Bibliophile Trophy in The Bradwell Conspiracy

  • Bibliophile


    Look at all the unique books in the game.

    How to unlock Bibliophile

    There are 18 Books in total that you need to look at (interact with them to read the cover/title). When you walk by the books, a large white plus sign will appear, letting you know you can interact with it so be on the look out for the symbol as you play.

    The locations of all the books are as follows (the bold name is the room they are in and should match the room shown in the top left corner of your game):

    • Recruitment: "Lives of Flamingos"
    • Finance Office: "Fundamental Anatomy of the Golf Swing"
    • Fulfilment and Distribution: "Chateau in the Night"

    ~After you go through the first Vent~

    • Atrium: "Ardour for the Marquis"
    • Security Office: "Mysterious Monsieur"

    ~After you take the first Elevator~

    • Clean Water & Energy Reception: "Salt-Water Purification"
    • Altrium (2 books here): "Algae Molecular Biology Purification" and "Photosynthesis in Algae" (located in the party area)
    • Office Section A: "Waste Water Treatment with Algae"
    • Meera Chaudhri's Office: "The Environmental Science of Safe Water" (in the desk drawer)
    • PBR Control Room: "Algae for Water Purification"
    • Research Labs: "Green Energy: Algae Uses in Energy Production"
    • Clarifier Control Room: "Nanoseparations: Selective Purification of Water"

    ~After the next Elevator ride~

    • Atrium: "Drug Stability"
    • Examination Room 2: "Fundamentals of Neuroscience"
    • Research Wing: "Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology"
    • Research Lab 1: "Nanobiomaterials"
    • Kevin Malcomson's Office: "Neuroanatomy"

    ~After going to the Bradwell's Offices~

    • Maintenance: "Murder in Couture"

    If you miss any on your initial run, you'll have to start a new game to pick it/them up. Luckily, your progress towards this trophy carries over so you only need to pick up the book(s) you missed to unlock the trophy.

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