• Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10 (5 or 6/10 if you don't attempt the combat challenges on Human *PLEASE SEE WARNING ABOUT LOWERING THE DIFFICULTY FOR THE LUCHADOR TROPHY* - Platinum Difficulty Rating
  • Offline trophies: 47 (36, 7, 3, 1)
  • Online trophies: None.
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 20-25 hours (If you play Super Hero difficulty first). 30-35 hours (If you choose a lower difficulty first) - Estimated Time to Platinum
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1. 2 recommended if you want to enjoy the game more first off.
  • Number of missable trophies: None. There is Chapter Select at Peter Parker's house.
  • Glitched trophies: None.
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No.
  • Do trophies stack?: Yes, the 3 difficulty trophies all stack.
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats available.


Welcome to The Amazing Spider-Man 2, the sequel to the 2012 Amazing Spider-Man game. Compared to the first game where you were facing off against cross-species villains, in this one you face off against a mixture of villains, most of which are related to the Ravenscroft Institute. Furthermore, Wilson Fisk (The Kingpin) is orchestrating some shady deals.

Compared to the first game, there are parts where you will be playing as Peter Parker, and can talk to characters with multiple dialogue choices, though none affect the story. The game isn't much harder than the first game, and you may actually enjoy the game more than the original as there are some fan favourites who appear here as well as a nice variety of locations you'll be in.

Most of your time with this game will come with its collectibles and levelling up all the Spider-Man suits, but nothing is that bad, and if you are a fan of Spider-Man then you will likely really enjoy this game.

This game has good fan service with its alternate suits and comics, so it is a cool Spider-Man history lesson as well if you are interested. So let us start!

Step 1 - Complete Story mode on Super Hero difficulty.

Playing through the story will be where you spend less of your time, as most of the trophy time takes place in the free roam after the game. That said, here are the trophies you will earn from playing the story.

Any trophies that have 'Most likely' will be down to how thorough you are in your search for enemies, and the amount of fights you decide to take part in. Naturally any trophies that you don't get, you will be able to go for in post-game free roam.

*Important note* Whilst you can change to a lower difficulty under Settings to beat the challenges, DO NOT change the difficulty until AFTER you have beaten the game, as even if you change it once, it will stop you from earning any higher difficulty trophies.

Completing the game on the highest difficulty without rushing will get you:

Super Hero
I'm on a Roll!
Stay Down!
Most likely Breaker
Know Your Enemies
Most likely All Tied Up
Most likely Drop It!
The Hunter, Hunted
Lovers' Quarrel
Is it Over?
You Are Under Arrest
The Green Goblin
Switch Off
Now It Is Over
Most likely Can't Hit Me
Most likely Timing is Everything
Lightweight champion
Middleweight Champion
Most likely, if you are thorough: Heavyweight Champion
Most likely, True Hero
Most likely, Master of the Web
Most likely, Friendly Fire
Most likely, Aerial Break
Most likely, Sneaky

Step 2 - Post-game free roam clean up.

It is quicker for you to focus on all the side activities once the game is over, as even if you decided to work on these whilst playing through your story, you will still take the same amount of time to the game mentioned in the above Overview (if you're playing Super Hero difficulty first), unless you skip through the cutscenes, as the maxing of suits takes quite a few hours.

Once the game is over, you can Chapter Select the last chapter in the unlikely chance you missed Friendly Fire .

You will want to replay the 2 chapters with Black Cat in to get the story related Black Cat journals. The remaining Black Cat journals are in Free Roam. Black Cat has 10 journals, 5 of which are in story mode and the other 5 being in Free roam. More details can be found at the Lover trophy.

You can also now go for any trophies that I marked as 'Most likely' in your story playthrough that you didn't earn, as well as work towards all the side activity trophies such as helping civilians, beating up criminals, taking pictures, and a lot more.

The most time consuming trophy will be for maxing out all of the Spidey suits, which you can find more details of in the Ultimate Spider-Man trophy in the guide.

You will earn:

Special Agent
Hunter of Killers
Hero of the People
Ultimate Spider-Man
State of the Art
Guardian Angel

Step 3 - Platinum!

