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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 7/10 (Platinum Difficulty Poll)
  • Offline: 27 
  • Online: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 15-20 hours (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
  • Missable trophies: Most of them as there is no New Game Plus or chapter select.
  • Does difficulty affect trophies: Yes, The Protocol is About Life trophy_gold.png 
  • Unobtainable/glitched trophies: None


The Callisto Protocol is the debut game from newly formed studio, Striking Distance Studios, a studio headed up by Dead Space veteran Glen Schofield, with the likes of Steve Papoutsis, another Dead Space veteran, on the team. As you can imagine then, it should come as no surprise that The Callisto Protocol is very Dead Space-like, which is nothing but a good thing.

In terms of The Callisto Protocol trophy list, it's a fairly quick completion, coming in at roughly 15 hours, but it's also a potentially annoying list for a few reasons too: There is a hard difficulty trophy which can actually be pretty tricky; and there's no chapter select or New Game Plus. There are collectibles, too, making this a recipe for disaster. 

Abbreviated Walkthrough:

The way to approach The Callisto Protocol without having to play the game twice is this: play on Maximum Security difficulty and follow our Implant Bios collectibles guide so that you can get Grim Reaper trophy_gold.png. There are a lot of story trophies that you'll get naturally; and some combat ones you'll have to get as well. The truth is though, you'll likely get a lot of these naturally. Some, however, like In Striking Distance trophy_gold.png, you might miss depending on your playstyle. So, make sure you get the following by adjusting your playstyle:

And there's a couple RPG trophies you need to keep an eye out for as well:

The rest are story-related.


The Callisto Protocol is a fairly quick, but fairly challenging platinum. That's mainly down to the fact that Maximum Security difficulty is no walk in the park. Prepare to be frustrated at times, but because the game is pretty damn good and looks stunning on the PS5, you won't mind that too much.

The Callisto Protocol Trophy Guide

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47 trophies ( 11  11  24  24  )

  • Collect all trophies

    Simply grab all the other 26 trophies and this shiny platinum trophy will be all yours!
  • Print a weapon for the first time

    Story-related, cannot miss.

    In Chapter 3, 'Aftermath', after meeting up with Elias, he’ll give you part of a gun and you’ll be able to print a BI-55 Pistol “Hand Cannon” at the Reforge - the credits you need to print it are in a crate to the right of the printing machine. Print the gun and this trophy is yours.
  • Print a weapon upgrade

    If you’ve collected enough Callisto Credits in the first chapter, you’ll be able to unlock this trophy directly after you’ve unlocked Paper Jams trophy_silver.png . At this point, I had 230 credits and was able to craft the Stability Upgrade (200 credits) for the BI-55 Hand Cannon. That was before I sold the two Energy Converters I’d picked up, too.

    If you don’t have enough credits, no worries, there are plenty of credits and other opportunities to do this in your playthrough.
  • Stab five blind enemies in the back

    In Chapter 6, 'Below', you’ll come across a set of infected enemies who are blind, and only react to sound. It’s very clearly signposted in the game as well with game objectives and graffiti all over the wall informing you. You simply need to backstab five of them to get this trophy; crouching (with circle.png) and hitting cross.png

    In terms of tips: you can crouch walk at full speed and they won’t hear you. Make sure they don’t bump into you. I also used the GRP to pick up objects and throw them as distractions too, which is a great strategy to get them where you want them. Also, they literally can't hear you stab another enemy right next to them, so don't worry about alerting them.

    And finally, don’t be afraid to reload a checkpoint. There are loads of them in this chapter, so don’t worry about doing it on the first five. There’s probably another 50 or so more in the area, and some in Chapter 7, too.

Secret trophies

  • Beat the game on any difficulty

    See The Protocol is About Life trophy_gold.png  for more information.
  • Fully Upgrade One Weapon

    The easiest weapon to do this with is the BI-55 Hand Cannon. This is for a few reasons: 1) it only has four upgrades, 2) those upgrades are cheaper than all the other weapons too. The alternate fire “TK23 Boom Bullets” upgrade, for instance, is only 1800 credits, while one of the top upgrades for the Stun Baton is 2700.

    In terms of the best way to get credits. That’s a case of looting everywhere, and sacrificing inventory slots for loot to sell - which is mainly excess syringes, excess ammo and all kinds of sellable goodies and what not. Upgrading your equipment is the key to making the game that bit easier, so regardless of this trophy, you’ll need to do this throughout the game anyway.
  • Beat the game on Maximum Security difficulty

    Maximum Security difficulty is no joke. It's a bit of a slog in truth, but it's not impossible, by any stretch of the imagination. Conserve your ammo, master the dodging mechanics, use stealth where possible and you should be okay. In terms of your upgrade path, making sure you unlock the 'blocks do no damage' perks (in the stun baton tree) is imperative, as is upgrading the GRP - all of it, if you can. The alt-fires on all the guns are great, but you'll rinse your ammo that way, so don't rely on these too much or even unlock them in the upgrade tree. The GRP should be your go to strategy, as 1) it regenerates, and 2) if you upgrade the throw, you can not only use enemies as weapons or crush them into walls, but it gives you some much needed breathing room.

