• Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10 (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 37 (24, 8, 4, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 2-3 hours (with walkthrough) 4-6 hours (no walkthrough) (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: 1 (Vita only)
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No (there is no difficulty setting)
  • Do trophies stack?: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: N/A


Teslagrad is a 2D side-scrolling puzzle-platform game set in a steampunk-inspired variation of Europe in the middle ages. The environment is hand-drawn and is coupled with a nostalgic style of music. It is single player only with no multiplayer capability and no difficulty settings. It has a bit of a SNES Metroid feel to it in regard to the environment, creatures and play style (explore a map with areas you can only reach with certain upgrades).

While there is technically a plot, I could not make out what it was just by playing the game. With that said, the puzzles were quite fun and are centered around magnetism such that objects can either repel or attract one another.

The game will go considerably fast if you use a guide but you would miss out on figuring out the puzzles yourself. Even without using a guide the game is a short and easy platinum with no missable trophies. As you gather upgrades, you are able to venture into other areas and at all times you are able to backtrack to areas where you have already been.

You will not have to worry about saves with this game as all trophies and progress are saved automatically and there is no reason to restore a previous save for the Platinum.


It has been reported that the King's vengeance trophy is glitched on Vita, but there is a workaround: LINK The trophies are shared across Vita, PS3, and PS4 and so you could also achieve the shared platinum while playing the PS3 or PS4 versions of the game.

Warning: Game save corruption possible
You should back up your game save to USB/Cloud in regular intervals as there is a game save glitch that at least 2 people have encountered at this point. Both reported the glitch occurring near the end of the game and the result was a corrupted game save. There is no fix for this and a complete game restart is necessary.
End Warning

This is a unique platinum in that all trophies are centered around collectibles only; there are no story related trophies. In fact, you do not have to completely finish the game to achieve the platinum trophy. It is even possible to finish the story mode in the game without getting a single trophy!

I've played many games and I frequently scratch my head on how the same game can have a gold trophy that is ridiculously easy and quick, and yet at the same time have a bronze trophy that takes 25 hours of time and planning to achieve. From a trophy perspective this game is a nice change of pace where a Silver is more difficult than Bronze, and Gold is more difficult than Silver. The Gold trophies will definitely be your hardest trophies in this game with two of them requiring a bit of luck mixed with skill.


  • Push
    • You are able to walk into objects and move them around.
    • You are not able to pick anything up.
  • Jump
    • You start with this ability mapped to . There is no double jump.
  • Gloves (upgrade)
    • By striking certain objects you can change their polarity to blue () or red ().
    • You control the direction of your strike by using the directional pad (): up, down, left, and right are all allowed.
  • Boots (upgrade)
    • These allow you to dash from one place to another via ; the distance is always the same.
    • You can use this ability as much as you want however there is a full one second delay after each use (so you cannot spam it).
    • While moving instantaneously is cool, the best benefit of these is you can pass through harmful barriers such as electricity and lava without injury.
    • You can only dash in the direction you are facing which is left or right; up or down is not allowed.
  • Hood (upgrade)
    • This item allows you to create a polarity aura around your character while you hold (blue) or (red).
    • This allows you to attract or repel yourself from other polarized objects such as floating upward or grabbing on to colored ceiling blocks.
  • Staff (upgrade)
    • This upgrade replaces your Glove and does everything that it can do. It also has the same key mapping of (blue) and (red).
    • Its additional strength is that it is now a weapon that can attack at a distance. It can be used to attack enemies or destroy certain rock barriers (only one of those in the game that I am aware of though).

Interactive objects:

  • Small robot with round dome on top - If you touch it you will have a temporary aura around your character matching the color of its dome (blue or red). They also can polarize any objects they touch to the same color as their dome. They cannot harm you.
  • Slugs - You can strike them with the Gloves to set their polarity and then they behave as the creature above. These also cannot harm you.
  • Dark black entities - I have no idea what these are supposed to be but they look kind of like Spiderman's nemesis named Venom. These are aggressive and will kill on contact.
  • Blue flowers - They will polarize your character with a temporary blue aura. They cannot harm you.
  • Floor switches - There are not many of these, but all are related to area progression and trophies.
  • Bosses (not trophy related so not covered here)

Multiple playthroughs are not necessary as you are able to backtrack to any area of the game (prior to completing the story).

