Researcher Trophy in Terminator Resistance

  • Researcher


    Take at least a 'good' photo of an enemy.

    How to unlock Researcher

    Story Related, can't be missed.
    This trophy is done in Chapter 11: Pasadena, during the Objective "Back to Pasadena". To complete this Objective, you have to take a Good or better quality photo of the 9 Skynet Rocket Turrets for Commander Baron. Taking pictures is done by pressing r3.png and using the dpad_left.png and dpad_right.png D-Pad buttons to adjust your zoom until the picture quality reads either "Good" or "Perfect", then pressing square.png to take the picture and send it back to base via satellite. The trophy will pop once you send a qualifying photo.
    See the screenshot below for an example of a Good-or-higher qualifying photo:

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