Contact Trophy in Terminator Resistance

  • Contact


    Make contact with the imprisoned Resistance Soldiers.

    How to unlock Contact

    Story-related and cannot be missed.
    This will pop during Chapter 6: Medical District. For more specific details, see below:
    About halfway through Chapter 6: Medical District, you will find some prison cells protected by laser walls and inside them are the Resistance Soldiers you have to rescue. The trophy will pop once you start talking to one of the soldiers. It'll be a challenging mission as you'll have to dodge and play a deadly game of hide and seek with a lot of patrolling Terminators, especially as you cannot harm them yet and they'll definitely kill you if you're spotted. There are also many locked doors and rooms along the sides and because you will likely be in a hurry, just use triangle.png to force it and duck in before you're spotted. All the door locks are rated no higher than Easy so you shouldn't lose too many picks by using Force.

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