• Estimated trophy difficulty: 6/10 (Personal Opinion) (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 48 (37, 10, 1)
  • Online trophies: 3 (1, 1, 1)
  • Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 21-25hrs (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 2, 1 on Easy or Normal then 1 on Hard.
  • Number of missable trophies: None because level select is available.
  • Glitched trophies: None known
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes, you have to finish the game on Easy/Normal and Hard.
  • Do trophies stack?: The difficulty trophies don't but the PS3 and 4 versions of the game have separate lists so you can this twice.
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats available


Platinum Games' new game based on the heroes in a half shell, features a storyline inspired on the recent IDW TMNT comics and is written by IDW Turtle writer Tom Waltz in an artstyle which is heavily inspired by IDW TMNT veteran artist Mateus Santolouco. The game has a staggering 50 trophies to collect, all ranging from simple and fun trophies, to some grinding. You have control of all four turtles (Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello and Michelangelo) as the turtles, their master Splinter and their friend April O'Neil go up against The Foot Clan, a ninja clan that has a vendetta against Splinter and The Turtles, Shredder, the leader of the Foot, General Krang, a mutant who wishes to transform Earth into a new home for his kind, killing off all the Earthlings in the process and several mutants who want power all for themselves and who you will go up against throughout the game.

There are 9 different stages, with nine different bosses who are all working together to take over the city. You will go up against all of their forces and in the end, defeat the Shredder and save the city. You will need to playthrough the game twice in order to get all of the difficulty trophies (The End? and Veteran) and most of the trophies in the game can be done through Single Player, although a good few of them are heavily recommended in Multiplayer. After these trophies are collected, you are going to need to get three other players for the one online trophy (Sorry not Sorry) which you can do using the boosting threads for your version of the game:



Step 1: Tutorial, Completing the Story on Easy/Normal and picking up as many trophies as possible

While this step may sound weird, there are some trophies that are really easy to pull off Solo and on your first playthrough. Under normal circumstances I would recommend doing this on Hard if you wanted to get through this trophy list ASAP but instead you start on Easy or Normal for The End? This is because difficulty trophies don't stack so you will have to play on Easy/Normal anyway. It's recommended you do this first in order to get an idea of the game's gameplay, how the bosses' patterns go and to gather upgrade points for upgrading your special attacks. I also strongly recommend that you pick your favourite turtle and stick with him as this will be needed for I Like the Green One. At the end of this Step, you should have the following trophies:

White Belt
Wear It With Pride
The End?
The Green Way
When Turtles Fly
Look Out Below!
Let There Be Light!
On Top of Things!
Turtle Power
Traitor In Their Midst
Grind The Grind
Group Hug
Hype Training

Step 2: Hard Playthrough

There isn't much difference here and if you missed any trophies in the above step, then you can get them here again, however there are a few minor differences. On Hard, you start each stage with less health, bosses can deal far more damage, plus there are more chances for Secret Bosses to appear and is likely that you will run into at least one of them on your way through. Also note that bosses/enemies take more hits to take down, with bosses in particular having 9 health bars in contrast to Easy's 5 health bars and Normal's 7 health bars. If you do have issue with the bosses here, you can combine this with Step 4 and do this with other players online using the boosting threads for your version of the game:


At the end of this Step, you should have the following:

Party Crasher

Step 3: Cleanup

During this step you will be collecting trophies that you missed in Steps 1 and 2 as well as most of the other trophies. You can combine this step with Step 4 and in some cases it's highly recommended that you do as a lot of these are near impossible with the A.I, including trophies such as Next Time, Take a Cab, Bodyguard, Double K.O and Showoff. These are technically possible on Solo but you will have much less of a difficult time if you do this with other players rather than the A.I. You will also be doing your post game grinding here as well. As with the above two steps, it's important you always play as the same turtle for I Like the Green One. Keep in mind that some of the trophies below can be done in Step 1 or 2, such as Eavesdropper. However because of the fact this depends on the spawn rate of the mission you need for the trophy, I'm putting them under Cleanup.

By the end of either this Step or Step 4, you will have the following trophies:

North Hampton
637 IQ
Everybody Loves Explosions
Bomb Squad
Gold Rush
For a Rainy Day
No Respect for Machinery
Utrom Buster
Virtuous Vigilante
Pie Protector
Red Means Stop
Night Vision
Hard Hitter
Goin' Up!
One Month's Dinner
Double K.O
Pizza Poser
Hit Fast, Hit Hard
Out of This World
Stealth Master
I Like The Green One

Step 4: Multiplayer/Cleanup Part 2:

During this Step, you will get two of the online trophies as well as Sorry not Sorry because it's near impossible to do solo so go to the Co-Op Thread for your particular platform and get partners for these trophies. At the end of this step, you will get these trophies:

Strictly Multiplayer:

Nice to meet you!
Sorry not Sorry

Recommended in Multiplayer:

Next time, take a cab

Please refer to the Co-Op Boosting Thread for your particular platform to get Online Partners:


Once you have all of the other trophies, then you will get the Platinum:

Hero in a Half-Shell

[PST Would Like To Thank Ryannumber1gamer for this Roadmap]

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan Trophy Guide

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51 trophies ( 10  38  3  )

  • Unlock all Trophies

    This trophy will unlock once you have collected all of the other 50 trophies in the game.

  • Complete the Tutorial

    When you first start the game, it's recommended that you complete the tutorial. Not only will it give you an idea of how Mutants in Manhattan's gameplay works and its different elements such as special moves, takedowns and blocking/countering but it also gets an easy trophy. The tutorial will take around 15 minutes to complete fully.

  • Play online at least once

    To get this, you need to be either playing with randoms or people on your friends list that you invite into a private or public session. Either way, the trophy should pop a few seconds after the intro cutscene.

  • Complete Easy or Normal mode

    For this trophy, you need to complete all levels on a specific difficulty. Once you choose a difficulty, it's recommended you stick with it throughout just to make sure you get the trophy as the game keeps a tracker for which stage is beaten on which level. However I recommend just playing on Easy since you need to beat the game on Hard anyway. This means you can get a good feel for the game, get this trophy quicker, enjoy the story and give yourself more breathing space if the A.I messes up on the bosses. This trophy should unlock either during the results screen on Shredder's stage, during the final cutscene or during the credits.

  • Equip at least one Emblem to your profile

    This is a trophy you can easily get done after the first level. When you are in the level select, hit Turtle Loadout. This will bring you to a menu of charms, Ninjutsu and of course, Emblems. Emblems are special icons you get for completing specific tasks, some of them overlapping with trophies, such as Showoff, Maniac and Sorry, not Sorry but you can equip any emblem, which means we want the fastest and easiest one and there are 3 ways to get it:

    Option 1: Street Warrior - Defeat 50 enemies. You could easily do this in Bebop's level alone and if you don't get it there, then you will almost definitely have it by the end of Rocksteady's level.

