Cat Lover Trophy in The Bradwell Conspiracy

  • Cat Lover


    Print more cats than dogs on the Personality Test Platforms.

    How to unlock Cat Lover

    Early on in the game, you'll get what is called the Substance Mobile Printer (SMP for short). During the tutorial for this device, you'll be tasked with printing a total of 6 dogs and cats (you need to print at least 1 of each animal). For this trophy, you need to make sure you print more cats than dogs.

    Technically, this trophy and Dog Lover should require two separate playthroughs to get but you can upload/download your save file so you can get them in the same run. Exit back to the main menu as soon as you're given the instructions to print the animals and back up your save. Start the game back up and complete the task. Exit out of the game and redownload your previous save file. Start the game back up and now print more of whichever animal you didn't the first time. This method will allow you to get the Platinum in one playthrough if you're going for all of the collectibles in one run.

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  • Or you could just stop here and start again instead of two full run throughs.
  • Actually, as soon as you get trophy for one you can just leave and continue and it puts you before to do the other.

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