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Road Map:

  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 2/10 (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 26 (11, 7, 7, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 6-10hrs, depending on if you mess up the No Hope trophy_bronze.png  trophy or not (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 1 - No Hope trophy_bronze.png but all the others can be obtained via Chapter Select.
  • Glitched trophies: None but No Hope trophy_bronze.png has a deeply unhelpful and misleading description.
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No so play on Easy.


Welcome to our Guide for Terminator: Resistance, a game so good it should be considered the canon Terminator 3. If you're fed up of all the sub-par/terrible Terminator films made since T2, then this is the game for you because it respectfully ties up all of the loose ends and gives us the full story of how the Future War was won. If you play on Easy, then none of the trophies are hard to get and the majority can be cleaned up via Chapter Select if you do happen to miss one but there is a single missable trophy in the entire game which will be a pain to get if you mess it up so see No Hope trophy_bronze.png  for details.

Credits and notes:
  • All screenshots are by Terminator.
  • Credit to rus199410 for some pointers on the locations of certain Notes we were missing.
  • This Guide is written, assuming you are playing with the latest patch installed and have at least a rudimentary knowledge of at least Terminator 2: Judgement Day.
  • Just like Dishonored and Bioshock: Infinite, the Chapter Select for Terminator: Resistance can only be accessed via the "Load Game" menu and is entirely dependant on you not deleting any of your saves else you will be stuck with only your most recent one and be unable to go back any further.
  • For consistency's sake due to the game having inconsistent terminology and spelling of key phrases, we've used the wording that makes the most sense. Due to this, you might notice some small differences between the wording in the Guide and that used in-game.
  • The PS4 and PS5 versions have separate lists, there are no cheats available and no additional peripherals are required.
Step 1: Play until Chapter 11: Pasadena, then stop and get the missable trophy
This step is where you will get the bulk of the trophies but you must pay special attention to No Hope trophy_bronze.png, because there is only 1 chance to get it so messing up will mean having to start a new game from scratch. Most of the trophies in this step are miscellaneous ones e.g. finding X amount of notes, completing X amount of Side Objectives, picking X amount of Locks, killing a particular enemy in a certain way etc. etc. so nothing too taxing and most will come without even trying, if you look everywhere and kill everything that moves.

By the end of this step, you will have earned:
Hasta la vista, baby trophy_silver.png 
It's a bird... trophy_bronze.png 
Hacker trophy_bronze.png 
Helping Hand trophy_bronze.png 
Tinker trophy_bronze.png 
Researcher trophy_bronze.png 
Not a Mission Priority trophy_bronze.png 
Easy Money trophy_bronze.png 
Handyman trophy_bronze.png 
Journalist trophy_bronze.png 
No Hope trophy_bronze.png 
Taste of Your Own Medicine trophy_silver.png 
Efficient Killer trophy_silver.png 
Blackout trophy_silver.png 
Still Counts as One trophy_silver.png 
Priority to Me! trophy_silver.png 
Historian trophy_silver.png 
Close call trophy_gold.png 
Contact trophy_gold.png 
Coming Home trophy_gold.png 

Step 2: Finish the game

The bulk of the trophies in this step are story related so you don't have to worry about them but messing up the Turn Up the Radio trophy_bronze.png trophy will mean having to replay Chapters 15-18 from scratch via Chapter Select so see that walkthrough for more details.

By the end of this step, you will have earned:

Turn Up the Radio trophy_bronze.png 
The Tide Is Turning trophy_gold.png 
Fool Me Once... trophy_gold.png 
Second Generation trophy_gold.png 
I'll be Back trophy_gold.png

Step 3: Clean

If you're missing any trophies, then use this step to get them and your Platinum: No problemo trophy_platinum.png 

Terminator Resistance Trophy Guide

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26 trophies ( 11  )

  • Acquire all the trophies.

    Earn all of the other trophies to get this one.
  • Destroy your first T-800.

    You have 2 options for getting this trophy done early on in the story:
    Option 1: Once you get about halfway through the University Hospital in Chapter 6: Medical District, you will encounter the first of many patrolling T-800s so get its attention then throw some Pipe Bombs at it. If they all hit, the T-800 will die and pop the trophy. If you don't have any Pipe Bombs on you, go to Option 2.
    Option 2: You will be given a Plasma Rifle at the start of Chapter 8: Metro Station and soon after dispatching the Drones that ambush you, a pair of T-800s will break through a nearby door so kill one of them then the trophy will pop.
  • Destroy a T-800 Flamethrower by shooting it's fuel tank.

