• Estimated trophy difficulty: 2/10 with guide, 3/10 without (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 41 (22, 13, 5, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 10-15 hours (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: Most of them
  • Glitched trophies: See the note in the Introduction.
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No so feel free to play on Voyager (Easy)
  • Do trophies stack?: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats available.
  • Additional peripherals required?: No

Syberia 3 is the third in the BH Sokol's Syberia trilogy, a series of point and click adventure games set in a fictional clockpunk/steampunk version of Siberia (not to be confused with Syberia, which is a mythical island inhabited with mammoths and does not make an appearance in this instalment). The protagonist is Kate Walker, an American lawyer who initially came to Europe for business, but ended up staying for two more games. Syberia 3 has Kate on the run from American authorities, travelling with a local tribe as they attempt to migrate snow ostriches to their breeding grounds on their sacred route across the country.

Story-wise, while Syberia 3's story stands alone, it absolutely assumes you've played Syberia and Syberia II in terms of world, lore and character explanations and as such, provides little to none of them. If you go through a lot of the dialogue, you can glean what happened in the previous games but this is not required to finish the game.


Prior to 1.03, the game-spanning The scriptwriter's nightmare was glitched, but is now obtainable. Patch 1.04 has made the story-related trophy 20,000 leagues under the lake unobtainable but everything else unlocks as it should.

The developers put out Patch 1.05 in November 2017. It retroactively unlocks 20,000 leagues under the lake, so you don't need to have a save file prior to the trophy unlocking. All trophies should unlock normally as of 1.05.

Step 1: Play through the game, unlocking all trophies

Unfortunately, Syberia 3 is one of those games that both lacks a chapter select and relies only on autosaving (a few black gears on the top right of the screen). I highly suggest you make save backups from time to time, as you often only get one shot (especially with the puzzle-related trophies) and Syberia 3 is a longer adventure game than you're probably used to playing.

I recommend following this walkthrough: LINK. It was written for the XBox One version of the game, but works for the PS4.

To help, I've arranged the trophies in the order you will unlock them while playing, broken up into the areas you'll be in when you unlock them. Keep in mind that some of the trophies require steps to be performed in earlier areas of the game so read up on the missable trophies!

There are two miscellaneous trophies that can be unlocked more or less whenever: Time to collect your thoughts and You call that cheating...?. Just make sure that whenever your dialogue has a lightbulb option, to listen to Kate's thoughts about each and every time you get an inventory item (not documents), check it for hotspots.

Clinic – Initial Visit
This sure ain't kansas
One flew over the nut-job's nest (missable)
Friends for life (missable)
Respect for protocol
No time to lose!

The castle
The Valsembor horror (missable)
Valsemborgate (missable)
Steiner family
Grumpy old... (missable)
Martingale (missable)
Crime and punishment (missable)
A word to the wise... (missable)
Master locksmith (missable)
Mechanical awakening
Lobbyist (missable)
20,000 leagues under the lake
Tables turned (missable)
Brave...in good time! (missable)

Clinic – Second Visit
Colonel, are you receiving me, over?
Cassandra (missable)
The big good-bye

Ice breaker (missable)
We're going to need a bigger boat

I am legend (missable)
Available brainwidth (missable)
Tripping (missable)
The scriptwriter's nightmare (missable – you may unlock this later on in the game)
The community of the ostrich

I is somebody else
Ironic, ain't it? (missable)

A little tenderness, maybe...? (missable)
Raiders of the lost temple (missable)
O spirits, are you there?

Anything goes (missable)
Mobile communication (missable)
What counts is not the destination...

[PST Would Like To Thank themindisacity for this Roadmap]

Syberia 3 Trophy Guide

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41 trophies ( 15  22  19  )

  • Unlock all of the trophies in Syberia 3.

    Only obtainable on Patch 1.03 or 1.05. Make sure you've updated!

    Congratulations are in order for you but perhaps not as much for Kate?

  • Pass your medical visit.

    Once you leave your room in the hospital, Doctor Mangoling will require you to take a lie detector test. You want to pass it – namely, don't lie. Respond with: Answer / We had a falling out / (whatever) / They should be left alone / No. The trophy will unlock when you regain control of Kate.

  • On the first try, you succeeded in convincing a lost soul to seek redemption by helping you.

    When you first enter Valsembor, you will want to read Obo's journal (Valsemborgate) as soon as you can.