    Option 2: Elite Challenger - Defeat 10 Elites

    Option 3 (Recommended): Clean Feet - Use a gimmick to travel 100 ft without touching the ground. This can be achieved by using the method for When Turtles Fly as this is the best way to guarantee a emblem after the first level.

    When you have the emblem, all you have to do is go and equip it and the trophy will pop.

  • Obtain 25% of all Collectibles

    This will unlock once you have obtained 12 of the 50 collectable covers. See Maniac for more details.

  • Obtain 50% of all Collectibles

    This will unlock once you have obtained 25 of the 50 collectable covers. See Maniac for more details.

  • Obtain all Collectibles

    Recommended Stage: Shredder
    Recommended Difficulty: Easy
    Required Special: High Jump Level 1 to 5 (Max Level Recommended but not needed)
    Recommended Item: Master Collector

    Warning: For collectables to count, you must complete the level.

    While you could do this on any stage, you can very easily combine this with I Like the Green One and get 4 of the most tedious trophies out of the way. The big reason why this level is recommended is because there are 5 collectables right at the very start before you go into the elevator. There are different ways to spawn the collectables:

    When you first spawn in, there will be a switch right next to you. Hit this before you go into the hallway and it will spawn in two collectables in the left and right sides of the elevator door. Now go to the upper left hand corner of the room, right next to the elevator and where you picked up one of the collectables, you will see a red button box that shoots out electrical shots when you get close. Hit it and you will get a collectable from the box.

    Now look up towards the roof and in the middle of the roof, you will see another red button box. Throw a throwing star at the box to hit it and release the collectable. This will spawn two collectables. One right under the box you hit will spawn and another will spawn to the left of where the door you first entered through to get into the hallway. Long Jump is needed to get both of these as they are high out of jumping range. Donatello has Long Jump as one of his default special moves so it's highly recommended that you equip the turtle you are using with the Long Jump move, and perhaps upgrade it fully. It's upgrade costs are relatively low when compared to other special moves and gives you a cooldown time of four seconds, reducing a lot of your grinding time.

    The final thing to note is that Master Collector is not needed but if you happen to get a charm with the effect, then equip it to the Turtle you are using for I Like the Green One. As it will have a chance of giving you collectables you have not collected. It's also recommended to try upgrade the charm at least once so you have a 10% chance of getting non-collected collectables.

    One of the biggest issues here is that the collectable you get is random, which means you need to hope you get one of the collectables you don’t have already. Another tip is the collectable you pick up will have a thumbnail image so if you are looking for a particular issue, go into your collectables and find the issue number you are missing. All of the collectables use the variants created by TMNT Co-Creator Kevin Eastman and are all variants of the normal covers so for example: If you needed the Issue 1 collectable, you can search for the cover using Google by typing "IDW TMNT Issue 1 Eastman Variant", see what the cover looks like then look at the thumbnails that come up once you collect the items and If it's not the cover you need then quit and replay the level. While it may sound like a tedious process, it would save you a lot of time having to go through the entirety of the level and the Shredder fight only to learn you don't have the cover you needed. Credit to NonStopTrophies for the video:

  • Traverse a total of 32 miles

    You will very likely get this trophy through natural progression but see North Hampton for more details.

  • Traverse a total of 150 miles

    This trophy could very well come through normal progression so work on all of the other trophies and this trophy should pop by the time you start your cleanup run but If not, then combine this trophy with I Like the Green One and Maniac. Shredder's stage takes 10 to 15 minutes to run through quickly on easy and since you will be doing this level anyway for the other two trophies, you will likely get this trophy then if not before. However, I got this trophy after attempting Sorry not Sorry and Next time, take a cab a few times then doing a few levels on Hard so you will likely end up getting it as you aim for other trophies.

  • Dismantle Charms 30 times

    The description for trophy is misleading because it implies that you can dismantle any 30 Charms and still get it but this is wrong since you need to dismantle three charms into one, then dismantle the one you just made so you actually need to dismantle 90 Charms total to get the 30 needed for this trophy. For this reason it's recommended that you get the 637 IQ trophy done first.

    Before you can dismantle a Charm, you need any three charms and a certain amount of training points, then pick the three charms you wish to dismantle and it will dismantle into a new charm, do this 30 times for the trophy. To actually dismantle the Charm: Go into your turtle loadout, pick a Charm slot, press then choose "dismantle".

  • Upgrade 30 Charm Effects

    Recommended Stages: Bebop, General Krang or Shredder

    This trophy is much less misleading than Tinkerer but the trade off is that it requires more supplies to complete. When you defeat an enemy, they will drop a green item which will give you a scroll and these scrolls are needed in order to upgrade a charm effect. Different amounts are needed for the upgrades but level 1 upgrades are recommended and they generally cost much less in order to upgrade, which is ideal for this trophy. If you get desperate, then try dismantling three charms into one charm and hope for a effect which you can upgrade to level one. You might also need guides, which are like scrolls that are dropped from bosses. General Krang's stage is best for the Guides as it's a boss rush of all bosses with the exception of Shredder, Super Shredder and Mega Krang. Bebop and Shredder also have a wide variety of all enemies you might need for scrolls. Once you've upgraded 30 effects, then you will get this trophy.

  • Detonate 100 drum cans (including proximity mines)

    Recommended Stage: Bebop

    Whilst red explosive barrels (drum cans) are present in different levels such as Rocksteady and Mega Krang, the best stage for this trophy is Bebop because it has a drum can around virtually every street corner. While I'm not sure, I would recommend destroying as many cans as possible throughout the level and finishing it just to make sure they count. It's recommended you combine this with a lot of other trophies, the only one I wouldn't recommend trying it on is Stealth Master. Providing you destroy a lot of the barrels as you go along, you will quite possibly get this trophy through normal progression.

  • Disarm 30 time bombs

    Recommended Stages: Karai, Bebop or Rocksteady

    This trophy description is misleading because you don't need to complete 30 missions, just disarm 30 separate bombs as each mission contains at least 2 of them.

