Gumdrop Ending Trophy in Syrup and The Ultimate Sweet

  • Gumdrop Ending


    Syrup and Gumdrop travel the world together to strengthen their bond <3

    How to unlock Gumdrop Ending

    Each of the 5 main characters has their own Good End. This trophy is for getting Gumdrop's Good Ending. If you're going for the shortest time, please see the Walkthrough [LINK] which shows how to get all Endings at once. This will be your 1st End & trophy if following the Walkthrough.

    If you just want this Ending on its own, without utilizing Saves, see below:

    [OPT 1] "In that case..."
    [OPT 1] "...Okay, I see your point."
    [OPT 1] "Alright, we'll keep her."
    [OPT 1] "Whatever floats your boat."
    [OPT 1] "Take her home."
    [OPT 1] "She's not for sale."
    [OPT 1] "Supervising Gumdrop."
    [OPT 1] "Let her help."
    [OPT 1] "Offer her your coat."
    [OPT 1] "Take all you can carry."
    [OPT 1] "I don't hate you."
    [OPT 1] "Look into the crystal ball."
    –– Gumdrop Ending achieved! ––

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