Single Playthrough
Explore all areas to collect all 36 scrolls

If you simply want to platinum this game as fast as possible, I recommend following the video guide located here. There is also a map of all scroll locations located here. If you do follow the video guide then you will achieve the trophies in this order:

  1. The Guardian Fernus
  2. The Guardian Orb
  3. Captured Grues
  4. City of Teslagrad
  5. Tower of Teslagrad
  6. Castle of Teslagrad
  7. Wild Grues
  8. Long for a Family
  9. Foreign nation of Motorland
  10. Long for a Savior
  11. Crafting Iron Lice
  12. Raiding Barbarians
  13. Crafting Volt Walkers
  14. Serving Barbarians
  15. Glorious Alliance
  16. Crafting Power Plants
  17. Glorious Coronation
  18. Glorious Rule
  19. Grand Ambition
  20. Lone Ambition
  21. King's Vengeance
  22. Failed Ambition
  23. King's Grudge
  24. King's Grief
  25. Watchful Father
  26. Long for a Past
  27. Resourceful Father
  28. Protective Father
  29. Oleg's Grief
  30. Oleg's Adoption
  31. Oleg's Duty
  32. Warbred Grues
  33. Foreign nation of Angloria
  34. Foreign nation of Mesmer
  35. Conquered Barbarians
  36. The Guardian Faradeus

Clean Up
If you did happen to miss any trophies, the game allows you to backtrack to anyplace you have been previously to collect any missing scrolls. To see which trophies/scrolls you are missing, press the and then to view your scroll list. Use and to see which entries are missing. Refer to the map for where that specific scroll is located.

Once all individual trophies are out of the way, Full Completion will be yours.

[PST Would Like To Thank scharn73 for this Road Map]

Teslagrad Trophy Guide

Printable Guide
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37 trophies ( 24  )

  • Find all 36 scrolls in the game

    Awarded after achieving all the other trophies.

    Below is a complete game walk-through video guide by rus199410 from the very beginning of the game to achieving the platinum (the final story completion is not included). If you actually visit rus199410 on Youtube, he also has quick links to every single individual trophy. This way you don't have to search for the one or two trophies that you may be missing.

  • Raiding Barbarians

    Scroll #1 - Requires: Glove, Dash Boots

    This starting location is just beneath the bird boss so you cannot miss it if you are going through the story. If you continue climbing the vines, then you will start the boss fight.

    Instead of doing that, jump to your right and land on that floating stone platform. This is the first of six jumps that you must make to your right. Use dash while jumping to extend your range and look for the hanging vines in the leaves to see where the middle of the platform is, the third jump is especially long. The scroll will be all the way to the right.

  • Conquered Barbarians

    Scroll #2 - Requires: Staff

    This rock can only be broken once you have found the Staff through story progression. Destroy with + and then pick up the scroll.

  • Serving Barbarians

    Scroll #3 - Requires: Dash Boots, Hood

    This scroll is directly above the room where you get the Hood. As you can see in the picture, there is a hole in the ceiling. You need to use your new Hood ability to fling yourself up there. This one can be quite tricky to get enough momentum. Basically you need to rise up and dash (while rising) to continue your upward rise through the hole.

    Note: To be clear, the character is not hanging there. He just happened to be hitting the ceiling when the picture was taken.

  • Wild Grues

    Scroll #4 - Requires: Dash Boots

    Jump left towards that ledge and dash to it. You will barely make it but be successful you must. Referring to the picture, the character must fall straight down from that point and dash to the left.

    This one may take a few tries. Thankfully the entrance is a checkpoint.

  • Captured Grues

    Scroll #5 - Requires: Glove

    The starting location above is at the far left in a long rectangle room. Stand on the platform and use + to turn it blue. The platform will now move in a wide 'U' swoop to the right. At the farthest point to the right of the "ride", jump off the platform to the right. If the jump was timed correctly, your character will climb up into the small alcove at the top right of this area. Enter the small alcove and the scroll is located in the next area.

    If you fail to reach the alcove, you can try again by falling down to the lower right. There are blue rings that will shoot you back to the beginning of the "ride".

  • Warbred Grues

    Scroll #6 - Requires: Gloves, Dash, Hood

    You will enter this room through the bottom right.