    Note: This trophy description is wrong, because the model you're actually after is the T-808.
    Here's what a T-808 looks like from behind:

    You will first encounter the T-808 in Chapter 11: Pasadena. Sometimes the hit detection can be a bit wonky so sometimes shooting the tank will kill it instantly but other times it doesn't. If you get stuck, reduce it to about a third or quarter health before shooting the fuel tank on its back. If you need additional assistance, then please see this video by Killjoy Gaming:
  • Successfully hack 10 devices.

    You can't start hacking things until you get the hacking device in Chapter 6: Medical District. Once you have it, keep an eye out for Turrets, Skynet Gates and hackable Skynet Crates (these show as Microchip icons on your map (see below for an example)):
    To make life easier, take at least the "Hacking Level 1" skill when you next level up and use the D-Pad instead of the ls.png. Just like lockpicking, hackable devices have 4 difficulty levels:
    Very Easy
    Hacking involves playing a little mini-game that's a lot like a much faster version of Frogger, only this time you only have to get 1 character to the other side instead of 5 and there's a checkpoint at the halfway mark (If you have played Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag, you will recognize this instantly as it is identical to their hacking mini-game). If you screw up and run out of Attempts (of which 5 is the default), just wait a few seconds then try hacking the target again. You can also back out at any time prior to running out and instantly try again and all of your attempts will be restored.
    The first turret you will come across is in the parking garage of the University Hospital so wait until it's not looking at you, then sneak over and press and hold square.png to initiate the hack. If your hack is successful, the Helping Hand trophy_bronze.png trophy will pop. (Note that even if the Turret spots you, you can still hack it if you manage to reach it and step behind it as it can't follow you around because it can only turn to a certain point.) Right behind this turret, is a Skynet Gate so hack that to progress the story. The next area has 2 turrets for you to hack but this is an easy opportunity to get the Taste of Your Own Medicine trophy_silver.png trophy so hack the nearest turret, then walk just far enough forward to get the other turret's attention. Now quickly retreat to the turret you just hacked and wait for it to destroy the other turret. If you screw this one up, there's another opportunity right round the next corner where there are 2 more turrets to hack and a roaming Armoured Spider to use as bait. There are also a large number of things to hack in Chapter 11: Pasadena so if you haven't gotten it by then, you can quickly get this at the same time as Blackout trophy_silver.png whilst destroying the 2 Skynet Outposts.
  • Successfully hack a Turret.

    See Hacker trophy_bronze.png.
  • Upgrade your weapon.

    During Chapter 9: Resistance Shelter, you will gain the ability to upgrade Plasma weapons with chips. By the time you reach this point you should already have a substantial amount of Chips in your inventory assuming you haven't sold them yet. As part of the Main Quest, the game will walk you through a tutorial on how to do this. You have to open your inventory (tp.png => Inventory) then press triangle.png whilst your Plasma Rifle is highlighted. To make a complete circuit, place a chip in the far left socket, then place another chip in the middle socket but its left connector must match the right connector of the first chip. For the third and final chip, you have to find one with a left connector that matches the right connector of the middle chip but also has a right connector that matches the left connector of the first chip. We appreciate this sounds very confusing so see this screenshot of a completed circuit:

    Once the circuit is complete, press triangle.png to activate the modifications and pop the trophy. The clips are replaceable so you can switch them out at any time you want and you won't lose any of them.
    Note: Only specific weapons can be upgraded, mainly the various Plasma-based weapons. Your normal weapons (e.g. uzis, shotguns etc.) cannot be upgraded.
    If you're having trouble with this trophy, wait until Chapter 28: Frontlines then you will have access to the Universal Violet Chips which can be placed in any order as shown in the screenshot below:

    Once placed and activated, they will convert to Yellow chips with random connectors.
  • Use Ryan's boombox to annoy Alvin.

