• Estimated trophy difficulty: Dependent on puzzle skill; 3-4/10 with guide (personal estimate) (Trophy Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 20 (19, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 5-10 hours (Estimated Time to 100%)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 (+ Chapter Select if needed)
  • Number of missable trophies: 0 (Chapter Select)
  • Glitched trophies: 0, but sometimes there's a few second delay in popping.
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: N/A
  • Do trophies stack?: PS3, PS4 and Vita share a trophy list
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheat codes (kinda... )


The Bridge is a puzzle game originally released on Steam and Xbox Live Arcade in 2013, and has now been ported to PSN. Heavily inspired by the works of M.C. Escher, the game requires players to manipulate gravity in each stage as well as play with perspective in order to navigate obstacles and move through the stages. Think somewhere in the ballpark of SHIFT Extended on PSN, except you can't jump.

The first half of the game is actually pretty fun. The back half is an exercise in frustration and over-reliance on pixel-perfect precision timing, and by all rights that silver trophy should be a gold one, and at least one of the bronzes should be silver.

I don't recommend playing this one on the Vita; a lot of the stages zoom out too much for you to really be able to tell what you're doing. I personally played the first four chapters on the Vita, then switched over to my PS4 and finished it up there.


The Bridge has stage select, so nothing is truly missable. Also, the  button allows you to rewind time, so you don't have to worry about having to do everything all over again if you screw up part of a puzzle. There are no trophies linked to NOT using this mechanic, so go for it.

The game isn't particularly good at telling you how some of its mechanics work; it relies a lot on trial and error. In particular, the shifting mechanic introduced in Chapter III (changes your location in the stage as well as your character's color and you can only interact with things – including enemies – that match your color), as well as the gravity veil mechanic introduced in Chapter IV (items with “black mist” in them are affected when you shift gravity in the game; you stay in place until you leave the veil. There are always items in the background [usually lamps] that will help you out with how the gravity of each object in the stage will work).

There aren't any definitive video walkthroughs for the game. THIS ONE by ChristopherOdd is pretty good, but a few of his solutions are overly complicated (notably the ones for Chapter IV, Stage VI [The Archway] and Mirrored Chapter II Stage III [The Lion]); I recommend doing a YouTube search for other peoples' methods for those.

[PST Would Like to Thank themindisacity for this Roadmap]

The Bridge Trophy Guide

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20 trophies ( 19  )

  • Finish Chapter I.

    Solve all six puzzles in Chapter I.

  • Finish Chapter II.

    Solve all six puzzles in Chapter II.

  • Finish Chapter III.

    Solve all six puzzles in Chapter III.

  • Finish Chapter IV.

    Solve all six puzzles in Chapter IV.

  • Finish Mirrored Chapter I.

    Solve all six puzzles in Mirrored World I.

  • Finish Mirrored Chapter II.

    Solve all six puzzles in Mirrored World II.

  • Finish Mirrored Chapter III.

    Solve all six puzzles in Mirrored World III.

  • Finish Mirrored Chapter IV.

    Solve all six puzzles in Mirrored World IV.

  • Cross The Bridge.

    Once you've finished Chapters I-IV, continuing through the path in the house will lead to a long bridge with some dialogue and a cut scene. The title of the game will appear after, and the trophy will pop.

  • Complete The Library being no louder than a whisper.

    Go back to Chapter I, Stage II: The Library. The goal here is to do the level SLOWLY so you make little to no noise. I recommend going into the options screen and turning off the music so you can hear the sound effects better. The sliding book is the most obvious thing to keep in mind; it makes a loud sound when it switches sides if you don't nudge it along, but things like footsteps count too, so make your way through the stage by shifting around rather than walking.

    Solus Sicarius has made a video walkthrough HERE

  • Catch the unchained key in Mirrored Courtyard.

    Finish Mirrored Chapter I, Stage IV: The Courtyard. You have to catch the key in midair in order to complete the stage.

  • Complete The Timepiece in less than 1 minute.

    This can be done in either Chapter III Stage II: The Timepiece, or Mirrored Chapter III, Stage II: The Timepiece. It is much easier when done in the regular stage. You can do it in less than twenty seconds here. Walkthrough below:

    Walk right
    Walk left (grab key)
    Walk right
    Walk left while rotating stage until you reach the door

  • Complete The Aftermath with 2 inversions.

    Play Chapter III Stage III using the inversion only twice. Easily done with a little trial and error, but Solus Sicarius has made a video guide HERE 

  • Complete The Corridor with 3 inversions.

    Play Chapter III, Stage V: The Corridor using only 3 inversions. It's a bit trickier because you have to manipulate the position of the Menace balls and the key before using each of your inversions.

    Solus Sicarius has made a video guide HERE 

  • Complete Mirrored Garden with 5 inversions.