    And finally, make sure you get all the weapons too. The locations of which can be found here in our weapons blueprints locations guide.
  • Harvest and read all implant bios

    In Chapter 3, 'Aftermath', you'll be introduced to a form of the game's collectibles, "implant bios." The implant bio is effectively the chip in the back of the neck and there are usually five or six per chapter that you can collect. Some are optional, some are mandatory, and because there's no chapter select or New Game Plus, if you miss one, you have to redo the entire playthrough (or load an old save if you have one and go from there).

    Fear not though, folks, if you follow our implant bio collectibles guide, you won't miss anything!
  • Uncover the mystery of Kallipolis

    In order to unlock this trophy, you need to find two secret rooms located in two completely different chapters.

    The first secret room can be found on the left side of the Machine Room (in Chapter 3, 'Aftermath'). Before you go down, head into Workshop B415 and then take the duct on the right. Then, follow the corridor all the way to the end to get access to this secret room. The audio log is at the table at the end.

    The second secret room can be found in Chapter 6, 'Below', when you’ve made it through the Power Tunnels and are in the Power Plant. After making your way through the bottom floor, you’ll come across a ladder to go up a level. Directly opposite that ladder (with the Power Reactor control room on your right) is a small hole in the wall with a TIE Fighter-esque symbol to its right. Go in the hole and follow the path all the way to the bottom until you come to two large doors like you encountered at the first secret room. You can bypass the doors to the right where there’s a hole in the wall. Go through it and to the end of the room to pick up the audio log. Once you have done that, you'll unlock this trophy.

    If you follow our implant bio collectibles guide, both are mentioned in there too.
  • Grab twenty-five enemies with the GRP

    In Chapter 3, 'Aftermath', about midway through the chapter, you’ll receive the GRP, which is basically the game’s “Kinesis module.” All you need to do for this trophy is use the GRP on 25 enemies - l2.png and then press cross.png. You don’t need to kill them, or anything, just grab them. Luckily the battery power regenerates as well, so you don’t need to be that careful when you come to using it. Grab 25 enemies and this trophy is yours.
  • Take down a security robot

    This is pretty much unmissable as an opportunity to take down a security bot presents itself during the game’s 'Aftermath' chapter. Shoot the robot in the head using the Hand Cannon, and make sure to use cover so you don’t get blasted to mulch. After a few well-aimed shots, the bot will fall to the ground and the trophy will unlock.
  • Take down the two-head

    Story-related, cannot miss.

    You’ll encounter the first “two-head” midway through Chapter 6, 'Below'. After you’ve restored power to the transport platform at the Power Plant, and made your way back to the platform itself, after clearing a few waves of enemies (namely 3: one that spawns at the back and then one on either side), the two-head will make its way onto the platform, and you have to fight him.

    It’s not the easiest of fights and you’ll need a ton of ammo. But you can get into a routine of running to one crate (while reloading) and then turning and pumping 4 shots of your hopefully mostly upgraded Skunk Gun into his face, you'll be fine. In this instance, the Skunk Gun is better than the Riot Gun, because it has a better rate of fire (unless you’ve fully upgraded that as well as the Skunk Gun). And then rinse and repeat.

    If you have the explosive alt-fire on the Hand Cannon, that’s handy too. After a few shots it should go to its knees for a few seconds. Use that time to search for ammo or heal, or reload and change weapons. Or, if you’re good, unload some more shots into its head(s).

    Finally, once you’ve done enough damage it’ll lose a head (around 50%), and then, when you’ve done another 50% more damage, it’ll go down once and for all. His attack patterns don’t change and the one major rule for this fight is: don’t let it get in range to attack. If you do, you’ve already lost… probably. He's practically useless at range though, so use that to your advantage.
  • Kill an enemy via GRP and a melee combo

    Once you've got the GRP in Chapter 3, you'll be able to unlock In Striking Distance trophy_gold.png . To do so, you're going to want to pull an enemy towards you, and instead of throwing them, melee them with the baton instead. Do that and you'll unlock this trophy.

    A couple of things to note if you're struggling:
    • If you can't defeat them quick enough before you battery drains, then upgrade the baton's damage, and also the battery of the GRP.
    • Do this as early as you can, as enemies get stronger and have more health later on in the game.
    • We didn't do this, as we got it the traditional way, but it dawned on us after that you could do this with the facehugger worms a hell of a lot easier, so try that it you haven't already.
  • Take a photo using photo mode

    This one is perfectly straightforward. Simply pause the game, select Photo Mode from the menu, then use r2.png to take a snap. It doesn’t matter what the picture looks like; you'll still get the trophy.
  • Perfect dodge five times

    The perfect dodge is an interesting one in this game because it’s not immediately obvious whether you’ve been successful - and the game doesn’t actually tell you about perfect dodges at all.

