• Estimated trophy difficulty: 2/10 (Trophy Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 13 (9, 3, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 5-10 hrs (Estimated Time to 100%)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 5 - Old School, Phone Game, Memory of Aralbad, Gossip and Snoop
  • Glitched trophies: 1- Old School (EU version only)
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes
  • Do trophies stack?: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No Cheats

Syberia II is the sequel to the original Syberia, and follows suit as a point & click and puzzle-solving game. You take control of Kate Walker, the protagonist and companion of Hans on a search for the mystical land of Syberia. The outlay are a series of rendered backdrops with characters and objects you need to interact with to proceed, think Final Fantasy VII in terms of movement and game world. Though it is possible to 100% Syberia II in one playthrough, to do so would spoil what is an immersive and elaborate story. I therefore have to recommend that you complete the game without even using this guide(!?) to get the most out of it, then refer back to it to sweep up. However you choose to take this on, I have written this guide from the perspective of somebody who would prefer to obtain 100% but if you really must, you can skip Step 1 of the walkthrough below. Either way, good luck with the game and I hope this helps you get 100% of the trophies in the game.

Step 1 - Story Mode on Beginner

If you choose to follow this step then you will get much more out of Syberia II than if you hadn't. Take your time and explore at your leisure, you will miss out on Old School but you can take time out to ensure you unlock the other missable trophies as mentioned in the Overview. The only problem you will come up against is the in game puzzles but therein lies the fun of working them out, nothing is too difficult and hints will be provided by playing on Beginner difficulty.

During this step you will earn:

  • Phone Game
  • Memory from Aralbad
  • Trick or Treat
  • Among our own
  • Gossip
  • Snoop
  • Doctor Walker
  • Beastmaster
  • Flying Kate
  • Hansception
  • Heartless
  • At the edge of the world

Step 2 - Speed Run on Difficult Mode

This is required for the trophy Old School and is essentially just an exercise in speeding through the story with the least amount of fuss and exploration on the hardest difficulty. As there are no "enemies" to speak of or other such strife in Syberia II, the hardest difficulty converts to nothing other than taking away the in game hints and clues. If you do Step 1 first you will have the benefit of knowing where to go and what to do anyway, but you'll find hints and tips (in case you decided to skip it) in the trophy description for the speed run. Pay close attention to the missable trophies you haven't earned yet, you will find a link to a detailed Speed Run walkthrough in the trophy description which will ensure you do not miss anything.

During this step you will earn:

  • Old School

[PST Would Like to Thank smartbomb for this Roadmap]

Syberia II Trophy Guide

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13 trophies ( 6  )

  • Call everyone on the phone

    You can only obtain this trophy after you have obtained Trick or Treat, so make sure you have that trophy before you attempt this. Once you are good to go, hit to bring up your cell phone. Now simply call everyone in your phonebook, which consists of Oscar, The Office, Kate's Mother and Candyroff Co. Nobody has to answer and with the exception of Oscar it's usually just a recorded message anyway, just dial them up and the trophy will unlock.

  • Read what happened to Helena Romanski

    This will unlock once you obtain a newspaper from the small area occupied by Igor & Ivan underneath the station platform in Rowansburg, see the spoiler below for when you will obtain it, just be careful not to miss it as if you leave Rowansburg without it, you can not come back to get it.

    Once the train leaves without you, the yard once occupied by Igor & Ivan underneath the station platform will now be vacant with the gate wide open. Head inside and over to the workbench in the far corner to find a newspaper, pick it up to unlock the trophy.

  • Get Candyroff phone number

    Story related and unmissable.

    This is unlocked close to the beginning of the game. Just after you meet Malka she will ask you for some candies in exchange for the location of the key to open the gate at the end of the platform. Head into the store, past the candy machines and to the counter where the Colonel is. To his left, with Kate facing away from the screen, examine the upturned machine laying on the counter. The number for Candyroff is on the underside of the machine and your trophy will pop, as will the criteria be met to now unlock Phone Game.