    After your initial runin with Obo, he will retreat to the local tavern. After taking care of Steiner, you will be tasked with tracking down Obo. Go to the tavern, sober him up a bit and when given the option, speak with him and choose Coax / Valsembor needs you / I Offer Redemption. The trophy will unlock after the conversation ends.

    Offering redemption will also unlock Martingale.

  • Get your old reflexes back to make an elected official give in.

    After making the key for the Krystal and being told you need to get the mayor to open the locks, head to his house (past Steiner's shop, up the stairs and down the other side – where the automaton statue and protestors are).

    You will first want to speak with the female protestor outside his house. Then speak with the mayor and choose the following dialogue options: I'm sorry to bother you / Leave with the Youkols / Think about the elections. The trophy will unlock after the conversation ends.

  • See beneath the surface to convince a survivor to help you.

    In Baranour, after you solve the roller coaster puzzle, you'll be in an abandoned subway station. Find the car where someone has been living, then pick up the photo album on one of the tables in there. Read it ( brings up documents inventory) and on the last page, Kate will make a comment about a beauty pageant. Do all this before leaving the car.

    Once you try to leave the car, Katerina will approach you. Choose the following: Pardon / Introduce Yourself / Talk About Her Photo Album. The trophy will unlock after the conversation.

    This counts towards The scriptwriter's nightmare.

  • Listen to two people tell you the story of a local legend.

    This is a two part trophy. You must speak with two specific people at different points in the game.

    The first person is in the souk you enter just after solving the dam puzzle. Find the statue that looks like a white octopus, look at it, then talk to the woodworker next to it (you will know you've done it correctly when the dialogue takes place during a cutscene). Exhaust all conversation with him.

    The second person is in Valsembor. When you first arrive, go left and follow the path all the way until you reach a dead end. To the right will be stairs that will lead to a lighthouse and a man fishing. Speak with this man. You can also speak with him when you go to the lighthouse for story reasons, as this is where you will be obtaining the diving suit.

    This counts towards The scriptwriter's nightmare.

  • Find out about the region's dark past.

    When you first enter Valsembor, go to the right and follow the path until you enter a dialogue with a drunken Captain Obo. Once you regain control of Kate, climb the nearby stairs onto the ship (you will have to walk forward a bit to see them). Enter the nearby door with the red light above it. Walk forward a bit to change the camera angle, then walk to the left of the picture of the lighthouse. The perspective will shift and you will see some stairs. Climb them, then pick up and read the logbook near the bottom of the screen (you'll need to read it in your inventory – brings up documents).

    The journal is only three pages, and Kate will say something about superstitions so make sure you read it before continuing on. When you are in Steiner's basement looking for his medicine, make sure to pick up the newspaper clipping about Baranour and read it as well (this may not be strictly necessary but as it's the trophy icon, better safe than sorry).

    After giving Steiner his medication, say "thank you" and Kate will mention Baranour. The trophy will then unlock.

    This also counts towards The scriptwriter's nightmare.

  • Prove to the clinic staff that you're right despite everything.

    This is a two part trophy and both parts involve talking to Doctor Zamiatine (the elderly doctor on the ground floor of the clinic).

    You will talk to him via story reasons and he will give you a book. Now go down the hall to Doctor Olga's office, snoop through her computer and talk to Detective Cantin. Afterwards, go back to Doctor Zamiatine and speak with him again.

    Later on in the game you will return to the clinic to rescue Kurk. Go to Doctor Zamiatine's office in search of Steiner and this trophy will unlock during the cutscene.

  • Receive an old friend's congratulations by helping him before he asks you to.

    When you finally arrive at Baranour, you will notice there's no power. To the left of the entrance to Baranour is a wood house/watchtower, where you can find a hook that you can use to reach the trapped wires on the ship in order to restore power to both the ship and to Baranour.

    This is all stuff you have to do for story reasons but what gets you the trophy, is doing all this before actually entering Baranour and doing the story-related stuff there. You won't actually unlock this trophy until later in the game, when Oscar drives the vehicle to tow the Krystal.

    This counts towards The scriptwriter's nightmare.

  • While exploring, perform 10 optional actions that influence your progress.

    This one's a bit difficult to categorize in regards to what counts and what doesn't. This trophy boils down to "be psychic or use a walkthrough", meaning that you must perform certain actions before the game tells you that you need to do so.