    This is the first of a few random number generated trophies. To explain what these are, you need to understand the core concept of the game's structure. In 7 of the game's 9 levels, you need to complete random missions that will spawn throughout the game and for this one, you must disarm thirty time bombs but luckily you don't need to complete the level for these missions to count towards the trophy. You have 2 options as to how you want to approach this:

    Option 1: Getting it out of the out of the way at the first chance

    For this option, you’re going to want to load up Karai's stage, where the first mission has you disarming four time bombs that the foot have planted on the skyscraper. It's recommended that you do this on Easy, as you will be swarmed with enemies as you attempt to do this so you want it on easy to make them less of an annoyance when trying to disarm the bombs. In this particular instance, you will want to also try to protect the A.I as they can speed up your disarm time. If you begin disarming a bomb and then have each of the other turtles join you, then the amount of time needed to disarm the bomb will lower by quite a bit.

    Option 2: Stack option

    This is the option I don't recommend. The time bombs do spawn in the Bebop and Rocksteady stages but the Bebop stage happens to be where quite a few of the other spawn points are for the other mission trophy based missions so if you really want to try your luck, you can do Bebop's stage and work on the time bomb missions as they randomly spawn.

  • Transport gold bars 30 times

    Recommended Stage: Bebop/Rocksteady

    This will likely be the most tedious of your mission based trophies. The Gold Bar missions are missions where either you or one of your teammates needs to carry a very heavy stack of gold bars a short distance. Meanwhile, enemies will infinitely spawn and more enemies will spawn the closer you get to the goal. Your biggest problem with these missions is you only have one set of gold bars to transport at any one time instead of two or three, which means you need to complete 30 missions instead of 10 and they don’t have the greatest spawn rate either.

    It's recommended you do this trophy on Bebop’s stage. The reason why is Gold Bar missions, ATM Missions, Time Bomb Missions and Money Bag missions all spawn on this stage, which means that you can realistically keep replaying the first fight and then wait and see if April calls and tells you to do the gold rush mission.

    Pro Tip: Several people have said that they have gotten higher drops of ATM, Gold Bar and Money Bag missions by starting Bebop's stage on Easy, picking Leo or Raph and doing nothing, letting the A.I defeat all enemies then waiting for April to send the next mission. Credit goes to ItsRiskyBoots for this info: LINK

  • Transport 30 bags of money

    Recommended Stage: Bebop

    In this mission you will need to roll a big money bag back over to a goal and all whilst enemies attempt to block you and knock you off the money bag. This mission isn’t too hard and shouldn't take too long to get through. The one drawback to this however is much like the ATM missions, these do not have very good spawn rates. Again, the title is also misleading as you generally need to transport two money bags per mission so will only need to do the mission 15 times for the trophy.

    Generally, for this mission, just try to destroy enemies that block your way. Like the gold bars, there will be more enemies spawning as you get further but there are two new hazards to worry about. First is Krang UFOs, which will place down beams that will knock you off the bag and force a random status effect on you, such as slowing your speed, forcing you to jump, applying ice physics to you and more. Generally you can avoid most of these but there will usually be one at the very end that blocks your route to the goal so you will have to jump off and destroy it to move on. The other hazard is explosive barrels set to go off on a timer when you get near them. However, doing a jump at the right time will allow you to avoid these easily.

    As mentioned previously, Bebop is the best stage to do these missions so see Gold Rush for more info.

  • Transport 10 Chemical Weapons to a Portal

    Recommended Stages: Bebop or Wingnut

    Essentially, these missions are a combination of the Pizza Truck protection missions mixed with the money bag missions Here, the turtles need to transport a metallic sphere filled with chemicals to a portal to clear it from the city. When enemies knock you off the sphere, it will get damaged and spill some of the chemicals onto the ground but if you step in resulting puddle then your turtle will briefly get turned into a zombie and be open to attack.

    The walkthrough for the For a Rainy Day trophy can be applied here, including the Bebop level being the recommended level, however Wingnut's stages also have them and it seems the spawn rate may be a little higher but there doesn't seem to be much of a difference either way.

  • Destroy 30 cameras and laser devices

    Recommended Stage: General Krang

    This is one trophy you will get without trying, providing you destroy every laser and camera you see throughout your two playthroughs on Easy/Normal and Hard. Certain missions will spawn laser devices in an attempt to block your path, especially on stages like Mega Krang but the best place to grind this is General Krang's stage. This is because with the exception of one hallway, the level tries to place an emphasis on stealth through this level and because of it, there are plenty of cameras and lasers. Both devices can alert the enemies to the turtle's presence anyway so you want to destroy these either way to stop more enemies spawning into the battle. You will generally want to use throwing stars to take these down as they will be able to destroy the devices in two or three hits.

  • Transport 30 Krang Bombs to a portal

    Recommended Stages: Wingnut or Mega Krang

    Krang Bombs, along with ATMs, seem to be the rarest spawns in the game. Unlike the ATMs, these are one of the more frustrating missions in the game due to the fact that two players are needed to work together in order to take these bombs to the portal. This isn't too big of an issue in co-op but if you are soloing this then it means dealing with the A.I, who tends to get stuck a lot and won't follow you in certain situations which can lead to a lot of backtracking to get the bomb and an A.I partner who will help take it to the portal. Luckily, there will usually be two or three per mission so depending on your luck you will only need to play through this mission about 10 to 15 times.

    Wingnut's stage seems to be the stage with the higher drop rate from the Krang Bombs. This is due to Mega Krang having confirmed missions, where the player will always have three confirmed missions where you need to battle Krang Droids. Here, Wingnut has no confirmed missions which means the Krang Bombs have as much as a chance as the rest of the missions present on the stage.

  • Protect 30 ATM machines

    Recommended Stage: Bebop

    The description of this trophy is misleading because each ATM protected counts as one ATM towards the trophy so when you complete one ATM mission, you will automatically gain three ATMs so you only need to complete the mission 10 times to get the trophy

    Out of all of the mission based trophies, this seems to be the trophy that everyone is having the most trouble with. This is due to its incredibly low spawn rate. Ironically, this also happens to be one of the easiest missions in the game. In this mission, three ATMs will pop up on the map and you will need to quickly make your way to one of them. You will get one to two waves of Foot Ninjas attempting to attack the ATM. Once it pops up that the ATM has been protected, quickly make your way to the next ATM and do the same then make your way to the third ATM and repeat.

    I have managed to get ATMs to spawn at least a little more frequently by going to the building overlooking the basketball court in the middle of the map but this could just be luck though. See Gold Rush for more info.

  • Protect 10 Pizza Trucks

    Recommended Stages: Bebop or Rocksteady

    In this mission, you have to defend a Pizza Truck and prevent it from being destroyed. Waves of Foot Soldiers will spawn and different variants will attack the Truck. The van will have a certain amount of health and a time limit for how much time you need to protect the van. Your rank at the end of the mission will be determined by how much health the stand has remaining by the end of the mission. While I'm unable to confirm for definite, I do believe that Pizza Stands and Over Protection missions count towards this.