  • Finish the game

    Story related and unmissable. As self explanatory as it gets, you will unlock this trophy during the credits once you conclude the incredible journey you have gone through with Hans.

  • Talk with every character

    Throughout your journey you will meet many weird and wonderful people and interacting with them is paramount to finding out what to do next or where you need to go. Not everybody is helpful, yet you must still interact with them for the purposes of this trophy. Almost everybody you encounter is story related so thankfully there's only a couple you need to watch out for, those being the Village Chief in the Youkol Village and Mr Voralberg in the Dream Sequence, I have marked each of them in red so you don't accidentally skip them. Below is a comprehensive list of the folks you will meet and where you will find them, talk to them at least once before you move on.


    Location: Romansburg

    Hans Voralberg

    As soon as you begin playing, go north to the last car of the train to find Hans looking over some documents, as with everyone, press to begin a conversation.

    Colonel Emeliov

    A huge guy with a wooden leg and a bit of an attitude, he will automatically speak to Kate when you exit the train. You can find him in the store directly opposite the train on the platform, he will be behind the counter.


    Oscar is an autonomon (robot), you can interact with him by exiting the train at the beginning of the game (after talking to Emeliov and listening to the tannoy announcement), head to the front of the train for a chat.


    A little girl who can be found below the station. Approach the coal machine and turn to face her though she will be below you, and give her a shout to begin talking.

    Mister Cirkos

    Cirkos is a huge bearded dude tending the bar underneath the station. Malka will mention him but you can go and talk to him at any time, just enter the bar and walk up to the counter.

    Igor & Ivan

    Shortly after you gain access to the lower levels and talk to Malka and Cirkos you can head down past the bar to the end of the station, you are on the right lines when you are coming past a fence with posters on it. Knock on the gate to meet Ivan, and although Igor is present, you wont speak directly to him until the Snowy Wilderness but it is story related so you can't miss him.


    Location: Monastery

    Poolside Monk

    You will meet this fellow by a small pool the first time you approach the monastery, you must speak to him to get further information and gain passage to the monastery.


    You'll find this guy in the monastery chapel where the works of art are. He will emerge from his private chambers to speak with you upon your arrival to discuss the desperate situation regarding Hans.


    Location: Wilderness


    Boris will crash land in the wilderness, you must talk to him via radio to awaken him using the comms tower then go back to the crash site to speak to him once he has unstrapped himself from his parachute.


    Location: Youkol Village

    Great Chief

    Right after you wake up in this new area, go outside of your hut and talk to the guy stood by the front door who will tell you about Hans and the general story of where you are.

    Spirit Woman

    The elder shaman has Hans in a dream state in her cavern, you will find her by heading east from the little cabin you woke up in, use the slingshot to stop the drums so you can bypass them and speak to her.


    Location: Dream World

    Anna Voralberg

    You will encounter Anna on your way into the town square just south of where you begin, she is stood by the waterside just before you cross the bridge. Speak to her before moving on in search of the Voralberg residence.

    Mr Voralberg

    You can talk to the Elder Mr Voralberg when you enter the house by heading right at the fountain plaza in the dream state, make a stop into the main room and have a chat with him about seeing Hans before solving the clock puzzle.

  • Find all the game items

    Items are pretty much the backbone of Syberia II. Most items have a one time use and won't often be apparent exactly how or when they will come in handy. There are a couple that are missable, so I have listed those in red so pay close attention to these.


    Location: Romansberg

    Small Key

    • Location: Train Station Shop
    • When you inspect the broken machine in the store as mentioned in Trick or Treat you will not only unlock that trophy but obtain the Small Key to work the candy machines.


    • Location: Candy Machine Tray
    • Use the Small key you found to open the right hand candy machine coin tray and pick them up.

    Katals Candy

    • Location: Candy Machine Tray
    • When you use the coins in the candy machines you will obtain some Katals Candy which you then have to go and give to Malka.

    Fishy Candy

    • Location: Candy Machine Shop
    • Use the Small Key again to open the leftmost candy machine in the shop to get some more coins and place them in the centre machine, twist the catch release to obtain some Fishy Candy.

