Hasta la vista, baby Trophy in Terminator Resistance

  • Hasta la vista, baby


    Destroy your first T-800.

    How to unlock Hasta la vista, baby

    You have 2 options for getting this trophy done early on in the story:
    Option 1: Once you get about halfway through the University Hospital in Chapter 6: Medical District, you will encounter the first of many patrolling T-800s so get its attention then throw some Pipe Bombs at it. If they all hit, the T-800 will die and pop the trophy. If you don't have any Pipe Bombs on you, go to Option 2.
    Option 2: You will be given a Plasma Rifle at the start of Chapter 8: Metro Station and soon after dispatching the Drones that ambush you, a pair of T-800s will break through a nearby door so kill one of them then the trophy will pop.

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