Slider Trophy in The Bridge

  • Slider


    Complete The Intersection without walking.

    How to unlock Slider

    The most annoying trophy in the game. Play Mirrored Chapter IV, Stage V without touching the D-Pad or directional stick. Unlike Refrainer, you have a Menace ball to worry about, as well as more difficult timing.

    You want to continually shift around the stage using the R shoulder button (using the L one to correct as needed to keep the Menace ball out of the vortex; just be careful you're not using the L shoulder button while you're in the gravity veil!). Each rotation around the room will briefly drop you into the gravity veil once (twice if you're lucky). While falling through the veil, keep holding the R shoulder button and the Menace ball's gravity will shift slightly. Slowly but surely, you'll change the Menace ball's gravity relative to your position enough that you can finish the stage by sliding into the area with the door while nudging the Menace ball to the unlock button.

    The trick is learning when you can stop the cycle. Line up the lamps as shown in this screenshot and you'll be good to go. There's no penalty for using the rewind button, so use it as needed!

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  • This can be done in 2 rotations. I can't remember the exact set up but when the level starts you want to rotate the boulder to open the door then I think you want to rotate back so the guy starts falling to the door just as the boulder opens the door. Then there is a slight delay in the door locking again so the guy is able to get through. If done correctly this level will take 10 seconds. Sorry for the poor explanation!
  • This can be done in literally 2 moves. Can't remember the set up exactly but when you start you want to rotate so the boulder unlocks the door then turn so the man gets to the door. When the boulder opens the door it stays open for just enough time to get the guy there and end the level. Sorry for the poor explanation!
  • Correction: It's regular Chapter IV, Stage V, not mirrored.
  • Wow, I'm glad I waited till now to download this game and get the most up-to-date strategies
  • Yeah, I can confirm two comments above. This is in regular IV:V, not mirrored. The method DoggerStyle mentioned worked for me without much trouble. Basically, I rotated it right to get my guy to the door then left to get the ball to the switch. A little bit before it hits the switch, start rotating back right. The door stays unlocked briefly even as the ball rolls away so you can finish the level that way.

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