No Hope Trophy in Terminator Resistance

  • No Hope


    Open the unlockable door in Pasadena.

    How to unlock No Hope


    The primary reason why this trophy is missable is because you have to be at a specific level to unlock the skill "Lockpicking 3" but if you reach that level and choose to unlock other skills instead so you don't have it by the end of Chapter 11, your only options are to either load a much earlier Chapter and carry on from there or start a new game from scratch since redoing Chapter 11 won't help if you screwed up your Skill Point allocation beforehand.

    Also, the description for this trophy is vague, unhelpful and very misleading because there are multiple locked doors in the Chapter but only 1 specific Hard Difficulty Door will pop the trophy. However, the door in question is easily recognised because it is the only one in the game that has literally nothing else attached to it. The door is located at the following spot on the map:

    Because it is a Hard difficulty lock, we recommend using the Force option, rather than trying to unlock it yourself since the lockpicking controls can be very finicky and unreliable. Also, you must have unlocked Lockpicking Level 3 to be able to unlock it at all so make sure you save a Skill Point to unlock that skill once you have leveled up to Rank 12. We recommend you unlock the Lockpicking Level 1 and Level 2 skills as soon as you can so you don't find yourself short when you finally reach this point. Especially early in the game, the skills don't matter too much so using your Points on the lockpicking Skills won't negatively affect anything and will save you from having to replay the game from scratch if you miss this trophy.
    Either before you leave the Hideout for the last time in Chapter 10: Hideout or the Save Point at the start of Chapter 11: Pasadena, make sure that you have at least 20 lockpicks with you, just in case (preferably even more, at all times throughout the game). If you run out but still have materials, you can run back to any of the Safe Houses spread throughout this map to make some more at the Crafting Table. If you do run out of materials, scavenge for more in the various broken-down buildings or off the bodies of the many enemies patrolling throughout the area. See below for a video guide showing both the door's location and how to do it (credit to Night Hawk for the video):

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