Woot sauce to da max, my liege. Have a lovely Golden Spider-Man !

Does Everything a Spider Can!

[PST Would Like to Thank SSJ4_Haruhi for this Roadmap]

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trophy Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed trophies
Show secret trophies

47 trophies ( 36  13  )

  • Unlock all trophies

    With great power comes great responsibility. You've served New York well, now enjoy your platinum trophy.

  • Completed the game on Human difficulty

    See Super Hero for more details.

  • Hero


    Completed the game on Hero difficulty

    See Super Hero for more details.

  • Completed the game on Super Hero difficulty

    These difficulty trophies will all pop once you have defeated the final boss and the cutscene plays.

    *Important note* Collectibles and costumes will NOT carry over if you choose to play Super Hero mode as your second playthrough. Also, do not change to a lower difficulty until AFTER you have beaten the game, as otherwise you will not earn this trophy.

    You can change the difficulty once you have beaten the game and go for any Black Cat journals, and still get the Lover trophy.

    Super Hero difficulty tips:

    • You will want to immediately work on upgrading your Spider-Sense upgrades to see enemy's field of vision and to see collectibles. I also highly recommend upgrading your Web Pull and Seismic Blast abilities too.
    • This difficulty can be dealt with a lot more quickly by performing stealth takedowns on enemies with when you are near enough to them and they can't see you.
    • If you are ever spotted by enemies with guns, then press to slow down time and Web Rush to a further away location. The enemies will search for you and also look high above for you, so you need to stay far away.
    • Again, regarding enemies with guns, use to disarm them, as bullets will quickly decrease your health.
    • Whenever you are low on health, try to get to a quiet area and press on the D-Pad to heal yourself. This takes about 5-6 seconds to do.
    • If you are ever in a tight spot with bosses, (Web Rush) can slow down time for you and get you further away. Though it isn't foolproof, as enemies can knock you off walls and ceilings.
    • The Vigilante suit is a very good choice for this difficulty as every time you level up, you get further Stealth Efficiency which makes it easier to perform stealth takedowns.
  • Collected all Spider-Man comic books

    There are 300 comic books scattered all around New York but you only need to collect 285 to get all the comics unlocked at Comic Stand.

    Whilst they do appear on your mini-map, you can increase the area of scope by equipping the Hornet suit, which you earn for completing all 15 races, and being a Hero, as that increases your stats slightly.

  • Retrieved all parts of Black Cat's journal

    Black Cat has 10 journals, 5 of which are in story mode and the other 5 being in Free roam.

    You can change the difficulty once you have beaten the game and go for any Black Cat journals, and still get the Lover trophy.

    Check out this video from PS4 Trophies Wozamil for the story mode journals and free roam journals.

    The first 3 story collectibles in the video are from Chapter 7 - No One is Safe, whilst the remaining 2 are from Chapter 9 - Claws of the Cat.

    Also, here is PS4 Trophies Wozamil's thread regarding this trophy, which has pictures of the free roam audio journals if you prefer to see that:

    The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Black Cat Audio Log Collectible Locations

  • Retrieved all parts of Menken's journal

    These journals are only obtainable in Free Roam mode. You will find that sometimes when you go to a 'Photo Investigation' on your map that you find two shades wearing secret agents in suits looking suspicious.

    Just take a picture of them. You can even get right up in their face and they won't try and stop you.

    As you will be going towards completing all the photo investigations anyway, then it doesn't matter that you can't tell which 'Photo Investigation' icon has which activity linked to it (CK symbols, Detective Dewolff, etc).

  • Retrieved all parts of Detective's journal

    These journals are only obtainable in Free Roam mode. You will find that sometimes when you go to a 'Photo Investigation' on your map that you find Detective Dewolff standing by her police car with a laptop open.

    You just need to take a photograph of the classified details on her laptop.

    As you will be going towards completing all the photo investigations anyway, then it doesn't matter that you can't tell which 'Photo Investigation' icon has which activity linked to it (CK symbols, Menken agents, etc).

  • Achieved a combo streak of 42

    Playing against the enemies at the construction site in Chapter 2, web rushing to the next batch of enemies, and dodging a bit more than actually punching, you can earn this trophy then.

