Inbox Zeroed Trophy in The Bradwell Conspiracy

  • Inbox Zeroed


    Read all the emails in the game.

    How to unlock Inbox Zeroed

    There are 44 Emails in the game, 9 of which include the Voice Memos required for Audiophile (you need to read the email and listen to the voice memo). You will find the emails on Computers, Tablets, and one TV monitor towards the end of the game. When you walk by these items, a large white plus sign will appear, letting you know that you can interact with them. Just keep an eye out for that indicator as you go and, as long as you're fully exploring each room, you'll knock out most of these on your own.

    The locations of all the emails are as follows (the bold name is the room they're located in and should match the location shown in the top left corner of your game):

    ~There are no emails to read until after you have taken your first elevator ride~

    Alex Segher's Office

    • "Voice Mail" *Voice Memo*
    • "Welcome to new employee"

    Meera Chaudri's Office

    • "High Priority: Ken's 55th Birthday Party"
    • "Re: Requested updates to blueprint from Melissa Bradwell"
    • "Re: Module update for Algae Pod Blueprint"
    • "Clean water initiative June update"
    • "Your Daily Meditation" (on the tablet) *Voice Memo*
    • "Re: Water initiative rollout" (on the tablet)

    PBR Control Room

    • "Voicemail Message" Voice Memo
    • "Happy Birthday Employee: K. Giller"
    • "Re: Wanna grab a birthday brandy later??"
    • "Waste Water Pipe Connection"

    Research Labs

    • "Results from 3H27V+NARAC Blueprint"
    • "Re: Re: Evacuation Protocol Reminder"
    • "Re: Re: Requested updates to blueprint from Melissa Bradwell"
    • "Clean water initiative June update"

    Pump Room 3

    • "Voice Memo" *Voice Memo*
    • "Re: Re: High Priority - Ken's 55th Birthday Party"
    • "Water Pipe Rerouting"
    • "Waste Water Pipe Connection"

    Examination Room 1

    • "Busy Sunday!"
    • "Important Notice"

    Patient Care Room 1

    • "Urgent: Job Assignment - Medical Sector"
    • "Re: Sunday Games"

    Research Lab 1

    • "Participant 67 - Log 1" *Voice Memo*
    • "Participant 67 - Log 2" *Voice Memo*
    • "Participant 67 - Log 3" *Voice Memo*
    • "Participant 67 - Log 4" *Voice Memo*
    • "Participant 67 - Log 5" *Voice Memo*

    John Bradwell's Office

    • "Speed for tomorrow"
    • "Appointment Reminder"
    • "CWI Rollout"
    • "Suit for summer solstice foundation event"

    Melissa Bradwell's Office

    • "Voicemail" *Voice Memo*
    • "Honey Pot"
    • "London House Request"
    • "Emergency Meeting"
    • "Updates to EVAC Computer"
    • "Update: Files Downloaded" (On the TV monitor)
    • "Update: Worm.bexe Installed" (On the TV monitor)
    • "Update: Files Uploaded" (On the TV monitor)


    • "Important Notice"
    • "Important Notice"
    • "EVAC Rails"

    If you miss any on your initial run, you'll have to start a new game to pick it/them up. Luckily, your progress towards this trophy carries over so you only need to read the emails/listen to the voice memos you missed to unlock the trophies.

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