    This trophy spans multiple Side Objectives and multiple Chapters, beginning in Chapter 15 and ending in Chapter 21.
    For the first step, you'll need to pick up and complete Side Objective #11 "Radio for Ryan" during Chapter 15: Resistance Shelter. He'll automatically give you this before you leave the Shelter. You'll find the boombox in a broken down building where two Terminators have set a trap for you. Because it's a very tight, enclosed space, rather than tripping their trap and going in guns blazing, the best way to do this is to open the locked door to your left and head through there silently and wait just behind the open door inside. One of the Terminators has a patrol route that takes him directly in front of that door so you'll be able to quietly take him out with a Terminator Knife, leaving you with just one Terminator left to kill which should be easy enough.
    The next step is to then pickup Side Objective #16 "Neural Net Processor" at the end of Chapter 19: Hollywood Hills. Once you return to the Resistance Shelter at the beginning of Chapter 21: Resistance Shelter, head to Alvin's lab and try to steal the Neural Net CPU but Alvin will give you an earful for trying so go back out to the corridor and into Room A06 where Ryan's Boombox is located. Now press and hold square.png to turn on the Boombox and increase the volume to the maximum and once you do, the trophy will pop. You don't need to actually pick up the item or complete the Side Objective for any of the trophies but to do so, once you turn up the volume, head back to the lab and wait for Alvin to leave before you steal the Neural Net CPU.
    Note: Completing Side Objective #16 is not necessary for the trophy.

    If you need additional assistance, then please see this video by rus199410:
  • Take at least a 'good' photo of an enemy.

    Story Related, can't be missed.
    This trophy is done in Chapter 11: Pasadena, during the Objective "Back to Pasadena". To complete this Objective, you have to take a Good or better quality photo of the 9 Skynet Rocket Turrets for Commander Baron. Taking pictures is done by pressing r3.png and using the dpad_left.png and dpad_right.png D-Pad buttons to adjust your zoom until the picture quality reads either "Good" or "Perfect", then pressing square.png to take the picture and send it back to base via satellite. The trophy will pop once you send a qualifying photo.
    See the screenshot below for an example of a Good-or-higher qualifying photo:
  • Complete a side objective.

  • Successfully open 10 locks.

    Locked doors are marked with a Padlock icon on your map. See below for an example:

    Lockpicks can be obtained by either scavenging them or making them at a Crafting Table. Locks come in 4 types:
    Very Easy
    The easier the lock, the quicker you will be able to pick it. To pick a lock, you have to manipulate the ls.png and rs.png sticks until you find the sweet spot so the lock opens but get it wrong too many times and the lockpick will break and you will have to use another one. In addition, you also have the option to "Force" it by pressing triangle.png. The % chance of it working depends on the difficulty level. For example: Forcing Easy locks has a 60% chance of success, whereas Force on a Medium lock has only a 20% chance. If you have too much trouble on your own and break too many picks, using Force is a good alternative because the lockpicking controls can be very finicky and unreliable.
  • Successfully craft 5 items.

    To craft any item, you need to scavenge the various crafting supplies that are scattered around the game world (Fabrics, Chemical Compounds, Metal Scraps etc.) and once you have enough, head to the nearest Crafting Table and select an item to craft. Crafting tables are primarily found in safe zones and hideouts and look a lot like what you'd expect (see the screenshot below for an example):

    You are initially limited in what you can make but levelling up and picking the applicable skills will increase the variety of items. For this trophy you only need to craft 5 items, which is easily done at the basement Crafting Table in Chapter 2: Hideout when you stop for repairs at a former Resistance Base and have to make sure it's safe to stay there. The cheapest item (which also happens to be story-related at this moment) is the Lockpick and if you found enough items in Chapter 1 and scattered around the Resistance Base, you can craft 9 of them and pop the trophy. Honestly, you'll be making quite a few lockpicks if you plan on exploring as there are many locked doors and chests to find and the picks are quite easy to break. As a somewhat survival-based game, scavenging for the various crafting materials is important and can be challenging at times and is especially dependent on how much you're exploring and killing. Certain materials, like those for higher-level items, can be scarce.
  • Find a note.

  • Open the unlockable door in Pasadena.


    The primary reason why this trophy is missable is because you have to be at a specific level to unlock the skill "Lockpicking 3" but if you reach that level and choose to unlock other skills instead so you don't have it by the end of Chapter 11, your only options are to either load a much earlier Chapter and carry on from there or start a new game from scratch since redoing Chapter 11 won't help if you screwed up your Skill Point allocation beforehand.