    For a more guaranteed chance, playing the combat challenges will net you this as well and is much more guaranteed.

  • Performed 15 signature moves

    See Master of the Web for more details.

  • Destroyed 20 body armors

    Once you have earned the Ionic Blast ability, your web will be able to destroy enemy body armor by repeatedly pressing .

    You should earn this before the story ends, but if for whatever reason you don't, some Deadlock challenges (denoted by a gun symbol) have these armored enemies, as well as the combat challenges at Comic Stand.

  • Unlocked all character bios

    This trophy should pop once you have completed the game, once the game takes you back to the city.

  • Completed all photo challenges

    J Jonah Jameson pictures are NOT required for this trophy.

    To get this trophy, you need to go around in Free Roam, and go to the icons that say 'Photo Investigation'. The icon is lots of small triangles making up a circle.

    This will pop once you have taken the last photo of either:

    • The Cletus Kasady (CK) symbols.
    • Menken's agents.
    • Detective DeWolff's computer details.
  • Defeated 50 enemies by performing stealth takedowns

    It is wise to play stealthfully as the game is much more challenging otherwise.

    To perform a stealth takedown, you can either rappel down on your web and press above an enemy, press whilst you are perched on a wall close enough to an enemy, or when you are on the ground behind an enemy.

    You will earn this before the end of your playthrough.

  • Disarmed 50 enemies

    This doesn't have to be just gun wielding enemies, you can also disarm enemies with baseball bats and knives and it will count.

    Press to disarm an enemy, and you may likely earn this by the end of the game.

  • Unlocked all suits

    There are 13 suits in this game, excluding the DLC suits that are not needed.

    Here is how to unlock all the suits, courtesy of PowerPyx's The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - How to Unlock All Suits thread:

    #1 - Vigilante: Available from the Beginning.
    #2 - The Amazing Spider-Man 2012: Available from the Beginning.
    #3 - The Amazing Spider-Man 2014: Available from the Beginning.
    #4 - Superior Spider-Man: Beat all Combat Challenges.
    #5 - Ultimate Comics Spider-Man: Obtained automatically during Story.
    #6 - Big Time: Clear Russian Hideouts.
    #7 - Scarlet Spider: Clear Russian Hideouts.
    #8 - Spider-Man 2099: Clear Russian Hideouts.
    #9 - Flipside: Clear Russian Hideouts.
    #10 - Spider-Armor: Clear Russian Hideouts.
    #11 - Hornet: Complete All 15 Races.
    #12 - Ricochet: Obtained automatically during Story.
    #13 - Spider-Carnage: Beat the Story.

  • Completed all hideouts

    There are 7 Russian hideouts in total, one of which you will play through in the story, in chapter 6 - 'Into the Lion's Den!'.

    I highly advise playing stealthfully for these hideouts, as not only can you earn the Sneaky trophy, but if the enemy awareness level goes too high then they close up the computer you need to decipher to earn your new Spidey suit.

    Luckily, if you do ever get caught and get full awareness, you can replay the hideout straight away again after failing.

  • Completed all combat challenges

    *Important note* Whilst you can change to a lower difficulty under Settings to beat the challenges, DO NOT change the difficulty until AFTER you have beaten the game, as even if you change it once, it will stop you from earning any higher difficulty trophies.

    You can find the combat challenges at Comic Stan(d), the comic book store ran by Spider-Man and Marvel legend Stan Lee. It is the arcade cabinet at the back when you come in.

    There are 12 challenges in total and all the challenges become available once you have completed the game.

    If you die during any challenge, thankfully you will NOT have to start from challenge 1 again. You will just start back at the first wave of that specific challenge. There are 4 waves in each of the 12 challenges.

    You will DEFINITELY want to disarm any and all enemy gunners, even on Human difficulty. Also, you can heal yourself by pressing on your D-Pad, best done before enemies come towards you. Do note that some challenges have you unable to heal yourself at all, so be cautious.

    Check out this video from PowerPyx if you are having any trouble with any challenges. PowerPyx has links in his description to the time of each challenge, to save you time. So click on the video text link and go to Youtube, or watch the full thing here.