    Djtoko has compiled a list of known actions that count towards the trophy; there are likely others. I've put in a few clarifying notes as well:

    01.) Read emails on computer before speaking with detective Cantin (Clinic).
    02.) Speak with two people regarding the local legend (Youkol Camp / Valsembor).
    03.) Read Captain Obo's diary before speaking with Steiner (Valsembor)
    04.) Read Captain Obo's diary before speaking with Obo in tavern. (Valsembor).
    05.) Look at a statue of Automaton with the dog before entering Steiner's shop (watching a movie with Steiner). (Valsembor)
    06.) Check radiation goggles machine on the ship (it's at the front of the ship and up the stairs) before talk to captain (before breaking the ice). (Krystal ship) (thanks to fawaz80k95 for the info) ADDITIONAL NOTE: You will have to exhaust the conversation with the captain about the ice breakers, etc, then start a new one with him – Kate will automatically ask about the goggle machine.
    07.) Read photo diary before speaking with Katerina. (Baranour park)
    08.) Restore power to the park before speaking to Oscar. (Baranour park)
    09.) Unplug two carts on the railway before speaking to Oscar for the 2nd time (choose "advice" during interview). (ADDITIONAL NOTE: You can unplug the carts before you even fix Oscar and it will still count towards the total – you don't necessarily have to do it in between the first and second time you speak with him) (Baranour park) The trophy popped here!
    10.) Pull the level to lower the wheel to bridge before speaking with the watcher. (river Balatöm)

    I personally believe that speaking with the female protester at the automaton statue in Valsembor before speaking with the mayor also counts so do that as well just to be safe (plus it allows you to get Lobbyist). It also explains why the trophy unlocked at #9 for djtoko.

  • Get rebuffed three times by the same character.

    When you are first in Steiner's workshop, you will be tasked with finding his medication. You will be performing two of the three actions here.

    The first is by locating the mechanical bird on the bureau amongst all the clocks. Use it () to annoy him ("I just own the place"). There is a cup on this same bureau that you will need for later so pick it up.

    The second is by trying to leave the shop without giving him his medicine ("abandon me to my fate").

    The third is achieved after giving Steiner his medicine and watching the film with him (and after you unlock Steiner Family). He will start working on the prosthesis again. In the basement, find the scale model of the Krystal ship. Toggle the lightswitch on it 2-3 times until he yells at you.

  • Tell one of your traveling companions how much you like them three times.

    This trophy refers to the snow ostriches that the Youkols are migrating. You can only interact with them three times:

    • When you first enter the souk after solving the dam puzzle. In the back left of the area are a few lined up in a row – one will not have anyone in front of it. That's the one you want to pet – the interaction point is its head. There will be a cutscene of Kate doing so.
    • Same souk, same snow ostrich but when you're back in the souk at night after opening the locks in Valsembor.
    • In Olympia, after leaving the subway tunnel, you can pet the snow ostrich in the background on the left.
  • Find 15 points on interest in items in your inventory.

    At any point during the game, pull up your inventory () and use to observe things in it. Move the item around looking for points of interest (denoted by - when you first open the inventory item, it should sparkle a bit to let you know there's a point of interest). You need to find fifteen different points; this does not have to be on fifteen different items but will most likely be.

  • Think twice before speaking.

    Early in the game, you will be instructed that you can hold while talking to other characters in order to hear Kate's thoughts (you will see a lightbulb next to dialogue choices to hear her thoughts about that option). I lost count but it shouldn't be more than 20 times (I personally unlocked this while speaking with Captain Obo in the tavern).

  • During a discussion, use an irrefutable argument that you obtained by exploring.

    See Crime and punishment.

    This can also be unlocked by speaking with the female protestor at the automaton statue before speaking with the mayor in Valsembor (Lobbyist) or by looking at Katerina's photo album before speaking with her in Baranour (I am legend).

  • Become friends with two of the clinics old hands.

    Just to the left of Doctor Mangoling's office, is a blue gate you can enter. In this room are two men playing chess. Speak with them before (or after) taking the lie detector test and again, once you have attempted to open the elevator with the key and found out that your key is broken. Exhaust dialogue both times.

  • Receive an elected official's moral support.

    After opening the locks in Valsembor and informing the Youkols about the Krystal, you will be back in Valsembor. Exit the ship and go back to the mayor's house to trigger a cutscene. Assuming you befriended him before (and if you unlocked Lobbyist, then you did), this trophy will unlock during their conversation.