    Also, the description for this trophy is vague, unhelpful and very misleading because there are multiple locked doors in the Chapter but only 1 specific Hard Difficulty Door will pop the trophy. However, the door in question is easily recognised because it is the only one in the game that has literally nothing else attached to it. The door is located at the following spot on the map:

    Because it is a Hard difficulty lock, we recommend using the Force option, rather than trying to unlock it yourself since the lockpicking controls can be very finicky and unreliable. Also, you must have unlocked Lockpicking Level 3 to be able to unlock it at all so make sure you save a Skill Point to unlock that skill once you have leveled up to Rank 12. We recommend you unlock the Lockpicking Level 1 and Level 2 skills as soon as you can so you don't find yourself short when you finally reach this point. Especially early in the game, the skills don't matter too much so using your Points on the lockpicking Skills won't negatively affect anything and will save you from having to replay the game from scratch if you miss this trophy.
    Either before you leave the Hideout for the last time in Chapter 10: Hideout or the Save Point at the start of Chapter 11: Pasadena, make sure that you have at least 20 lockpicks with you, just in case (preferably even more, at all times throughout the game). If you run out but still have materials, you can run back to any of the Safe Houses spread throughout this map to make some more at the Crafting Table. If you do run out of materials, scavenge for more in the various broken-down buildings or off the bodies of the many enemies patrolling throughout the area. See below for a video guide showing both the door's location and how to do it (credit to Night Hawk for the video):
  • Get an enemy killed by a hacked Turret.

    See Hacker trophy_bronze.png.
  • Kill a Terminator using a Termination Knife.

    Towards the end of Chapter 10: Hideout and before returning to Pasadena for the Main Quest "Back to Pasadena", you'll need to speak to Ryan. He'll have something for you: A Termination Knife. As he explains, these are knives that can instantly kill a Terminator in one blow but the downside is that this has to be done stealthily. There will be two knives on the table next to him but you can always craft more once you unlock Crafting Level 3. You need to equip it like any other weapon so swap out one of your weaker weapons for it via the Inventory screen l1.png to bring up the weapon wheel and use the rs.png to highlight it.

    Your first opportunity to get this trophy is during Chapter 11: Pasadena, because the area is crawling with Terminators so find one and kill it. You'll need to silently creep up behind a Terminator and once the button comes up on your screen, press r2.png to perform a Stealth Kill. The trophy will pop once the Terminator is toast. An easy spot to get this done, is in the area to the South East of where you do the No Hope trophy_bronze.png trophy because there's a T-825 model Terminator patrolling a route between two destroyed containers/vehicles. All you have to do is wait behind the bottom container/vehicle and use your Ultra Vision Goggles to track his movements so when he reaches your location then turns round, you can sneak up behind him and stick the knife in. See below for a screenshot of this location:

  • Destroy a Skynet Outpost.

    You will first encounter the Skynet Outposts during Chapter 11: Pasadena, when Commander Baron gives you Side Objectives #9 and #10 (Skynet's Eastern Outpost and Skynet's Western Outpost respectively). The easiest way to clear an Outpost is to sneak in and hack the central computer so the Outpost's power core overloads and blows up but do note you will only have 10 seconds to get out, else the blast will kill you. Your other alternative is to destroy the outpost by blowing it up without hacking it which usually entails shooting the large Plasma Storage canisters within the Outpost. Destroying either of the Outposts will pop the trophy.
  • Destroy the T-47 that occupies Pasadena.

    • Before destroying the T-47, take a picture of it for Commander Baron so you don't fail Side Objective 8: T47 Protocol.
    • There are other T-47s in the game but the trophy will only pop when killing this specific one.

    This is what the T-47 looks like:

    The T-47 is a giant Hunter Killer model Terminator that roams around Chapter 11: Pasadena (located right by Jennifer's house) and is a pain to kill so try to put a building between you and it, before trying to take it out. Due to the extreme amount of health and how dangerous it is (its Rocket launchers and Miniguns will tear you apart in an instant) you will have to play a game of cat-and-mouse with it and aim for its head. After taking some damage, it will shutdown for a few seconds and give you time to shoot the 2 glowing Power Cores on its shoulders - rinse and repeat until it's toast and the trophy pops. Grenades and blowing up the various Skynet Plasma Storage canisters in the area also do a lot of damage to it so keep lobbing them over at him to help take out a large chunk of his health. Tip: If you can lure the T-47 to a Skynet Outpost you've destroyed, any turret(s) you hacked there will make short work of it.
  • Complete 5 side objectives.

