in the center of the room.
    • The Depths – Avoid all the treasure chests in the main room except the one next to the save fountain. You want the emblem that's in the top right cave (you will know you're in the right room when a worm bites you and Hans puts it in his inventory). When you get to the intersection with the first switch, feel free to walk through the spikes if you have enough healing items (just make sure you leave at least one apple in your inventory). The water/bucket is in the middle cave (there's also a chest just outside of it that is safe to open).

    See below if you don't want to figure out his name for yourself:

    The kobold's name is "Patronio".

  • Feed the worm from the depths.

    In the depths of the castle, the room with the golden emblem you need will have a worm you will automatically obtain once you enter it. A little while later, you will enter another room to get water for a plant and the worm will make itself known again. Once you've watered the plant, go back to the character by the save fountain and get a rusty key from him.

    Take the rusty key back to the area where you got the water and enter the house. On the table you will find a cake – equip the worm and use it with the cake to unlock this trophy. Doing this is setup for both Crown jewel and several of the ending trophies.

  • Catch the butterfly in the depths.

    In order to be able to get this trophy, you will need to open the treasure chest in the garden (Lucrezia's toy).

    Once you've fed the worm from the depths (Delicious), it will turn into a butterfly. Follow it back into the main depths area. Eventually it will land on a skeleton. Pick up the butterfly to unlock this trophy. You don't need to pick it up with the butterfly net equipped but it needs to be in your inventory. Having this butterfly in your inventory is required for several of the ending trophies.

  • One of the five endings.

    When you get to the throne room at the end of the game, just walk right up to it and interact with it to sit down.

  • Discover the truth in the throne hall.

    This will unlock naturally while going for all of the endings.

  • One of the five endings.

    When you get to the throne room at the end of the game, equip the snake ring before you walk up past all the people (alternately, you can equip the snake ring after listening to the Count's speech). After the snake ring reveals the truth, the kobold will have some more things to say. Once he's done talking, sit on the throne.

  • This will unlock naturally while going for all of the endings.

  • Find the hidden treasure of the Count.

    This will unlock naturally while going for all of the endings.

  • Get the treasure hunter badge from Giulia.

    During any of the endings that require you to find the treasure, loot the treasure chests and exit the treasure room. Giulia will be there (provided you did the steps required to unlock Lucrezia's treasure and showed her the treasure chest contents after doing so) simply talk to her. She will give you a treasure hunter badge and you will unlock this trophy.

  • See the donkey again.

    This game spanning trophy requires you to feed the donkey an apple at three different point in the game – at the very beginning when you first come across it (there are two apples in the fenced area next to it – only feed it one), one later when you come across it in the castle corridors south of the garden and one outside of Hans' house at the end of the game.

    When you come across it in the castle corridor, make sure you put down an extra candle or two to keep it in the light, otherwise you risk it disappearing, which will void this trophy. That being said, there will come a point in the game where it will disappear anyways – when Giulia sets up shop in the entranceway, leaving a bunch of candles south of where the donkey was). This is fine, so don't worry about it when it happens. You just need it to stick around until that point in the game.

    While exploring the castle, you will find a few apples hidden in drawers. You shouldn't need to use them as healing items anyway but if you do, make sure you always leave one in your inventory! Some easy ones to pick up are the one in the top right chest of the prison room and the one in the middle bureau in the chests room.

    During any of the endings that require you to leave the castle, go back to Hans' house. The donkey will be grazing near the front door. Give him one of the apples in your inventory to finally unlock this trophy.

  • One of the five endings.

    To unlock this trophy, go to the throne room. Instead of sitting on the throne, push the throne to the left to reveal a door. Exit through the door to end up in the cemetery. Walk back to Hans' house and talk to his mother to unlock this trophy.

  • One of the five endings.

    To unlock this trophy, you must have the crowbar and the butterfly in your inventory. Exit the throne room via the door behind the throne but don't equip the snake ring while you're in the throne room! If you accidentally do, you will just be on the path to A prosperous future.

    Push the throne to the side and exit the castle. Follow the path back towards Hans' house but make a detour when you reach the big boulder and walk up. To the left of the graffiti is a grate. Use the crowbar to open it, then follow the linear path until you reach a sealed door. Use the butterfly with the sealed door to open it. Light the torches in this new room, read the plaque on the tomb and raid the chests. Take your loot back home to Hans' mother and you will unlock this trophy.

  • One of the five endings.

    To unlock this trophy, you must have the crowbar and the butterfly in your inventory. Exit the throne room via the door behind the throne but you must equip the snake ring while you're in the throne room! If you don't, you will just be on the path to Wealth without answers.

    Push the throne to the side and exit the castle. Follow the path back towards Hans' house but make a detour when you reach the big boulder and walk up. To the left of the graffiti is a grate. Use the crowbar to open it, then follow the linear path until you reach a sealed door. Use the butterfly with the sealed door to open it. Light the torches in this new room, read the plaque on the tomb, and raid the chests. Take your loot back home to Hans' mother and you will unlock this trophy.

  • Get the fire room letter without using the bucket of water.

    This trophy is likely to kill you so I recommend you attempt it immediately after making a save. Pay attention to the fire spawn pattern and make your way through the flames. Take the right path when it forks and when you get to the path with three rows of flames, get into the middle as soon as possible, as that's where the next safe square will be. If you took any damage on the way to this safe square, then consider reloading your save and trying again. I personally got hit once before getting to the safe square but it was a close thing.

    Once on the safe square, eat the bread in your inventory (if you've been exploring, you should have 2-3 pieces – one from the vent with the mirror in it near the kobold's letter room [must have given cheese to the goatherd in the beginning], one from Hans' house and at least another from chests/drawers) until you're at full health. Now make a mad dash to the letter chest, spamming to open the chest as soon as possible. Again, you're likely to die but as long as the screen showing the letter shows up, you will unlock this trophy.

    For later reference: the bucket is in the green key door south of the garden. Set the switches to up / up / down / up – this will open the right most cell. In this cell is the bucket and two gold coins. Fill the bucket from the fountain in the garden.

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