    1. Touch the flower and float up towards the other flower using .
    2. Touch the second flower and float/dash to the left while holding again. You should grab the ceiling.
    3. Cross the red blocks like monkey bars then dash to the left and land on the ledge.
    4. Initially that large glowing red stone is not activated and there are two black enemies underneath the scroll.
    5. Press + to turn the block to red. This will throw down the red platform and kill the two black enemies.
    6. Jump down, dash through the bars, and enter the scroll room.
    7. Press to float up to the scroll.
  • Castle of Teslagrad

    Scroll #7 - Requires: Dash Boots

    In the picture above, I spliced two screenshots together. The entrance is shown at the bottom right in the picture. While you have access to this scroll earlier on, dash is required to reach it.

    Enter to the left and you will see two sets of electric barriers going back and forth in timed intervals. While climbing to the top of this room, use dash to avoid the barriers while they are moving. The scroll is located at the top left of this area.

    This room has its own checkpoint if you fail.

  • City of Teslagrad

    Scroll #8 - Requires: Dash Boots

    This is the same starting room as scroll #5. Halfway through this long rectangle room is a hole in the floor, as shown in the picture. Jump down this hole and almost immediately dash to the left to avoid the electrical barrier at the bottom. When you successfully land, enter the next area to the left.

    There will be blue rings with a flower, bump into the flower for a temporary blue aura and float to the top right. You will see the scroll on top of a switch.

  • Tower of Teslagrad

    Scroll #9 - Requires: Dash Boots

    You can see the character facing an electrical barrier. Press to dash left through it. Be prepared to dash left again in the next room almost immediately or you will fall into an electric barrier. The checkpoint is very close if you happen to fail.

    In the next room are two sets of blue rings with a flower at the bottom. Bump into the flower for a temporary aura and float upwards, moving from the first set of blue rings to the second set of blue rings. The scroll is all the way at the top right.

  • Foreign nation of Angloria

    Scroll #10 - Requires: Dash

    A picture here does not help as this is an almost black room with multiple blue flowers. The scroll is quite easy to reach but the lack of light can make it difficult to find. However there are fireflies in the room and if you sit for a few seconds they will dimly light up the area around you; enough to see the next ledge.

    Work your way to the top left. The scroll is located above the room entrance, which is guarded by an electrical barrier.

  • Foreign nation of Mesmer

    Scroll #11 - Requires: Must be far enough in story progression

    At the very bottom of the extremely tall shaft filled with blue rings, take the left door. This scroll is just sitting there.

  • Foreign nation of Motorland

    Scroll #12 - Requires: Glove, Dash Boots

    1. Run to the left and push the right two boxes into the blue rings in the middle.
    2. Stand on one of the small boxes while within the blue rings. Press + to turn the box blue. You will rise upward.
    3. Dash jump to the left into the shelf where one large box is located. Punch it via to turn it blue.
    4. Jump down on to the other small box and turn it blue. You will rise upwards again.
    5. Dash jump to the left into the shelf where another large box is located. Punch it via to turn it blue. Once both large boxes are blue they will repel each other, causing the upper one to rise and reveal the passage to the scroll.

    If the boxes become stuck, you can exit and re-enter to reset the room.

  • Crafting Volt Walkers

    Scroll #13 - Requires: Dash Boots

    This one is immediately after scroll #1 (Raiding Barbarians). From the picture, to the left is the vine that climbs up to the bird boss and to the right is where scroll #1 was located.

    From this spot, jump and fall to the left. You will fall quite a long way. I recommend using dash to the left, as you are falling, to make sure you are over far enough. There is a huge tree in the way that will keep you from going too far to the left.

    Once you land on a large branch, run to the left and dash jump over to the next branch. It's a lengthy jump. The scroll is on this branch.

  • Crafting Iron Lice

    Scroll #14 - Requires: Glove, Dash Boots

    This area requires quick moving to reach the scroll. The blue blocks there alternate colors by themselves. While blue they move to the right; while red they move to the left.

    1. Starting where the character is above (this is a checkpoint location), jump to the ledge above as soon as the blue block turns red and moves away.
    2. Run quickly to the first drop-off and do just that: jump down. You should just barely miss the blue blocks coming back.
    3. Immediately after the now-red block passes over your head, jump back up to your left. If you are not quick enough you will get smashed by an incoming red block.
    4. From this location you will have two spots where you can jump higher. I found it easier to jump up to the left and then quickly jump higher to the right. The blocks will go underneath you again.
    5. From this very top platform, dash jump to the left to pass through the electric barrier. The scroll is at the top left of this area.
  • Crafting Power Plants

    Scroll #15 - Requires: Hood

    I realize this picture is rather crude as I patched it together from screenshots but it should relay what you are up against. This was absolutely my most difficult trophy and it took me almost an hour to get it (played for almost an hour then took a break and after the break I got it on my third attempt).