  • When solving a puzzle, find what's needed the first time around.

    In Valsembor, Captain Obo will task Kate with getting coal for the ferry (the room is directly across from the entrance to the ferry). When you enter the room, walk directly past the lever until you see a pipe against a wooden crate that you can pick up (it won't be in your inventory; Kate will just hold it). A little way to the right is a portable coal chute so pick that up as well.

    Walk left and examine the coal chutes on the right. It should be the second one from the top, when facing the green buggy at the end of the tracks. Whack it with the pole – it should make a loud sound (all the other ones will make muted sounds – you can check to make sure without voiding the trophy). Move the coal cart to that chute. Use the portable chute in your inventory to link the chute to the cart, then press the button on the right side of the chute to fill up the cart with coal and unlock this trophy.

  • When solving a puzzle, make a perfect duplicate on the first try.

    After loading the Krystal with coal and water, talk to Captain Obo and he will tell you he's missing the ignition key. You now need to go back to Steiner's workshop and speak with Sara - she will give you a crank. Go to the basement and use the crank with the model of the Krystal to open it. The code for the model is 30 / 80 / 60 / 100 (you'll know you've put in a number correctly if the anchor chain goes down. If it goes back up, you need to restart the sequence). Pull the chain the rest of the way and the model will open, revealing a key. Pick it up.

    Near the movie projector is a machine that can make the duplicate. Below the machine is a box with the key blanks – pick one up as well. Zoom in on the key machine and follow these steps in order:

    • Open the left most cylinder and put the model key inside. Move the little switch down and close the cylinder.
    • Open the right cylinder and put the blank key inside. There's no switch so just close the cylinder.
    • Turn the crank next to the right cylinder so that the number reads 200 (it starts at 250).
    • Pull the red button to start the machine

    You now have a functioning Krystal key (don't forget to take it from the right cylinder) and a new trophy.

  • When solving a puzzle, start the mechanism you're asked to without stalling a single time.

    This refers to the ice breaking machine in the lower levels of the Krystal. I'm just going to post the instructions and picture that djtoko provided in the forums; the only thing I have to add is that you should actually let go of the button between Steps 5 and 6, otherwise the engine will stall.

    1. Connect a pipe to the engine
    2. Start the engine
    3. Set to gear 1
    4. Pull lever
    5. Switch to gear 3
    6. Quickly switch to gear 2

  • When solving a puzzle, open the doors to a ruin with fewer than 20 moves.

    This refers to the puzzle in the Olympia indoor pool that becomes accessible after you collect the three Youkol lenses. Please see the video below for the solution, as it's difficult to explain via text. As far as I can tell, moving a mirror and backing out to full view equals one move so don't worry if it takes you a few tries to align something in a close-up view. You should still try not to release unless you're sure you've made the right move.

    Credit to Spacy Cristal for the video.

  • When solving a puzzle, you use a strange machine without ever putting out the fire you lit beforehand.

    At the end of the game, you will have to solve a puzzle involving a furnace. i.e. solve the puzzle without the fire ever going out. I recommend backing up your save before trying this – the last autosave before this puzzle is after you speak with Ayawaska in her yurt, before you get her staff.

    This is easiest done by setting up all but the last step of the puzzle before lighting the fire. In sum:

    1) Get Ayawaska's staff from the chest in her yurt. Get the lighter and knife from Kate's yurt.
    2) Open the left-most chimney. Pick up the two resin parts in there. Lift the top layer up and rotate the bottom layer so the opening is on the bottom left. Close the chimney.
    3) Repeat these steps with the other three chimneys, picking up any resin in the chimneys.
    4) Open the furnace. Pick up everything in it.
    5) On the left side of the furnace is a pipe. Turn the lever so that it's vertical to the pipe.
    6) Back out of the furnace and get a closeup of the nearby stump. Use the round blue resin and the knife to cut out a chunk
    7) Go back to the furnace close-up
    8) Under each chimney is a drawer. Open each drawer and put in some of the sawdust (received from sending the flask to the watcher across the bridge)
    9) On each chimney, turn the bottom lever (it looks like the one from the pipe on the left) vertically. On the bottom left section of each chimney's top tray you want to set a piece of resin. From left to right: red, blue, blue, yellow
    10) Put Ayawaska's staff on top of the furnace
    11) Turn the camera so you can see the back of the furnace. Notice that one of the chimneys is open and has funnel 02 in it. Take it and replace it with funnel 03, then close the chimney
    12) The next chimney to the right needs funnel 02. Close it afterwards.
    13) The next chimney to the right (it's the rightmost one) needs funnel 01. Close it afterwards.
    14) Go back to the front of the furnace and actually light the fire – use the log and the customs officer's papers in the center of the area and use the lighter to light it. Close the furnace
    15) If you want to make sure it's lit, you can look in the grating on the door, or look up and see if there's colored smoke rising from the chimneys.
    16) Go back to the rear view of the chimneys and put funnel 04 in the leftmost chimney, then close it.

