Toad In The Hole Trophy in Superfrog

  • Toad In The Hole


    Find a secret area

    How to unlock Toad In The Hole

    Each level has numerous secret areas where coins, fruit and golden lily pads are located. These areas are found by jumping (press ) into walls and if a secret passage is there, it will then become visible to the player. They can also be found on the ground which will open up upon walking over their location. Its not hard to find secret areas, and once you find a couple you will know where to look. The trophy will unlock upon entering your first secret area, for me this was at the end of world 1-1. Above the Exit sign at the end of the level is a large wall and a tree, climb the tree and you will see some coins in an opening in the wall. Simply jump into the wall near the coins and the passage will reveal itself.

    Secret areas are often linked to one another, jump into the surrounding walls once you are in a secret area and you may reveal another one.

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