  • Achieved 30 multidodges

    To multidodge, you merely have to press twice when two enemies are about to hit you. You perform a Batman-like counter. If you prefer, you can just keep dodging enemy attacks and try to get as many multidodges as you can in one or two fight encounters.

  • Achieved 100 critical hits

    To perform a critical hit, you want to press as soon as your attack hits. You will likely earn this without trying whilst playing through the game. Should for whatever reason you do not, play some combat challenges to face off against a lot of enemies.

  • Defeated 100 enemies

    You will earn this trophy early on in the game, as you will be facing a lot of enemies throughout the story and from side tasks.

  • Defeated 300 enemies

    You will earn this trophy nearer the end of the game, even earlier if you are performing side tasks.

  • Defeated 500 enemies

    It is likely you will not have this trophy at the end of the game if you didn't do many side tasks. If this is the case, then you can get a good dozen enemies to fight in the Deadlock side tasks or a lot in the combat challenges at the arcade cabinet at Comic Stand.

  • Saved 50 civilians

    This will come naturally from playing the 'Building on Fire' situations, 'Rescue' situations, and saving the hostages in 'Car Chase' situations.

  • Reached maximum levels for all suits

    This will likely be your the last trophy you get, as you will need to reach level 8 with all 13 of the suits.

    The best methods of gaining XP is by playing Deadlock side missions in Free Roam which get you over 1500XP each time, or by replaying the final chapter 'Maximum Carnage' up to saving Menken from the Carnage symbiote prisoners.

    There are no XP differences between difficulties.

    Here is a video explaining the 'Maximum Carnage' method. Either way, both methods do get repetitive so you may want to go between the two.

  • Unlocked all concept art

    This trophy will pop once you have:

    • Finished the story
    • Completed all the Combat Challenges
    • Collected all comic books (280 needed).
  • Heroism to the maximum

    Each time you perform a side activity, you will earn a slight Heroism boost. To reach maximum Heroism, it should take you 4 or so side quests.

    Luckily the side quests are all only a minute or two long.

  • Completed 10 deadlock situations

    Deadlock situations are shown as a pistol symbol on the map. Web Rush on to the nearby helicopter to start the deadlocks. Here, thugs are having shoot outs against the New York Police Department. You just need to knock them all out however you like.

    As bullets can seriously harm you, I recommend using as many stealth takedowns as you can. For enemies in groups, I would disarm some with , use on an environmental object to stun them all on the floor, or web any other threats with .

    For the big bald enemy, you will want to charge your Seismic Blast ability to stun him and get some hits on him. Doing this a few times will knock him out.

  • Completed 10 building on fire situations

    For this trophy, you need to save several people from burning buildings 10 times. These are arguable the most irritating side missions as your Spidey sense doesn't show the civilians that clearly, but it isn't impossible. You may fail once or twice, but it isn't hard.

  • Completed 10 rescue situations

    Rescue situations are shown with a human symbol. In these situations, civilians are either stuck under rubble, on a boat, etc and you have to take them to a hospital.

    Do this 10 times and the trophy is yours.

  • Completed 10 petty crime situations

    Petty crimes are shown on your map by a clenched fist symbol. They are mostly simple where thugs are trying to get into a building, car, etc.

    Merely do 10 of these and the trophy is yours.

  • Completed 5 races

    Races are denoted by a stopwatch symbol.

    There are 15 in total that you will need to do to earn the Hornet suit, but doing 5 will net you this trophy.

    I highly recommend using to Web Rush to certain checkpoints as some can be higher or lower than your current elevation.

  • Performed 50 signature moves

    To perform signature moves, you press when the enemies have a dizzy spinning look around their head.

    You can either:

    • Build a big enough combo that they get the dizzy symbol.
    • Throw an environmental object and enemies will instantly be knocked back and you can use your signature move on them.
    • Use your Seismic Blast ability that you gain at the end of Chapter 4, at maximum level, to stun them.
  • Completed a hideout without being spotted

    For this, naturally, you cannot be spotted at all. If you are spotted, then just die or get the enemy awareness level to maximum to retry the hideout. This can be earned either as part of the 'Into the Lion's Den' chapter, which is Chapter 6, where you encounter your first Russian Hideout, or there are multiple chances scattered around New York denoted by a purple eye symbol.


