Syrup Ending Trophy in Syrup and The Ultimate Sweet

  • Syrup Ending


    Syrup, disinterested in the people around her, put all her energy into capitalism. Now she's super rich.

    How to unlock Syrup Ending

    Each of the 5 main characters has their own Good End. This trophy is for getting Syrup's Good Ending. If you're going for the shortest time, please see the Walkthrough [LINK] which shows how to get all Endings at once. This will be your 7th End if following the Walkthrough.

    If you just want this Ending on its own, without utilizing Saves, see below:

    [OPT 1] "In that case..."
    [OPT 1] "...Okay, I see your point."
    [OPT 1] "Alright, we'll keep her."
    [OPT 1] "Whatever floats your boat."
    [OPT 1] "Take her home."
    [OPT 1] "She's not for sale."
    [OPT 1] "Supervising Gumdrop."
    [OPT 1] "Let her help."
    [OPT 1] "Offer her your coat."
    [OPT 1] "Take all you can carry."
    [OPT 1] "I don't hate you."
    [OPT 2] "Forget it."
    –– Syrup Ending achieved! ––

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