I'm So Faced Trophy in Tales of Monkey Island: Chapter 3 - Lair of the Leviathan

  • I'm So Faced


    Tried every possible Face-Off feature

    How to unlock I'm So Faced

    To Gain the vote and be voted into the Brotherhood, you will need to get Bug Eye's vote. He says he'll only vote you in if you beat him in a 'Face Off', so you'll need to learn some faces.

    First, go down to the second level of the Brotherhood hideout and go into the open area near the pool of bile. There should be a Figurehead between the pool of bile and the mountain of treasure which you can look at to gain an expression. Approach Noogie and Moose, and pick the 'ARRR' option to see their Pirate faces. That's around 6 new face options. You'll gain 3 new faces for seeing Bug Eye's face in round 1. (It's okay if you lose, you want that to happen so you have the opportunity to try all expressions).

    Then, after retrieving another cup of bile (see Frequent Tuber for instructions), go back up to DeCava's camp. You should see him every so often put down his glasses, at which point take them fast. Combine them with your Eye of the Manatee in the inventory and then give it back to him. Now, give him the cup of bile, and get the final face. Go back and try and lose to Bug Eye a couple of times (you'll have to use at least one of the previous faces he did to lose the round), and then after beating him the trophy should pop.

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  • If you miss this on Bugeye, you can get it later on your ship with Noogie.

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