Secret trophies

  • Photographed all Cletus Kasady symbols

    Like with Menken's secret agents and Detective Dewolff, the Cletus Kasady Symbols are part of the 'Photo Investigations' side missions.

    You have to take a picture of the CK initials for the picture to be acknowledged.

    As you will be going towards completing all the photo investigations anyway, then it doesn't matter that you can't tell which 'Photo Investigation' icon has which activity linked to it (Detective Dewolff, Menken agents, etc).

  • Defeated Shocker

    Story related and unmissable.

    You'll face Shocker at the end of Chapter 4 - Raid on Oscorp.

    Get in close to begin with and land some punches. Be sure to dodge whenever he is highlighted in red.

    When you get your Spider-sense alarming above your head, it means that an enemy will perform an undodgeable attack, so you need to evade it by pressing and moving away. In this case, he is going to perform a ground slam/shock.

    Keep doing the same method until he gets to about mid-health and starts to jump on some pillars. He will start to charge up his blast, but you must use to bring the pillar down and knock some more punches into him. Keep doing this method until he is defeated.

  • Defeated Kraven

    Story related and unmissable.

    You'll face Kraven at the end of Chapter 10 - My Ally, My Enemy.

    If you are hit by Kraven's attacks, you'll go into a hallucinogenic state and have to beat Kraven's doppelgangers as well. Once they are dealt with, punch up Kraven and he'll smoke bomb you and jump into the trees. Activate your Spider-Sense and use Web Rush to slam into him.

    Just keep repeating this entire process several times and you will beat him.

  • Defeated Black Cat

    Story related and unmissable.

    You face off against Black Cat in Chapter 9 - Claws of the Cat.

    She whizzes around at high speeds, so you will want to use your Web Pull ability to bring her to you and get some punches on her. When she is darting about, if you don't Web Pull her, she eventually attacks you, which you can evade.

    After each time you have punched her a bit, she will then throw some small knives you will want to dodge out of the way for.

    When her health starts getting low, she'll dart to a different location of the museum, so activate your Spider-Sense to find her and carry on the fight.

    After a few sessions of her moving to different spots, she'll be beaten.

  • Defeated Cletus Kasady

    Story related and unmissable.

    You'll 'fight' Cletus in Chapter 8 - The Hunter and the Hunted.

    This isn't really a boss fight, as it feels like the equivalent of fighting a normal street thug.

    You merely disarm his knife, and after a few punches and a few times stopping so he can speak, you win!

  • Defeated Kingpin

    Story related and unmissable.

    You'll face Kingpin in Chapter 11 - The Kingpin of Crime.

    You'll want to charge your Seismic Blast to get the Kingpin to charge at you. Evade at the last second and he'll slam his head against the wall, giving you a good few seconds to beat him up.

    That is the only way to hurt him. If you try getting too close to him, he'll either swing his cane at you or perform a tricky to avoid 180 degree laser blast from his cane.

    After doing the above method for a little while, some armored guards will come in and fight alongside the Kingpin. Deal with them first by removing their armor with Ionic webbing and then beating them up, all whilst being sure to dodge any swipes that Kingpin may try to land on you.

    Once they're gone and you beat Kingpin some more, he'll bring in another wave of guards, but this time all with neutralizing guns that for a few seconds will stop you from using your webbing. So disarm all of them and again use your Ionic webbing to beat them. They are the last batch of enemies that the Kingpin brings in, so continue with your Seismic blasts and punching and Kingpin will soon stop fighting you.

  • Defeated Green Goblin

    Story related and unmissable.

    You'll face Harry Osborn as the Goblin in Chapter 13 - The Green Goblin.

    Once you have chased after Gobby through the city, you fight.

    You want to keep using your basic webbing on the bombs that follow the Goblin. After a short while you can then pick one up with your Web Pull to throw it at him and attack him, all whilst avoiding the undodgeable bombs. Avoid his charge attack as well whilst you do this, or he'll smash your face into a nearby building.

    A short while later, you can then Web Rush onto Gobby on his glider and you'll go flying around the city. Use or whenever a building comes along that you are near to smash him into it.