    • The Quests menu can glitch and not allow you to choose anything but switching menus then coming back will fix the problem.
    • There are no Side Objectives in Chapters 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 17, 21, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27 or 28

    The term "Side Objectives" is a little deceptive here as they don't mean optional objectives of the Main Quests but rather the multiple side-quests you'll be given by various characters throughout the game. There are 20 Side Objectives in total but you only need to complete 1 for Not a Mission Priority trophy_bronze.png and 5 for Priority to Me! trophy_silver.png If you complete all available Side Objectives as you go, you'll get your 5th Side Objective and this trophy in Chapter 6: Medical District. Unlike the Main Quests, which appear in yellow on your Map, Side Objectives appear in blue:

    To track a Side Objective rather than the Main Quest, you can change your active Quest at any time by going tp.png => Quests => Use either the D-Pad or ls.png to select the one you want => Press cross.png to set it as active.
    See below for a list and brief location of the first 5 Side Objectives:-

    Chapter 1: Escape from Pasadena
    Side Objective #1: Search for Survivors. This is triggered by talking to Ryan, when you first meet him.

    Chapter 2: Hideout
    Side Objective #2: Not a Toy. This is triggered by talking to Jennifer.
    Side Objective #3: Tools for Ryan. This is triggered by talking to Ryan.

    Chapter 3: Warehouse District
    Side Objective #4: Skynet's Plasma Storage. Colin will automatically give you this, when you get near the Plasma Storage facility.

    Chapter 6: Medical District
    Side Objective #5: Meds for Erin. Jennifer will automatically give you this, near the start of the Chapter.
  • Find 10 notes.

    There are 32 Notes in the game but you only need 1 for Journalist trophy_bronze.png  and 10 for Historian trophy_silver.png. See below for a list and brief location of the first 10 notes:
    Chapter 2: Hideout

    Note #1: Stranger Danger
    Main Quest(s): Rules of Survival, Hospitality, Back to Pasadena
    Location: This is found in Chapter 2: Hideout. Once the cutscene has ended, turn left and head up the pile of rubble next to Ryan, then crawl under the partially open garage door to your left. Now crawl through the open vent in the top right hand corner, then you will find this note on the Workbench to your left. Press and hold square.png to pick it up and pop the Journalist trophy_bronze.png trophy. If you missed it in Chapter 2, you can try again in Chapters 5, 7, 10 and 12, because you will return to the Hideout several times in the first half of the game.
    Chapter 3: Warehouse District

    Note #2: Departing Gift
    Main Quest(s): Rules of Survival
    Location: This is found on a table in a Garage to the West the Plasma Storage Facility you have to destroy for the Side Objective 4: Skynet's Plasma Storage.

    Note #3: LA Pulse
    Main Quest(s): Rules of Survival
    Location: This is found on a Pool Table on the top floor of the Patrick! Pawn Shop, which is to the right of the Garage where Note 2: Departing Gift is located. If you missed it, you can also find it in the same location, near the Radio you need to collect for Ryan during Side Objective 11: "Radio for Ryan" in Chapter 16: Warehouse District.

    Note #4: Welcome to Big Jeff's
    Main Quest(s): Rules of Survival
    Location: This is found on a table in the diner on the ground floor of the building where you find the puppy for Patrick during Side Objective 2: Not a Toy.

    Note #5: Creepy Lil' Dolls
    Main Quest(s): Rules of Survival
    Location: This on a dirty mattress, near the save point in a corner of the Eastern most Resistance Outpost in Chapter 3: Warehouse District.

    Note #6: Bird of Prey
    Main Quest(s): Rules of Survival
    Location: This is on the floor near a skeleton, across the room from the save point on the top floor of the North Eastern most Safe House. You will find this place during the mission "Where is Colin?".

