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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 7.5/10 (Platinum Difficulty Thread)
  • Offline trophies: 31 (14, 10, 6, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0 (multiplayer can technically be done locally)
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 15 hours (skill dependant) (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 9
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes, Arcade Mode must be completed on Hard

If you're old enough to remember arcades, or just a fan of beat'em ups, you're in for a treat. TMNT: Shredder's Revenge is everything that made the old Turtles games fun, with some modern improvements to gameplay, and multiplayer for up to 6 players. As to be expected, you're in for a considerable challenge if you're looking to earn the game's platinum, but with enough practice and the right teammates, you'll have Super Shredder taken care of before long.


Step 1: Story Mode
Familiarize yourself with the game through Story Mode, levelling up your favorite character and completing the game's side content as you go.

Completing this step will earn you the following trophies:

Special Report trophy_bronze.png 
Piped Piper! trophy_bronze.png 
Buffoons! trophy_bronze.png 
Empire Strikes Out trophy_bronze.png 
Clean Up in Aisle 4 trophy_bronze.png 
Complete Season trophy_silver.png 
Biggest Fan! trophy_silver.png 
Multitasker trophy_silver.png 
Breaking Out! trophy_silver.png 
Button Masher trophy_bronze.png 
Mode 7 trophy_silver.png 
Pizza Time! trophy_silver.png 
Opening an Antique Store? trophy_bronze.png 
Return to Sender trophy_bronze.png 

Step 2: All Endings, Max Level Characters, Misc.

Next you're going to want to earn any miscellaneous trophies, get all 7 playable characters to level 20 and beating the last boss with each of them.

Completing this step will earn you the following trophies:

Complete Cast! trophy_gold.png 
Beware Lawbreakers! trophy_bronze.png 
INEFFECTIVE! trophy_silver.png 
A + B trophy_gold.png 
Cowabunga It Is trophy_gold.png 
Come On! trophy_bronze.png 
Who Needs A Dock? trophy_gold.png 
No need for Mutagen! trophy_gold.png 

Step 3: Arcade Mode with Friends

Finally, you're going to want to tackle the game's Arcade Mode and multiplayer trophies at the same time. Work on doing the miscellaneous stuff first while trying to beat the game without using a credit, before finally tackling hard mode.

Completing this step will earn you the following trophies:

Classic Couch Memories trophy_silver.png 
Like the Old Days! trophy_silver.png 
Master of One Quarter trophy_gold.png 
Most Fearsome Fighting Team! trophy_bronze.png 
Teamwork trophy_bronze.png 
Kind Brother trophy_bronze.png 
Sharing is Caring! trophy_silver.png 
Finally Getting Along! trophy_bronze.png 
Honorable Sensei trophy_platinum.png 

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge Trophy Guide

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31 trophies ( 10  14  13  )

  • Unlock all the Trophies.

    Congratulations of a hard fought platinum.
  • Complete the Story Mode.

    There are sixteen levels in Story Mode. After defeating Super Shredder and reaching the credits on any difficulty, the trophy will unlock.
  • See all of the different endings in Story Mode.

    There are seven different endings in Story Mode, for defeating the last boss with each playable character. You will need to beat the game once to unlock Casey Jones, but you can just keep switching characters and replaying the last level until the trophy unlocks.
  • Complete the Arcade Mode in Multiplayer.

    You can choose to either play multiplayer locally or by teaming up with online players from the character select screen. For this trophy the difficulty level is irrelevant, just making it to the end of Level 16 is all that matters. There are ways of jumping into online games while they're in progress, and it's possible that you can join a game that is at the final level, beat the boss and get credit for the trophy, but I haven't yet confirmed that.
  • Complete the Arcade Mode on the hardest difficulty.

    This will easily be the hardest part of your platinum, as hard mode and a set number of lives is no joke in this game. I highly recommend playing multiplayer with at least a few people who know what they're doing (I haven't tried online with 6 people but I imagine it would get pretty hectic), and rely heavily on sharing health and reviving players. If possible communication among the team would be a massive help, especially when it comes to health pickups or the cheer up function.

    There is a way of joining other people's online games in progress, and it's possible that you can join a game at the last level on hard, beat the final boss and get credit, but I haven't confirmed that yet.
  • Complete the Arcade Mode without using a credit.

    This should obviously be done on the easiest difficulty, and playing multiplayer will have its benefits and drawbacks. On the one hand, everyone playing will have to share the pizzas hidden throughout the game (people have a tendency to dive for them whether or not they need them more than you), but they can also share health by cheering you up with l1.png, or reviving you before you lose a life. With that in mind, multiplayer with a half-decent set of partners would be your best bet.

    Obviously you're going to want to play through the game a few times first, familiarizing yourself with the levels, bosses and enemy types before taking this on.
  • Complete a Stage in any mode in multiplayer.

    Begin a multiplayer game either locally or by choosing to team up with players online from the character select screen. Once you have someone playing alongside you, complete a level for the trophy to unlock.
  • Perform 10 Team Attacks in multiplayer.

