Fool Me Once... Trophy in Terminator Resistance

  • Fool Me Once...


    Destroy the Infiltrator.

    How to unlock Fool Me Once...

    Story-related and cannot be missed.
    This will pop at the end of Chapter 17: Dock Ruins once you defeat the boss. For more specific details, see below:
    This trophy will pop at the end of Chapter 17: Dock Ruins, after killing the Infiltrator. This whole chapter is one big boss fight so make sure you have plenty of ammo for all of your weapons and a ton of Medkits, because this thing won't go down without a fight. The fastest way to kill the Infiltrator, is to aim for its head and let him have it. During the final part of the fight, you will become separated from your team and have to face off against the Infiltrator by yourself so use your Ultravision Goggles to locate him but watchout for his Grenades. There are many smaller explosive canisters around the area that act as tracking missiles when exploded. Basically, use whatever you have, including rockets if you've purchased the Rocket Launcher by now. Even on Easy, this boss fight is tough and you can easily die if you don't pay attention to your health so heal often.

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