    Here is the strategy:

    • The blue rings on the bottom are moving from bottom left to top right. Press to repel upwards.
    • The blue rings on the top are moving from top left to bottom right. Press to continue attracting upwards.
    • Avoid the area where the two blue ring paths intersect as that is just plain unpredictable.
    • Do not use Dash; I did not find it helpful.
    • To start, press and almost at the same time to get a nice boost upwards.
    • Your target is where the far right boy is located in the picture above in in a clearly pasted box area. This is where you want your first boost to pass through.
    • Immediately upon being in this location, switch to to continue moving upward.
    • If the timing is perfect, the boy will flip upward towards the scroll.

    I hope you get it more quickly than I did!

  • The Guardian Faradeus

    Scroll #16 - Requires: Dash Boots

    This one is simple to achieve, with the dash requirement being the one thing preventing you from obtaining it earlier on. The screen above is the entrance to the room that holds the scroll.

    Dash through the bars on the right (you will be where the character in the picture is at). You will end up in a library that contains the scroll.

  • The Guardian Fernus

    Scroll #17 - Requires: None

    From the picture above, jump over the electric field to the right. Stand on the edge there, outside of the blue rings. Wait until the blue robot bumps into you and you have a temporary blue field around you.

    Quickly jump to the left and jump up inside the left blue rings upward. This may take a few attempts but when you have enough vertical rise you will land in a secret area that contains the scroll. The banner is hiding the hole in the ceiling.

  • The Guardian Orb

    Scroll #18 - Requires: None

    This picture shows the location where you obtain the Glove. From this location, run to the right and take a long jump to the right. If you jumped far enough, you will land on a ledge that holds the scroll.

  • Glorious Alliance

    Scroll #19 - Requires: Dash Boots, Hood

    This location is directly beneath the area where you obtain the Hood and is to the upper left of the long 45 degree pipe that you walk through.

    You must dash jump to the red boxes and press to hang on. At the far left drop down to the red blocks then dash jump to your right to the next set of red blocks and press to grab on to the red blocks. Use them as monkey bars over to the scroll.

  • Glorious Coronation

    Scroll #20 - Requires: Dash Boots, Hood

    You need the Hood to even reach this room. Once inside, you will see this large object slowing turning in the middle. Dash jump inside of it when the open area faces you. Press to hold on to the red blocks. Once it spins another 270 degrees, jump straight upward and press to repel yourself further. At the top is the scroll.

  • Glorious Rule

    Scroll #21 - Requires: Dash Boots, Hood

    The entrance to this room is protected by falling lava that you will need to dash through. You then need to use to navigate the red blocks. Walk to the lower red ledge, slowly walk off to the right and press . After that, climb across like monkey bars to the left and wrap around the edge while continuing to hold .

  • Grand Ambition

    Scroll #22 - Requires: Hood

    Note the red blocks that are underneath the lava. You must use to float across them to continue the storyline but before you do that stop in the air about halfway across. Let go of for just a split second and then press it again. Doing this will build up your vertical motion. Keep doing this so that you are able to go higher and higher. At the top of this area is another hole that you can go through to find this scroll.

  • Lone Ambition

    Scroll #23 - Requires: Gloves, Dash Boots, Hood

    This is another tricky one so here's the strategy:

    1. You will enter this area from the bottom left. Make your way over to the right and on to the upper right ledge above the robot.
    2. See that blue box in the ceiling there? That's the tricky part. It starts out as "not activated". You must perfectly time a dash jump to the left and when immediately underneath that block you must press + to activate. This one is not too bad but it will probably take a few tries.
    3. Once activated as blue, return to the ledge once more. Now use dash jumps to reach the scroll.
    4. For the first dash jump you should be holding down . If successful, you will be hanging from that blue block.
    5. To reach the red block, face left and do the following all at the same time: release , hold , and press . If successful, you will be hanging from that red block.
    6. Face the scroll from the red block and press to dash to it.
  • Failed Ambition

    Scroll #24 - Requires: Dash, Hood

    This room is part of the story line progression. There will be slug looking things crawling on the ground. You will want to ride the blue rings upwards and then dash left into the tunnel that you can see in the picture. The tricky part in-game is that the game centers on the blue ring and you won't see the tunnel from that screen (as it's on the next game screen to the left). Once inside of there, proceed to the left to find the scroll.