    Gate Key

    • Location: Malka
    • Malka will give you this in return for the Katals candies you gave her.

    Empty Can

    • Location: Beneath the station
    • Once you open the gate to beneath the station platform you can talk to Malka again, past her and to the left is a fuel operated generator, the red empty can is on a beam just beside it.

    Jerry Can

    • Location: Igor & Ivan's camp
    • Once you sneak into the Bourgoff camp via the torn down poster, set the youki loose to distract Igor and swap the Empty Can for the Jerry Can just by Ivan while he takes a nap.


    • Location: Malka
    • After Hans takes ill, speak to Mr. Cirkos who will tell you Malka has been given orders to operate the shroud machine, go outside and talk to her about them to receive a Token.


    • Location: Romansburg Border
    • Take your Token to the small machine by the river on the outskirts of Romansburg and use it to retrieve a Shroud.

    Winter Clothes

    • Location: Colonel's Shop
    • When it becomes evident you need to travel to the monastery, talk to the Colonel in his shop, he will lower the ladder to the attic, just climb up to obtain the Winter Clothes.

    Hans' Shroud

    • Location: The Train
    • Take the Shroud you obtained earlier and equip it as you speak to Hans, you will place it over his face and take it off again, this will turn the Shroud into Hans' Shroud.

    Bird Whistles

    • Location: Colonel's Shop
    • After you meet the Monk by the pool outside the monastery, return to Rowansburg and speak to the Colonel once again, he will give you 4 bird whistles.


    Location: Monastery

    Box of Matches

    • Location: Monastery
    • When you exit the lift to the monastery for the first time you will find a stove with a box of matches placed down just next to a pan of boiling wax.


    • Location: Monastery
    • When you arrive from the elevator you will notice a contraption to the left, interact with it and make a candle, pull the lever and take a wick, then turn the cylinder at the bottom, lay the wick down and put it upright again, now turn the tap to pour wax into the cylinder, turn the cylinder once more and take your candle.

    Scroll + Stained Glass Mammoth

    • Location: Monastery
    • Just after you visit Hans in the infirmary suite after speaking with the patriarch you will catch a monk eavesdropping on your convo, speak to him and he will give you these.


    • Location: Monastery
    • On the ground by a bucket right after you obtain the above and enter the courtyard area. Be careful not to ignore it.

    Book of Alexei + Youkol Relic

    • Location: Monastery Library
    • After you solve the puzzle of refracting light through the stained glass mammoths eye you will gain access to a small hidden room with these items inside.


    • Location: Monastery
    • Head back towards the elevator to find a wheelbarrow in the corridor part of the area, approach it to find some shears.

    Herbs & Brambles

    • Location: Graveyard
    • Visit the graveyard to the left of the library to find the tomb of Alexei covered in brambles, use your shears to cut them up and grab them.

    Herbal Candle

    • Location: Monastery
    • Back by the elevator where you found the matches, throw the brambles into the pot and use it to make a herbal candle the exact same way you made an ordinary one before, you need to take it back to Hans.

    Ornate Key

    • Location: Monastery
    • When the patriarch impedes your exit, head to his private chambers where you first saw him and enter the room he came out of to get this key.


    Location: Wilderness


    • Location: Wilderness
    • Way off to the right, just after the youki goes off to chase the beaver, go past him and to the left a little, pick up the bushes off the ground.


    • Location: Wilderness
    • After you pick up the branches, come back on yourself and place them down by the altar in front of the owl a couple of screens back, light them with your matches to thaw out the offering.

    Russian Doll/Hatchet/Fish Tank

    • Location: Cabin
    • When you enter the cabin, head for the fire place and grab the first two items from the mantlepiece (There is actually a third item here, the Fisherman's Guide, but it is not actually required for this trophy). Back up and head over to the kitchen counter to also pick up the Fish Tank.

    Orange Salmon

    • Location: Cabin deck
    • When you go fishing, use the float in the top right of the box and cast your rod to the right hand side of the pond to catch an Orange Salmon, note that you need to reload the game if you catch anything other than the Orange Salmon.