    It seemed somewhat unclear to me what the game considers a Team Attack, but I unlocked this within the first two levels playing multiplayer. Basically if you're attacking the same enemies as your partner and pinballing them between you, eventually the trophy will unlock.
  • Revive a teammate in multiplayer.

    Once a player is downed, a timer will start, giving you ten seconds to revive them, sharing some of your health with them. To do so, approach them on the ground and hold l1.png. Keep in mind the revive can be interrupted by enemies, so try to give yourself some room before attempting it.
  • Cheer up the same teammate 3 times in a single stage.

    To cheer up a teammate, when there are no enemies around, hold l1.png and your character will hold up their hand for a high five. Your partner will need to approach and do the same, which will result in you giving them some of your health. Do this to the same partner three times in a stage for the trophy.
  • Find all cameos in Story Mode.

    There are 10 cameos in Story Mode, hidden across various levels. If you're destroying every destructable item and attacking anything conspicuous in the background you should find them without trying, but if you're missing one, here are their locations:

    Burne - Level 1: After defeating the four Foot Clan members that were sitting behind desks, you'll come across a door in the background that's moving. Break it open to find Burne.

    Irma - Level 2: Near the beginning of the level you'll eventually reach a corner as you head to the right, and the road will head down. At the top of the screen you'll see a door above a small flight of stairs, break it open to find Irma.

    Attila - Level 4: Early on in the level, you'll find a set of blue mail boxes at the top of the screen. Break open the first one to find Attila.

    Genghis - Level 5: About halfway through the level, when the giant mousers make their first appearance, you'll notice a giant hatch in the background. Break it open to find Genghis.

    Napoleon - Level 6: On the second floor of the mall, you'll come across a theater with a cardboard cutout of the Punk Frogs. Knock it over to find Napoleon.

    Vernon - Level 6: On the third floor of the mall. When you reach the arcade, you'll see a popcorn machine on the left side. Break it to find Vernon.

    Rasputin - Level 9: Near the beginning of the level, you'll find a hot dog stand at the top of the screen next to a trash can. Destroy it to find Rasputin.

    Dask - Level 11: Late in the level, after two triceratops break through paintings, there will be a breakable object at the top of the screen in front of a tent. Break it to find Dask.

    Kala - Level 13: After fighting off a series of grey and orange rock monsters, you'll see three cylindrical doors in the background. Break open the far left one to find Kala.

    Zak - Level 14: Halfway through the level, you'll see a gold Shredder idol on a rock that you can pick up to set off a trap. Immediately after, you'll see a plant you can attack at the top of the screen. Attack it to find Zak.
  • Complete all of the special requests in Story Mode.

    To unlock this trophy, you will need to find all of the game's cameos (See Biggest Fan! trophy_silver.png ) and all of the game's collectibles. There are five sets of collectibles that you will need to find to complete each request, before turning in what you've found for a reward.

    The collectibles are tracked on each level screen from the hub world, and can easily be found by destroying any and all destructible items you come across.
  • Destroy 200 breakable objects.

    Breakable objects can be found scattered throughout every level in the game, and are abundant enough that you'll likely earn this trophy on your first playthrough.
  • Perform a 250-hits string.

    Getting a 250 hit combo can be pretty daunting in this game, particularly on harder difficulties. You can play through the first level on the easiest difficulty after memorizing enemy patterns, or choosing a level like 12 and farming mousers at the beginning of the level, avoiding the big mouser, but there's a much easier way of doing this, although it'll require some trial and error.

    Start the first level with a character that has a high speed rating (I used Raphael). You may have noticed during your playthrough that you can continue to juggle enemies after defeating them, and that's how you're going to do this. At any opportunity, try to pin an enemy ninja against the left side of the screen, with you standing maybe a foot or two away from the edge. Don't use combos, but instead just tap square.png at a steady pace until you're able to juggle the ninja in place. Make sure you aren't juggling them against a solid wall, as they will eventually pancake against the wall and explode. This will take some practice to get the distance and rhythm down, but I was able to replicate this method multiple times to get to 250.
  • Eat 20 pizzas.

    Pizzas are hidden throughout each level of the game, typically under breakable objects, and will refill your health. They can only be picked up if you've taken damage, and in multiplayer, typically only the character that picks the pizza up will refill their health. You will certainly unlock this over the course of your playthroughs.
  • Find 5 different collectibles in Story Mode.

    There are five types of collectible scattered throughout Story Mode, and while you'll need them all to complete Multitasker trophy_silver.png , for this trophy you'll just need one of each. The different collectibles are newspapers, diaries, bugs, VHS tapes and crystals. As you play through the Story Mode, you'll find the collectibles naturally by destroying any and all destructible objects you come across, but you won't find the crystals until fairly late in the game.
  • Bring all characters to max Power Level in Story Mode.