    Chapter 5: Hideout

    Note #7: See You Later
    Main Quest(s): Rules of Survival, Hospitality, Into the Storm, Back to Pasadena
    Location: To access this note, you will need the "Lockpicking 2" skill to unlock the Medium difficulty door at the Hideout but the earliest you do this is during Chapter 5: Hideout. Once you're inside this room, the note is next to the TV in front of you.

    Chapter 6: Medical District

    Note #8: FUCK!
    Main Quest(s): Hospitality
    Location: This is found on a barrel in the second building on the left-hand side of the road where you first encounter the Silverfish.

    Note #9: Dear Maria
    Main Quest(s): Hospitality
    Location: This is on the bottom tray of a medical trolly in the Morgue after the first laser wall you come to in the basement of the University Hospital.

    Note #10: Prognosis
    Main Quest(s): Hospitality
    Location: This is found on the floor in the corner of a room that has an Easy difficulty lock, which is at the right-hand end of the corridor with posters on the wall which say "Life Insurance" and "Medical Team Health & Care". See the screenshot below for the exact location:
    If you want a video, then please see this one by rus199410:
  • Escape from Pasadena with other survivors.

    Story-related and cannot be missed.
    This will pop at the end of Chapter 1: Escape from Pasadena. For more specific details, see below:
    Chapter 1: Escape from Pasadena acts as a basic tutorial and the trophy will pop at the end of the level once the cutscene triggers. This chapter is also your first opportunity to earn the Not a Mission Priority trophy_bronze.png  trophy.
  • Make contact with the imprisoned Resistance Soldiers.

    Story-related and cannot be missed.
    This will pop during Chapter 6: Medical District. For more specific details, see below:
    About halfway through Chapter 6: Medical District, you will find some prison cells protected by laser walls and inside them are the Resistance Soldiers you have to rescue. The trophy will pop once you start talking to one of the soldiers. It'll be a challenging mission as you'll have to dodge and play a deadly game of hide and seek with a lot of patrolling Terminators, especially as you cannot harm them yet and they'll definitely kill you if you're spotted. There are also many locked doors and rooms along the sides and because you will likely be in a hurry, just use triangle.png to force it and duck in before you're spotted. All the door locks are rated no higher than Easy so you shouldn't lose too many picks by using Force.
  • Find the South Division’s Resistance Shelter.

    Story-related and cannot be missed.
    This will pop at the beginning of Chapter 9: Resistance Shelter. For more specific details, see below:
    Towards the end of Chapter 8, you'll have a long trek to make along with Jennifer and Commander Baron as the Annihilation Line, a swarm of Skynet machines and Terminators, ambushes you with a non-stop barrage of gunfire. You'll be given a Plasma Rifle, finally allowing you to kill the Terminators so keep taking them out until you reach the Resistance Shelter. Once there, a cutscene will begin and this trophy will pop.
  • Escape Downtown with Alvin.

    Story-related and cannot be missed.
    This will pop during Chapter 14: Downtown. For more specific details, see below:
    This trophy will pop during Chapter 14: Downtown, after you escort Alvin to safety without getting him killed in the process. At the end of the previous Chapter, Commander Baron will instruct you to locate Doctor Alvin and check what is going on with the defense systems. When you reach there however, your soldiers are attacked by Skynet including tanks and the Doctor is off somewhere on his own, perhaps even injured so it's your job to cut through the machines, locate him, help him and escort him out of the area. Once you actually reach the doctor, just keep running back as there aren't any enemies to actually kill and the Aerial HK that throws some missiles at you towards the end won't actually hit you unless you're extremely unlucky* (see the Notes below). Just keep running straight and you should be fine.
    • *This is only the case if you are playing on Easy. On higher difficulty levels this can be hard because you will take damage and have to be more strategic.
    • If Alvin dies, it's an automatic game over and you will have to restart from the last checkpoint.
  • Destroy the Infiltrator.

    Story-related and cannot be missed.
    This will pop at the end of Chapter 17: Dock Ruins once you defeat the boss. For more specific details, see below:
    This trophy will pop at the end of Chapter 17: Dock Ruins, after killing the Infiltrator. This whole chapter is one big boss fight so make sure you have plenty of ammo for all of your weapons and a ton of Medkits, because this thing won't go down without a fight. The fastest way to kill the Infiltrator, is to aim for its head and let him have it. During the final part of the fight, you will become separated from your team and have to face off against the Infiltrator by yourself so use your Ultravision Goggles to locate him but watchout for his Grenades. There are many smaller explosive canisters around the area that act as tracking missiles when exploded. Basically, use whatever you have, including rockets if you've purchased the Rocket Launcher by now. Even on Easy, this boss fight is tough and you can easily die if you don't pay attention to your health so heal often.
  • Obtain Skynet security codes from a fallen HK Tank.