    Rope and Plate

    • Location: Wilderness
    • Exit the cabin and go back to the broken draw bridge, use the hatchet to cut a rope and fashion a swing which you can use to swing over the chasm.

    Oil Dispenser

    • Location: Hans' Carriage
    • Once you get back to the train and pull Oscar free from the snow, board the train and head to Hans' room to find these two objects on the floor. ** Note that the nearby Plan of the Train can also be picked up but it is not required for this trophy **

    Gauze Blanket

    • Location: Snowmobile
    • Once you get the train moving again it will come to a stop near a huge mammoth monument, head right to find the abandoned snowmobile, look in the satchel to the rear to find the Gauze Blanket.

    Snow Shoes

    • Location: Snowmobile
    • After Igor takes off on the snowmobile, go back to where he was to find that he left you a pair of snow shoes to get up the icy slope before he bailed.


    Location: Youkol Village

    Reindeer Antlers

    • Location: Outside of Cabin
    • Just outside of your front door it a box, inspect it to retrieve some reindeer antlers.

    Leather Strap

    • Location: Youkol Clearing
    • In the east side of the village past the huge drums, pass a villager sitting down beside a large bowl and inspect the fenced area to find a leather strap on the floor. You will automatically join it with the antlers to make a slingshot.

    Youkol Mask/Prayer Wheel

    • Location: Spirit Woman's Hut
    • When you stop the drums and enter the cavern of the Spirit Woman and talk to her, take the Mask and Prayer Wheel from opposite sides of the wall either side of Hans.

    Empty Flask/Cork Bung/Flask full of Water

    • Location: Youkol Village crossroads
    • Found on the contraption used to retrieve water from the well past the area where you found the Leather Strap. Hang the empty flask from the strap on the back of the contraption and use the lever to lower it and bring it up again to get the flask full of water.


    • Location: By the Youki Pen
    • By the youki pens found when you go south from the water contraption, head around to the front gate to find them, just don't open the gate yet.

    Dream Fruit

    • Location: The Icy Chamber
    • Once you complete the squirrel mini game in the icy chamber in the Youkol Village, the little furry creature will bring you some dream fruit to take back to the Spirit Woman.


    Location: Dream World

    Mammoth Doll

    • Location: The Cave
    • Head North as you gain control of Kate, laying on the floor just a couple of screens into the cavern you find yourself in will be the Mammoth Doll.

    Attic Key

    • Location: House in the Dream World
    • Once you solve the time puzzle to make the Elder Mr Voralberg get up and leave, he will set the Attic Key down on the table before stepping out, pick it up to obtain it.


    Location: Youkol Village (Revisited)

    Voralberg Key

    • Location: Spirit Woman's cavern
    • You will obtain this from Oscar when you follow him to the Spirit Woman's cavern after you pull the train in from outside, you automatically get it after the cinematic.


    Location: Ice Shelf

    Narwhal Tusk

    • Location: Ice Shelf
    • Disembark from the ark and head north then north east to find a giant tusk on the floor, kind of hard to miss.

    Ivory Hook

    • Location: Onboard the Arc
    • When you get back to the boat after Ivan casts you adrift, you will find it when you climb the ladder next to Hans in the ships hold.


    Location: Syberia

    Youkol Medallion

    • Location: Arrival to Syberia
    • On the dead guardsman upon your arrival to Syberia up the ladders to the east, inspect him once then pick it up fro the floor after he falls over.

    Stone Plate x3

    • Location: Syberia West Pier
    • On the west side of the arc down the stairs and to the bottom of the pier in a chest, take all 3 pieces before heading back north.

    Stone Plate/Syberia Flower

    • Location: Syberia entrance
    • When you go back towards the stairs from the 3 stone plates but keep heading north, you will come to a screen with an archway made of tusks, its on the right side of this screen, take both items.

