Syrup and The Ultimate Sweet Trophy Guide

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13 trophies ( 11  1  )

  • You've seen everything in the game! Thanks for playing!

    Since all of the lists are identical, please use the NA Guide: LINK

  • You collected all 5 good endings. Feels great, huh?

  • You collected all 5 bad endings. Are you a masochist...?

  • Syrup, disinterested in the people around her, put all her energy into capitalism. Now she's super rich.

  • Syrup and Gumdrop travel the world together to strengthen their bond <3

  • Syrup and Pastille go on adventures together to make LEGENDARY CANDIES!

  • Syrup teaches Butterscotch how to make candy and it's oh so sweet.

  • Syrup adopts Toffee as her pet. Nya.

  • You ate her. I can't believe you actually ate her.

  • Butterscotch couldn't melt the ice and no one came to save you.

  • Syrup had to run the store by herself and failed horribly.

  • Toffee and Butterscotch took over Atelier Sweets.

  • Syrup's heart completely froze over. How could you be so cruel?

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