    Play Mirrored Chapter III, Stage VI: The Garden using only 5 inversions. The trickiest of the three. Keep the Menace ball close to the button as often as possible, and get ready to walk around the perimeter of the stage a lot.

    Video guide from ChristopherOdd's walkthrough HERE

  • Fall for 30 seconds.

    You're likely to get this while searching for the wisps, but this trophy can be done at any time in the overworld. Walk outside of the house and shift gravity to the left or right so you're falling sideways. Be careful not to shift too far or you'll fly off the screen. You will automatically fall through any tree branches, but you'll land if you hit the house or any of the fences, so be careful of that.

  • Complete The Precipice without rotating.

    Play Chapter II, Stage II: The Precipice without touching the shoulder buttons.

    This one isn't too bad; it's a matter of timing. The trick is watching the vortex; it “pulses” a set amount of times before it disappears. Walk into the vortex just after the fourth “pulse” and hold right; instead of getting trapped in the vortex you'll be thrown just outside of its reach as it disappears. Walk over to the key, then repeat the process (holding left instead of right) to get back to the door.

    Solus Sicarius has made a video guide HERE

  • Complete The Intersection without walking.

    The most annoying trophy in the game. Play Mirrored Chapter IV, Stage V without touching the D-Pad or directional stick. Unlike Refrainer, you have a Menace ball to worry about, as well as more difficult timing.

    You want to continually shift around the stage using the R shoulder button (using the L one to correct as needed to keep the Menace ball out of the vortex; just be careful you're not using the L shoulder button while you're in the gravity veil!). Each rotation around the room will briefly drop you into the gravity veil once (twice if you're lucky). While falling through the veil, keep holding the R shoulder button and the Menace ball's gravity will shift slightly. Slowly but surely, you'll change the Menace ball's gravity relative to your position enough that you can finish the stage by sliding into the area with the door while nudging the Menace ball to the unlock button.

    The trick is learning when you can stop the cycle. Line up the lamps as shown in this screenshot and you'll be good to go. There's no penalty for using the rewind button, so use it as needed!

  • Complete all mirrored worlds.

    Contrary to what you might think, this doesn't actually pop when “Genius” pops. There's a sort of “epilogue” puzzle, where the house you're in has one of those mirror tesseract things. Shift the stage around to fall into the tesseract. The game's title will appear and the trophy will pop.

  • Collect all hidden wisps.

    There are seven wisps hidden throughout the game; when all are collected, they make a picture that you can see under the Trophy category in the options menu. The loading screens in the Mirrored Chapters each have hints as to their locations, but only a few are actually in the Mirrored Chapters.

    It does not matter the order in which you collect them; the image will always unlock in a certain order. The hit box for them is a little flawed in your favor; often you just need to be very close to it/brush the “flame” part instead of the “core” part in order to collect it.

    See below for locations and screenshots.

    Chapter IV, Stage V: The Intersection
    You likely got this on accident while trying to solve the puzzle. It's attached to the lamp closest to the veil.

    Shift gravity so you're falling sideways, and fall through the tree branches 13 times. After the 13th time, you'll fall right past the wisp. Use rewind to back up and adjust your fall to collect it.

    Enter the Konami code. No, really. Up-up-down-down-left-right-left-right-X-O. Do yourself a favor and do this inside the house to minimize the pain of collecting it. If you do spawn it outside, move until it's no longer on the screen and you can spawn it again.

    Chapter I, Stage IV: The Courtyard
    At the very beginning of the level, just hold the rewind button for about 60 seconds. The small hint the stage gives you is that the leaves on the tree keep going back into the tree, and the game doesn't “jolt” to indicate you've reached the end of your rewind time. Eventually, your character will fly up into the sky, where you'll see the wisp. Shift the stage around to control your descent; this is somewhat difficult as you can't see your character until just before you hit the wisp.

    Mirrored Chapter III
    In the stage select area of Mirrored Chapter III, keep walking to the left, past the doors, and you'll get it.

    Mirrored Chapter II, Stage II: The Precipice
    It's hiding on the candle. You need to slide yourself across the stage before shifting it so you wind up landing on the underside of the stage (while the stage is turned around so you don't fall off, obviously). This one has tricky timing, too, as you can't see your character most of the time that he's falling; experiment with inclines of the ramp and try to use the momentum of movement to nudge him over the edge instead of walking off of it.

    Mirrored Chapter I, Stage III: Mirrored Menace
    Timing, timing, timing. You're going to die a lot on this one. It's all quick rotations here. The goal is to get into the Bird area without being hit by the many Menace balls around. The excellent news is that unlike the original version, you do NOT have to do this all in one go! I rewound many times in my go and still got the wisp. It's tucked away in the corner and barely visible.

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