    The trophy should unlock as soon as the loading screen kicks in.


Secret trophies

  • You came round in a really strange institution…

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    Will unlock after the cutscene when you leave the first room of the game.

  • You managed to leave the clinic's psychiatric ward.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    Will unlock when you use the fixed key on the elevator, interact with the buttons, and emerge on the ground floor.

  • You fled the clinic and saved the tribe from great peril.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    Will unlock when you solve the dam puzzle.

    If you number the wheels from top to bottom, 1-4, the solution is: 1 – two spins counter clockwise / 3 – two spins clockwise / 2 – one spin clockwise.

  • You've reached Valsembor despite your pursuer… and the red tape!

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    Will unlock after you escape the handcuffs at the checkpoint station and present the stamped pass to the policeman.

  • You and the Youkols can count on new allies in Valsembor.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    Will unlock when you find Steiner's medicine and go through the conversation with him and Sara.

  • Your efforts have restored a mechanical masterpiece to working order.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    Will unlock when you make a duplicate key for the Krystal and use it to start the ship.

  • You took the plunge for the good of the migration…


    Story related and cannot be missed.

    Will unlock when Kate unlocks the locks in Valsembor.

  • You showed the soldiers that cunning is always better than force.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    Will unlock when Kate uses the walkie talkie (found in the helicopter) to lure the guards away from the clinic lobby (dialogue choice doesn't matter).

  • You enabled the Youkol migration to set off again.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    Will unlock after you rescue Kurk from the clinic.

  • The redemption of a great sailor saved you from a legendary assailant.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    Will unlock after the cutscene when you finally chase the monster away from the Krystal.

  • You brought a friend back to life.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    Will unlock when you repair the automaton in Baranour.

  • Your alliance with an automaton and the tribe has let you move mountains… Or a ferry, at any rate.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    Will unlock after you finally tow the Krystal onto land and exit the ferris wheel tower.

  • Admit it: you didn't see that one coming…

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    Will unlock when you switch playable characters in the subway tunnels.

  • The spirits have given you their blessing… and quite a trip!

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    Will unlock when you solve the puzzle in the Olympia indoor pool and enter the gate.

  • You helped the Youkols get to safety, at the risk of a far darker future for yourself…

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    Will unlock after the game's ending cutscene, before the credits.

  • You set off a strange migratory mechanism without being asked to do a thing…

    Right after unlocking O spirits, are you there?, you will see a few cutscenes and the caravan will stop again. From your starting point, run to the bottom of the screen, then when you reach the motorcycle, follow that new road up until the camera angle changes. There should be a smoking chimney and a walkway on your left. On the walkway is a ladder to use and on the next level down is another ladder. After using the second ladder, pull the nearby lever to put the water wheels in the water and raise half of the bridge.

    This trophy will unlock during your conversation with the watcher (he won't return to the checkpoint window until you talk to Kurk – he's on the narrow cliff to the right of the walkways you were just on).

    This also counts towards The scriptwriter's nightmare.

  • Admit you like it…

    After opening the locks in Valsembor, Kate will automatically be back at the checkpoint between Valsembor and the Youkol souk. Look in the window of the checkpoint building for a cutscene and this trophy.

  • You've preserved an ally's cultural integrity…

    After repairing the automaton in Baranour, you will be sent to find him some clothes. Go back to the subway station, where Katerina is. After you get the clothes, go to the subway exit, but instead of climbing the ladder, turn right and walk through the turnstiles and up a new set of stairs (near the bottom of the screen) and speak with Kurk.

  • Admit you've wanted to ever since you left Valadilène…

    Immediately after unlocking I is somebody else, turn around and enter the little room you just came from. Press the red button on the door leading to Kate a few times until a cutscene of them talking plays. The trophy will unlock afterwards.

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