Bulging Purse Trophy in Superfrog

  • Bulging Purse


    Collect 80% of the total coins for new levels

    How to unlock Bulging Purse

    This will most probably be the last trophy you unlock in the game. You need to collect at least 80% of the coins in all 24 of the new levels. Each level has a different number of coins, thus the number required for each will differ from level to level. Again I haven't found any video or text guides for the collectables at the time of writing this trophy guide, in my opinion you don't need one. Search everywhere and pick up every coin you come across, make sure you check the secret areas as there are often many coins in them.

    You will know you if you have collected 80% of the coins for a level as there will be a small rotating gold coin to the left of your high score for it in the Level Select screen.

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