    After your scenic tour around New York, you'll arrive back where you started. Gobby won't be on his glider, but the same procedure applies.

    Once he is beaten, look behind you in the slow-mo Danger sitaution and press to dodge over Greeny's glider and it'll smash into him!

    Much like in the Spider-Man film, but minus death this time.

  • Defeated Electro

    Story related and unmissable.

    You fight off against Electro in Chapter 12 - Power Surge.

    Start the fight by Web rushing to Electro. You'll then get a slow-mo Danger moment. Look behind yourself and evade Electro's blast.

    Now use your webbing on Electro. You will soon then leap towards him and go along into a city street. Carry on using your webbing to get Electro stuck, whilst avoiding his electricity blasts, and Web Rush to him and get some punches in. He will then charge an electrical ball of energy blast that you will want to avoid. Press to avoid his blast as he moves behind you.

    Do the whole above procedure a few times more and then he'll grab you by the throat and both of you will soar high into the air and free-fall. Mash away at so that you are punching on top of him and you'll then slam him back into the floor.

    He then dashes away, and you must chase after him whilst webbing at the electric mines he leaves in your swinging way.

    When you have caught up, he'll start to charge himself up with more electricity, so Web Rush him. He'll then start teleporting around and throwing a line of electricity balls at you, and performing dashes to you with a electricity line behind, but keep shooting your webbing at him and punch him up. He then does his electricity ball of energy, like in the city streets, that you'll want to avoid.

    Keep doing the same thing, whilst he does the same thing too and he'll take you up high again with a choke hold and you'll want to spam again to knock him into the ground for good!

  • Defeated Carnage

    Story related and unmissable.

    You face off against Cletus Kasady/Carnage in the final chapter, Chapter 14 - Maximum Carnage.

    You start off facing Cletus with his symbiote partly on him, you merely have to perform 3 or so punches to get him beat. But then the real fight begins as he transforms into Carnage!

    Get some punches on him, and dodge back when you get your white spidey sense tingling as he will stick out his tendrils close to him.

    When he reaches 3/4 of health, he will jump up to avoid you and you must use your Seismic Blast to bring him down. Be careful as he may sometimes leap at you and smash your head in with his claws.

    For added damage, have the gas pipes open beneath him by using on them so fire is coming out and Seismic Blast him into it, and he'll get gradual damage on him. Do this 3 times and you get the Friendly Fire trophy.

    At 1/2 health he'll produce a symbiote spawn out of himself which you'll fight, whilst Carnage is up high, occasionally shooting out symbiotic darts at you. Once the spawn is beaten, Seismic blast Carnage again and beat him up, he'll then produce another spawn. Beat the spawn, punch up Carnage and he'll produce 3 spawn. Beat them and do the usual with Carnage and soon he'll be beaten and you'll earn your difficulty related trophies during the cutscene.

  • Damaged Carnage with fire at least 3 times before defeating him

    At the final boss in Chapter 14, you'll be facing Carnage in an enclosed area. All around you are gas panels which you can use on to open up their flames.

    You'll likely get this trophy without trying, but for added ease I recommend opening all the gas panels so all the flames are almost in a 360 degree circle, bar the spot without one. Find Carnage clinging on top of a flaming area, and use your charged Seismic Blast to knock him into the flames.

  • Acquired the Seismic Blast ability

    Story related and unmissable.

    You will earn this ability once you have beaten Shocker in Chapter 4 - Raid on Oscorp.

  • Acquired the Ionic Web ablity

    Story related and unmissable.

    You will earn this ability when you have defeated Kraven the Hunter at the end of Chapter 10 - My Ally, My Enemy!

  • Destroy any armored enemy using Web-Strike

    Armoured enemies are recognizable by their thick military style clothes, they have goldey yellow armour and you use your Ionic Webbing ability on them to remove their armour.

    The best chance of getting this is actually in your very first encounter with this enemy in Chapter 11 - The Kingpin of Crime!

    Use your Ionic webbing to remove his armour and press to web rush him to earn the trophy.

    Here is a video courtesy of PowerPyx, showing you the method.

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