    Bebop and Rocksteady's stages seems to have the highest drop rates for the pizza vans and pizza stands and usually, Rocksteady's second or third mission will always be a protection mission for a pizza stand. If you want to play it on the safe side however, Pizza Trucks are generally common drops on Bebop's stage so you can always protect a Pizza Truck if you want to be sure that it counts.

  • Destroy a rampaging car with a drum can

    This trophy can be a bit tricky due to the timing of hitting the truck with the drum can. However, there’s a very useful trick for pulling this trophy off. If you're playing solo then try to get either the A.I or use a turret item to cause the car to spin out, while you pick up a drum can. If you are fast enough, you can hit the car with the drum before the car disappears. If you're playing Online, even better because you have actual players to help you with this and can therefore time the actions. Pick up the drum can and let the other players in the game take down the car. Run up quickly and hit the car with the drum can before it disappears and this trophy should pop. Credit Thunderhoss for the video:

  • Collect 10,000 Training Points

    10,000 Training Points might sound like a daunting task at first but it's almost confirmed that you will obtain this trophy naturally. Every level rewards you with training points at the end of each level depending on certain attributes you may have pulled off in the level, such as most hits, most takedowns etc. Your training points will also increase depending on which rank you got in the level. Either way, it's very likely you will have this trophy by Karai's level due to how easy it is to get around 5,000 training points in one level.

  • Traverse 1 mile in the Residential Area without touching the ground

    This trophy might sound like a tricky trophy at first glance but there is a very easy method of getting it, plus it's recommended that you get this and Grind the Grind at the same time. There is a metal gate that surrounds the basketball court, just jump on this gate and wait a couple of minutes. Since your turtle is constantly grinding on the rails and technically doesn't touch the ground, this counts for both trophies. Grind the Grind will unlock first. Credit to Thunderhoss for the video:

  • Destroy a helicopter

    Recommended Stages: Karai or Wingnut

    This is another trophy that you will likely get through normal progression through the game and you will even get some missions in Karai and Wingnut's stages telling you to shoot down a few enemy helicopters. In order to destroy a helicopter, you can either use a turret if there is one nearby or jump up and attack the helicopter normally. No matter which method you use, the trophy will pop.

  • Activate the ceiling switch during the battle with Slash

    This trophy couldn't be any simpler so you may well get it without even trying. Slash is the third level of the game and when you get to his boss level, you will be in a pitch black sewer fighting him. If you look above Slash, you will see a red button somewhere on the roof. Chuck a Throwing Star towards it and the lights will turn on, thus netting you this trophy. Credit to Thunderhoss for the video:

  • Climb to the highest point in Karai's stage and do a little dance

    This trophy is pretty self explanatory. You can look for the highest point yourself but if you're confused, then look around for a skyscraper, directly in front of the construction site. Now look up and you will see a massive pole going up to a small platform on the very top of this building. This is the highest point. Climb up the top of the skyscraper and then climb up the very long pole. Once you get up to the top, go into your communication options and find dance. Hit dance on top of this platform and the trophy will pop. Credit to Thunderhoss for the video:

  • Have all Turtles turn into zombies simultaneously by touching contaminated water

    Recommended Stage: Armaggon

    For this trophy, you need to get all four of the turtles to touch the purple chemicals that spills from the chemical spheres from Detoxicator or from the same liquid that's lying around in puddles. It's recommended that you do this on Armaggon's stage due to the fact his entire main gimmick is making use of this water. If you find a puddle of the water, you can get all four turtles into the purple puddles, even if it takes a while. If done right, you then will see all 4 of the turtles zombified at once and needed to wait to snap out of the effect. If you have trouble with getting the 4 turtles into the puddle on Solo play the combine this with your Online trophies and get a group to help with this, because it will stop the A.I from attempting to revive you out of the zombification and allow you to force all four turtles into the puddle. Credit to ThunderHoss for the video:

  • Defeat 10 Stone Warriors with turrets in Wingnut's stage

    At first, this trophy might sound a little tricky. Let me clarify something. This trophy is possible in one playthrough of the level, as you can get the enemies next to the turret to respawn after every mission. There are usually three enemies that spawn on top of the skyscraper next to it so you could possibly lure the enemies down to the turret and destroy the enemies through that method. Attempt to use the turret at all chances when there’s enemies nearby. The final tip I can give is these are cumulative so if you are having a lot of trouble with this trophy, there's a mission which spawns enemies right next to the turret so you can potentially just farm this mission until you have the trophy. Credit to RecepHatHunger for the video:

  • Find the secret room in the TCRI building

    Stage: General Krang

    When you are going for this trophy, you need to keep in mind the structure of the stage. The stage is a boss rush with hallways separating out the boss encounters. In one of these hallways is the secret room you are looking for. The problem is the secret room is randomly spawned, which means it can be in any of the hallways. Luckily it's very easy to find the secret room because April will usually alert you to something strange in the room and if you use your T-Glass every time you enter a hallway, then you will be able to see a big orange square next to one of the walls which will show a portal when you get close to it. Press then enter the portal and this trophy will pop. Credit goes to ThunderHoss for the video.

  • Defeat the 4 Krangdroids with your conventional weapons in Mega Krang's stage

    This trophy is both incredibly misleading and incredibly tricky if you don’'t know the trick of this trophy. Conventional weapons refers to your default one i.e Leo's Katanas, Raph's Sais, Mikey's Nunchucks and Donnie's Bo Staff. The problem is the Krangdroids are incredibly hard to destroy and the A.I can screw this up because they are programmed to go into any unmanned Krangdroid lying around. However, this is where the trick comes in. The trophy is misleading because it can be any four Krangdroids but is also cumulative, which means you can just start Mega Krang's stage defeat the first Krangdroid in the start of the level before anyone has the mechs. Now quit, restart the level then repeat another 3 times. This ensures the A.I can't mess up the trophy by hopping into the mechs and must use their weapons against the first Krangdroid that spawns. Credit to Thunderhoss for the video:

  • Survive the elevator section at the TCRI building without taking any damage

    Stage: Shredder
    Recommended Difficulty: Easy
    Recommended Items: Invincibility (Try to get it to max level)

    When playing Shredder’s stage, the elevator section makes up about 80% of the level, as the level is made up of one hallway, three fights in the elevator then Shredder himself. This might sound like a hard trophy due to its nature of asking you to survive three rounds in an elevator without being hit. However, there's some tricks you can use. Firstly, it's recommended you attempt to keep out of the fight at all time. One hit will invalidate the trophy so you need to be very careful. It’s best to be constantly jumping around the arena and in general, always trying to keep moving as it will make a good few attacks moot as they won’t be able to reach you. Try to keep an idea of where you will land after jumping as Foot Soldiers with bomb bags will also spawn in and can very quickly invalidate the trophy if you aren't careful. Set the Turtles’ A.I to "Go All Out" and just don't go out and attack, just let the other turtles handle as many enemies as they can as you want to focus solely on not getting hit. When you get to the final enemy of the section, who is a very big rock soldier with a massive sledgehammer, you're going to want to use Invincibility and then go straight towards him, using your combo attack. Make sure one of the other Turtles is with you. It's also recommended that you pick Michaelangelo for this trophy, the reason being that is he is invincible during his Cheerleader animation and his co-op attack makes it extremely easy to defeat the rock soldier at the end of the section.