    As you play through Story Mode, you will increase your character's Power Level by defeating enemies, and by completing challenges and special requests from cameo characters. Doing most of the game's challenges should get you to level 10 (you'll need 2000 points total) by the end of your playthrough, but subsequent playthroughs will take a bit longer if you're relying solely on defeating enemies for points.

    For each subsequent character, you can choose to replay levels with a lot of enemies for points, or if you'd rather, you can start a new Story Mode from the main menu. Make sure to carry over your characters' Power Level if you do so, but keep in mind your collectibles and cameos will reset completely by doing this. Once you get to level 10 with all seven characters, the trophy will unlock.
  • Deflect 10 projectiles.

    This can be done with any character, when facing either the yellow, throwing star ninjas, or the red ninjas with plunger guns. Both types of enemy will move to a set distance away from you before firing their projectiles. If you hit the projectile out of the air, it will return back and hit the enemy. Do this 10 times for the trophy.

Secret trophies

  • Stop the rogue Channel 6 broadcast in Story Mode.

    This is the first level in Story Mode. After beating the boss, this trophy will unlock.
  • Trespass the royal grounds of NYC sewers and defeat the Rat King in Story Mode.

    This is the fifth level of Story Mode. Once you defeat the Rat King, the trophy will unlock.
  • Put an end to Bebop and Rocksteady's run in Story Mode.

    This is the seventh level of Story Mode. Defeat Bebop and Rocksteady for the trophy to unlock.
  • Retreat the Triceraton empire in Story Mode.

    This is the eleventh level in Story Mode. Defeat Captain Zorax and the trophy will unlock.
  • Stop Chrome Dome before he can rebuild the old Technodrome in Story Mode.

    This is the thirteenth level in Story Mode. Defeat Chrome Dome and the trophy will unlock.
  • Play as Casey Jones.

    To play as Casey Jones, you'll first need to complete Story Mode with one of the other six characters to unlock him. Then, either continue your Story Mode or start a new game and select Casey.
  • Defeat the Rat King while using Splinter.

    The Rat King is the boss of Level 5, and for this trophy you will need to complete it while playing as Splinter. This can be done in any mode, and if you previously played through Story Mode with another character, you can just back out to the main menu, select Splinter and go straight to Level 5 for the trophy.
  • Win the mini-game in Coney Island.

    Halfway through the Coney Island level, you'll come across a series of inflatable balloons, and a prompt to blow them up. This can be done while playing solo, guaranteeing that you win. Simply attack any of the pumps to inflate a balloon until it pops.
  • Finish a boss using a Super Attack.

    During any boss fight, make sure you keep one super gauge full, and when the boss's health is low, press triangle.png to use the special when you're close enough to hit them. Keep in mind that an aerial special attack or the backflip special attack won't count for this trophy.
  • Throw 16 enemies toward the camera.

    To throw an enemy at the camera, you'll need to initiate a grab by walking into an enemy, and then holding down and pressing square.png. You'll need to do this as part of the Chrome Dome boss, but you can also watch the tutorial at the beginning of Story Mode and get this done at any time.
  • Got hit while performing a taunt.

    At any point during gameplay, you can press r1.png with any character to taunt. Completing the taunt will fill your energy gauge. In order to unlock this, you'll need to press r1.png as an enemy is about to attack you. Keep in mind that if you've unlocked Radical Mode, pressing r1.png with 3 full gauges will begin an animation that can't be interrupted, so make sure you have fewer than 3 full gauges to do this.
  • Defeat Super Shredder without being hit.

    Super Shredder is the second half of level 16, and the previous Statue of Tyranny boss fight is irrelevant for this trophy. You can attempt this in Story Mode or Arcade, but I recommend doing it on the easiest difficulty.

    Super Shredder only has a few attacks, and only one of them will likely give you any trouble. Shredder will start by dashing back and forth across the screen, leaving a trail of green fire. I found it easiest to stay at the top or bottom of the screen and jump up or down to the opposite side if he comes near you, but this will require a bit of luck. Once he stops, he will send out three rings of fire that you'll need to jump over. Finally he'll begin to transform, and if you don't have a special gauge built up at this point, make sure to press r1.png as soon as this phase starts. A green shield will surround Shredder, and then he'll collapse back and take a knee. This is your moment to use your specials, and then quickly dash away.

    About halfway through the battle, Shredder will summon four purple clones that will occassionally shoot green orbs at you, but the clones are easy enough to quickly deal with, just hit each of them once and you'll get another opportunity to attack. Shredder's attacks will speed up from this point on but the pattern will remain the same, make sure to keep charging your special gauge with r1.png and eventually Shredder will go down.
  • Cheer up Raphael while playing as Casey Jones.

    For this trophy, you'll first need to unlock Casey Jones by completing Story Mode. Next, start a multiplayer game, either locally or using the team up option to find players online. You will need to play as Casey, while a second player plays as Raphael. Finally, when you have an opportunity with no enemies around, press l1.png to have Casey hold his hand up for a high five. Raphael must approach Casey and press l1.png, and the trophy will unlock.

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