Tinker Trophy in Terminator Resistance

  • Tinker


    Upgrade your weapon.

    How to unlock Tinker

    During Chapter 9: Resistance Shelter, you will gain the ability to upgrade Plasma weapons with chips. By the time you reach this point you should already have a substantial amount of Chips in your inventory assuming you haven't sold them yet. As part of the Main Quest, the game will walk you through a tutorial on how to do this. You have to open your inventory (tp.png => Inventory) then press triangle.png whilst your Plasma Rifle is highlighted. To make a complete circuit, place a chip in the far left socket, then place another chip in the middle socket but its left connector must match the right connector of the first chip. For the third and final chip, you have to find one with a left connector that matches the right connector of the middle chip but also has a right connector that matches the left connector of the first chip. We appreciate this sounds very confusing so see this screenshot of a completed circuit:

    Once the circuit is complete, press triangle.png to activate the modifications and pop the trophy. The clips are replaceable so you can switch them out at any time you want and you won't lose any of them.
    Note: Only specific weapons can be upgraded, mainly the various Plasma-based weapons. Your normal weapons (e.g. uzis, shotguns etc.) cannot be upgraded.
    If you're having trouble with this trophy, wait until Chapter 28: Frontlines then you will have access to the Universal Violet Chips which can be placed in any order as shown in the screenshot below:

    Once placed and activated, they will convert to Yellow chips with random connectors.

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