    I recommend you get the Invincibility special move because it buys you around 15-30 seconds of being invincible, which is good if you want to rush in and take down a few enemies or are in a sticky situation and need to quickly stop an enemy from hitting you. If you can save it, then I recommend using it to get rid of ranged enemies such as bomb bag enemies, rocket launcher enemies and the final rock soldier at the end of the section. Keep an eye on your turtle though. When invincibility is active, they will have a glowing red and green outline around them. Keep an eye on this, because you will want to quickly get out of the fight if that outline disappears. If you think your invincibility is close to running out, then get out of the fight right away as you don't want to risk getting hit because you thought the move was still in effect. If you did it right, then you should get the trophy around when the doors open up and you see the path leading towards the Shredder boss battle. Credit to Thunderhoss for the video:

  • Defeat 5 enemies with 1 drum can

    Recommended Level - Bebop

    As mentioned in Everybody Loves Explosions, Bebop's stages are littered with the red explosive drums. There are 3 options you can go with when attempting this:

    1: During missions where you are fighting the Foot Clan, attempt to lure the A.I and the enemies to a can and chuck a Throwing Star at it but it doesn't matter if you get hit with the explosion as long as five enemies are also destroyed in the explosion so don't wait until you're out of range, throw it as soon as enemies are next to it. You can also lift the drum can and throw it if you see a pocket of enemies attacking another player. Credit to RecepHatHunger for the video:

    2: The best way to get this is picking any turtle except Leo. As soon as the stage starts, Leo usually casts Turtle Time. As soon as Turtle Time is active, throw a throwing star at the nearby explosive drum and you should kill around 5 or 6 enemies. This has been tested and confirmed with the Pizza Truck spawn.

    3: If you have trouble with this then using the Co-Op boosting thread to get a group together, then have them do Mikey's Co-Op Showoff move right at the very start whislt you quickly run over and lift the nearby drum can. This will force all enemies into a dancing animation and keep them still. Tell your teammates not to attack the enemies, now run over quickly and throw the drum can at the dancing enemies. With any luck, you will have killed 5 enemies and the trophy will pop.

  • Eat 100 pizzas

    Recommended Stage: Shredder or Mega Krang
    Recommended Difficulty: Easy or Normal

    While this can be done on any stage, there’s a big reason why Shredder's is the best to do it on. What the trophy description for this really means is eating the pizza item, not the pizzas that you eat when knocked out, which means you need to either buy pizzas or get them in the green item spheres and One slice of pizza costs 250 battle points.

    Shredder's stage is a very quick stage to run through. This is helpful because the level still gives out around 3,000 to 5,000 battle points during all of the elevator battles, which is generally what you will end up getting within a playthrough of any other level anyway. Finish all of the battles on your preferred difficulty (I believe that higher difficulties will get you more battle points but it doesn't really matter when Easy gets around 3,000 anyway). After the elevator section, a manhole to the lair will appear. Jump down it and begin buying up as many pizzas as you can from Splinter and then eat them as soon as you jump back out of the manhole and repeat until you run out of battle points. After that happens, I would recommend just going over and beating Shredder anyway. I’m not sure if you need to finish the level for eaten pizzas to count or not but if you came that far, it might be worth finishing him off just to be on the safe side. Repeat this method until you have the trophy.

    Alternative Method: Mega Krang's stage is also a good place to get this as by the time you have unlocked the Mega Krang fight, you should have around 6,000-10,000 battle points. However, I wouldn’t recommend this level due to the fact the Krangdroids and Mega Krang himself are designed to be very annoying bosses and enemies and cause unneeded frustration.

  • Enter the Pizza Room during the snapshots when a boss is defeated

    Recommended Stage (Solo): Mega Krang
    Recommended Stage (Multiplayer): Rocksteady

    After defeating any boss fight present in the game, you will see a series of screenshots that shows where all four of the turtles are at the end of the fight. The aim for this trophy is that you want to have this screenshot showing your turtle inside the pizza revive room. The problem with trying to do this trophy in Solo however is how the gameplay works. When your selected turtle is knocked out and back in the pizza room, you do not get sent there but instead you just automatically switch to one of the turtles that’s still alive. The only exception is when you are the last turtle standing. You’ll be sent to the pizza room but since all four turtles are knocked out, it counts as a failure and you need to start the boss over again. There is only one exception to this and that’s Mega Krang’s level. When fighting Mega Krang, if you fall into the bottomless pit that surrounds his stage, it will count as an automatic knockout and send you directly to the pizza room. The problem however is that Mega Krang is also the one boss that has the ability to constantly knock out the A.Is because the A.I aren’t good enough to avoid his attacks in Mega Krang’s later stages.

    On top of that, Mega Krang needs to have specific weak points hit in order to take his health down in a reasonable amount of time and he constantly moves in his later stages, which makes it tougher for the A.I to target the weak points, which makes it much more difficult to pull off the trophy solo. It's possible but also frustrating. If you really want to do this Solo then try to get Mega Krang's health very near the end of the last health bar then quickly jump off the edge to get into the pizza room but don't rush eat. Try to delay the pizza eating for as long as you can, which means not pressing any buttons in the pizza room. If the A.I doesn't mess up and manage to finish him off, then the screenshot will show you inside the pizza room and the trophy will pop.

    I recommend doing this trophy online with a group so use the boosting thread for your version of the game to find people to play with:

    PS3: LINK
    PS4: LINK

    Also, try to combine this with Next time, take a cab if you're feeling bold enough. Go to Rocksteady’s stage and get his health near the end of the last health bar. Now tell your teammates not to attack. Quickly run over to one of the train tracks and wait for the train to hit you because in most cases it will be an instant shell shock but don't let anyone revive you. As soon as you are shell shocked, return to lair. Now tell your teammates to finish off Rocksteady. If all goes well, they will finish him off while you're in the pizza room and the trophy will pop. Credit to Thunderhoss for the video:

  • Eat a pizza during the snapshots when a boss is defeated

    Recommended Boss: Rocksteady

    The description for this trophy can be confusing due to not clarifying which kind of pizza is needed for the screenshot but here, it's the one slice pizzas that you can buy from Splinter and get in green item spheres. It needs to be the single slices because that's the item which does the eating animation.