    Story-related and cannot be missed.
    This will pop during Chapter 22: Downtown. For more specific details, see below:
    This trophy is obtained during Chapter 22: Downtown. Before you can hack a Hunter Killer Tank, you have to retrieve the hacking device and its battery so find them then head to the target HK and prepare for a fight. HK Tanks can only be damaged whilst their rear Generator is exposed so use the Rocket Launcher and blow the crap out of it! The trophy will pop once you have hacked the HK and retrieved the security codes.
  • Complete the game on any difficulty level.

    This trophy will pop once you reach the end of Chapter 28: Frontlines. For the best possible ending, choose to go back in time when John Connor asks if you want the job of protecting your past self.
    • Aim for the head: The weak spot for the majority of enemies is their head so don't aim anywhere else. T-47's have additional weak spots that present themselves after they have taken a certain amount of damage. The weak spot for the Arial HKs (Hunter Killers) is their turbines but the HK Tanks have a weak spot on their back so aim for the red light.
    • Rambo you ain't: Whilst it might be tempting to spray and pray your way through the game, it's often a better idea to ignore combat all together and sneak past whatever enemy is in your way but sometimes combat is inevitable so take cover and snipe the enemies from a distance.
    • The Shotgun is your friend: Whilst it sucks against most of Skynet's minions, the Shotgun makes mincemeat out of the Silverfish, Drones and Spider Scouts so keep it handy.
    • Look everywhere!: Everytime you enter a new area or building, look absolutely everywhere and collect all the ammo, Medkits, Trade and Crafting resources that are scattered around. The more items you can scavenge, the less you will have to buy later on.
    • Update your equipment: Once you get your first Plasma Rifle in Chapter 8: Metro Station, sell your Pistol, Assault Rifle, Uzi and all the ammo for them, because they're borderline useless from this point onwards. Later on in the game, you will gain Access to the Plasma Weapons that use Violet ammo so switch to them and sell the Plasma weapons that use Red Plasma ammo. The Skynet Plasma weapons suck, due to the fact they overheat way too quickly and take ages to cool down so skip them and stick to the man made models.
    • Sniper Rifle? Who needs it?!: The Sniper Rifle is hands down the worst weapon in the game! This is because it has a painfully slow rate of fire, takes forever to reload and it's impossible to see what you're shooting at, due to the fact the scope turns the screen red (AKA how the Terminators see the world).
    • Handle with care: Explosives can do a fair bit of damage to the lesser robots if you hit them dead but they can also kill you instantly so be careful when and where you use them. Also, be extremely careful when you shoot the many Gas Cylinders that are lying around because they can also kill you in 1 hit if you're too close to one when it blows up. Same goes for the various Skynet Plasma Storage bins throughout the game. There will be many times you'll need to blow them up for quests or otherwise, especially in the early game before you're given weapons that can hurt the Terminators as that's the only way to kill them. You might think you're far enough but until you explode it, you honestly don't know just how far you need to be as it's very deceptive so get a good distance away before risking it or you're sure to die.
    • Running will rarely save you: To quote Kyle Reese's famous line from the 1984 Terminator film: "Listen. Understand. That Terminator is out there. It can't be reasoned with, it can't be bargained with. It doesn't feel pity or remorse or fear and it absolutely will not stop. Ever. Until you are dead". Once a Terminator has locked on to you, your only chance of survival is to either kill it or hide in a ventilation shaft because they literally won't give up the chase until you are dead!
    • Save, save and save again: The auto-save doesn't kick in that often, therefore you should make libral use of the various save terminals that are scattered around each chapter (except for the Hideout and Resistance Shelter chapters since they don't have any).
    • The Ultravision Goggles are there for a reason: The Ultravision Goggles are a lifesaver, especially on the later levels when the area is crawling with Terminators so press r3.png to activate them and look for any nearby threats.

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