    The crux of this trophy is that you basically wait until the last second to hold a stick direction to dodge an attack. If you’re holding it one direction it won’t count, but if you press it at the last second, it’ll register as a perfect dodge. It took us a while to unlock this one, and didn’t get it until well into Chapter 7 (naturally), so if needs be, find an enemy early on in the game whose moves are telegraphed and not likely to one-tap you (and is close to a checkpoint), and then grind this out with them. If you die, whatever, reload the checkpoint and try again.
  • Use melee or ranged weapons to take both arms off a living enemy

    You can actually get this very easily, very early on in the game. After getting the shiv from Elias and making your way into the area over the bridge, you’ll encounter a QTE section with two inmates, which will net you the crowbar (of sorts). After that you’ll encounter a mutant, just keep whacking the right trigger and you should remove both arms and the trophy should unlock. You'll get this one without even trying... like we did.
  • Kill ten enemies with environmental hazards

    Throughout Callisto there’s a load of environmental hazards that you can use to your advantage. The first real example of this is fairly early on in the game when you pick up the stun baton, there’ll be some spikes on the wall behind where the enemy comes out the grate. If you hit him a few times, he will fly backwards into the spikes.

    You’ll likely get this trophy though towards the end of Chapter 2, 'Aftermath', after you’ve gone across the chasm on the gondola. In that room, when you’ve moved both batteries to the top walkway, you’ll be able to throw a ton of enemies into the contraption in the middle of the room. Best thing here is that it counts your progress if you die too, meaning you can grind them out here if you so wish. In truth, it’s a tricky section that will take a few tries, so you’ll probably get it naturally anyway.
  • Use GRP to kill an enemy by throwing them into an environmental hazard

    You’ll unlock the GRP in Chapter 2, 'Aftermath', and not long after getting it, you’ll be able to get this trophy.

    After you’ve made your way down the lift shaft, and come out in a maintenance area in the basement (where those dodgy head things latch onto you). At the far end of that room you’ll see a fan with a chest behind it. If you try to go round and get the chest an enemy will come out of the vents. Use your GRP on them and back up and fling them into the spikes on the wall. 

    If you miss that, you’ll definitely get it towards the end of the chapter, after you’ve gone over the gondola. There’s a room where you’ll be tasked with powering up the SHU - throw one of the enemies into the gears or moving chains using the GRP as they grind into action.
  • Find the Outer Way boarding craft

    Story-related, cannot miss.

    This will be the first trophy you get in the game. In Chapter 1, 'Cargo', after making your way into the hold within the first few minutes of gaining control, you’ll come across a fire and the Outer Way boarding craft.
  • Elias gives Jacob a shiv

    Story-related, cannot miss.

    When you reach Callisto and are locked up early in Chapter 2, 'Outbreak', when things start going very wrong you’ll come across Elias in a cell who will give you a shiv. Trophy unlocked.
  • Activate the SHU

    Story-related, cannot miss.

    Towards the end of Chapter 3, 'Aftermath', when you reunite with Elias, you’ll unlock this trophy before going across on a gondola to another area.
  • Survive the pipeslide

    Story-related, cannot miss.

    During Chapter 4, 'Habitat', you’ll find yourself in the sewers in a large pipe. What then ensues is a set-piece involving a “pipeslide” that when you get to the end and climb the chain, this trophy will unlock.
  • Return to the crashed ship

    Story-related, cannot miss.

    About midway through Chapter 5, 'Lost', you’ll make your way to a snowcat and out the main gate. On the way to where you're going, you’ll return to the crashed ship and this trophy is yours.
  • Reach the Hangar flight deck

    Story-related, cannot miss.

    At the end of Chapter 5, 'Lost', you’ll make your way up a lift and onto the flight deck where this trophy will unlock.
  • Restore power to the old facility

    Story-related, cannot miss.

    In Chapter 6, you’ll find yourself underground and will need to restore power to an old facility, so that you can get the hell out of dodge. To do that, you’ll need to turn on three relays in the Power Plant which you get to via the Power Tunnels - which you can get access to if you make your way to the tram (AKA the Transport Platforms) and grab the access card. Once you’ve activated the third relay, the trophy is yours.
  • Find the source

    Story-related, cannot miss.

    After making your way out of Arcas and its outpost there and reaching the biodome underground, you’ll head left while Dani combs through the data. After you’ve passed through the first corridor, this trophy will unlock.
  • Get thrown back into original cell

    Story-related, cannot miss.

    This trophy will unlock at the very beginning of Chapter 9, 'Tower', after the brief cutscene with a security bot.

DLC: New Game Plus

1 trophies

DLC: Hardcore Mode

3 trophies

DLC: Contagion Mode

2 trophies

DLC: Riot Mode

7 trophies

DLC: Final Transmission

7 trophies


Secret trophies

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