Multi Aureus Lilium Trophy in Superfrog

  • Multi Aureus Lilium


    Collect all golden lily pads

    How to unlock Multi Aureus Lilium

    There are a total of 24 golden lily pads that need to be collected to unlock this trophy, 1 in each of the 24 new levels. There are none in the 24 original 2D levels. The vast majority of these will be located in secret areas. The levels aren't very big and you it won't take long to find all the secret areas for each level. My advice is to just jump everywhere you can, into all the walls and keep a look out for coins and fruit that look like they are in inaccessible areas as the entrance to them is probably close by.

    You will know if you have collected the golden lily pad from a given level, because there will be a picture of a small golden lily pad to the left of your high score for that level on the Level Select screen.

    If you are struggling to find the golden lily pads, then please refer to the below supplement guide created by MikelAL93:

    Superfrog HD ~ Golden Lily Pad Locations Guide

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