Hacker Trophy in Terminator Resistance

  • Hacker


    Successfully hack 10 devices.

    How to unlock Hacker

    You can't start hacking things until you get the hacking device in Chapter 6: Medical District. Once you have it, keep an eye out for Turrets, Skynet Gates and hackable Skynet Crates (these show as Microchip icons on your map (see below for an example)):
    To make life easier, take at least the "Hacking Level 1" skill when you next level up and use the D-Pad instead of the ls.png. Just like lockpicking, hackable devices have 4 difficulty levels:
    Very Easy
    Hacking involves playing a little mini-game that's a lot like a much faster version of Frogger, only this time you only have to get 1 character to the other side instead of 5 and there's a checkpoint at the halfway mark (If you have played Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag, you will recognize this instantly as it is identical to their hacking mini-game). If you screw up and run out of Attempts (of which 5 is the default), just wait a few seconds then try hacking the target again. You can also back out at any time prior to running out and instantly try again and all of your attempts will be restored.
    The first turret you will come across is in the parking garage of the University Hospital so wait until it's not looking at you, then sneak over and press and hold square.png to initiate the hack. If your hack is successful, the Helping Hand trophy_bronze.png trophy will pop. (Note that even if the Turret spots you, you can still hack it if you manage to reach it and step behind it as it can't follow you around because it can only turn to a certain point.) Right behind this turret, is a Skynet Gate so hack that to progress the story. The next area has 2 turrets for you to hack but this is an easy opportunity to get the Taste of Your Own Medicine trophy_silver.png trophy so hack the nearest turret, then walk just far enough forward to get the other turret's attention. Now quickly retreat to the turret you just hacked and wait for it to destroy the other turret. If you screw this one up, there's another opportunity right round the next corner where there are 2 more turrets to hack and a roaming Armoured Spider to use as bait. There are also a large number of things to hack in Chapter 11: Pasadena so if you haven't gotten it by then, you can quickly get this at the same time as Blackout trophy_silver.png whilst destroying the 2 Skynet Outposts.

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