    In single player you will need to have more precise timing but if you get the boss's health down low enough, have 4 pizzas in your item inventory and time it so the turtles hit the boss just as you are eating the pizza then you will have the trophy.

    Co-Op makes the timing easier due to your teammates not constantly attacking the boss so you can actually get the boss's health down as much as possible, then talk to them in order to have them knock the boss out just as you eat the pizza.

    Rocksteady is recommended more than Bebop because Bebop's teleportation skill makes this trophy a bit too unpredictable and can very easily mess up your timing when trying to time when to eat the pizza. Rocksteady has a dash move but that's much more manageable due to him still staying around roughly the same area and ranged weapons like turrets still being able to attack him while he's dashing. The trophy should pop during either the end game snapshots or the results screen. Credit to RecepHatHunger for the video:

  • Have everyone perform a Communication Action during the snapshots when a boss is defeated

    Recommended Stage: Rocksteady

    This is one of the trickiest trophies in the game and is listed as an online due to the fact it hasn't been proven that it can be done through Solo with the A.I yet. It is likely very impossible to do solo as the A.I will not do any communication actions other than "OK" when you tell them to protect you or will "go all out", all which are too short when trying to do this. Therefore you will need a full team in order to pull this trophy off. Even then, this still takes a good deal of communication in order to pull off because everyone needs to do the dance action at roughly the same time. The good thing is the dance lasts a good 15 seconds so make sure everyone is communicating or at least have one team leader who will tell players when to do the action.

    The best way to get this is using a mixture of different elements. First, you need to get near the end of the level so that you all have a good amount of battle points. Go into the lair and buy the 1,000 battle points cannon from Splinter. Everyone must do this. After that, go into the fight and keep fighting Rocksteady until his health is lowered to around half of his final health bar. Now it's recommended to have the team leader be Leo as perfect timing is needed for the next step. Now before you do this, make sure you are clear of Rocksteady's path as he can knock you out of the dance action if he manages to land a hit so before Turtle Time is activated. The player who is Leo needs to perform Turtle Time and then all four turtles needs to place down their cannons. As soon as the cannons are all placed down, everyone needs to go straight into their communication actions and do the dance action. If you all did this correctly, the cannons will knock out the boss while all four turtles are in their dances. You will also see a dance bubble next to each turtle’s icon at the left side of the screen. When the snapshots are being displayed, you will see a snapshot of each turtle in their dance and the trophy should then pop either during the snapshots or during the results screen. Credit to Planet Loaft for the video:

  • Defeat 5 enemies with both Turbo Mode and Berserk activated

    Recommended Stage: Shredder

    For this trophy you need to unlock two special moves i.e Turbo Mode, which allows you to run and attack quicker and the other is Berserk which will make your attacks more powerful for a short period of time. The problem comes with Berserk because you need 1,000 kills in order to unlock the move. The best counter you are going to have is if you go into your emblems because there is a gold emblem for killing 500 enemies but other than that, nothing will tell you how many kills you have towards the move being unlocked. I've heard some say that if you go into the credits and kill the enemies in the massive enemy rush, then it counts towards unlocking the trophy but from my experience it still never unlocked for me even after doing it 3 or 4 times after defeating 500 enemies and racking up around 130 or 140 defeated foot ninjas.

    From my personal experience, the best way to unlock the move is going the elevator section of TCRI in Shredder's stage and trying to ensure you land the final hit on enemies so it counts as you defeating them. Many enemies spawn during the elevator section and since it's a enclosed space, you can easily handle them. Keep checking your turtle loadout and checking the moves to see if Berserk has unlocked.

    Once you do have the move unlocked, equip both that and Turbo Mode and go to the credits fight (you can go directly to it by going into the movie viewer and it's the very last scene at the lower right side). First, activate Berserk as it lasts longer than Turbo then activate Turbo Mode and very quickly run around and kill 5 foot soldiers. After you do that, the trophy will pop. Credit to NonStopTrophies for the video:

  • Use Turtle Switching to defeat 1 enemy with all 4 Turtles

    Recommended Stage: Mega Krang

    A very easy trophy to obtain. I recommend combining this trophy Hard Hitter as the Krangdroids have more than enough health to support this trophy. All you have to do is hit the enemy with the turtle you start the stage with, then hold and switch to another turtle. Repeat until all four turtles have gotten a hit in at the enemy and then finish the enemy off with your final turtle. The trophy should unlock after the enemy goes down. Credit to NonStopTrophies for the video:

  • Defeat 5 enemies at once by blowing up a Foot Soldier carrying a bomb bag

    This is another really easy trophy but I don't recommend attempting to get this in the normal nine stages as usually you won’t be able to get a good enough set up for five enemies. However, in the credits fight, you are swarmed with enemies, swarmed enough that when the foot soldiers with bomb bags spawn in, a well timed throwing star towards them should be able to destroy five soldiers. Once you've defeated five soldiers with the bomb bag being blown up with a throwing star, the trophy will pop. Credit to Thunderhoss for the video:

  • Experience all of the Krang UFOs' status effects

    Recommended Stages: Wingnut or Bebop

    There are six different status effects that you need to get hit by for this trophy, all of them are needed in order to get this trophy. The different effects and their colours are as follows:

    • Blue: Places you into a bubble
    • Purple: Messes with the control of the Turtles
    • Yellow: Increases your speed
    • White: Applies Ice Physics to your Turtle
    • Green: Forces you to keep jumping
    • Brown: Decreases your speed

    The recommended stage for this trophy is Wingnut's stage, as I can confirm that Purple, Yellow, White, Green and Brown are all present on that stage. I'm not entirely sure if Blue is on the stage but if you can't find it on Wingnut's stage, then Blue definitely spawns on Bebop's stage so try your luck there. Credit to Thunderhoss for the video:

  • Defeat a Secret Boss

    Recommended Stage: Rocksteady

    A secret boss is an additional boss character that can join in during any of the nine stages' boss battles, with the exception of one stage. They generally join in around the midway point of the battle and when the actual boss' health is at around 3 or 4 health bars gone, depending on the difficulty. Another thing is the higher the difficulty, the higher the chance of a secret boss spawning so if you are really having a lot of trouble getting this to spawn, raise your difficulty level. With that said however, on your hard playthrough you will likely encounter at least one of these bosses. The 8 secret bosses are as follows:

