Blackout Trophy in Terminator Resistance

  • Blackout


    Destroy a Skynet Outpost.

    How to unlock Blackout

    You will first encounter the Skynet Outposts during Chapter 11: Pasadena, when Commander Baron gives you Side Objectives #9 and #10 (Skynet's Eastern Outpost and Skynet's Western Outpost respectively). The easiest way to clear an Outpost is to sneak in and hack the central computer so the Outpost's power core overloads and blows up but do note you will only have 10 seconds to get out, else the blast will kill you. Your other alternative is to destroy the outpost by blowing it up without hacking it which usually entails shooting the large Plasma Storage canisters within the Outpost. Destroying either of the Outposts will pop the trophy.

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