Spellcheck Trophy

  • Spellcheck


    Restored the Obsolescence Day sign.

    This can be done in the personnel section, inside the administration area. There will be a bunch of letters on the wall, but some are missing. Find them in the bathroom, on the ground near the letters on the wall, fix the sideways "E", and find the "M" in the lounge area. If you have completed the game prior to achieving this, you can reload your game and backtrack from the end to any part of the Tacoma. 

    See the video HERE for more information.

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  • In the Personnel sector in the Operations area, there is a crew recording of a party. On the wall it says HAPPY OBSOLESCENCE DAY, TACOMA CREW on the wall and is missing letters. One is hanging on the wall askew, one is on the floor near the sign, one is in the Lavatory next to the table next to the sign, and one is down in the Lounge over the rail next to the sign on the floor. Grab one letter at a time and place them where they are supposed to and the trophy will pop

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