    Stage 1: Bebop - Rocksteady
    Stage 2: Rocksteady - Bebop
    Stage 3: Slash - Armaggon
    Stage 4: Karai - Shredder
    Stage 5: Armaggon - Wingnut
    Stage 6: Wingnut - Slash
    Stage 7: General Krang - No Secret Boss (which is likely due to the stage being a boss rush)
    Stage 8: Mega Krang - Karai
    Stage 9: Shredder - Super Shredder

    The stage I recommend doing this on is Rocksteady's stage. Not only is the stage relatively simple and stuck in a pattern but on top of that, you can also use the chance to stack Next Time, Take a Cab with this trophy. If you don't want Next time, take a cab, then simply knock both Rocksteady and Bebop out and you will get the trophy after they're down and the results screen appears. If you want Next time, take a cab, then see that trophy for more information. Credit to RecepHatHunger for the video:

  • Use a Combo Attack to defeat 6 enemies at once

    Recommended Stage: Bebop or Credits Battle

    For this trophy, you need to use a Co-Op combo attack, which is done by one player using their normal combo attack ( + whatever button you assigned it to) then having another player perform their attack close by. There are 4 different Co-Op attacks, one for each turtle.

    Leo: He spins his swords around in a massive circle, destroying anyone inside
    Raph: Creates an explosion that wipes out any nearby enemies
    Donnie: Attacks widely over a long range
    Mikey: Also does a dance move that forces all enemies into a takedown state

    There are two places where you can do this trophy.

    1: Bebop's stage. If you are quick and get enemies close together, you should be able to pull off an attack that will destroy six enemies. Personally, I recommend Mikey or Raph's combo move due to their wide range of attack.

    2: If you have trouble getting it in Bebop's stage then play the credits fight and as soon as you spawn in, perform the move. If done correctly, you should hit the enemies that begin spawning in. Raph or Leo's combo move would be best in this situation due to their capability to defeat six enemies in their given range.

    If you are having issues with this trophy, then get some co-op partners from the Co-Op boosting thread to ensure the A.I can't mess up your co-op attacks. Credit to NonStopTrophies:

  • Grind rails for 300 feet

    For this trophy you just need to grind a few rails, which are littered all over the levels so this will likely come naturally since 300 feet isn't that much of a distance in this game. For more information, see When Turtles Fly. Credit to RecepHatHunger for the video:

  • Complete a gold bar mission without the carrier being hit even once

    Recommended Stage: Bebop or Rocksteady

    For this trophy, you need to complete the gold bar transport mission without the person carrying the bars being hit once. For more information of how the Gold Bar missions work, see Gold Rush but for this trophy, while it's possible on Solo, you will likely want to do this in Co-Op because human partners are less likely to screw up. When things start off, they can do a decent job keeping enemies off of the carrier but when the enemies increased and they need to multitask, they seriously fall short of the bar. If you want to attempt this Solo, then don't carry the gold bars yourself but let one of the A.I turtles do it as you will do a much better job at protection than the A.I will.

    If you're doing this in Co-Op then the trophy should hopefully be much easier as you and Co-Op partners can come up with better plans, and make better use of special attacks and combo/Co-Op attacks. The trophy will pop once you get the carrier to the goal without them being hit once. Credit to RecepHatHunger for the video:

  • Complete a stage without being spotted once (outside of Missions)

    Recommended Stage: Bebop
    Recommended Skill: Stealth Mode

    In this mission the game wants you to act like a true ninja and get through an entire stage without getting spotted once. While this might sound like a daunting task, once you learn some of the things the game never tells you, you will have a much easier time doing it. First off as soon as you get clear of the first mission, turn your Turtles' A.I to wait. This will decrease the amount of times that the turtles will run off and start fights on their own. The second thing to be aware of is that the A.I partners do not count towards this trophy so if they get caught, the trophy will not be invalid. However if your A.I partners get caught, then you must get away from them ASAP as they can lead the enemy back to you and void the trophy in the process.

    The recommended stage for this trophy is Bebop's stage as it's the only stage where it's easy to manoeuvre around the enemies present on the stage. For example: Some enclosed stages like Rocksteady's and Armaggon's stages have stages in which there are enemies outside of missions which are practically unavoidable. Bebop#s is the easiest stage to keep out of sight due to the wide area. You need to be careful though as enemies can spawn out of nowhere.

    Right after the first fight in the stage, get up onto the rooftops during the results screen then put on your T-Glass and keep it on throughout. This is your main way of telling where enemies are going to appear and how you are going to get around them/take them down. You can potentially attempt to take them down but you should be careful, as they will turn around after a few seconds. If you see a question mark above their head, you need to be quick to take them down or they will turn around and see you.

    The final tip I can really give is using the special mode Stealth Mode. While I can't confirm if it works due to not using it to get the trophy, it's possible the special move works since it's entire purpose is to make you invisible for a short amount of time. Enemies don't react to you when you are near them in this mod so if you are in an emergency and it's either using the special move or being seen, then use it and hope it doesn't invalidate the trophy. Credit to NonStopTrophies for the video:

    If you got it, then the trophy will pop at the results screen after all of the boss takedown snapshots.

  • Hang out outside of an enemy hideout for at least 10 seconds

    Recommended Stage: Bebop

    This is an extremely easy trophy, because all you have to do is wait outside the window of a hideout for 10 seconds with any turtle. Do not go inside the hideout, just remain outside the window, climbing on the wall next to the entrance to the hideout. The best stage to do this on is Bebop's stage as the Enemy Hideout mission is a fairly common drop on the stage. It can also be done on Mega Krang's stage but the mission seems to have less of a chance of appearing on this stage. Credit to ThunderHoss for the video:

  • Use any character at least 50 times

    Recommended Stage: Shredder

    As you can imagine, this sounds like a big task, because it means you will need to complete a level 50 times, using the exact same turtle every single time so for example: If you picked Leo for the first few levels, then I strongly recommend that you always pick Leo until you get this trophy, which means it is extremely important that you decide which turtle you will want to play as. This doesn't apply to switching Turtles in Single Player but rather when you are selecting your level, your loadout and difficulty, you will have an option named to choose your character. This is where you need to choose who you wish to play as.

    In my personal experience, completing Shredder's stage on Easy is the fastest way to get this trophy. While Bebop or one of the earlier level bosses may sound easier, they are still time consuming due to the time it takes to do missions. If you set the difficulty to easy, you should be able to breeze through Shredder's level in 10 minutes because of the fact you don't have to deal with any missions and you don't have to wait for new missions (it's just a few fights in an elevator in TCRI) this means you can likely get through all three fights in around 6 minutes, with 2 minutes for each fight. On top of that, Easy also usually spawns a mandatory Krang Mech for usage, which means when you fight Shredder, you will have missiles, lasers and super punches, all of which make very short work of Shredder and even Super Shredder if he happens to spawn. While it will still take awhile to hit 50 levels of this, from what I gather, this seems to be the quickest level to run through due to it only comprising of a few fights that last only around 1 minute 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

    You can also combine this trophy with Maniac so see that for more info.


