Turn Up the Radio Trophy in Terminator Resistance

  • Turn Up the Radio


    Use Ryan's boombox to annoy Alvin.

    How to unlock Turn Up the Radio

    This trophy spans multiple Side Objectives and multiple Chapters, beginning in Chapter 15 and ending in Chapter 21.
    For the first step, you'll need to pick up and complete Side Objective #11 "Radio for Ryan" during Chapter 15: Resistance Shelter. He'll automatically give you this before you leave the Shelter. You'll find the boombox in a broken down building where two Terminators have set a trap for you. Because it's a very tight, enclosed space, rather than tripping their trap and going in guns blazing, the best way to do this is to open the locked door to your left and head through there silently and wait just behind the open door inside. One of the Terminators has a patrol route that takes him directly in front of that door so you'll be able to quietly take him out with a Terminator Knife, leaving you with just one Terminator left to kill which should be easy enough.
    The next step is to then pickup Side Objective #16 "Neural Net Processor" at the end of Chapter 19: Hollywood Hills. Once you return to the Resistance Shelter at the beginning of Chapter 21: Resistance Shelter, head to Alvin's lab and try to steal the Neural Net CPU but Alvin will give you an earful for trying so go back out to the corridor and into Room A06 where Ryan's Boombox is located. Now press and hold square.png to turn on the Boombox and increase the volume to the maximum and once you do, the trophy will pop. You don't need to actually pick up the item or complete the Side Objective for any of the trophies but to do so, once you turn up the volume, head back to the lab and wait for Alvin to leave before you steal the Neural Net CPU.
    Note: Completing Side Objective #16 is not necessary for the trophy.

    If you need additional assistance, then please see this video by rus199410:

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  • Video solution by rus199410 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hWoc6JmmlHg&feature=emb_title
  • The description is wrong, you can get it earlier. Complete the side mission to get the radio for Ryan, this is in the same chapter as tracking the GPS of the messengers. After the cutscene when you are given the next mission, so talk to Ryan, you can turn on the boombox and then turn it up. I just popped the trophy before even heading to the Hollywood Hills.

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