    Stone Plate/Ivory Key

    • Location: Syberia
    • The fifth and final plate is below the machine you come across at the end of the walkway when you follow Hans, place each of the 5 pieces in the correct places to obtain the Ivory Key, the final item needed for the Snoop trophy.
  • Finish the game in difficult mode in less than 6 hours

    GLITCHED (but only in the EU)

    This trophy is unobtainable in the EU version of this game due to a glitch, a patch is supposed to be coming but there's no ETA on it. However, it has been claimed that this trophy has been legitimately unlocked in the EU version, details of what system and game requirements and settings this person had can be found here. It is unlikely that all of the criterias are necessary, so clarification on this would be enormously appreciated, special thanks to Bucket for bringing this to my attention.

    The conditions for this trophy are straight forwards and one full play through to get a feel for the game and the various locations and people would do you the world of good. Nevertheless, 6 hours is reasonable enough provided you keep to the script and don't wander around too much. In terms of difficulty, there really isn't that much difference at all from the other settings with the only real difference being that hints will be turned off. Because the thick end of the game is exploratory based then this may sound daunting, yet if you talk to enough people and pick up the right items at the right times, it guides you where you need to go without any need for game hints.

    There are a few time saving tips I can offer for those wanting to ensure they budget their time extra cautiously:

    • Holding down will make Kate run. Make this the norm, run everywhere, on every screen, all the time. It's not particularly fast but compared to the liberal stroll Kate normally adopts, the difference is huge.
    • Skip conversations. This can be risky at times as people will be telling you what to do and where to go next, but you can get the general gist of whats going on from the first few words. text is also displayed whenever you have a conversation so skim read this at every point possible without going too quickly and missing vital clues people give you.
    • Skip cutscenes. Though the story is told through cutscenes and fill in the background to the game, they are arbitrary and can be skipped to help you stay well within the boundaries.
    • Be mindful of your bearings, the game autosaves very frequently when changing screens and once it does, it can not be undone and there are no such things as previous saves, you have one master save to work with. With this in mind, if you happen to make a sows ear of a puzzle or for some reason stand idle for too long, restart from the pause menu but do NOT move, it may save your game and depending on how much time was wasted could blow your speed run apart.

    One more thing. If you are going for the single playthrough approach and therefore need to factor in the trophies for talking to everyone and finding every item in the game, you're going to need to prepare. When you put puzzles on top of this, you are going to need a firm strategy to boss the time limit.

    The tips provided here should be enough to set you right, but I would recommend referring to the Speed Run 100% walkthrough found here.


Secret trophies

  • Take Hans to the Patriarch

    Story related and unmissable.

    Once you meet the patriarch of the monastery, explain to him the state of Hans and present proof of the extremity of his illness in the form of Hans' Shroud when asked, this will trigger a cutscene showing some monks transporting Hans to the monastery, the trophy will pop soon afterwards.

  • Get a Youki friend

    Story related and unmissable.

    After the train takes off without you, talk to the Colonel then flip the switch at the end of the platform, next talk to Cirkos who will give you the Youki he has failed to train, you will find it sleeping in the yard of what used to be Igor & Ivan's HQ, offer it some Fishy Candy to get yourself a new companion and a new bronze trophy.

  • Use Boris's plane

    Story related and unmissable.

    Once you have contacted Boris to wake him up after his crash landing, use the comms tower to get the bearings for the train. Return to the plane, set the coordinates, use the ejector seat and watch the cinematic as you parachute down to the train along with your new trophy.

  • Enter the dream

    Story related and unmissable.

    After you obtain the Dream Fruit in the Youkol Village, take them back to the Spirit Woman where Hans is and give them to her, she will do the rest and a cinematic will play, you will enter in a dream state and your trophy will pop.

  • Witness Oscar's sacrifice

    Story related and unmissable.

    Once you return from the dream state, head to the train to find Oscar in the engine compartment. He will leave and go to Hans in the Spirit Woman's cavern. Solve the little mechanical heart puzzle and witness the cinematic to obtain this trophy.

  • Story related and unmissable.

    Once you retake control of the Arc from Ivan and set sail from the Ice Shelf, your next stop will be Syberia. Your trophy will pop as soon as the cinematic has ended.

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