  • King's Grief

    Scroll #25 - Requires: Dash

    This one is immediately after you've defeated one of the bosses and he fell through the floor, leaving a huge hole in the ground. This one is kind of tricky, because you cannot see the chandelier at the bottom while playing the game so you must blindly jump off and press to dash to the right at just the right moment. If you do land on the chandelier, jump up to the right ledge and grab the scroll.

    Personally, I failed twice and I chose to exit the game as there was no way to kill my character in this room to try again. After reloading the game, the character was back in the boss room and I could try again.

  • King's Grudge

    Scroll #26 - Requires: Dash, Hood

    You will enter this area from the bottom left. Steps:

    1. Press to rise upwards in the red rings and grab on to the blue platform.
    2. The blue platforms moves along that electric current, but it takes other forces to make it move. The initial bright blue box to its left will push the platform to the right.
    3. Once your character is on the right side, you must once again use to ride the red rings upwards. The trick this time is that you must use a dash and successfully land up top on one of those ledges. It took me quite a few tries.
    4. You your character is standing as the right boy in the picture is standing, press to bring the platform towards you. Dash on to it when it is close enough.
    5. Ride it to the other side and claim the scroll.
  • King's Vengeance

    (Vita only) Refer to this thread for discussion and workaround: LINK

    Scroll #27 - Requires: Dash

    You will enter this area from the bottom left. The lift will be carrying those helmet looking objects up and they will fall into the incinerator. Your job is to knock one of those helmets over the incinerator and have it land to the right. This is a pain as your character can only run into things; he cannot pick something up.

    The only strategy I can mention is to stand on the conveyor and as a helmet is on the ledge beneath you jump off to your right, fall until you are equal height with the helmet and quickly dash left through it. This would sometimes cause the helmet to kick back and fly over, though it did not work every time.

    Once the helmet is on the ground, run into it at full speed. Do not go slow or it could easily get stuck. Push the helmet all the way to the right.

    Right before pushing it on to the switch, go slowly or you may push the helmet right past the switch. Once the switch is pressed, a floor door will open above the stairs that you can see in the floor. The scroll is down those stairs.

  • Watchful Father

    Scroll #28 - Requires: Glove, Dash

    This location is part of normal story progression. The story line wants you to go up from this location but the scroll is located to the right. Dash jump to the right off of the chandelier to land on another chandelier. It's a long way and will take a full dash to reach it. Keep dash jumping to the right to find the scroll on a ledge.

  • Resourceful Father

    Scroll #29 - Requires: Glove, Dash, Hood

    This one can be difficult.

    1. Dash jump to the left and press + . This will turn the ledge block to blue. Aim back to the right so that you land on the starting ledge and not on to the electricity.
    2. This will pull the red ball out on to the floor.
    3. Dash jump to the left again but this time press to grab on to the blue ledge.
    4. While holding wrap yourself around the ledge corner until you are on top.
    5. This is the tricky part. Press to rise upwards and a successful timing of to dash to the right will place you in the caged hole with the scroll. This took me many attempts.

    A video explanation by What i want the world to see:

  • Protective Father

    Scroll #30 - Requires: Dash, Hood

    Yes, this is a really large image but this is also a really challenging scroll to get. It's race-track-ish in that you need to upward zoom through all of these obstacles and beat the scroll to the top.

    Doing a step by step here does not make sense to me as it would be too many instructions to be useful. So my advice is look at the picture and determine your route and/or watch the walk-through video for this trophy.


    • The scroll starts at the bottom, just like your character. As soon as you step on the switch that is next to it, the platform will start raising the the scroll upwards. You must beat the scroll to the top.
    • If you start lagging behind, you may as well suicide into the electricity and start over.
    • Once you reach the top you must grab the scroll before it passes or you will have to do it all over again!
    • Avoid falling lower than the starting point as it may adversely effect your starting point.
    • Pressing and simultaneously should give you a good boost at the beginning.
    • Practice! It took me quite a while to be successful.