Secret trophies

  • Complete Hard mode

    Compared to Easy and Normal, Hard mode is a massive step up in terms of challenge. Enemies will dish out more damage and you will deal less damage in return, bosses now have nine health bars and are capable of 1 to 2 hit K.Os, plus the secret bosses have a much higher chance of spawning in which can potentially mean 12 health bars during boss battles and your allies have much less time to revive you if you go down.

    In terms of tips on how to get through this game mode: For Solo, make sure that you are fully aware of all the game mechanics and advantages, as well as how to respond to certain patterns such as using your shell block when Wingnut charges up a spin attack for example. Also, do not let Splinter's shop go to waste since there are useful items such as revive pizza, which brings you back automatically with full health, cannons, turrets, bombs and more. These are all capable of dealing wide amounts of damage to a boss. Also, you need to work as a team in order to deal real damage to a boss. Co-Op attacks especially are important towards dealing damage to bosses as they can cause a lot of damage or in the case of Mikey's Co-Op attack, give you a good amount of time to use support items or revive fallen allies. Furthermore, make sure your selected specials are upgraded as much as you can upgrade it and determine specials that are very useful. For example: Since a lot of your time in Hard mode will be based on trying to survive rather than deal damage, a support loadout might be a good idea to consider, such as invincibility and healing circle, along with the combo attack and the turtle's main special. You also have two slots for charms so it's recommended you select support charms to help you stay alive.

    Mikey's Cheerleader is a complete team-based special which will restore all of your allies' specials fully, including their unique special. Leo's Turtle Time can deal out more damage and make enemies easier to deal with, Raph's Stealth Mode can keep you hidden from enemies, giving you time to revive allies and use support items and Donnie's Pizza Power allows you to restore the health of yourself and your allies by two pizza slices each.

    The final tip I can give is to do this in Co-Op mode with your friends to back you up. The A.I doesn't really work very well with a lot of these bosses on Hard and a lot of your time can end up being spent desperately trying to revive your A.I allies because they can't avoid any attacks. Having actual players to play Hard mode with can generally make the game more fun and make the difficulty a lot less frustrating in general.

    After you defeat Shredder on Hard, the trophy will pop. If you want to check your progress, go to Overall Results and you will get a grid showing your level ranks for each difficulty. All levels must have a rank on Hard in order to get the trophy.

    It's also confirmed that stages do not need to be completed in order. As long as your checklist shows a stage has been completed on Hard and has a grade next to it, then it will count towards the trophy! Credit to Boyd12 for confirming this!

  • Have Mikey do his co-op move finishing pose during the snapshots when a boss is defeated

    Recommended Stage: Rocksteady

    Much like Double K.O, Pizza Poser and Sorry, not Sorry, you need to get perform a specific action during the end stage snapshots, in this case you need to have Mikey perform his Co-Op move during the snapshots. The problem for this is that the move doesn't last long and doesn't do damage to the boss, unlike the other three turtles. This means you need to have your allies take down the boss for you while you are performing the move.

    This trophy can be performed solo but it is much trickier. In order to get this done, you need to hope on certain elements for it to work out. These elements being the health of the boss, if another turtle has their combo attack charged up and your range to the other turtles. What you should be aiming to do is get the health of the boss down to a very very low level, as in a few hits could finish the boss off level. Get close to the other four turtles and start your co-op move and with any luck, one of your allies will do their attack to activate Mikey's co-op move while the remaining two turtles attack the boss, defeating him but I would recommend that you do this in co-op, because you will have an easier time getting it. You can get the boss's health down extremely low, then wait until one of your allies has their move charged. Both of you get together and perform the move while the other two players defeat the boss and if all this worked, the snapshot will show Mikey in his co-op move. The trophy will pop either during the snapshots or during the results. Rocksteady is recommended due to him being the easiest boss next to Bebop and he's much easier to keep still, unlike Bebop who constantly teleports around. Credit to NonStopTrophies for the video:

  • Defeat Rocksteady and Bebop by letting them get run over by a train

    While this trophy is technically possible whilst playing Solo, you should definitely just do it in Co-Op because getting Rocksteady and Bebop onto the tracks takes a lot of time and the A.I will always attempt to attack the two. So use the Co-Op Boosting thread and get a team made for this so you can focus on getting the two onto the train tracks without worrying about dealing with the A.I killing them too early. There are three steps to getting this trophy:-

    Step 1: Secret Boss Spawn

    As I mentioned above in Party Crasher, there is a chance for a secret boss to spawn at the end of the level. This is what you need to do for this trophy as both Bebop and Rocksteady must be defeated by the train for this trophy. There is a higher chance of spawning the bosses with higher difficulties. With that said however, if you can't beat them on Hard/Very Hard, then I can confirm they do spawn on Easy/Normal as well. They simply have a lower spawn rate so you could potentially need to replay the level more to spawn them.

    Step 2: Taking down Rocksteady

    If you get Bebop to spawn, it’s absolutely recommended that you focus on knocking out Rocksteady first. This is because Rocksteady is the more predictable of the two due to his dash attack. Basically, Rocksteady will attempt to dash into you in one straight line. He does this three times before getting stunned. What you want to do is get his health down to around a quarter of his last health bar or further. After that, figure out which train is due to come next and then run over right next to it on Rocksteady’s third dash. Dodge his attack and Rocksteady will end up stunned on the tracks. If you did it right, the train will smash into him. Repeat this until Rocksteady has been knocked out by the train and you see the snapshots.

    Step 3: Taking down Bebop

    You will want to leave Bebop to the end because when Rocksteady has been knocked out, you have a lot more breathing room to dodge Bebop’s attacks. Now Bebop is much more random because you need to somehow get him to teleport onto the tracks. What you need to do is get three of you to the tracks, while leaving one out in the normal stage. This is in case you can’t dodge the train in time and you don't want to risk accidentally all getting knocked out and invalidating the trophy so keep one player in the main stage at all times. With any luck, Bebop will teleport right in the train and remain there when trying to shoot his gun. As soon as he’s on the tracks, back off and back into the main stage. Bebop will get hit. Keep repeating until he is knocked out. If both Bebop and Rocksteady were knocked out by the train, you will get this trophy. Credit to Planet Loaft for the video:

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