    I almost threw my controller on the wall, the controls are so sensitive in this game that it took me 3 dam hours over and over. My best advice is to use the D-pad not the joysticks to make it easier to balance yourself in straight line, you absolutely need that boost in the start as mentioned in the video. Once you reach to the top, then make sure you don't take you finger off the trigger, else you will end up failing and inch from destination lol. Make sure you backup your saves as well because once you reach the top, the game will create a checkpoint so it will be very difficult to reattempt this trophy if anything goes wrong.

  • Oleg's Grief

    Scroll #31 - Requires: Dash, Hood

    You will enter this room through the lower right.

    1. Stand on the blue boxes in the middle that are shaped in a 'U'.
    2. Press + to start rising upward, and split second later dash to the right. If you are still pressing you should grab the red blocks on the ceiling.
    3. Press + at the same time to dash to the right and cling to the blue platform. This part can be tricky to do without falling into the electricity below.
    4. While hanging from the blue platform, dash to the right and ride the blue rings upward. Basically, release and press + all at the same time.
    5. You may have to hold and release a few times to get enough momentum to reach the top ledge above the blue rings.
    6. Cross the very top three red boxes by holding the entire time and dashing between each one.
    7. After reaching the third one, drop all the way down to another red platform.
    8. This next part can be tricky and is unforgiving if you overdo your dash. See the bars there? You must press + to start rising up, then dash to the right (through the bars), and after that still have enough momentum to reach the ledge at the top.
    9. Important: if you fail to reach the ledge, turn around and dash back to the left through the bars. If you fall all the way down you will have to start all over!
    10. Once you reach the inner top ledge, the scroll is yours.
  • Oleg's Adoption

    Scroll #32 - Requires: Gloves, Dash, Hood

    You will pass through this area while following the story line progression. Remember navigating those alternate blue and red blocks in the bottom left of the picture? Well, another one of these exists going upward starting at the hole in the ceiling that can be seen at the top right.

    It is the same process as the vertical passageway on the left. It starts with blue then red, blue, and red for 4 total. Alternate between and to shoot up the shaft. It is difficult to do mainly because you cannot see the blocks and therefore determine your timing visually. My advice is that on your first jump, jump as high as you can before switching from to .

    OK, you made it to the top! Dash through the bars. The scroll is all the way at the top of this little room and you must ride a box upward to reach it. All of the items in this room can be hit with your gloves to red or blue forces. I recommend using the 2 big boxes (stacked) on the right to reach the top.

    Start by going to the left and turning the long platform to red, then go to the right and turn the bottom large box to blue. Next, jump on top of the top box and turn it blue as well. The pull of the long platform plus the push of the lower large box should shoot the upper large box up and over to the left in an arc that is high enough for you to jump and grab the scroll.

    If it wasn't, you can bounce the large box back by changing the color of the large platform bar. Keep trying until you get enough height to reach the scroll.

  • Oleg's Duty

    Scroll #33 - Requires: Nothing

    You will reach this room as part of normal story progression. This room is at the top of your in-game map. Simply run through the left door, then all the way to the left in the next room. The scroll is just sitting on the ground.

  • Long for a Family

    Scroll #34 - Requires: Glove, Dash Boots

    The only difficult part here is getting to this room as you will enter from the area on the right (look at your in-game map). It can be tricky to make it here (refer to the video if you need help). In the previous area you must touch a blue flower, then dash left through an electric barrier, and then have enough blue aura left to flip towards to upper left edge. It took me quite a few tries.

    Once in this room, dash jump across the two chandeliers. The scroll will be in the top left of this area.

  • Long for a Savior

    Scroll #35 - Requires: Glove, Dash Boots

    Dash is only required to reach this room; you won't actually use it here. This scroll is very straightforward. Press + over both blue platforms on the floor to turn them red. This causes the chandeliers to raise. Climb the vines on the left and then jump to your right. The scroll is at the top right of this area.

  • Long for a Past

    Scroll #36 - Requires: Glove, Dash

    You will cross this room as you proceed along the storyline. Perform these steps:

    1. Press + on top of both floor panels to turn them blue.
    2. Before climbing the vine wall to the right, make sure that the red robot is on the right side of the floor. Push it over if you need to.
    3. Jump across the chandeliers and climb the upper vine on the left to reach the upper floor.
    4. Meanwhile, the red robot on the floor will walk across your blue tiles and change them back to red. This will raise the chandeliers, one at a time. Once this happens, the way to the scroll is open.

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